Mixed messages project with rubric updated 11 25-10


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Mixed messages project with rubric updated 11 25-10

  1. 1. Wellness 7 Tobacco Project Mixed Messages Due Date____________________You receive me dia me s sage s every day. Thes e m e s sage s are on TV, the internet, the radio, and in newspapersand magazines. With so many me s sages coming at you, it can be difficult to sort them out. This project will allowyou to examine and evaluate print advertise m e nts which promote tobacco products. In addition, you will try yourhand at creating an anti-smoking print advertise m e nt for teenagers. You will get to present you ideas to the class.Let ’ s begin!Follow the following Steps: 1. Find an advertisement for a tobacco product in student resources in Unit 3. You may print your own ad from the internet. Print and bring your ad to class. Due:2. Pre-writing/BrainstormingOpen student resources and use the list of advertising technique s to answer the 4 questions below. Answer the following questions you will use these answers when you write your paragraphs 1. Using the list of advertising techniques we discuss e d in class, identify at least 2 which techniques that were use d in the creation of the tobacco ad. 2. What “ evid e nc e ” do you see in the ad that tells you they use d these advertising technique s? 3. Evaluate…. What are the makers of your ad trying to tell you? What do they want you to think about their product? 4. Evaluate the advertise m e nt you have chosen.  Do the advertisers show you the truth about the effects of smoking in their ad?
  2. 2. 3. Include your answers to the 4 questions above to write following the first paragraph The first paragraph is a description of the original ad technique(s) use d. Please be sure to give evidence for each technique. Doe s the ad tell the truth about smoking. 4. Redesign your ad ~ M ix it up! Now it’s your turn to make an advertisement. Using the sam e basic design of your original ad, create a new ad which shows an anti-smoking me s sage(se e samples in class). You may change the picture, colors, and/or written text, but your new design should be based on the original ad. 5. Write your second paragraph. It should be a description of your new design. How did you change the original tobacco ad to make it an anti-smoking ad? Why did you make those changes? What is the new m e s sage you are trying to convey? 6.Write your third paragraph. It should include: How can you personally avoid the use of Tobacco; especially when the me dia sells it as attractive, cool, and so m ething that is not that harmful?7. Display your work! Using poster or construction paper, mount your original ad, newly designed ad, and two paragraphs fordisplay in the classroom.8. Oral presentation: You will present your displayed ads to the class. Use the following questions as a guide to youroral presentation. Tobacco Ad Presentation Questions 1. Explain to the class how your ad was designed to “sell smoking”. What “false facts” did they communicate in their ad? 2. What advertising techniques did they choose to use when they designed their ad? 3. Explain to the class how you redesigned your ad to sell “not smoking”! 4. What advertising techniques did you choose to sell the idea “not to smoke”.
  3. 3. 5. Why did you choose those techniques? 6. 3 facts you have learned about smoking during this unit. 7. 2 refusal skill you can use to avoid the peer pressure to smoke.-Designed New design clearly New design clearly New design displays New design inadequately Score andAdvertisement: displays an displays an an displays an CommentEffective Anti-smoking mes sage anti-smoking anti-smoking anti-smoking m es sage s based on the original ad mes sage me s sage based on the original ad or is and displays excellent based on the original based on the original inco m plete5 original thought. ad and shows so m e ad but lacks visual original thought. appeal and original thought.Re-Designed the audience is given a the audience is given the picture and the Written paragraphs and AdAdvertisement clear visual picture and a picture and a good written explanation are inco m pleteand Written well-written explanation of written explanation of the audience is givenparagraphs: how tobacco companies how tobacco lacks clarity of howInformative use ads to sell there companies use ads tobacco companies10 products to sell there products use ads to sell there productsRe-Designed New design shows New design shows New design New design does not showAdvertisement: excellent use of refusal good use of refusal inadequately shows the use of refusal andE m pathy and decision making skills and decision making use of refusal and decision making skills5 skills decision making skillsCommunication Written paragraphs Written paragraphs Written paragraphs Written paragraphs areand Language provide a clear provide an are written but lack poorly written and do not understanding of the explanation only of clarity and/or are provide a clear5 students awareness of the different missing information. understanding of the the different advertizing advertizing students awareness of the techniques tobacco techniques tobacco different advertizing companies use to sell companies use to sell techniques tobacco their products their products com panies use to sell their productsRe-Designed Shows excellent Shows so m e Shows mini mal Lacks imagination, insightAdvertisement: imagination, insight and imagination, insight imagination, insight and styleCreative style and style and style5
  4. 4. Oral Clearly com m u n icates allPresentation presentation questions. Verbally de m o n strates they understand the advertising techniques5 used and the effects of smoking