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Harbordite issue 72

Harbordite issue 72

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Harbordite issue 72

  2. 2. Editorial: Message from Co-Editor - Belinda (‘81) Hello all. Here’s hoping that I find you all in good spirits and in good health and ready to face the winter months ahead; let's hope it is not a long winter! You may have noticed that we didn’t produce a Spring edition of The Har- bordite. The fact is, there was nothing to write! While this may seem surprising, the fact is that we rely on our alumni to send us sto- ries so that we may put to- gether a “Harbordite”. If we don’t get any news, then we can’t share any! As one of the Harbord club direc- tors and co-editor of The Harbordite, I anxiously await to receive emails and letters from you about up- coming events that I can share in our newsletter, website and on Facebook. Were you in the news re- cently? Do you have a re- markable story to share? Please don’t hesitate to send us an email update or story; nothing is ever too small or too big to send our way! In the spirit of the hol- iday season and in honour of our great school, we would like to share with you some interesting Harbord tidbits you may or may not be work hard at establishing and maintaining a sense of common identity among former students and teachers of the school. Amongst many things, we promote school spirit and pride in the students through historical knowledge. The associa- tion continues to give back to the school by hosting social events and fund- raising activities as well as assisting in class reunions. An exciting event that we are happily working on is Harbord’s 125th anniver- sary which will be in April 2017. We are currently looking for assistance from any alumni wishing to help on any of our subcom- mittees. If you are inter- ested, please let us know so that we can create our lists of volunteers. We are so proud to volunteer for such a remarkable alumni club. Another organization, The Harbord Charitable Foundation, was estab- lished by the Harbord Club in 1979 and it began to offer many permanent awards which are generat- ed by the interest on capi- tal funds. These awards now amount to just over $7000 annually and are presented to Harbord C.I. students yearly at both aware of. The newsletter was first produced back in April of 1979 and was cre- ated in order to reach out to all alumni to share the latest news from our Har- bordites. The Harbord Club originated in 1978 and was organized by a small group of alumni and is currently the largest high school alumni group in Canada with a membership of over 14000 names in our database. In 1993, the work of the Har- bord club was publically rec- ognized by the Toronto His- torical Board at a special ceremony held at City Hall. It was recognized for cre- ating the one and only Mu- seum and Archives and for publishing The Happy Ghosts of Harbord, a book on the history of the school from 1892 to 1992. The Harbord club also received a certificate of Honour from the Toronto Board of Education’s Sesquicentennial Museum for its “distinguished contribution” to the history of education. If you haven’t had a chance to come visit the school Mu- seum, please do so. It is a beautiful room where his- torical photographs, papers and artefacts are collected, preserved and displayed. Currently, the Harbord Club has seven directors who meet monthly. We
  3. 3. the awards ceremony and at Commencement. At this time we would like to encourage all grads to become members and establish a lifelong link with H.C.I. Spread the word. If you haven’t already, please let us know a bit about yourself - the year you graduated, your full name when you attend- ed Harbord, and of course your email address so that you can receive your Har- bordite and all of our up- dates. (Don’t forget to add our email to your ‘safe list’ so that our communi- cations are sent to your inbox!) We also want to add you to our database. Just in case you’ve forgot- ten, here are some im- portant contacts: email us at Join our group on Face- book: Harbord C.I. Grads/ Alumni And check out our web- site: As we are nearing the end of another year with the holidays just around the corner, we would like to send our wishes to you and your loved ones for a re- laxing, heartfelt and safe holiday season! Continued... So long for now, *HUGS* Belinda
