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  1. 1. After you've finished settling in from the move,it's time to think about your housewarming party.That's when you get to open up the doors of yourglorious new home and invite all the people you know and love over for a festive celebration of new beginnings. The only problem is all the waste that accumulates during a housewarming party. offers a few tips below to help you reduce waste during your eco-friendly housewarming party:eco friendly furniture
  2. 2. Send Out Invitations Electronically Today's social mediaoutlets make it easier than ever to get the word out about yourhousewarming party Create an event on Facebook and invite yourfavorite peeps to your new digs from there You can also use yoursmartphone to send out a mass text to your contacts, or sendelectronic e-invites through different Websites
  3. 3. Serve Vegetarian Food to Your Guests An earth conscioushousewarming party means serving food that is easily compostableMeat does not compost, it just rots Serve your guests savoryvegetarian dishes instead
  4. 4. On the same note, choose locally grown produce that is in season inyour area for your dishes Use Regular Cutlery and Plates Youdon't want to send paper plates, paper napkins, and plasticcutlery to the landfill now that you're more eco-minded Useregular plates and eating utensils
  5. 5. Washing up can be done with your dishwasher, which will save youfrom having to hand wash dishes during the festivities, and in turnsave gallons of water Make It Easy for Guests to Recycle orCompost Food There's going to be a lot of delicious chow atyour housewarming, but not all of it is going to be eaten Place a fewbins in strategic places around eco friendly furniture the house withclear labels so your guests don't end up throwing compostablefood in the trash
  6. 6. If you're serving beer in bottles or soda in cans, have separatebins on hand for recycling The object here is to not have a singlething land in the trash if you can help it
  7. 7. Donate Any Leftovers to a Local Food Bank When all of yourguests have left at the end of the night, collect whatever leftoversyou have and take them to a local food bank The less fortunate willthank you for it when they get a taste of the roasted vegetablemedley you made that was all the rage this evening
  8. 8. Throwing an eco-friendly party can be more cost-effective thangoing the regular route Plus, when all your buddies see how easy itwas for you to put it together, they'll be jumping on thebandwagon for their next shindig! Summary: Sharing your homewith your friends and family is one of the best parts about movinginto a new place
  9. 9. But there's a lot of waste that comes with a housewarmingparty Here's how to throw an eco-friendly party everyone willremember!
  10. 10. eco friendly furniture