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Harbordite issue 69


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Published in: Education
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Harbordite issue 69

  1. 1. THE HARBORDITE Harbord Club Newsletter Covers thru the Years! Inside this issue: Editorial 2 Museum Musings 4 Myer Cohen, a Hero & Harbordite 6 Harbord Wordsearch! 8 Commencement 10 Grads Gives Thanks 16 Awards Assem- 35 bly Photos
  2. 2. Editorial: Message from Co-Editors - Belinda Medeiros-Felix (‘81) & Ben Lee (‘78) Hope you all have had a wonderfully enjoyable Summer and Autumn and that you have all kept well and healthy since we last connected in the Spring! September brought with it the start of a brand new school year, and as I entered the hallowed halls of our fine school, I saw many a new face eager to start their high school career here at Harbord C.I. and the familiar yet more mature faces of our returning students, busy planning the year ahead! At our Welcome Back BBQ, within the first three weeks of school, it was already evident that Harbord’s reputation for exceptional school spirit would be proudly upheld! September also saw the return of our Harbord Club monthly meetings. It was nice to be back after a summer hiatus! We welcomed Principal Meade to our first meeting and let him in on what we do and why we do it. By the meeting’s end, several items on our ‘to-do’ list had been accomplished, including finalizing our decision for Harbord’s first 120thScholarship Award winner. Both Syd Moscoe and I had the pleasure of presenting the award to graduate Julia Bamber at Commencement on October 25th. As an editor of this newsletter, I cannot stress enough how much we encourage and are excited by an email, letter or package from our alum, addressed to the Harbord Club! We cherish the bond that we have with our Harbordite readers and appreciate it when you send us your stories, so that we may, in turn, share them with others in the Harbordite. We truly depend on your communication, news and stories to keep the newsletter thriving! I’d like to invite you to submit your ideas and thoughts to us! It does not need to take up too much of your time. Just send us a note to let us know how you are and what you are up to these days! We’d love to hear about your career, travels, recent gatherings and/or celebrations. Once received, it will be my pleasure to add it to the Harbordite! I was happy to hear that there has been recent interest& inquiries into our school’s museum! The Harbord Museum continues to be a showroom and source of pride for generations of Harbord students, past, present and future. People vis- iting the school are always intrigued to learn that we have such a well-maintained collection of our school’s unique history displayed. For those who have never been to see the museum, we encourage you to pop by for a visit! Our ever-growing archival collection includes valuable records of facts, anecdotes, biographies and books along with treasured photographs, artefacts and trophies. Our most recent addition has been our brand new beautiful Harbord Club 120th Anniversary trophy. We love our Museum and find it only appropriate that our monthly executive meetings be held there; a reminder of Harbord’s long standing school spirit and history! As the eventful year of 2013 comes to a close, I’d like to take a moment to thank you, our readers, for your continued support and welcome you all to sit back and read this issue of the Harbordite with an air of nostalgia, as you reminisce through the good ‘ol days at HCI. I’d also like to wish you all the best for the Holiday Season! With much good cheer from us, your editors, and the rest of the Harbord Club Directors- Here’s to a fabu-
  3. 3. Editorial: Continued... lous 2014! -Belinda Remembrance Day Assembly at Harbord C.I. Photo above left: Harbord Staff and Club Director Belinda Medeiros-Felix, Mr. Molinario (son of alum Julius) & Harbord Club’s Director Syd Moscoe at the Harbord Remembrance Day Assembly on November 11, 2013. Photo above right: WWI soldier statue outside Harbord C.I.