  4. 4. tiative and energy we would not have achieved all we have, many thanks. And last but not least, Princi- pal Vince Meade, whose quiet encouragement has been of untold support. Museum Musings - Syd Moscoe (‘52) Since the last Museum Musings , the Museum vol- unteers have completed the oral history record- ings to go along with the photographs on our web- site of those who gave their lives in the First World War. This can be found under “Veterans” on the Home Page. Each of the voices which you hear is that of one of the Museum Volunteers who wrote what he/she spoke. It was all transferred on- to the website with assis- tance of our webmaster Sheldon Hua (HCI-2007). It is hard to believe that many of those who gave their lives were barely out of high school when they enlisted to serve and gave their life. The Museum volunteers completed a Directory as to the location of the Mu- seum contents. It will be available in hard copy in the Museum as well as online on the Harbord Club website. For a change of pace, the Museum volunteers had the opportunity to take photos with some old film cameras courtesy of Mr. Oscar Li, Archivist and Librarian of The Photo- graphic and Historical Soci- ety of Canada. Mr. Li brought some of his camer- as and the film to go with them. After taking the pic- tures he developed and printed the photos. Not as quick as digital or iphone photos—but as they found out, more challenging. An inventory and a history was made of each of the cameras in our Museum col- lection. They had been used, as best we know, by the Harbord Camera Club in the 1920’s and 1930’s . Af- ter that time, (1940’s through the 1970’s) good cameras became reasonably priced and each member of the Camera Club had their own camera. It was the pic- tures from these cameras that were displayed in the year books. I would like to thank the Museum Volunteers: Abby Gopsill, Ben Heywood- Macleod, Cameron McGlade -Bouchard, Jane Ernszt, Kira Knight , and Maddy Whitestone who gave gen- erously of their time, en- thusiasm and good humour. And to my long time staff advisor , Daniel Leblanc , without whose support , ini-
  5. 5. Saying Goodbye to our first Editor! On June 13th, 1918 a fu- ture Harbordite was born. His name was Julius Arthur Molinaro; a name well known amongst the Harbord Chari- table Foundation and the Harbord Club as one of the original founders of both groups as well as the first editor of the Harbordite. Sadly, we lost one of our he- roes this past summer; Julius Molinaro, passed away July 3rd, 2015 in his 98th year. As a student in the 1930's, one can only imagine what life was like for him here at Har- bord. He walked amongst HCI friends, participated in HCI activities including holding the student leadership posi- tion of the Harbord Italian club and he sat in the same classrooms and auditorium as you and I have . Upon gradu- ating in 1936 from, in his words, his “beloved high- school”, Julius went on to study what was known back then as "Romance Languages" at U of T. But life was not so easygoing. As a young 21 yr old, after recently earning his Bachelor of Arts degree, he was de- tained in his family home one June afternoon by govern- ment agents who barged into the house on Gore Ave., ran- sacked the house, and ar- rested him along with his fa- ther and brother. This was the year that Benito Mussolini put Italy on the same side of Germany in WWII. The government be- lieved that approximately 700 men across the country were interned as threats to National Security, one of these people being Julius Mo- linaro. Rumour has it that he was a suspect simply for be- ing “Italian -Canadian” and because he’d won a University of Toronto literary scholar- ship in 1937 that included a trip to Italy! Accusations were also made that he was anti-British. According to Julius, this was shocking news, and being kept captive as prisoners leading up to war was humiliating. Their uni- forms had big red bull’s- eyes to offer the guards a target in case they were to make a run for it. He would not be freed again for 4 months and 18 days with his father and brother detained even longer. After an informal hearing, these prisoners would all be released; no one was ever formally charged with an act of sabotage or convicted of any crime. They were nev- er apologised to either. Approximately 8 months later, in June of 1940, Can- ada went to war against his ancestral home, a war against their allies. Later, Julius would serve in North Africa and Italy with the Office of War Information for Allied Forces Headquarters. He was selected by the Cana- dian government because they considered him to be a loyal citizen and of being fluent in Italian and Span- ish. During WWII he served with the War In- formation in both Canada and the United States and with the Psychological Warfare branch of the U.S. Army as a first Lieu-
