Problem of brain drain in india


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Problem of brain drain in india

  1. 1. Problem of Brain Drain in India Brain Drain means the migration of highly qualified experts like doctors, engineers, scientist andother trained persons from the under-developed countries to advancing countries. More or less, all thebackward countires are suffering from this problem. India is also suffering from this brain drainseriously at the present moment.Thus brain drain is a direct loss, of trained experts in many fields, to the under-developed and poorcountries. On the other hand, it is a net gain to the advanced countries. According to a UNO report,every year thousands of experts are migrating from backward countries to advanced countries likeUSA, UK, Canada, Germany etc. The under-developed countries are spending millions of rupees on thetraining of these experts. But the advanced countries are utilizing their services without spending asingle penny on their training.Every year, thousands of highly talented doctors, engineers, scientists and other intellectuals leaveIndia and migrate to foreign countries. They generally go to U.S.A, UK, Canada, West Germany, etcfor monetary gains and facilities for higher research. US is the biggest gainer from the loss of Indiadue to brain drain.Most of the students who go abroad for higher studies do not return to India. After seeing, the affluentlife of foreign countries they lose all interest in their own country. Many Indians are teaching atvarious US Universities and other Institutions of higher learning. Some of them are placed on quitelucrative and high posts.There are so many causes of the brain drain in India. First of all, there is the unemployment problem.Even a talented person cannot get job. India is lacking in facilities for higher research work. The topappointments are quite few in India. Thus the talented experts like to seek new pastures abroad.There is another attraction of leading a higher standard of living in foreign countries, because thetechnical experts and intellectuals, are give special facilities there. In foreign countries, there is theadvantage that while learning a person can also earn his own living. The stipends in foreign countriesare sufficient enough. A frugal Indian Student living there can also save something to send home.There is no doubt that India is having vast natural and man power resources. If both these resourcesare put to the maximum utilization astounding advancement can be achieved in all fields. Thesetechnical and other talented reasons whom we lose every year, can greatly help in the development ofour natural resources. The government must take speedy steps to lure back home these talented sonsof India who are living abroad. These experts can surely help in making India a great power in theworld.In this connection, even the people should also come forward and cooperate with the Government insolving this problem. The parents of the students should not encourage them to go abroad and settlethere even if they are paid high salaries.The doctors, engineers and scientists owe a duty to their motherland. Our nation is spending hugeamounts of money on their training. These people should not betray their own nation by servingforeign nations. Today thousands of young Indian scientists and technicians are devoted the cause ofrebuilding our nation. The country has already achieved the nuclear status as well as become a spacepower. There are enough opportunities for all the Indian scientists and engineers settled abroad, ifthey come back to India. They should play an important role in future progress of our country andshare the honour of participating in this sacred task.There is no doubt that India is bound to become one of the most industrialised and scientificallyadvanced countries in the world. Let every Indian scientist, engineer and technician share the privilegeof participating in the noble task of building nation. Thus they can earn the gratitude of their people.
  2. 2. Brain Drain in India – Favorable or Unfavorable? A brain drain is a large emigration of individuals with the Knowledge orTechnical skills, usually due to conflict, political instability, lack ofopportunity, or health risks. A brain drain is generally regarded asan economic cost, because emigrants usually take with them the fraction ofvalue of their teaching sponsored by government. Do you believe brain drain, regularly known as a main problem in ourcountry is essentially a bad thing? I don’t think so. In reality it is a big giftthat capable minds are able to depart the country and track their goals anddreams elsewhere. At the first glimpse, it seems like a huge loss. Asignificant number of young people are parting the country. It looks like thestate is loosing a lot of knowledgeable and educated workforce. However, what will happen if they seal the borders and detain all thistalent inside the nation? Would they be able to grow and be as creative asthey would like to? Would they cause a technological revolution or will theyjoin the queue of unemployed people as well as produce more problems forour already worried society? The biggest benefit of brain drain is that all those individual brains willget the opportunity to nurture in another atmosphere where they get moresupport as well as have more freedom to boom and this is why they leave.From a universal point of view, it will help talents develop and not beshattered. Here is a plain example, a very intelligent friend of mine got amedal in the International Physics Olympics as well as entered the universitywith no concourse. He graduated with most excellent marks, passed theMasters Entrance exam however was failed for some silly reason. For sometime he unsuccessfully tried to get around the difficulty, but at the end hegave up and determined to study his masters out of the country. Now he is aPhD as well as lives happily and works in the States. Would someone else inhis condition have done something else? I think no. Furthermore, the knowledge that those young brilliant people gainoverseas will be very helpful if they choose in a later phase to go back aswell as settle down or engage in their country. The fact that young culturedpeople leave the country in the present situation is not only good forthemselves however is also good for the world.
  3. 3. However on the other side, Brain drain is a severe loss due to the flowof the competent and effective sector of the country particularly oilproducing states which are now in terrible need for trained and highlyskilled employees. Brain drain influences all level of education in the worldwhich suffers illiteracy estimation at 70 million people. The economy canalso be affected due to expenditure on study whether state funded orprivately. The migration even broadens the gap between the rich and poorcountries. Brain drain is advantageous to the beneficiary countries as well asloss to countries of origin, because it deprives these countries from theinnovations of their subjects. Such countries as a result have becomeculturally and technologically dependent on the West. An answer to this would be to encourage entrepreneurs to produceemployment. The Government is supposed to give concessions in tax as wellas decrease the hassles concerned in setting up an industry. In this way wecould make India’s workforce one of its major assets.