  4. 4. Museum Musings – Syd Moscoe Museum Musings. We welcome Cameron McGlade Bouchard, Ben Heywood McLeod and Kiera Knight , all Grade 10 students and Julia Lam, Grade 12, as the newest members of the Harbord Club Museum Volunteers. They have taken over after the graduation from H.C.I. of India Annamanthadoo, Rachel Fabbri and Claire Shenstone Harris. India, Rachel, and Claire , as well as being dedicated Museum volunteers for three years , had stellar careers as outstanding students, school activity volunteers, and award and scholarship winners while at Harbord. All three won entrance scholarships to their respective universities. India also served as the student representative to the Harbord Club. Julia Lam is this year’s student representative. Once again, as he has for the last few years, Mr. Daniel Leblanc, History and Math, has served as the teacher advisor to the Harbord Club Museum Volunteers. Going forward this year, we have a number of projects ahead of us. Cameron , Ben and Julia were instrumental in creating and carrying out the program for Harbord’s Remembrance Day Service. Julius Molinaro , HCI 1936, honored as our veteran for his Second World War service. This Harbordite has a separate article about Julius. It does bear repeating that he, along with Ken Prentice, and Willie Zimmerman were the original founders of the Harbord Club, the Harbord Charitable Foundation and The Harbordite. Julius was editor of The Harbordite for many years. During the past summer, with the active assistance of Mr. Leblanc, we were able to obtain the Canadian military records of those Harbordites who gave their lives in both World Wars. Our project is to write a biography of each and post it on the Harbord Club website to be accompanied with the photo of each from our Hall of Memories which the volunteers scanned in last year . Following this , it is our hope, to create a book containing all this information so it will be available to the public visiting Harbord. The Museum , has in the past few months, received old year books, school athletic clothing, crests and awards , all of which we have received with thanks and will be further referred to in a separate Museum newsletter so as to give them their proper due. We have received many inquires about the availability of copies of Harbord Reviews/Year Books for past years. We do have some extras for some years between the early 1980’s and mid 2000’s but it is hit and miss. The Museum has copies for all the years the Harbord Review was published and they can be viewed at the Museum. For those who would like a complete photocopy of a year book , there would be a cost for photocopying and mailing . An estimate can be given when an enquiry is received. We recently received a request from a correspondent
  5. 5. Museum Musings – Continued... in Dubuque, Iowa , for a photo of Lt. Irving Reider, HCI 1934, who gave his life in the Second World War while serving in the United States Army air Corps .His military records are not available in Canada. This correspondent will complete his biography and provide us with a copy for our Book of Memories. The correspondent asked our help in trying to locate a relative of his , Sheila Ginzler Kieran , a writer, believed to be living in the Toronto area. If this name is known to you or you know of her whereabouts , we would appreciate her contacting us. It is our hope to honour Lt. Reider in our 2014 Remembrance Day service. We were also contacted by a researcher doing work regarding the Black Watch Regiment asking for information about Lt. Meyer Tutzer Cohen, who gave his life in the First World War and received the Military Cross posthumously. The Toronto Star of November 16 , 1917 reported his death and that he had been educated at Harbord Collegiate. His name does not appear on our records to date. He was the third child of Moses Mark Cohen and lived at 558 Huron Street in or about the year 1915. If in fact he had attended Harbord, and we would like more evidence, then his name would have to be added to the First World War Honour Roll of Service as well as to our monument “Our Soldier”. Lt. Myer.T. Cohen has been honoured with a Star of David in a memorial window in the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul in Montreal being the Regimental Church of The Black Watch. This is in tribute to the “memory of a gallant young Jew who, in sharing the high and chivalrous traditions of a proud and great Regiment, gave all he had for Canada”. We would appreciate any help in trying to establish that Lt. Myer T. Cohen had in fact attended Harbord Collegiate. The Museum volunteers are also working on a project to highlight the musical life at Harbord ,from the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, the orchestra and choir recordings to the Harbordites who made their mark on the Canadian and world music stage. To that end we could use help in transferring from 33rpm to CD the Harbord Orchestra and the Harbord choir recordings. Is there anyone out there who can help us in this endeavour? On a personal note, I am pleased to report that I am entering my 11th year as your Museum curator. It never ceases to amaze me that after all these years I continue to discover new items in our Museum. - Syd Moscoe
