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  1. 1. A fixie is a fixed gear bike or a single speed bike and they have become the bike to have in todays urban jungle. It doesnt matter if you are new to cycling or a seasoned cyclist a fixed gear bike allows you to breakfree and have the ultimate riding experiences. With that in mind many people are trying to build their own bike with fixie bike parts.single speed bicycle
  2. 2. If you live in the city you have probably seen these bikes being riddeneffortlessly by bike messengers or others, slipping in and out of trafficwith freedom and a defiance to the endless line of cars grinding along ontheir daily commute These bikes traditionally have been self built assuch they have become a medium of self-expression for the rider/builderThis also means there is a sense of pride on the riders part and a respectand admiration for other fixie riders But they are sometimes purchasedfrom established cycling brands or boutique assemblers and customizedby the rider to his own aesthetic taste
  3. 3. If you are looking to build your own fixie you need to know the parts youneed and the best brands to work with Usually you will start off with anold road bike frame if you looking to do it inexpensively These old framesare tough babies made out of steel and have a solid, stiff frame which willtake the abuse it will get Some people like to use old Peugeot frames
  4. 4. Used road bike parts or track bike parts the kind used in a Velodrome atthe Olympics are ideal for this You should keep your eye out for old deadroad bikes that you can get parts off of But today these bikes arebecoming popular enough that many of the main brands of bikes are nowmaking them for this new market This means that you can buy fixie bikeparts right from some manufacturers
  5. 5. The reality is though that most of the enthusiasts that are building a bikethemselves are trying to do it on the cheap So for these cyclists one ofthe skills you must learn is to figure out where you can find these partscheaply As I have already mentioned one way is cannibalizing them ofother old bikes Let me caution you here though that I am in no wayindorsing you to take them of a bike that isnt yours
  6. 6. Some fixie riding hipsters try to make it look like he just found the partsat a flea market But most of the time he has had to search for manyhours and spent some good cash to get the parts for his bike For thehipster fixie rider often the life span of his bike is quite short as they oftendont use any kind of lock on their bike so they get quickly stolen Nowyou probably wouldnt catch a courier doing that with his only way ofmaking money but others do
  7. 7. This is one reason they look to build them cheap Finding fixie bike partsand building your own ride is not that difficult but it is often reallyappreciated when they get it on the road and have their freedom ridesingle speed bicycle
  8. 8. single speed bicycle