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Harbordite Issue #65


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Published in: Education
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Harbordite Issue #65

  1. 1. o rd’s e Harb Ce lebrat Come day ! Issue 65 120t h Birth December 2011THE HARBORDITE Inside this issue: Editorial 2Harbord Club Newsletter Alumni in the 4Harbord’s 120th Birthday News 11-11-11 5Bash on April 26th & 27th, Remembrance Day @HCI2012... All are welcome! Museum 7 Musings Day Canadians 10Greetings fellow 5:30 - 6:30pm - Sign- Arrived!Harbordites: in and Social Hour Grads Thank 11 7:00 pm Dinner Harbord ClubWe have Great News to Commence- 17share with you! Be prepared for a fabu- ments Photos lous evening of Enter- Awards Assem- 20 tainment, Speeches, Si- bly PhotosThis upcoming April lent Auction, 50/50 if you are planning to2012, Harbord Colle- draw, Dancing, Photo attend, email us at con-giate will be turning Ops, Socializing and tact@harbordclub.com120 years old and you Birthday Cake! so that we may plan ac- BREAKINGand your family are cor- cordingly.dially invited to share in NEWS!the celebrations. The following day, Fri- Harbord C.I. Check out the Harbord Museum, a dedicated 120th BirthdayThe festivities will take room that specifically Bash Celebration!place over two days. houses and displays pic- April 26 & 27, tures and significantA gala dinner banquet 2012will be held at the Am- Harbord Collegiate his-biance Banquet Hall on torical archives. See page 30 forthe evening of Thursday more details.April 26, 2012. Browse through the dis- day, April 27, there will plays in the main floor be an Open House at gym and reminisce.Registration is re- the school. Time to be Meet up with those withquired, see page 30 for announced. Registra-invitation… tion is not required, but Continued page 4
  2. 2. Editorial: Message from Co-Editors - Belinda Medeiros-Felix (‘81) & Ben Lee (‘78) Hello fellow Harbordites! It is quite remarkable how many minder of Harbords long stand- things are currently displayed in ing school spirit! the Harbord Archives that con- Hope all is well and that every- jure up memories of days past. one had a chance to enjoy the I am personally ecstatic about the warm summer & fall weather upcoming Harbord Celebration, that 2011 brought along. As we Don’t forget to visit Harbord C.I.s 120th Birthday head into winter, we can hardly to see Bash. Whenever I am in the believe a year has passed since and write on our new and ex- company of other Harbordites, I we became co-editors of this citing blog! find myself talking about the newsletter! Without further ado, plans that have been in the works as proud contributing members Please submit all articles and for some time now with great of the Harbord Club, we present info to harbordcelebra- excite- to you the next edition of the It can be pub- ment. A cou- Harbordite. lished in our next Harbordite! ple of years ago, I formed the Facebook Much has transpired since our group last issue and much more is al- The Museum itself con- ‘Harbord ready in the works for our next tains 15 glass front cabinets, C.I. issue! We are definitely keeping four storage cabinets, a wall busy and would love to hear panel and a special wall alcove from you. Whether they be arti- dedicated to the 1992 time cap- cles, anecdotes or commentaries- sule. Our ever-growing archival Grads/ we want to hear from you so collection includes valuable re- Alumni’and please continue to send those our cords of facts, occurrences, an- am proud to way! We hope to reconnect you ecdotes, biographies & books report that with your wonderful high school along with treasured photos, tro- we now & old friends. Email us at har- phies and artifacts. The Har- have over bord Museum continues to be a 600 mem- showroom for generations of bers! Re- Ben and I have heard some in- Harbord students, past, present cently, I was credible stories from fellow ti- able to get my fellow co-editor, gers about what our alumni have FUN FACT: Our Museum was Ben, on our Facebook group and been up to since grad. Many the first of its kind in Canadian he now has a newfound interest have come by the school for a high school history! locating his visit, some even to donate items long lost to be placed in the Museum. Harbord (Yes, there is a repository for old and future. friends H.C.I materials and we do hope We find it only appropriate that whom he that more of it will continue to our monthly Executive meetings hadn’t been come our way!) be held in the Museum, a re- in contact with sincePage 2 THE HARBORDITE
  3. 3. Editorial: Continued…. he graduated. (You’re welcome The next big event on record oc- ing our own daughters walk buddy!) curred during my student days at across the auditorium stage to Harbord C.I. and I chose to assist accept their own high school as a student volunteer at her diplomas with honours. Stating We, as a board, are committed to 90thanniversary in June of 1981. I that we eat, sleep and breathe spreading the word about our cele- knew then and there that I wanted Harbord would be a vast un- bratory event through the powers to stay involved with this great derstatement at this point! of technology & social media and school. ask that you help us spread the word and we ask that you RSVP On behalf of the Harbord Ex- sooner rather than later to our Din- In May of 1992, The Harbord Club ecutive, we thank you for your ner/Dance Banquet evening on the hosted Harbord’s Centennial, an continued support and wel- 26th of April. We are expecting an event that was attended by many come you to read this issue of overwhelming number of atten- and spoken about to this day! Af- the Harbordite with an air of dees, and as space is limited, we ter attending this milestone event, I nostalgia as you reminisce highly suggest purchasing your was certain that Harbord C.I. through the good ‘ol days at tickets early to avoid disappoint- would continue to be an integral H.C.I. ment (…and by doing so, you get part of my life. in on the early bird prizes as well- A win-win for all!) As previously mentioned In 1997, I proudly became a mem- above, I am ecstatic about the ber of the HCI staff and will con- upcoming Harbord Birthday The Executive committee cannot tinue to educate Harbordites as Bash next April, commemorat- wait to team up