  6. 6. Museum Musings – Continued... Lieut. Myer Cohen, 1984 - 1917, Canadian War Hero, and a Harbordite The following is an excerpt taken from an email sent to the Harbord Club from Mr. Earl Chapman, an Historian At The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada, based in Montreal. Myer Tutzer Cohen attended the Harbord Collegiate Institute, his attendance at Harbord was noted in the Toronto Daily Star on 16th of November 1917 under the byline "Lieut. Cohen Killed." I have attached a copy. I have also attached a photo of Myer. Myer Cohen was born in Toronto on 21 December 1894, the 3rd of five children born to Moses Mark Cohen, formerly of Staten Island, New York. His mother was Anna Goslar, formerly of Hanover, Germany. He attended Holy Blossom Synagogue on Bathurst Street. Myer enlisted in the 77th Wentworth Regiment as a lieutenant, and on 20 November 1915 he volunteered for overseas service with the newly-raised 129th (Wentworth) Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. While
  7. 7. Lieut. Myer Cohen, continued... in England, he transferred over to the 42nd Battalion, one of three service battalions raised for overseas service by the 5th Regiment, Royal Highlanders of Canada (today's Black Watch of Canada). He was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry on 19th of October 1917. Unfortunately, his Military Cross was awarded posthumously, his grieving father accepting the award at Government House in Toronto on 19th of April 1918. I have a copy of his official citation as published in the London Gazette and could send it along if you are interested. Myer lost his life on 3 November 1917 during the battle of Passchendaele. Myer's service is commemorated in the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul in Montreal, the Regimental Church of The Black Watch of Canada. The church features a magnificent memorial window, said to be one of the finest in Canada, which was dedicated to the 42nd Battalion. In the window, above the head of David, the Warrior King, is a six-pointed Star of David inserted in honour of Lieutenant Cohen - a tribute to the "memory of a gallant young Jew who, in sharing the high and chivalrous traditions of a proud and great Regiment, gave all he had for Canada." I do hope you can track down his attendance at Harbord and add his name to your Memorial Roll. By the way, my research shows that 1,682 Jewish men served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War One. of which 98 were commissioned officers. Based on the book by Gerard Tulchinsky, Canada's Jews: A People's Journey (Toronto, 2008), 123 died and 76 were decorated for acts of bravery.
  8. 8. Fun with Harbord Wordsearch! Harbord's the Best School! W V A K O I W S G E Y E A Y Y C L W A Y U O Q N N N R A C R C T T W O A O P C T E B R M I E W N R N A I S M A R J O A I R C U L H R A A A V L D M E L R H S D L P L I C D D T R R I E U U D N A D T E I A A A T N W E C B D N T W A R O H S M B S E R E S V A A O I H A E B T A H E I I T C T T E U T R C D R A O R R I D C C S R T I S N N J A T O T R R B A U O O E N A E R T U E T L N W D E O B C N M N X O W E U O E I R E A C O R S A O A S D C P P V C N O L S S L I D M T U S R M A E S O C A N I O H U H I C I O C T J D R L E A E T M L O B T T I O O O N B R T Y L R J R T D M S N E A N P T S K U W I O E E Y T I L I B I S S E C C A Z H M G V N S C E O R A N G E A N D B L A C K E I C P R N O I T A R E P O O C A R E E R N E E Y T E I C O S C I T A R C O M E D P T C B E S C H O L A R S H I P S N U F E E T
  10. 10. Harbord C. I. 121st Annual Commencement
  11. 11. October 25, 2013
  12. 12. 2013 Scholarship and Awards Winners!
  13. 13. 2013 Scholarship and Awards Winners!
  14. 14. 2013 Scholarship and Awards Winners!
  15. 15. 2013 Scholarship and Awards Winners!
  16. 16. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks!
  17. 17. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club 120th Anniversary Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Julia Bamber
  18. 18. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! India Annamanthadoo
  19. 19. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Jeremy Li
  20. 20. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Sadie McInnes taken from ”The Flash ”- an E nglish class st uden t newspa per, 19 8 0 taken from ”The Flas h”- a n English clas s stu dent new spaper, 19 80 Sadie is also the winner of these other Harbord Club Awards:  Maxwell Goldhar Award  Roberto Machado Award  Bright Penny Award And a non-Harbord Club Award,  The Scace Loran Scholar Award, worth $80,000 for being the “All-around exceptional student” Congratulations!
