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Pro young international business plan


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33 Yrs Old MNC in 40+ Countries worldwide in Direct Selling industry for Health,Wellness & Nutritional products in india now. Join me Part time /Full time business opportunity.
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Pro young international business plan

  1. 1. International 7 ProYoung International Business Plan Oct 2013
  2. 2. At ProYoung International, Our Business Owners are most Delighted Asset, A Proven time tested Business plan gives an Experience, Greater Retention, Teamwork and Financial Freedom. 9 Advantages Of Business Plan I. Seamless Global Plan . T A I I P 2- EXCe”emGrOWth Opportunity PROYOUNGIN ERN TONALBUS NESS LAN is designed to reward those people who 3- lvlultlplelmomesneams promote the PROYOUNG brand products. 4- T€aIT1WOFl<lnC€F1TlV€S This business plan is based on the simple two 5. Leverage Income team—building concept. Since there are just 6_ EXp0nentia| Growth ‘ two teams to build, this creates excitementas 7_ Lifetime Royalty Bonus new PROYOUNG business owners join, one 8. FairBUSmeSSmCemiVeS after the other down team lines, helping _ more people benefit from the volume and 9. OnlineSupportSystem creating greater leverage within the plan. $
  3. 3. Ways of Life Long Income 1. RetailProfit 2. First OrderBonus 3. Team Leverage Bonus 4. RankAdvancement Bonus . Car & House Fund . Awards& Rewards . Leadership Bonus . Elite Ranking Bonus OOlOU'| 1. RETAIL PROFIT Selling PROYOUNG INTENTIONAL products directly to your customers is the first step to success & to build a solid foundation for your business. Retail selling is the surest method of earning immediate income, even as you build a long term business and satisfied customers. Retail sales allow you to earn income by purchasing PROYOUNG INT products at the PBO price (whole sale price) and then selling them at the Maximum Retail Price (MRP). PBO Price (Whole Sale Price): T 21 , OOO/ - Retail Price: ? 30,000/— Your Profit: ? 9,000/-
  4. 4. .2. FIRST ORDER BONUS All active Business Owner's earn a FIRST ORDER BONUS of 20% on personnel directs (Min 2500 SVP). When their personally sponsored PBO’s place first time order of PROYOUNG International products. PROYOUNG INTERNATIONAL products a part of your daily routine, and share the experience how ‘i (BUSINESS they've made an impact on your life. All qualified Business owners Building a successful ~ I, PROYOUNG INTERNATIONAL business, and then —‘“"* sharing that success with others, requires a strong ‘ I g‘, "_, ;_, foundation built on three key actions: recruiting new business owners, retaining them, and helping 5000 SVP 2500 SVP everyone achieve success. 5000 X 20% = ?1000 2500 X 20% = ? 500 ,1»:
  5. 5. 3. TEAM LEVERAGE BONUS A business centre is the hub of your business—building activity, through which your product purchases, 44-_'s. _ volumes and sales accumulate; it's 1 similar to opening a store for your business. You can choose to build your team around one or three Business Centers, based on whether you'd like to start a small business ora large business. Each product has a sales volume , / points (SVP) and the points from , 1/ . product sale begin to flow up. When you and your team PBO’s . I purchase products for personnel , l use and re—sel| to customers. ‘ TEAM (A) N? ) LEVERAGE BONUS ACCUMULATED (GSV) ACCUMULATED (GSV) ? 2,500 5,000 1,000 5,000 10,000 2,000 (or) NI/ |(A) TEAM (B) LEvE7i= EAiG7E BONUS ACCUMULATED (GSV) ACCUMULATED (esv) ? 5,000 2,500 1,000 10,000 5,000 2,000 BONUS CALCULATION: Bonus will be awarded in sales volume points, which are converted to your local currency, to calculate your commissions. Simply find where the Group Sales Volume (GSV) on the Team—A 2500 SVP of your business centre matches the Group Sales Volume 5000 SVP on Team—B or in other words take the Group Sales Volume (GSV) on your higher side and multiply it by 20%. Business owner can earn a max out ? 1 ,00,000/— per business centre in a pay schedule or max out ?3,00,000 per 3 business centers. ; ..lrpii
  6. 6. 3. TEAM LEVERAGE BONUS Assume that each business center in thefig:1 and fig 2 forthe current pay schedule. You and your team have generated a total of 30,000 GSV on other side 30,000 GSV. Team—B is your current higher side and you will be paid on 30,000 X 20°/ o = ?6000. Any extra Group Sales Volume points on each side will rollover into next bonus pay schedule and lifetime. 15000 GSV 15000 GSV BC1 30,000 GSV X 20% 15000 GSV 15000 GSV figure :1 BUSINESS CENTER 15000 GSV 15000 GSV BC1 30,000 GSV X 20% BC2 15,000 GSV X 20% BC3 15,000 GSV X 20% ?6,000 ?3,000 ?3,000 15000 GSV 15000 GSV ?12,000 I
  7. 7. 3. TEAM LEVERAGE BONUS ROLLOVE R VO LU M E The group sales volume on the Team—A and Team-B of your business centers are not always going to match. Assume that each business center (including your own) in figure for the current pay schedule. You and your team have generated a total of 25,000 GSV on other side 30,000 GSV Team—B is your current higher side and you will be paid on 30,000 x 20°/ o=6000. Since you received bonus for all of the points on team—B, hence there will be no rollover, but on team—A you have 10000 points which will rolloverto next pay schedule. “BUSINESS "III I CENTER mi — . I ~T. ':I0.l§ 15000 GSV 10000 GSV 15000 GSV 15000 GSV Ro| |over:10,000 GSV Rollover: Nil GSV ‘kl hp)‘