with Event Coor- long as I can! ing Harbord’s 120th Birthday! dinators Once Upon An Occasion to host this grand event! Please see page 30 for more Birthday Bash As one of the organizers of my 25th Our Executive Board tell me info and your personal invitations. high school reunion, I was pleased they are very much looking to see almost 100 alumni in atten- forward to hearing stories and dance. seeing you all at this milestone According to The Happy Ghosts event. Let’s make it count! Of Harbord, the first tenth anni- versary reunion was held in Janu- A few years ago, I jumped on ary of 1902. The first and second board as one of the adhoc mem- Onward Harbord! major anniversaries occurred in the bers of the club and just shy of 2 midst of the two Great Wars; her years ago, both Ben and I became official members of the amazing Belinda Medeiros-Felix and 25th in 1917 and her 50th in 1942, Ben Lee both before I was even born! group of dedicated alumni who form the Harbord Club Director- Harbordite Co-Editors Her 75th was celebrated in 1967 ate. We then took on the title of and I have been told it was a grand Co-Editors of our beloved Har- occasion that included alumnus bordite newsletter, 39 years in cir- representing all past decades span- culation and going strong! We ning 1892 to the late 1960’s. have even had the pleasure of see- (WOW!)Issue 65 Page 3
  4. 4. Harbord’s 120th Birthday Bash on April 26th & 27th,2012... All are welcome! Continued...Continued from cover page pearance by world reknown con- Harbord Club ductor and Harbord alum, Victor 286 Harbord St. Feldbrill, who has offered to con- whom you shared your journey duct our very own orchestra! Toronto, Ontario, M6G 1G5in our decade rooms convenientlylocated along the first floor. Come be a part of history. Have your picture taken and enjoy a URL: piece of the 120th HCI birthday Email:Enjoy musical presentations in cake!our beautiful Auditorium courtesy Come prepared to celebrate!of our own Harbord Collegiate andmusic department and special ap- Onward Harbord! harbordcelebration@live.caAlumni in the NewsRobert Sterling the liberation of France. separate letter his “ heart is filled with gratitude and respect for what Mr. Sterling and all veter- “The solidarity you lent our peo- ans have done”.Robert Sterling, a decorated ple and country as a flying offi-Second World War veteran and cer……will never be forgotten,Harbord graduate ,who was a and be assured that we are eter- In 1945 Bob received two med-navigator in the Royal Canadian nally grateful. On behalf of our als: the French Croix de guerreAir Force and who completed 74 government and people , a heart- and Britain’s Distinguished Fly-missions over enemy territory, felt congratulations for your in- ing Cross.recently received another award. duction into the Legion of Hon- our” de Maisonneuve wrote. (Thank you to the CanadianThe Government of France Jewish News-November 10,awarded Bob its highest honour. Cauchard congratulated Bob in a 2011)Bob was named a “chevalier” ofthe Legion d’Honneur . Thisaward was given in thanks forhis efforts during the SecondWorld War. In letters sent to himin September by the Consul Gen-eral of France in Miami, Gael deMaisonneuve, and the ConsulGeneral of France in Toronto,Jerome Cauchard, Bob was her- Continued page 9alded as being instrumental in Page 4Issue 65
  5. 5. 11-11-11, Remembrance Day at HarbordLaurence Barclay Ramsay, Class of 1916, WWI Hero!We Remember ...At the Remembrance Assembly at graph hangs in your Hall of Mem- Personally, I find itHarbord C.I. on November 11, ory and his name is inscribed on the hard to comprehend how any-2011, a special tribute was paid to WWI memorial at the front of your one could write a letter on aLaurence Barclay Ramsay, Class of school battlefield – let alone collect-1916 graduate and a true WWI ing one’s thoughts in order tohero! The following is a thank you write, period – while all I have been asked today to around there is intermittentletter from his niece Mary Pape- read to you the last letter he wrotewhich gave us some insight into the shelling and bodies of home to his mother. It was written wounded and dead and all thelife and love of this special Har- shortly before he was killed in ac-bordite. other mayhem of war. How- tion on August 22, 1918, near ever, that is what our uncle Amiens France. He was 21 years did: wrote this letter to his “It is indeed an honour that have chosen to pay a special mother and he wrote it with atribute to our uncle, Laurence Bar- steady hand:clay Ramsay, an uncle we never Be-knew except from the stories our fore I read (Copy of the original letter ismother told of him, from old pho- the letter it is on page 8; typed text is ontographs and from his WWI Diary. important page 22.) that you un- Laurence graduated from derstand thatHarbord C.I. 95 years ago. He was family life 90 After he wrote this19 years old. Upon graduating, he years ago letter, he folded it and put it inenlisted in the C.F. 75th battalion was very dif- his helmet. Shortly after, heand was sent overseas. He left be- ferent from was killed. A friend, Jimmiehind a mother and father and two what it is today. Laurence came Oakley, who was a machineyounger sisters, the youngest being from a very devoted family. His gunner on the same battle-my mother – a family he was never father often read to the family from field, found Laurence’s bodyto see again. He also left behind a a large bible. The church, back and discovered the letter hegirlfriend. My father, who also at- then, was often the centre of not had put in his helmet. Jimmietended Harbord, and enlisted in the only their spiritual life but also their social life. In fact, Laurence carried turned the letter over to theC.A.D.C., was one of his best a small bible in the right breast major who sent it home tofriends. My father never did get pocket on his uniform – a bible that Laurence’s mother. Inciden-over the loss of his friend. Laurence he often read from during those 3 tally, Jimmie Oakley was alsohad also been very interested in as- years he served overseas. It was a killed a month later, in Sep-tronomy. Who knows but this might bible that saved his life on one oc- tember 1918. This letter that Ihave been the career he pursued had casion, but that is a story for an- read is the same letter that washe lived. other time. read at a memorial service for Today Laurence’s photo- Continued page 6 THE HARBORDITE Page 5
