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Mixed messages-project-with-rubric-updated-2011


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Mixed messages-project-with-rubric-updated-2011

  1. 1. Name: _____________CRITERIA EXEMPLARY PROFICIENT DEVELOPING EMERGING Comments A B+ B C+ C D+ D A- B- C- D- 94% 88% 76% 64% Wellness 7 Mixed Messages Tobacco Performance Task You receive media messages every day. These messages are on TV, the internet, the radio, and in newspapers and magazines. With so many messages coming at you, it can be difficult to sort them out. This project will allow you to examine and evaluate print advertisements which promote tobacco products. In addition, you will try your hand at creating an anti-smoking print advertisement for teenagers. You will get to present you ideas to the class. Let’s begin! Follow these Steps: 1. Find an advertisement for a tobacco product in student resources in Unit 3. You may search your own ad from the internet. Save it on a USB and bring your ad to class. 2. Pre-writing/Brainstorming Visit the blog and use the list of advertising techniques to answer the 4 questions below. 3. PARAGRAPH ONE. Answer the following questions. a) Explain how your ad was designed to “sell smoking”. b) What advertising techniques do they use in the creation of your ad? What is “evidence do you see? c) Evaluate… .What are the makers of your ad trying to tell you? What do they want you to think about their product? d) How effective is the message of the ad? e) Do the advertisers show you the truth about the effects of smoking in their ad? What “false facts” did they communicate in their ad? 4. REDESIGN YOUR AD ~ Mix it up! Now it’s your turn to make an advertisement. Using the same basic design of your original ad, create a new ad which shows an anti-smoking message(see samples in class). You may change the picture, colors, and/or written text, but your new design should be based on the original ad. 5. PARAGRAPH TWO. Explain how you redesigned your ad to sell “not smoking”! How did you change the original tobacco ad to make it an anti-smoking ad? Why did you make those changes? What is the new message you are trying to convey? 6. PARAGRAPH THREE. It should include: How can you personally avoid the use of Tobacco; especially when the media sells it as attractive, cool, and something that is not that harmful? What are three facts you have learned about smoking during this unit? What are three refusal skills you can use to avoid the peer pressure to smoke? 7. Display your work! Combine your original ad, newly designed ad, and two paragraphs for display in the classroom to your peers.
  2. 2. CREATIVITY  New design clearly displays an  New design clearly displays  New design displays an  New design anti-smoking message based on the an anti-smoking message is incomplete.Re-Designed original ad and displays excellent anti-smoking message based on the original ad butAdvertisement: original thought. based on the original ad and lacks visual appeal and  Lacks shows some original thought. original thought. imagination, insight Effective  Shows excellent imagination, and style. Creative insight and style.  Shows some imagination,  Shows minimal imagination, Presentation insight and style. insight and style.  Elements of the  Adverts and written paragraphs task are missing 10 points are neatly mounted and presented  Adverts and written  Adverts and written paragraphs are neatly paragraphs are poorly presented presentedCOMMUNICATION  The audience is given a detailed  The audience is given a well-  The written explanation the  Written and well-written explanation of how written explanation of how audience is given lacks clarity paragraphs areWritten tobacco companies use advertising tobacco companies use ad of how tobacco companies use incomplete.paragraphs: techniques to sell their products. techniques to sell their ads to sell their products. products. Language  They are able to explain what  Written paragraphs are Informative changes were made to the original  They are able to state what written but lack clarity about advert. changes were made to the the changes they made to the10 points original advert. original ad.  Written paragraphs provide a clear and thorough understanding of  Written paragraphs provide why they made these changes and an understanding of why they they explain their message. made these changes.CRITICAL  New design shows excellent use  New design shows good use  New design inadequately  New design doesTHINKING of refusal and decision making skills of refusal and decision making shows use of refusal and not show the use of to show a very effective anti-smoking skills to show an effective anti- decision making skills. refusal and decisionRe-Designed message. smoking message. making skills.Advertisement:  Personal avoidance, facts Reflection  They are able to clearly explain  They are able to clearly about smoking and refusal  Personal with insight and empathy about explain personal avoidance, skills is rushed and lacking avoidance, facts Refusal personal avoidance, facts about facts about smoking and refusal thought about smoking and skills smoking and refusal skills skills refusal skills is absent or 10 points incomplete Wellness 7 Tobacco Project Mixed Messages FINAL GRADE =