  8. 8. 4-. LIFE-TIME RANK ADVANCEMENT BONUS . . . _i _. . . L i/ U/‘ : . / _ _~ I ~ O F It? 2 I /2 l ‘f Ii , I . .5 L‘ . Q Q I, 1Héun. :a¢nE; mLa r A Another key to building a successful PROYOUNG International business is to advance in rank. As you advance in rank, PROYOUNG International will reward you with the LIFE TIME RANKADVANCEMENT BONUS. Star Entrepreneur receives 20% LIFE TIME ROYALTY on personnel directs team leverage bonus. As per figure Star EntrepreneurBonus?20,000 Gold Entrepreneur receives 50% LIFE TIME ROYALTY on personnel directs team leverage bonus. As perfigure Gold EntrepreneurBonus?50,000 Power Diamond Entrepreneur receives 100°/ o LIFE TIME ROYALTY on personnel directs team leverage bonus. As per figure Power Diamond Entrepreneur Bonus?1,00,000 figure 1'9 ll 37-: T l 1’»j1I_I ?2oQoo ?15ooo $10900‘ ' ?59oo‘ I am I :1:i. i iflirinx. II l: A‘l ?50,000
  9. 9. 5. CAR 8: HOUSE FUND «:4 L _ “Ear”. /“I I T T No matter your rank, you can enjoy a car & house fund of 4% on your total GSV (Group Sales Volume) of team A& B in a calendar month byjust taking a one maxout in a pay Schedule. 6. AWARDS 8: REWARDS ‘T '_wV‘ ‘ xr* “ X . . 0 ~_ l 1 rv . --------nu. .. . ... ... ... ... '.. ... . . . . . . . . . . , an u‘: u—-- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Energize your business, build teamwork, and enjoy amazing rewards when you participate in the many fun and challenging contests and leadership awards PROYOUNG International offers throughout every year. Past rewards have included luxury travel to exotic destinations, such as Malaysia, Singapore & Dubai; valuable prizes, including cars; and even thousands of dollars in extra cash! Not to mention the respect and recognition you receive as a top achiever or contest winner at PROYOUNG International EVGFILS. "g-"00
  10. 10. 7. LEADERSHIP BONUS , 1. 7 I211’ Lg; 1%‘ . i/, I “ ¢: ;.a‘ x I ‘ I’ i I i ,1: "" ll-Lil ~ _ i I _/ T’ I 1‘ 1 When you first achieve the rank of Power Diamond & above, you earn a LEADERSHIP BONUS of 4% on quarterly global group sales volume distributed equally. 8. ELITE RANKING BONUS To further reward our Business owners for their efforts & allows you to receive ?1,20,000 as Mercedes car allowance monthly. Also, enjoy some of the world's most exciting destinations. Double Diamond Two Power Diamonds on Team—A & Team—B (? l 5, 00,000) cash bonus. BLUE DIAMOND Two Double Diamonds on Team—A & Team—B (? 75, 00,000) cash bonus. PROYOUNG LIFETIME AWARD Two Blue Diamonds on Team—A & Team—B (? 2, 00, 00,000) cash bonus. r Ilu l I ,5»: -
  11. 11. AUTOSHHWADVANTAGES Unleash big benefits for your business , ,. /5 fr? “ I I / "7 ‘I: '.‘- ' ’ (I _, j 0 ‘' ll ~liII'’I. , xlm/ %w'uk. ~. /1 0 xi“ V ‘M; ~‘ ‘~ ’ / I/ ~ ~ 5, ' . -.I. ~ Q /3» I» ‘. ' / I I‘ “'7 Bi‘. V1 I, ’ ,9: - I With PROYOUNG INTERNATIONAL AutoShip program, pre—select the PROYOUNG products you want and have them automatically shipped to you each month. It's that easy! Plus, Autoship provides great benefits for your business. 1.Convenience With Autoship, you get the products you want the most, when you want them—and best of all, you get them delivered to your door like clockwork without ever having to lift a finger. 2. Consistent Qualification When you use Autoship, you meet your 500SVP self purchase each and every month, so you won't miss out on bonus. And, with your team members on Autoship, you won't scramble the last few days of every month to make sure everyone in your group purchases as well. P GLOSSARY: SPONSOR: A Business owner who personally recruiting other business owner or predefined customer to sign up. BC: Business center. P. B.O: ProYoung Business Owner P. S.V: Personal Sales Volume 3. ProYoung Tool Samples As an Autoship participant, you will enjoy samples of new PROYOUNG marketing tools every few months. It's a great opportunity to try out a new tool and implement it into your business—building strategy. 4.Corporate communications Along with your monthly products, get the latest and greatest communications from the PROYOUNG corporate office. Never miss out on monthly legend times publication, important corporate updates, special offers, and more. 5.Automatic PSV tracking With an Autoship order, your personal PSV each month is immediately updated to your account, making it easier than ever to manage your PROYOUNG business. -M1.‘ 6. Easy to update Once you're signed up on Autoship, it is a cinch to update your order to fit your product needs from month on month. 7. Greater retention When you use PROYOUNG products on a regular basis, you begin to realize the powerful health support they can provide. In turn, you'll be more committed to sharing those benefits with others and encouraging them to enroll on Autoship. And, they'll be more excited to build their own business! Our Autoship program was developed to empower you and expand your ability to succeed. Enroll in Autoship todayl G. S.V: Group Sales volume R. G.S. V: Rollover Group Sales volume PAY SHEDULE 1: 1st - 10th in a Calendar month. PAY SHEDULE 2: 11th - 20th in a Calendar month. PAY SHEDULE 3: 21st - Month end in a Calendar month. MAX OUT: ? 100000 in a pay Schedule per business center.
  12. 12. THAN IK YOU