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Urban design london, 01 jun 2011 agenda and info


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The agenda for the meeting on Neighborhood Planning and Localism in the UK organized by Urban Design London.

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Urban design london, 01 jun 2011 agenda and info

  1. 1. Planning and Housing Design Network Meeting and TrickyIssue Debate1st June: 10-4.30pm at Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Road SE1 In  the  morning  we  will  hold  a  n etwork  meeting  for  those   interested  in  p lanning  and  housing  design  issues  focusing   on  neighborhood  planning.   There  will  then  b e  a  light  lunch  and  a  chance  to  chat  with   others.   In  the  afternoon  we  will  hold  one  of  our  ‘Tricky  Issue   Debates’  this  time  looking  at  how  n eighborhood   planning,  LDFs  and  the  emerging  London  p lan  can  work   together.    Although  there  will  b e  s et  speakers  in  the   afternoon  the  idea  is  that  those  who  attend  join  in  the   debate  and  tell  everyone  about  their  ideas  and  what  they   are  doing  as  much  as  possible.  Delegates at our 15 April Neighborhood Planning eventAgenda  From  9.30  -­‐  Coffee  and  registration  10.00  -­‐  Update  on  the  Localism  Bill  –  Andrew  Close  DCLG  Development  Plans  Team.  10.15  -­‐  London’s  Neighbourhood  Plan  Frontrunners   1.        Southwark  Council  -­‐    Bevan,  S imon     2.   Bankside  Residents  Forum    -­‐  Andrew  Richardson       3.        Bermondsey  Forum    -­‐  John  B.  Corey  Jr.  Chair,  Bermondsey  Forum   4.        Sutton  Council  –  Sally  Bloomfield     5.        Bioregional  (Hackbridge)  (Director  -­‐  Sue  Riddlestone)  11.30  -­‐  DCLG  fund  to  support  Neighbourhood  Planning  –  what’s  on  offer   6.        Princes  Foundation  -­‐  James  Hulme   7.        RTPI/PAL  –  Nancy  Astley     8.        Locality  –  (TBC)  12.30  –  Quick  Showcase  –  Sticky  Notes  and  YouCanPlan  on  line  tools  -­‐  Michael  Kohn  of  S lider  Studio/University  of  East  London    12.45  –  Lunch    13.15  -­‐    London  Plan  –  an  update  -­‐  Hermine  Sanson,  GLA  13.30  -­‐  Lessons  for  Urban  Areas  -­‐  Chris  Wade,  Chief  Executive  of  Action  for  Market  Towns  13.50  -­‐  Planning  from  borough  to  neighbourhood  scale  –  current  best  practice  Paul  Morrain    14.45  -­‐  A  couple  of  examples  –  Michael  Ball,  Waterloo  Community  Development  Group15.00  -­‐  General  discussion  and  update  on  h ow  boroughs  are  tackling  NP  within  their  LDFs     Started  with  update  on  Suttons  approach  by  Sally  Bloomfield    
  2. 2. Delegates   Name     Organisation   Job  Title         Rebecca   Anderson   Hackney  Council           Luisa   Auletta   Camden  CAAC           Michael   Ball   Waterloo  CDG   Director       Matthew   Bennett   Soho  Society           Rita   Brar   Barnet  Council   Principal  Planning  Policy       Tony   Burton   Civic  Voice   Director       Matt   Butler   Hammersmith  &  Fulham  Council   Team  Leader       Roger   Chapman   London  Forum             Eileen   Conn   Peckham  Vision           Jennifer     Currier   Newham  Council   Regeneration  Officer       Matt   Davies               Manmohan     Dayal   Merton  Council   Policy  Planner       Peter   Eversden   London  Forum             Emma   Fenton   Camden  Council           Will   French   Save  Ealings  Centre   Chair       Richard   Fullager   TfL           Robert   Gurd   Community  Group   Chairman       Hans   Haenlein   Community  Group   President       Libby   Harper   Telford  and  Wrekin  Council   Senior  Planning  Officer       Jon   Herbert   Colin  Buchanan           John   Horrocks   Putney  Society           Martin   Howell   Wandsworth  Council   Group  Planner         Adam   Hutchings   Wandsworth  Council   Senior  Planner  -­‐  Policy       Philip   James       Planner/Community  o rganiser       Jimmy     Jemal   Waltham  Forest  Council   Programme  Manager       Roland   Karthaus   Place  Research  Lab   Research  Director       Liz   Kessler   Freelance  consultant     Freelance  consultant       Jean   Knight   Carshalton  Society           Richard   Lee   Just  Space  Network           Charlie   Mackeith   Blackheath  Society         Nicola   Mathers   DC  CABE     Advisor   Camberwell  New  Road     Mark   Mihajlovic   Regeneration  Group         Tony   Miller   Ealing  Civic  Society         Bill   Mount   Imperial  college   UDL  Design  Surgeon     Valerie   Mowah   Merton  Council   Principal  Spatial  Planner   Urban  Design/Conservation     Eimear   Murphy   Consultant     Planner     Saba   Nayab   Former  LDA   Development  Manager     Annie   Pang   Adrian  Salt  And  Pang  Limited   Director   Westbourne  Neighbourhood     Richard   Perkins   Association         Selma   Piro             Mark   Poulter   The  Putney  Society           Graham   Robinson   Barnet  Council   Senior  Planner     Biljana     Savic   Enabling  Places      
  3. 3. Camdens  H eritage  and       Richard   Simpson   Camden  CAACs   Design  Champion   Leytonstone  Residents       Andrew   Smith   Association       Marilyn  Taylor  Associates     Marilyn   Taylor   Limited  (CABE)   Planner     Geoffrey   Thurley   The  Ladywell  Society   Committee  Member     Richard   Truscott   Haringey  Council   Urban  Designer   Bermondsey  Neighbourhood     Corinne   Turner   Forum           Sara   Williams   Merton   Spatial  and  Planning  Policy       Clare   Wright   C.B.Wright     Planning  Consultant       Elizabeth   Wrigley   Peckham  Vision