Hardeep kalar powerpoint timeline[1][1]


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Hardeep kalar powerpoint timeline[1][1]

  1. 1. Computer Applications IIComputer Technology Historyof Microsoft PowerPointHardeep Kalar, 9th GradePeriod 2With MR. BurnsEmery High SchoolEmeryville, CA
  2. 2. 1987 the firstversion ofPowerPoint wasintroduced on theMac osThe first versionof power pointwas released in1990 withwindowsSince its release in1990 there havebeen 11 versions ofPowerPoint thenewest this year2013
  3. 3. The first version ofpower point onMac OSPowerPoint 1.0 in1987The second ofPowerPoint for themac was laterreleased a yearlater in 1988 2.0The thirdinstallment ofPowerPoint came 2years later in 1990but this timeinstead of the macit was Microsoftoffice it was onPowerPoint 2.0 forWindows 3.0
  4. 4. Then in 1992 Microsoft came out with 2versions of PowerPoint one for Mac OS classicPowerPoint 3.0 the other for Windows 3.1including the same version of PowerPoint 3.0A Year later in 1993 PowerPoint released a newversion for Office 4.x windows withPowerPoint 4.0After That a year in 1994 Microsoft PowerPointreleased a version for the Mac OS classicPowerPoint 4.0
  5. 5. Also in 1995 windows includedPowerPoint in Windows 95Version 7.0 windowsThe year later in 1997 PowerPointyet made another PowerPointapplication for windowsPowerPoint 97 Version 8.0Finally in 1998 Macintosh made aPowerPoint upgrade toPowerPoint 98 8.0 for Mac OSclassic
  6. 6. After two years in 1999PowerPoint releasedanother PowerPointadd on for windowsPowerPoint 2000In the year 2000 MacOS added it’s newestaddition to therePowerPoint collectionPowerPoint 2001version 9.0After that PowerPointpopped out with a newversion of PowerPointfor windowsPowerPoint 2002Version 10 for office XP
  7. 7. 2002 was a big yourfor the mac OS X itwas a new macwith a newPowerPointinfluence alongside with itPowerPoint v.X 10.0The next year afterPowerPoint for themax was releasedwindows gotanother slice ofPowerPoint withPowerPoint 2003Version 11.0Two years after therelease of mac’spreviousPowerPointreleases anotherPowerPoint it hasthe same versionwindows Version11.0 PowerPoint2004
  8. 8. 3 years later after version 11 of PowerPoint windowsreceived a boost up for PowerPoint with officePowerPoint 2007 version 12Four years after mac’s last PowerPoint and a yearafter windows PowerPoint mac also got an newversion Of PowerPoint with PowerPoint 2008version 12 same as windowsTwo years after mac’s release of PowerPointWindow’s and mac got a new PowerPoint version inthe same year window PowerPoint 2010 And machad PowerPoint 2011 But the shared the same VersionVersion 14
  9. 9. The current year 2013 PowerPoint hasreleased version 15 ( Office 15 )PowerPoint 2013 for Microsoft Windows
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