  6. 6. ...Saying Goodbye to our first Editor! tenant. On his return from over- seas, he assumed the job of Lecturer in the depart- ment of Italian and Span- ish at the University of Toronto. His career there spanned over 37 years. In that time he distinguished himself as a dedicated teacher and scholar re- ceiving his PhD in 1954, moving on to become a full professor. Julius was an overly busy business man who co- authored over 10 books and dozens of articles. He was also a family man; husband to Matie, father to Paul and Juliette, grandfather to Lisa, Oliv- ia and Sean and great- grandfather to William, Benjamin, Cole and Luke. As well as once being the Harbordite editor, he was the editor of the Journal: "Renaissance and Refor- mation" for seven years. He held membership in a number of social groups and founded many more himself. In addition to being a Harbord club founder, he was also founder of the Dante Society of Toronto, the Canadian Society for Italian Studies and the Ital- ian Club of UofT. He served as President for many years. In 1977, he was elected to be a fellow of the Royal Soci- ety of Canada. He was award- ed the Queen's Jubilee Sil- ver Medal and the Silver Medal of the Societa Nation- al Dante Aleghieri, in Rome. He was also awarded the UofT Sesquicentennial Long Service Award and honoured at a dinner of Centro Cana- dese e Cultura Italiana where he was presented with a painting. In 1990, Julius sought an apology from the government on behalf of all internees who were wrongly arrested. He decided to move forth after seeing that the Japanese re- ceived a settlement in 1988. The Italian Canadian intern- ees had remained silent about their treatment, the hurt to their families and their financial losses for far too long. This apology was never given. It was warranted not simply for the sake of the vic- tims but as recognition of an abridgement of civil liberties in Canada and to help prevent the recurrence of such discrimina- tion. In 1992, Julius was given the Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of the Con- federation of Canada. The Medal honoured Julius for making a significant contribu- tion to his fellow citizens, to his community or to Canada. Julius Molinaro made a tremen- dous impact on Harbordites and many Canadians every- where. His spirit will live on at Harbord through a scholarship in his name. I hope we make him proud as we carry on his legacy through the Harbord club. Editor’s personal note: While attending Harbord as a student, I had the opportunity to meet Julius Molinaro during the school’s 90th anniversary. Years later, at Harbord’s 100th anniversary, he was a known figure in the public eye. De- spite being busy with media questions, I was able to get a
  7. 7. Continued... chance to speak to him at the school open house. I told him of my intentions to volunteer with the club, and the next time I saw him I was proud to share with him that I had taken on the role of Har- bordite co-editor, a role he had initiated. I missed his presence at our school’s 120th Birthday Bash three years ago, but know that he would have come had he been able to. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank- you to Julius for giving us the Harbord charitable organization, the Harbord club and the Harbordite. In October, I was put in touch with Juliette, Jul- ius' daughter, and was de- lighted to learn so much more about her father and his connection to Har- bord. I am proud to share that his family piano now lives in my home; a symbol and reminder to me that his spirit still lives on strong to so many of us who share our common Harbord bond. -Belinda Medeiros-Felix
  8. 8. Ken Mucha Ken Mucha has been fondly missed since his passing in December 2002. Ken was a history teacher at Harbord C.I. from 1980 to 2002. Those who knew him well said that he had a lifelong affair with education, having graduated from Lakehead University, Queens and the University of Western On- tario. During his time at Harbord, Ken was a devoted sports and game enthusiast coach- ing several Harbord teams including hockey, softball, baseball and basketball. He was also a former TSSAA President for the Board. Ken had other interests which included politics – serving as President of the Toronto chapter of the Canadian In- stitute of International Af- fairs - debating, curling, pi- ano, cycling and bridge! As a student, I remember Mr. Mucha from my last year at HCI. Years later, when I came to join the staff at HCI, Mr. Mucha, now a colleague, welcomed me back to Harbord with open arms. Ken was a caring teacher with a great sense of