  6. 6. 11-11-11, Remembrance Day at Harbord Laurence Barclay Ramsay, Class of 1916, WWI Hero! We Remember ... Continued from page 5 in one of the 100 or so military struction can once in a while cemeteries in France, unlike the come something positive. In hundreds and thousands of sol- May 1917, Laurence was on fur- the boys killed in action at his diers who were never found and lough. At that time he was still family’s church, 93 years ago. whose names only became in- recovering from a wound. He scriptions on the massive monu- took the steamer from England, ment at Vimy Ridge. A few years across the Irish sea to Belfast This letter, along with Laur- ago, my sister, my husband and where he visited the huge ship- ence’s other artifacts have been myself had the opportunity to yards, where years before the Ti- loaned to the Toronto Scottish travel to Holland and France. tanic was built. He then travelled Regiment; a regiment which is a by train to Dungannon and spent continuation of the 75th battalion two days visiting an uncle and under which Laurence served. During this trip, we visited Laur- some cousins. He wrote about His other memorabilia besides ence’s grave and the monument this in his diary. This past Sep- this letter, his medals, his photo at Vimy. We took with us a small tember my sister, my husband and Jimmie Oakley’s photo, a Canadian flag, some soil from and myself were in Ireland and photo of his grave in France, Canada and a carved plaque and while there had the rewarding postcards he wrote home, his placed it on his grave. We were experience of visiting living rela- small bible and his original war totally impressed with how these tives, in fact over 30 of them. diary are now housed in the war military cemeteries you see scat- Family we never knew existed museum at this regiment’s new tered all over France are kept in before, and whose roots we had headquarters in Etobicoke. I sup- immaculate condition and will be been able to trace to the present pose in a way he and Jimmie forever. from this litle excerpt in Laur- were two of the lucky ones. Their ence’s WW1 diary, a diary writ- bodies were given a decent burial In closing I want to say that ten over 90 years ago. sometimes out of death and de- Thank you”Page 6 THE HARBORDITE
  7. 7. Museum Musings – Syd MoscoeMuseum Musings of this issue they were born. Mary and herwill be dedicated to remembering husband Hessel had visited Har- Anger, Fear, and Prideall those who served and espe- bord many months earlier and Anger for those who frown upon himcially those who gave their lives gave the Museum copies of many Anger for those who call him “baby-for their country and fellow men of Private Ramsay’s documents. killer” or a “monster”during the various wars over the His diary was reviewed by Indiapast 120 years. Anamanthadoo, Rachel Fabbri , Anger for that he cannot say anything Emily Gibson, and Claire Shen- Anger for those who say “our army is stone Harris, this year’s Harbord garbage”Harbord’s Remembrance Day ser- Club Museum volunteers, whovice this year marked the 90th an- put together a series of highlights Fear of deathniversary of the original dedica- from Privatetion of our First World War Fear of a commanding officer telling us Ramsay’s my brother was K.I.A.monument, “Our Soldier” on No- diary whichvember 11, 1921. As mentioned Fear of burying my best friend they read atin a previous Harbordite , photo- Fear that the uttering of eight words , the service.graphs of that ceremony were could change my lifefound in the City of Toronto ar-chives by Mr. Daniel Leblanc and This was fol- “Eleni, I got accepted to go to Af-now hang in our Museum. We lowed by a ghanistan”were never aware of their exis- short historytence until Mr. Leblanc located of the family read by Mary whichthem. . For the story of how Har- is included separately in this Har- Proud of him serving his countrybord came to have a First World bordite. (See page 5) Proud of what he’s fighting forWar monument click on the link Proud of the reason he wakes up in theof the Happy Ghosts of Harbord morningon this website. Following this presentation Eleni Humphrey, Grade 12, student, Proud, that he is my brother read her poem entitled, “ Living Proud that IThis service was also the 7th anni- with a Soldier”, which she com- Live with a Soldierversary of the rededication of posed, addressing her feelings“Our Soldier”. regarding her brother’s present Royal Canadian Army service: And so we saw and heard how families feel and understand theThis year we had in attendance sacrifices made to protect ourMary Pape, and her sister Ruth Living with a Soldier country and our freedom. A storyBenns, nieces of Private Laurence Will he go? and a poem almost 100 yearsBarclay Ramsay, a Harbord Every day, every night apart in time but both with thegraduate who at 19 years of age same feelings. Every hour, every minutein 1917, enlisted in the CanadianArmy to serve and fight in the Confronted with a hard truth of pre-First World War. They never met sent circumstances As always the Museum is openhim as he was killed in action on That is my life during the school year onAugust 22nd, 1918 , at Amiens , Living with a Soldier Wednesdays , from 1pm to 5pm .France, a number of years before Page 7Issue 65
  8. 8. One of Laurence’s fare-well letters to hismother, found in his hel-met by Jimmie Oakleywhere Laurence fell inbattle in France on Au-gust 22, 1918. Page 8 Issue 65