  21. 21. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Michael Woloszyn Mohamed
  22. 22. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Raihan Hussain
  23. 23. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Ariane Julien
  24. 24. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Andre Damata
  25. 25. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Julian Iacobelli
  26. 26. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Dora Petropoulos
  27. 27. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Veronica Allen Mohamed
  28. 28. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Madeline Tedesco
  29. 29. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Allison Ariganello Mohamed
  30. 30. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Elliott Gallagher-Doucette
  31. 31. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club 120th Anniversary Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Emily Brown Gibson
  32. 32. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Cole Barkman
  33. 33. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Tracy Lutete
  34. 34. 2013 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Cassia Monteiro
  35. 35. Photo Highlights from Awards Ceremony November 2013 This page clockwise from Top: 1. Platform Party 2. Principal Vince Mead addresses the Grads 3. Dr. Persad announces Harbord Club Award winner Tristan Morris 4. Dr. Persad announces Harbord Club Award winner Mimi Santano 5. Murray Rubin of the Harbord Charitable Foundation,
  36. 36. Clockwise from Top-Left: Some of the 74 Harbord Club Scholarships presented to Award winning students: 1. Mr. Steele presents to Mei Hung. 2. Mr. Gacich presents to Ginger Howard. 3. Dr. Persad presents to Lydia Wong. 4. Dr. Persad presents to Victoria Lee. 5. Dr. Persad presents to Pasc ale Walters. 6. Mr. Gacich presents to Cleo Davies-Chalmers
  37. 37. Class of ‘52 - 60th Reunion Photos To fellow Harbordites The HCI class of 1952 60th Reunion photos are available on the Harbord Club website. To view it click on the link below:
  38. 38. Joanne Sallay’s weekly education column for the Village Living Magazine re. Harbord C.I. A Trip Back to High School my former music teacher. to present the Albert “Tubby” Cole Award in honour of her In last week’s column the fo- I often like to write about late husband, a graduate from cus was fundraising for chari- teachable moments for stuthe class of 1945. When I ty and how this can present dents. However, last Friday asked Ellen her motivation, learning opportunities for I experienced a teachable students. To continue on this moment. It was incredible to she answered that this is theme of philanthropy I will see the philanthropy censomething he would have share my journey back to high tered on high school comliked. It was all too approprischool. And not undercover mencements. In addition to ate as Albert was a star athlike in the classic Drew Barry- many non-profit awards from lete, and his scholarship is anmore film Never Been Kissed. organizations like The Cornually awarded to a male sage Project, I was amazed student for athletic excelto see the number of alumni lence. The perfect tribute to Last Friday I was invited to present The Corsage Project scholarships, many in memory ensure his legacy lives on. Community Award at the of family members who had Donating funds for educationonce attended the school. al scholarships is an important Harbord Collegiate Institute way to give back to the local 121st annual commencement. community, and to help our It was quite special to preIn this instance, Harbord is a students build their futures sent one week after particischool rich in history with a at the same time. pating in the Scotiabank very active graduate netCharity Challenge, as financial work. Through the Harbord Acscholarships are one of the Club, alumni donate funds tomain allocations of the funds wards student scholarships we raise. Our committee where winners are chosen by presented awards this same the teachers. day at other TDSB high school convocations including Jarvis CI and West Humber "Our grads remember where CI to students engaged in im- they were made who they are proving their communities. today; and they give back to Sitting on the stage watching the school that made them the students receive their great," explained Murray Ruawards and diplomas I was bin, alumni, speaking with hit by a wave of nostalgia. Principal Meade before comAlthough a graduate of mencement. YRDSB, I could not help but cording to Principal Meade, reflect back to my own com“In a world where many teens To highlight one of many mencement. I was even taphave so much adversity to unique stories, Ellen Cole, a ping my foot along with the proud Harbord alumna, was in overcome, graduation is a speband as they played Skyfall”. cial time when the community I thank Mrs. Harvey for that, attendance. She was there
