Grade 7 unit_4_caring for your body psa


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Grade 7 unit_4_caring for your body psa

  1. 1. Grade 7 Wellness: Unit 4 Sexual Health Performance Task Rubric: Caring for your body PSAAssessment Indicators M.W4.1 state a health enhancing position on a topic and support it with accurate information M.W4.2 demonstrate how to influence and support others to make positive health choices M.W4.3 work cooperatively to advocate for healthy individuals, families, and schoolsYour taskProduce an informational PSA presentation for Grade 5/6 students at ISM about topics related to sexual health. Youwill work in groups of 3 on a given topic. 1. Puberty (changing body, moods, feelings) 2. Menstrual cycle/period 3. Common female reproductive problems. Caring for the female body. 4. Common male reproductive problems. Caring for the male body. 5. Endocrine system/role of hormonesRequirements Use a question and answer format for each slide (aim for 5). Try to include thoughtful questions and use a variety of wording (what, how, why). They should be essential questions. *Essential questions are at the heart of the subject, should raise important issues in the subject, can help make learning meaningful and connected. Appropriate for the audience (grade 5/6) Needs to be interactive and include a multiple choice quiz at the end (with a prize!!) Must have notes for each slide. You will use these when you present to the class Must include pictures and be visually appealing MLA bibliography (3-5 accurate sources) All members of the group will present to the class. Maximum allowed time 10 mins. You will be timed!Optional Include some creative elements to advance your technological skills, for example video clips, skit, voice thread, cartoons, animations, game show.Steps to Success! 1. You will be working in randomly selected groups and be given a topic 2. Decide your roles; researcher, creative director, quizmaster 3. Do some background reading on your topic, discuss and decide your “essential questions”. Divide the work up so that you will each research 1 or 2 questions. 4. Make sure you record your picture and written sources. 5. Avoid copy and pasting the information – you need to interpret and explain the information and write it in your own words. 6. Collect cool images, diagrams, pictures. 7. Work on your multiple choice quiz questions and make sure you have an answer sheet. Think about how you will organize the quiz and the prize! 8. Use your notes to present and avoid looking at the screen. 9. PRACTICE your presentation so that each person knows what to say and make sure you do not go over the time limit. 10. Remember not to be make the slides too wordy and include quality information not necessarily quantity.