  9. 9. Alumni in the News, Continued...Continued from page 4 landed in Normandy. He lost Barney in the 4th row behind and many friends and comrades that to the right of the monument day. He continued to serve with wearing the light coloured trenchBarney Danson distinction throughout the war. coat and the beret at a jaunty an- After the war he returned to To- gle. ronto and was first involved inThe Honourable Barnet Danson, the family insurance businessBarney as he was liked to be and later he established Danson The Honourable Barnet Danson,known, passed away October Corporation, a plastics manufac- Barney as he was liked to be17, at the age of 90. turing business.. Not content known as, was a true friend of with this, Barney entered poli- Harbord and he will be missed. tics . He was elected as the mem- ber for the Federal riding of For a more extensive review of York North , located largely in Barney’s life and achievements today’s Markham, and held the go to and fol- seat from 1968 to 1979. low the links to SEARCH AR- CHIVES and type in Danson. While in Parliament he served in the Cabinet of Prime Minister * * * * * * Elliot Trudeau as Minister of State for Urban Affairs and lastly as Minister of National Defence. Nate LeipcigerBarney Danson was not able to Barney never lost his interest incomplete high school (Parkdale) public service and giving back to the community. Nate arrived in Canada as a soledue to the outbreak of the Second refugee after the Second WorldWorld War in which he servedhaving joined the Queen’s Own While he served on many boardsRifles in 1939. He rose to the of both profit and non-profit or-rank of Lieutenant Colonel . We ganizations his most memorablemade him an honorary member achievement was his energy andof the Harbord Club on May 8, dedication seeing to the creation2007 when he participated in the of the Canadian War Museum indedication of Harbord’s Second Ottawa.World War monument. He hadpreviously taken part in the cere-mony on November 11, 2004 We were honoured to havewhen we rededicated our First Barney speak at Harbord’s re-World War monument “Our Sol- dedication of “Our Soldier”.dier”. When visiting our Museum, take a look at the group photographBarney lost an eye on June 6, taken at the rededication Continued page 101944 when Canadian troops ceremony and you will seePage 9 THE HARBORDITE
  10. 10. Alumni in the News, Continued... Continued from page 9 World War monument. **** * * * * * Elodie Li Yuk Lo War and entered Harbord without Nate has been awarded the hu- any knowledge of English. He manitarian “Remembrance” Hi from one Harbordite to another. succeeded in graduating and go- award by, Ve’Ahavta’s Tikun I wanted to send a message via the ing onto a successful career in Olam , to be received at a cere- group but didnt know how. I also business. It was his vision and mony on December 4th at Koerner noticed a post about providing encouragement together with Hall. This award is presented to news through the Harbord Club alum Murray Rubin that saw the deserving humanitarians for their newsletter but also didnt know raising of the money for the refur- leadership and bravery. how to submit. So I opted for bishment of “Our Soldier” and the Congratulations, Nate, and best sending you a personal message. subsequent construction and dedi- wishes for many more years of cation of Harbord’s Second good health and happiness! Continued page 27 The Day the Canadians Arrived ! (Liberation of Holland) On May the fifth, 1945, at little milk which had been merci- He knew that next door, Simon seven forty three in the morning, fully received from the farmer at had hid under the floor with the there was a racket at the front the edge of town in exchange for mice and the rats. He wasn’t sup- door. The large brass bell which a bag of potato peelings. posed to know, but little pots had hung from the coiled spring in big ears, as he was often told. He the living room near the ceiling knew that Simon was much older, The small boy knew no differ- seventeen or eighteen, perhaps. above the hall door, rung insis- ent. He was always hungry and tently without interruption. In He did not know about such num- the cupboard had needed to be bers, just that Simon was nearly spite of the closed sliding doors locked. More than once had he to the front room, and tightly grown up and hid from the sol- snuck into the forbidden sanctu- diers so that he would not be shut door to the hallway, they ary and snatched a bit of bread. could plainly hear the commo- taken like so many others. Father tion out on the street while the had not been there for a long time. three sat at the meager breakfast He looked anxiously at his To him he was a black spot on the carefully laid out on the dining mother and wondered how she map that Mother kept. She would room table. There was a meas- would respond to the urgent call. point out the spot on the map. ure of dignity to the meal even In less than three weeks he would though there wasn’t much. A six. Just the same, he knew her “That’s Brucks,” she would say. single slice of bread, carefully fear. They had finally come to “That’s where Papa is.” cut from the precious loaf that get them, he thought. The Mof- had been marked by small cuts fen, as they were called, the sol- on top of the crust - it was to last diers with their guns. They had Continued page 24 for the week - and perhaps just a come to take them too.Page 10 THE HARBORDITE
  11. 11. 2011 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Ally Lee Dear Mr. Bob Wils on: My name is Alexan dra (Ally) Lee and year at commenceme I graduated from nt I was given the Harbord this past honor of receiving June 2011. This of your late wife. I the Harbord Club Hi just wanted to than lkka Filpulla, in hono award that not only k you and let you kn r recognizes excelle ow how honored I nce in academics bu am to be receiving t in athletics as we an ll. During my four year s at Harbord I tried Club, Girls Athletic to do as much as I Association, Studen possibly could, I jo nese Club and Stud t’s Leading Initiative ined KEY ent Activity Council s for Change, Strin . I also held numero gs Orchestra, Chi- mostly on the GAA. us executive position I even ran for scho s on these clubs bu learning opportunity ol president, howeve t . Amongst these ex r even though I di tra curricular activ dn’t win it was a gr sports teams, includ ities I also found th eat ing the swim team, e time to join many even given the hono softball team, ice r of co-captain of hockey team and fie the varsity field ho ld hockey team. I wa though I was involv ckey team during my s ed with these nume senior year. Even came first and maint rous Harbord clubs ained a consistent and teams I always 88% average durin made sure my stud award means a lot g my years at Harb ies to me as I always tr ord. Receiving this letics and the fact ied to maintain a he that this was reco althy balance betw gnized by my peers een academics and estly just enjoyed makes it all the mo ath- doing what I love, re worthwhile. I ho which was being inv n- olved with as much as I possibly could . The time I spent at Harbord