humour, who gave of his time to volunteer wherever possible. His presence as a Prom chaperone was a hit with the grads. I was so touched to see so many of his past and current stu- dents come pay their last respects at the funeral home. As we held hands in a circle sharing our memories of him, it was clear that his students just loved him! His students fondly remem- bered his infectious laugh, his “tickys”, and his famous words, “Excellent, Excel- lent”. After his passing, his friends and colleagues Mike Covello and Alex McIntyre were able to organize a me- morial in our school in hon- our of Ken. More than 300 people were in attendance. A slideshow was shared to highlight Ken's life at Har- bord. Friends and col- leagues Boris Wolchuk, Doug Walker and Ron Brown facil- itated a collection of funds that was decided would be used towards a memorial bench in his name. After years of anticipation, a beautiful memorial bench now finally stands at Har- bord; currently residing in front of the schools’ main office and soon to find its permanent home in front of the school in memory of Ken. By Belinda Medeiros-Felix Ken Mucha, Harbord Teacher and Coach 1980—2002
  9. 9. Memorial Bench, Harbord Collegiate
  10. 10. Alumni in the News! Tess Benger (HCI-2006) If you were at the Shaw festival this year you may have seen HCI graduate, Tess Benger. She appeared in “Top Girls” recently and last season, she appeared in both “The Philadelphia Story” and “Cabaret”. When at Harbord, Tess played the part of Charity in “Sweet Charity”, the school’s musical. BEAN & BAKER MALT SHOP Brennan Anderson (HCI- 1997) and David Burbank (HCI-1999) opened a throwback café and an old fashioned ice cream parlour at the north- east corner of Harbord and Grace Streets last May. Homemade sodas, floats, malted milk shakes and pocket pies are their specialty. Come in and get transported back to the 50’s... Mention that you read this in the Harbordite and you will be serenaded by David & Brennan who will sing “Onward Harbord”! All the best to David & Brennan in this exciting ven- ture. Tiger Talk Harbord’s student newspaper “Tiger Talk” received the Toronto Star award for best high school newspaper in Toronto with a staff of under 10. Four of the Museum Volunteers were part of the process—Abby Gopsill, Kira Knight,. Maddy Whitestone and article writer Jane Ernszt.
  11. 11. Alumni in the News! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  12. 12. Alumni in the News! Zsofia Balazs (HCI-2008) Zsofia represented Canada as a swimmer in both the Summer Olympic Games and the Pan Am Games! As shown in the two newspaper ar- ticles, she was a torchbearer for the most recent 2015 Pan Am Games. She is a local police of- ficer with Metro Toronto’s 11th Division. Congratulations to Zsofia for her numerous accomplishments! Cheers!
  13. 13. MAX KERMAN (HCI-2003) This Harbordite who was SAC President in his graduating year, is making a name for himself with the ARKELLS - a Juno award winning Indi Rock group. Look for him and his group. They were featured together with Boris Brott (former music director of the Hamilton Philharmonic and now Director of the National Youth Orchestra) at the Juno ceremonies. Alumni in the News!
  14. 14. Harbordite named 2015 Alumni of Influence at U. of T. HCI alumnus, Giuseppe Mazzotta, has been selected by University College, U of T, as one of the Alumni of Influence for 2015. Thank You to Mary Mazzotta('69) for sharing this info with us. The following is taken from the University of Toronto, University College, Alumni, Alumni of Influence 2015 Winner’s website: Please see the following sites. winners alumni/alumniofinfluence/prof- giuseppe-mazzotta Prof. Giuseppe Mazzotta (BA 1965 UC) (MA 1966 Toronto) (PhD Cornell 1969) Originally from Italy, Giuseppe Mazzotta came to Canada as a child. While he spoke no English at first, through perseverance, hard work, and encouragement by his father, he graduated from U of T and went on to complete his PhD at Cornell University. A specialist in medieval literature, he is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Dante. Since 1983, Mazzotta has been teaching at Yale University, where he is Sterling Professor in the Humanities for Italian, the highest academic rank at Yale, and also serves as Chair of the department. His extensive writings address all peri- ods of Italian literature and culture, and include Cosmopoiesis: The Renaissance Experiment, which consists of a number of pub- lic lectures he delivered in 1999 as the Emilio Goggio Visiting Professor in the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Toronto.