  39. 39. comes together to celebrate the successes of the teens and the community that supported them.” To end on a school cheer, “Onward Habord, Onward Harbord, On to victory!” By Joanne Sallay Teachers on Call Inc. A special thanks to Joanne and this complete article can be found at /teach-me-tuesdays/ Congratulations to the former Principal of Harbord C.I., Mr. Rodrigo Fuentes Please note the following omission from the last Harbordite: Rodrigo Fuentes (Harbord's former principal) is now the Central Coordinating Principal of Continuing and International Education for TDSB. Reminiscing… 1930s Operetta at Harbord C.I. ! While reminiscing through past Harbordites and reading articles on the internet about Harbord, I came across this gem. Check out this url: It dates back to about 1938 or 1939. An Operetta in our very own Harbord auditorium. This film was shot in 16mm film by alum Israel Shopsowitz and sent to us courtesy of his daughter Karen. For identification purposes you can note the time indicated in the video for the scene and tell us their name. We'd like to publish info if we receive it. - Belinda
  40. 40. The Onward Harbord Song! Onward Harbord is Harbord C.I.'s official school song. It is sung along with the school band playing at the same time. Upon completion of the song, everyone yells out, "One more time!" The song begins once again, getting sung twice. The school song is sung after every assembly and special event. I know you haven’t forgotten the lyrics but here they are just the same: Onward Harbord, Onward Harbord, On to victory! The orange and black are on the track, We pledge our loyalty. Rah! Rah! Rah! With a Virtus et Doctrina We will reach our goal. And yours will be eternally The spirit we uphold. “Virtus et Doctrina Is our battle cry. We shout and fight for the orange and black And the honour of H.C.I. Sha-boom-Hey! Sha-boom-Hey! Sha-boom-boom-bah! Hey Harbord! Hey Harbord! Hey! Rah! Rah! Rah! Yea Harbord! Fight! Fight! Fight! Gr-r-reat!
  41. 41. Harbord C. I. - Looking Forward To... In this section, we highlight school events that are upcoming ~ Dec 19th - Holiday Assembly ~ Dec 21st to Jan 5th - Holiday Break ~ Feb 17th - Family Day ~ Mar 8th - 16th - March Break ~ Jun 7th - Last Day of Classes, Farewell Assembly, SAC BBQ ~ Jun 25th - PROM 2013 Annual Meeting of the Harbord Charitable Foundation Peter Miller, Treasurer of the Harbord Charitable Foundation, is pleased to announce that this year the Foundation paid out $7,760.00 in 74 scholastic awards at the Commencement exercises and the Awards Assembly. These are funds earned from money donated over the years by former students , teachers and friends of Harbord Collegiate establishing scholarships and awards. The Harbord Charitable Foundation announces that its Annual General Meeting for presenting its Annual Report and election of Officers took place on Friday December 20, 2013 at 10.00 am in the Museum at Harbord Collegiate .
  42. 42. Special Thanks to the Harbord Club from 120th Anniversary Award recipient Julia Bamber Page 42
  43. 43. Why a Harbord Club? #1. To establish and maintain a sense of common identity among former students and teachers of the school #2. To share news from Harbordites everywhere #3. To provide funds for prizes, awards and scholarships in all grades of the school #4. To promote school spirit and pride in the students through historical knowledge #5. To collect, preserve and display the school's historical photographs, papers and artefacts #6. To assist in class reunions and annual homecoming events Contact us: on Facebook - Harbord C.I. grads/alumni via Email - or -
  44. 44. Harbord Club Executive President Emeritus - Murray Rubin -HCI-1950 President Pro-Tem - Syd Moscoe -HCI-1952 Wishing Everyone the Best of the Holidays! Harbordite Co-editors - Ben-1978 & Belinda-1981 Director - Ben Lee -HCI-1978 Director - Sidney Ingham -HCI-1978 Director - Belinda Medeiros-Felix -HCI-1981 –Staff Director - Vasan Persad HCI-1994 - Staff Director - Diana Da Silva -HCI-2009 Director - Sierra Medeiros-Felix -HCI-2010 Director - Harvey Mandel -HCI-1964 Student Representative - Julia Lam - HCI-2014 Please donate to the Harbord Club. Charitable receipts are only issued for donations of $50.00 and over. All cheques of $50.00 and over for which a charitable receipt is required should be made payable to "Harbord Charitable Foundation" and on the face of the cheque in the Memo line insert the words "For the Harbord Club" . For any amount less than $50.00 or if a receipt is not required please make cheque payable to "Harbord Club" Thank You. Staff