I can hone ple that I met and stly say was life ch the friends that I anging and eye open day. For me Harbor made have already ing. The peo- d was not only my hig had a huge impact h school but a place on the person I am that not only taught that I went for th to- me academics but e past four years on to the next chap important life lesso ter in my life. ns that I will be ta king with me as I mo ve I am currently stud ying at the Univers ies Co-op program. ity of Waterloo, in Essentially it is a pr the Undergraduate professions such as ogram geared towa Health Stud- health policy or he rds those intereste alth promotion. As d in futures in healt will entail, I have alw of now I am not su h ays liked the idea re what my future could work for a co of going to medical plans mpany like Doctors school and becoming without Borders, or a doctor so that I ing with the World work- Health Organization cies to help people in developing healt around the world. h poli- know that it would Whatever I end up have to be a job wh doing I others because I kn ere I would be helpi ow a job like that wo ng uld be fulfilling. I want to thank yo u again for the hono And wish you a safe r of this award. and happy year! Sincerely, Alexandra Lee Page 11Issue 65
  12. 12. 2011 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks!- Laura Gallagher-Doucette Dear Sir or Madame, receiving the J. am absolutely thrilled to be My name is Laura Gallagher-Doucette and I titute and I am currently te of Harbord Collegiate Ins Hamilton Adam s Award. I am a 2011 gradua Foundation Year Pro- g’s College in their unique studying integrated hum anities the University of Kin e from being busy month, King’s has gon Dalhousi e University. In this past gram along with Acting at a welcoming community wit h a small but mighty me, to my new home. It is an exciting mystery to intellectual growth is placed heard and opinion valued, and student bod y. Each and every voice is ada,a student-run or- theatrical societies of Can above all else. King’s is home to one of the oldest e already to me. I am ecstatic to hav y bec ome tremendously important ganization that has alread ecting endeavor! This kind to embark upon my first dir had the opportunity to preform in a show, and st experienced niche are things that I fir importance on finding my own of student involvement and at Harbord. aky floorboards of Har- s sparked. It was on the cre Harbord is wh ere my love of theatre wa plays that Har- always think of the school ere d my first lines, and I will ulating extracurricular bord’s auditorium that I utt very fondly. Along with stim bord teachers poured their hearts and souls into I enjoyed During my four years there demics was nurtured at Harbord. activities, my love for aca I hope to keep in touch l teachers, some of whom the dedication and ent husiasm of many wonderfu n enthralled stand out. I have always bee these, my English teachers with long after today. Among Harbord offered me new way s to appreciate it. by literature, and eac h of my English teachers at and teachers, raordinary English courses ugh to benefit from three ext asure of being one of Last year, I was lucky eno elve year. I even had the ple contributing to the satisfaction of my Grade Tw rnal. Craft creative writing jou the editors of the Writer’s t passed by became one of the faces tha Ha rbord, my younger brother h During some of my time at ny tours and helped out wit dear to me. I also gave ma me in the halls, making the school even more once a week. Because of this, my along with tutoring English the orient ations of the younger grades g that it had taught me, only loved it for everythin appreciation of Ha rbord grew even more. I not ce that I had keeping it the wonderful pla l a certain responsibility for I hold butbecause I began to fee w into who I am today, and bord as one of the places where I gre enjoyed. I think back on Har this highest regard. Receiving its staff and students in the be- ause of the recognition it award is an honour to me bec m an institu- so because it is fro stows on me, but even more iate and admire. I greatly apprec tion that I deeply respect ard rd Club for making this aw the generosity of the Harbo possible. Sincerely, Laura Gallagher-Doucette Page 12Issue 65
  13. 13. 2011 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Ishmail Mohammed Dear respected memb er s of the Harbord Club , I am writing to you in appreciation for aw Zimmerman Founders arding me with the ho Award upon my grad nour of receiving th uation from Harbor e Willie four years I spent d Collegiate Institu at Harbord are undo te. The the rare selfless an ubtedly engraved in d motivated commun my memory especially ity I became part of due to Harbord C I taught . The valuable environ me the importance of ment at best. These ideolog helping others and se ies were the basis ttling for no less th of my academic and an the high school and, hope extracurricular succ fully, beyond. Due to esses in cessfully gained a po the positive environ sition as a BBA cand ment at the school, idate at The School I suc- versity of Torontos of Management at Th Scarborough Campus e Uni- ing my skills and exte . Clearly, I am indeb nding my abilities on ted to Harbord C I many fronts. More sp for hon- you since much of th ecifically, I am indeb e schools continued ted to ciety is nurtured by encouragement to be the Harbord Clubs benevolent members hard and endless wo of so- those who excel acad rk. Your efforts en emically and in an ex sure that rifices and achievem tracurricular manner ents. Thus, students are rewarded for th always strive and co eir sac- members of their co mpete to become be mmunities. On a grea tter aged to continue in th ter scale, students e role of contributing such as myself are members of society encour- ours. in all of our future en deav- Receiving this award means a lot to me be only lead to success cause it reflects to but also to respect me that trying hard and distinction. I th does not this encouragement ank you deeply for in me as it will help instilling God bless you for me greatly in achiev all the effort you ing my goals. I also put into providing pray that awards of this natu re to de- serving students. With Many Thanks, Ismail MohamedPage 13 THE HARBORDITE