  15. 15. Thank You to Donors for new “Our Soldier” Plaque WITH THANKS WITH THANKS The cost of the new plaque added to “Our Soldier” was $2034.00 We thank the following groups for their generous contributions: 2014 Harbord Grade 12 Graduating Class Prom $ 215.00 Student Activity Council 2014-2015 $1115.00 And from the following:  Richard & Sheila Rodney Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto  The Harbord Charitable Foundation  The Harbord Club  Murray Rubin (HCI-1950)  Helen Szony (HCI-1950)  Syd Moscoe (HCI_1952)  Alan Mason- (not a Harbordite)
  16. 16. Harbord C. I. 123rd Annual Commencement
  17. 17. October 9th, 2015
  18. 18. 2015 Scholarship and Awards Winners!
  19. 19. 2015 Grad, Triple Harbord Club & Kensington Foundation Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Victoria Luu
  20. 20. 2015 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Benson Chan THE HARBORDITE
  21. 21. 2015 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Cleo Davies-Chalmers
  22. 22. 2015 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Emily Conkey THE HARBORDITE
  23. 23. 2015 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - John Bowley October 7, 2015 Dear Harbord Club, Thank you very much to the Harbord Club, the generous donors, and the staff who have chosen me to receive the Harbord Club Stapleton Caldecott Award. I really appreciate the acknowledgement of my hard work over my last and favourite year of high school. I had an amazing time at Harbord C.I. It is an extremely well rounded school that was very accepting to me as a young student. If there’s one word to describe it, it’s family. Don’t get me wrong, high school is a trying time and not everyone enjoys everyone, however, kind- ness is prevalent in Harbord’s halls. I will never lose some of the friendships I formed in high school. I found a family outside of home that will always support me with people I now consider my brothers and sisters. The teaching at Harbord is also phenomenal, almost without exception. For a student like me, who has always struggled with focusing in class and on finding motivation, I found a community of teachers who care - people who genuinely want you to do well, as an individ- ual. That caring is amazing enough on its own, as it truly is a major deciding factor in a stu- dent’s success in school; in addition, they are extremely passionate. I found myself thor- oughly researching, editing, re-writing, and prepping continuously, not because I had to, but out of pure interest for the subject matter. From my perspective, when a student works extremely hard, not for a mark, but for their teacher and for themselves, simply because the assignments are intriguing, learning is achieved. This takes place at Harbord in every department. There are many ways to have an enhanced experience of learning at Harbord and for me one of those was the LAWS program, which I benefited from tremendously. Another was athletics. I played school and extracurricular sports since I was young, and that athletic fo- cus continued throughout high school, where I received another very important type of mentoring and support from the talented coaches, and my team mates, and had the oppor- tunity to excel. It wasn’t until Grade 11 that I understood that I had a real interest in other subjects such as History, Law, Economics, and English. This award means a lot to me because it recogniz- es those different aspects of my learning experience at Harbord - sports and academics. I do not know what the future holds for me but I know that when I undertake post- secondary education I want to do so with a better understanding of what really interests me. I have chosen to take this year off, to earn some money and explore options for my future development. I have been involved in a pre-apprenticeship program that may lead to an apprenticeship in the construction trades, and I am also looking at economics and busi- ness courses at either university or college. Harbord taught me something very important that will help me throughout my life - I have what it takes to tackle any subject I am interested in, and do well. I know I have lots of options, thanks to my experiences at Harbord C.I Thank you again, Harbord Club. Sincerely, John Bowley
  24. 24. 2015 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Ginger Howard THE HARBORDITE October 9th , 2015 Harbord Collegiate Institute 286 Harbord Street Toronto, ON M6G 1G5 Dear Harbord Club, This year I was the recipient of the Victor Wineberg Award, for which I am very grateful. I have just graduated from Harbord Collegiate Institute and I am now attending the Uni- versity of Guelph, majoring in animal biology. In the future I hope to attend veterinary school and to one day open my own veterinary practice. I have greatly enjoyed my time at Harbord and taking part in clubs that raise awareness about social justice issues. In grade 12 I was the co president of Harbord’s leading social justice club SLIC (Students Leading Initiative for Change), where I helped organize sever- al events throughout the year. I am very grateful to be receiving this award. Commitment surrounding the awareness of social justice is very important, and I am honoured to be a part of it. Sincerely, Ginger Howard
  25. 25. 2014 Grad & Harbord Club 120th Anniversary Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Rebekah Johnson
  26. 26. Harbord C.I. Commencement! Class of 2015 THE HARBORDITE Ms. Belinda Medeiros-Felix(‘81) presenting Rebekah Johnson with this year’s 120th Anniver- sary Scholarship Award. On- ward Harbord, On to Victory! Grads sing together one last time! Principal V. Meade congratulates the Class of 2015.