  14. 14. 2011 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks!- Wilson WangDear: Goldhar Family, n chosen for this y honoured to have bee Gol dhar Award. I am ver ed in the commu- ipient of the Maxwell and is frequently involv This year I was the rec ws leadership qualities a graduating student who sho port for my post-award which is given to additional financial sup sity wil l be providing me with unteering. Your generonity, athletics, and vol Thank you .secondary education. , clubs and events I can on sports teams ticipating as much as year, with boys volley ball, a rounded student, par (sometimes two) every I consider myself to be one sport per season ted and e been playing at least n participa around the school. I hav very much, that I eve ll. I enjoy playing sports co-ed volleyball, and baseba swimming, badminton, Association. the Toronto Baseball compet ed outside of school in c- rly every day (for a pra school by 7:00 am nea s like a second hom e for me. I would be at s the Vice-P resident of the Harbord Collegiate wa ty after 5:00 pm. I wa leave the school proper dent population. I am also an ac- to help out clubs) and ool gear to the stu tice, an event, or even ny ideas, styles and sch es Rep, providing ma B.A.A. and clothing sal various smaller clubs. t Activity Council and tiv e member of the Studen p Pro- Albion Hills Leadershi as a Sr. leader for the hment at Harbo rd was being selected e studen ts to feel wel- My proudest accomplis weekend for grade nin t leaders to plan out a gram, where I worke d with nine other studen ders at Harbord. rn to become future lea them to open up and lea comed and a chance for C coin ual barbeques; the TT b events such as the ann school, I hav e assisted with many clu me to hel p people regardless of With my time at this teams, etc. It pleases isting coaching school dedication sees students in Toronto; ass n to help others and my drive for hungry is nothin g more satisfying tha me, I feel that there the outcome for me. To successfully. the task accomplished nity is welcoming, , I believe the commu hou t my educational career cause, it shows ool for me, and throug rd means a lot to me be Harbord is a great sch me. Receiving this awa the clubs and teams are aweso d in balancing work the staff is great, and ieve I have worked har well-r ounded student. I bel ng with the school. I d to prove myself as a g in many events relati that I have worked har every term, while participatin a high eighty average with play, maintaining in university. and I miss it now that I am loved Harbord so much, the University of Wa- nmental Engineering at uate degree in Enviro ing to balance participa t- g towards an undergrad ds. I am currently try I am currently workin support my financial nee rbordite, generous award will hel p oyed being a Ha terloo. Receiving this e worked hard and enj with my studies. I hav , and intramural sports ing in few clubs, events joyful and award, so I am really not expecting to receive an ing it. appreciative upon receiv ard. Your sup- ouring me with this aw Thank You again for hon iated. port is greatly apprec Sincerely, Wilson Wang Page 14 Issue 65
  15. 15. 2011 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks!- Wyatt Fine-Gagne en from ”T he Flash”- a n English class stude nt news pape r, 1980 take n from ”The Flash”- an E ng lis h class student new spa per, 1980 Dear Mr. Miller, My name is Wyatt Fine-Gagne and I’m ter you. very happy to be th is year’s recipient of the award name d af- I spent four wond erful years at Harb teams. When I go ord, participating t to Harbord, I wa in all sorts of clubs In my final year, I s relatively shy an , events, and was the Boys Athle d not all that inter tic Association Pres ested in getting inv combo, captain of ident, founder and olved. a team, and an exec conductor of a jazz too sure, somewher utive member in ot e along the line I re her clubs. So what alized that being ap changed for me? right way to go. I athetic about joini I’m not think it was my ea ng thing wasn’t th named captain of rly involvement in e the junior boys Vo the BAA that helpe lleyball team and wa d that. In grade te That year, I was na s a part of the City n, I was med the athlete of -champion Tennis eleven I was a memb the year for my ye team. er of five sports te ar for the second ams and was name year in a row. In gr year, I also starte d MVP for the vars ade d performing at va ty Baseball team. founded the Harb rious school functio That ord Jazz Combo, wh ns (I play guitar, ba ich still exists even njo, and sing), and bord, I organized though I’ve left. I an event, which is In my final year at prostate cancer re now an annual affa Har- search. I also helpe ir, called “Growvem d to organize a ch ber”, to raise mone with money going to arity concert/danc y for wards building a sc e for War Child Ca honour of being th hool in the Democr nada, e Graduating Athl atic Republic of Co ete of the Year, wh ngo. I also receive years. ich was the cherry d the on top of four amaz ing I do miss Harbord, however, I love M bachelor of arts, ma cGill University, wh joring in economics ere I’m currently playing intramural . I made the vars studying towards hockey with friend ity Baseball team a s who I went to Ha here at McGill and for the future are; rbord with. I’m no am nothing too serious t sure of what my I want more than just yet considering plans anything to be a mu I’m not the type to sician and I think give up dreams ea while anyways. that’s a dream wo sily. rth pursuing for a little Harbord will alway s have a special pla oured to win this aw ce in my heart, as ard. Though it took I’m sure it does in bord I prided myse me a little while to your too. I’m hon- lf in being a good get going, by the en scholar, good ath- d of my time at Ha lete, and good lead r- er. Thank you so much for your contribut Harbord, both as ions to a student and grad uate. All the best, Wyatt Fine-Gagne (2011)Page 15 THE HARBORDITE Harbord Club Newsletter
  16. 16. 2011 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks!- Winnie LieuDear: Harbord Club: r funding of this rd Club M. Knight Award. You This year I was the recipient of the Harbo a first year is Winnie Lieu. I am currently Thank you so much! My name award is greatly appreciated. sciences. Being a recipi- sity of Toronto studying life undergraduate univ ersity student at the Univer bord, but also able experiences I had at Har ws me to reflect on the valu ent of this award not only allo to students like myself t given by the Harbord Club reminds me of the tremendous amount of suppor achievement. in recognizing their academic completed ing to me that I have already My time at Harbord has been amazing. It is mind-blow of education. Com- for at least four more years four years of high school and am now in university wonderful rs at Harbord, including the initely miss my high school yea pared to university life, I def staff and students that mad e high school at Har- school environment it provided me and the friendly ortant aca- me with transferable and imp My time at Harbord provided bord feel like a second home. In the past years at Har- presently and in the future. demic and social skills that I continue to use h many dif- school and community throug ortance of contributing to my bord, I have learned the imp e learned to cope with ncil and the Law Society. I hav ferent clubs, suc h as the Student Activity Cou eer paths in ry education and possible car t decisions for post-seconda stress and formulate difficul teachers and students t and form connections with the future. Har bord has allowed me to interac come. that I will retain for years to helor’s degree onto, I hope to obtain my Bac As a life sciences stu dent at the University of Tor field as I am extremely g for a career in the medical and continue on to graduate school. I am strivin s I am cur- ever, the life sciences course interested in human biolog y and the health sciences. How me reconsider the long and demanding, which may make rently enrolled in are extremely stressful and ool. difficult path to medical sch for the hard work me because it is recognition This award means so much to achievements I have com- school. It is symbolic of the I have accomplished at high e gained during the nections and knowledge I hav pleted at Harbord and the skills, con roach future tasks. I vide me with confidence to app past four years that will pro motivational that and it is highly encouraging and strive every year to do my best success. I their hard work and academic students are awarded and recognized for recipient. It is an b in selecting me as an award hig hly appreciate the Harbord Clu Harbord. especially as I graduate from honour to rec eive this extraordinary award, mendous care and M. Knight Award and your tre Tha nk you for the Harbord Club dents succeed. dent success and helping stu dedication to acknowledge stu Sincerely, Winnie Lieu Page 16 Issue 65
  17. 17. Harbord Commencement 2011 - Photo Highlights! Left - Platform party at the 2011 Harbord C. I. Commencement. Right - Commencement - a view from the auditorium balcony. Below - Grad, Victor Mota, receiving 7 awards!Page 17 THE HARBORDITE
  18. 18. Harbord Commencement 2011 - Photo Highlights! Continued... Left - Special guest addressing the Grads. Right - Murray Rubin, class of ‘50, speaks to the Grads. Below - Singing the school song one more time!Page 18 THE HARBORDITE
  19. 19. Harbord Commencement 2011 - Photo Highlights! Continued... Some of the Class of 2011 Grads take a mo- ment to pose for the cameraIssue 65 Page 19
  20. 20. Photo Highlights from Awards Ceremony November 2011 Left - Represent- ing the Harbord Club - Sid Ing- ham. Represent- ing the Harbord Charitable Foun- dation - Murray Rubin. HCI’s Vice-Principal Donnie Straker HCI’s Principal - Rodrigo Fuentes. Right - Murray Rubin, ‘50 alum, speaks to the grade 9 students about the Harbord Club & the Harbord Charitable Foundation and its im- portance in a great school like Harbord! Left - India Annamanthadoo receives 2 Harbord Club Awards; the Elsie J. Af- fleck Award and the Frances A. Robinson Award.Page 20 THE HARBORDITE
  21. 21. Right - Robert Georgi receives a Grade 9 ICE Award. Left - Eleni Vlahakis receiving a Grade 10 ICE Award. Right - Jonathan Motha - Pollock receiving the Grade 11 Lena Wine- sanker Award. Page 21Issue 65
  22. 22. Laurence Barclay Ramsay’s farewell letter to his mother… in typed text The Battlefield in France, 1918 My Dear Mother, Should I fall in action, I wish to leave you this last farewell. I have faced danger many and many a time and the Lord has upheld me, but he may call me to meet him face to face in glory. I have tried by His help to withstand the terrible temptations both in England and France and I believe not in vain. I think I am as good a boy when I write this as that far off day when I left my beloved home. Now, Mother, I can say from my heart that I never was afraid to go up “there” to do my “bit” helping to hold the British lines, or to go out and meet the German in battle. Now, Mother, do not grieve too much for me though I know it his hard to lose a boy in that far off battle-field in France but God knows best. And papa, do not lose heart for there are the girlies and I know from what I have seen they need your best of care. May they always remember their “big” brother who made what the world knows as the supreme sacrifice. I leave you all my sincerest love and God be with you til we meet again. Your loving son, Laurence Page 22Issue 65
  23. 23. In Memoriam... Ralph Zeldin (1913 - 2011), passed away at the grand age of 98. He will be remembered by staff and students as the alum who gave a terrific speech about his good ol days at HCI at the 2008 Athletic ban- quet held at Old Fort York. (His daughter Vicky has told us she will be submitting an article for our next issue.) Hononrable Barnett Danson (1929 - 2011), passed at the grand age of 90. (See page 9 for article.) Harbord CI Students and Staff Celebrate Franco-Ontarien Harbord CI Students and Staff Celebrate Franco-Ontarien Day Day On Friday, September 23, stu- province’s Francophone com- official colours of the Franco- dents, staff and community mem- munities. Ontarian emblem and flag). bers from Harbord CI honoured Franco-Ontarian Day, le Jour des Hundreds of students and staff The provincial government Franc-Ontariens et des Franc- were spotted wearing their best recognized September 25 as Ontariennes, in celebration of the green and white outfits (the Franc-Ontarien Day, le Jour des Franco-Ontariens et des Franc- Ontariennes, in 2010. With over 600,000 individuals of French-speaking heritage across the province, Harbord is thrilled to support these vibrant communities in Toronto and throughout Ontario. Offering Extended French, French Im- mersion and Core French classes across all grade levels, in addition to six International and Classical languages, Har- bord CI’s second language pro- gram offerings are among the largest in the TDSB.Page 23 THE HARBORDITE