  27. 27. Remembrance Day at Harbord C.I. As part of this year’s Remembrance Day program, Harbord Collegiate was honoured to have Nate Leipciger (photo below) as our keynote speaker. Nate is a Holocaust survivor who came to Harbord C.I. after the Second World War. Nate graduated from HCI in 1950. Nate, was one of the persons who initiat- ed the movement to restore “Our Soldier”, Harbords’ First World War me- morial and the development and dedication of Harbord’s Second World War memorial. He was welcomed by students, staff and alumni. We are very grateful for his offering of his autographed book entitled, The Weight of Freedom to anyone who waited patiently to receive it. Watch on CBC… Or on Harbord Club website… remembrance-day-service/
  28. 28. Harbord alumni who attended the 2015 Remembrance Day Service. Remembrance Day, Continued..
  29. 29. 2015 Annual Meeting of the Harbord Charitable Foundation The annual general meeting of The Harbord Charitable Foundation took place on Wednesday December 9th at 1:00pm in the Harbord Club Museum. All former students and staff of Harbord Collegiate Institute were invited to attend. The Harbord Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce that a total of $7,236.00 has been paid out this year in awards and scholarships to Harbord student and graduates. The Harbord Charitable Foundation administers the funds of 79 awards and scholarships named after and honouring former stu- dents and staff. At a meeting of The Harbord Charitable Foundation held October 28, 2015, the following were confirmed as Officers and Directors of the Foundation: President/Treasurer - Josephine Zilavec (HCI -1984) Vice-President – Peter Miller (HCI -1948) Secretary – Syd Moscoe (HCI -1952) Director - Murray Rubin HCI- 1950) We would like to thank Peter Miller for all his hard work as President and Treasurer of the Harbord Charitable Foundation over the years. He is stepping down from his position to allow for new blood to carry on. He will continue on as V.P. We would like to welcome Josephine (Bergoc) Zilavec (‘84) as our new President & Treasurer
  30. 30. ATTENTION All Harbordites: As we plan for the 125th Anniversary Reunion, we are finding that our fi- nancial needs are greater. As you know, our mandate is to raise money for scholarships, and most of our funds go towards this purpose. At this time, we are calling on all Harbordites to send a donation to facili- tate this event. Charitable tax receipts will be issued for donations of $50.00 and over. All cheques of $50.00 and over for which a charitable receipt is required should be made payable to “Harbord Charitable Foundation,” and on the face of the cheque in the memo line insert the words “For the Harbord Club.” For any amount less than $50.00 or if a receipt is not required, please make the cheque payable to “Harbord Club.” We want to thank you for your continued support for your alma mater, and we hope to see you at the reunion in April 2017. Onward Harbord!
  31. 31. Harbord Club Executive President Emeritus - Murray Rubin -HCI-1950 President Pro-Tem - Syd Moscoe -HCI-1952 Harbordite Co-editors - Ben-1978 & Belinda-1981 -Staff Director - Ben Lee -HCI-1978 Director - Sidney Ingham -HCI-1978 Director - Belinda Medeiros-Felix -HCI-1981 –Staff Director - Vasan Persad HCI-1994 - Staff Director - Diana Da Silva -HCI-2009 Director - Sierra Medeiros-Felix -HCI-2010 Student Representative - Cameron McGlade Bouchard - HCI-2016