  24. 24. The Day the Canadians Arrived !Continued...Continued from page 10 leaving it slightly ajar, and went long orange banners atop of to the front door. themthat streamed out in the wind. Screaming and yelling, That was what this father was, everyone seemed to have gonespot marked on a map, and a few Beyond it, out on the sidewalk crazy. They were even up onletters that had come, with many he could now hear the excited the roof tops, dancing, singingdark black lines on them where voice of the lady from upstairs, all “Oranje boven”, waving moresomeone had stroked out the writ- the while still pulling the bell and flags, and not caring about fal-ing, writing he could not read any- banging on the door. ling off the edge. They wereway. all there, the vegetable man “Come out, come out!” he could from next door, the cole man, hear her now as his mother Smittenaar the baker, all the This was the life he knew. The opened the door to the street. neighbours, all front doorsmap, letters, a very cold winter, the “We’re free! We’re free! The wide open, a street full of peo-little tin can on the stove in which war is over. The Moffen have ple, bringt colours, happysmall sticks of wood were burned laid down their arms!” noise, and wild abandon. Thewhen mother had them, the emer- lid had come off. A joyousgency kitchen down the street explosion.where they got that horrible soup he Before he knew it, they were allcould not eat no matter how hungry out on the street. Grownups were The world was still crazy, ahe was, the tulip bulbs they had supposed to behave like adults, happy crazy. Everyonetried to eat on day, the funny taste respectable and respected, digni- laughed.they had, the fence between their fiedand composed. Instead whatpatio and the neightours, that lost a saw and heard that morning heboard or two each time mother would never forget. It was aneeded some wood to cook the soft spectacle not to be believed. From here on in, everythingpotatoes with black spots in them, seemed a blur to him. Threethe sound of aeroplanes going over days later the tanks came roll-head when he was put into his cold ing by, right past the front ofbed at dusk and the sound of them his house. Tanks, jeeps, theearly in the morning when he woke amphibian cars, trucks withup. It seemed to him that the soldiers that looked different.neighbours who live beside them or They smiled. Some threwupstairs. The fear, the secrecy, the candy bars. On the tanks theresoldiers on the street that could were flowers, older childrenshoot you dead if they wanted to. that had jumped on, and ladies, soldiers hugging them. They were all out on the street, Anxiously his mother rose from dancing, hugging, laughing, cry-the table instructing him and his The next aftermoon his ing, waving red, white and bluelittle sister to stay put. Hesitantly Continued page 25 flags that had miraculously ap-she opened the door into the hall, peared from nowhere. They had Page 24Issue 65
  25. 25. The Day the Canadians Arrived ! Continued... Continued from page 24 Just a teaspoon, no more, other- wise you got sick. mother took them to the There was food s“Schutters Veld”, a field in town that came from acoss from the big windmill that the soldiers, the stood where the big animal mar- parcels that had ket was. There, the new soldiers been dropped they called Canadezen, had as- from planes in the sembled all their jeeps and tanks air. They had on display. Everyone talked to seen it happen the soldiers, shook hands with because the air- them, hugged them, and got little field was only a presents. He liked the amphibian kilometre or two out there in the country beyond everyone did not seem quite the railway tracks. The neighbour normal to him. Slowly, though, boy upstairs had one of those big adults became adults again. He square biscuit tins that was empty had his sixth birthday during all now. He had his mother tie some this happy confusion and in string to it and he used it as a September he went to the big drum, marching up and down the school. street. He himself did not get one. He used an ordinary card- board box and together they pa- That little boy grew up to be raded a long way up the street. me, by the way. Everyone paraded. He wished he could have a tin drum too. It Hessel Pape. sound so much better. cars the beast and even got to It was time he wuld never forget. touch one. They were like boats And emotional time, a time when on wheels and had propeller on the back. Later there were street parties, and large fireworks in the field across the houses where his aunt lived over the railroad tracks. And there was food, food you could eat and food you had to be careful with, like the sardines that were too rich, his mother said.Page 25 THE HARBORDITE
  26. 26. Harbord C. I. - Looking Forward To... In this section, we highlight school events that are upcoming ~ Dec 23 - Holiday Assembly ~ Dec 26 to Jan 6 - Holiday Break ~ Jan 27 - Lunar Banquet ~ Jan 31 - School Council Meeting - 6:30 pm ~ Feb 2 - African Heritage Month Assembly ~ Feb 20 - Family Day ~ Mar 1 - Harbord hosts the Sears Drama Festival ~ Mar 12 to 16 - March Break (March Break Trip to Spain, Morocco & Gibraltar) ~ April 4 - Massey Hall Concert ~ April 26 - Harbord’s 120th Birthday Bash @ Ambiance Banquet Hall - 5:30 pm ~ April 27 - H.C.I. Open House, Times TBA ~ May 3 - Creative Arts Spring Fair 2011 Annual Meeting of the Harbord Charitable Foundation Peter Miller, Treasurer of the Harbord Charitable Foundation, is pleased to announce that this year the Foundation paid out $8,086.00 in 75 scholastic awards at the Commencement exercises and the Awards Assembly. These are funds earned from money donated over the years by former students , teachers and friends of Harbord Collegiate establishing scholarships and awards. The Harbord Charitable Foundation announces that its Annual General Meeting for presenting its Annual Report and election of Officers took place on Friday December 2, 2011 at 10.00 am in the Museum at Harbord Collegiate .Page 26 THE HARBORDITE