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Harbordite #67

  1. 1. s! oliday appy H Issue 67 H December 2012 Inside this issue:THE HARBORDITE Editorial 2Harbord Club Newsletter 120th Birth- 3 day Bash!We remember Alum - Stephen Lewis 6 Webinar forSam (The Record Man) Social JusticeSniderman Museum Musings 7Five years ago, To- knowledgeable Wayne & Shus- 9ronto said goodbye human being, and ter Honored!to an iconic Toronto again others re- Looking Back: 10landmark and retail member him as a Commencementspace on Yonge St. , mentor and their 1912Sam The Record selfless leg-up 15 Grads giveMan. This past Sep- into the music Thanks! industry. Sniderman Radio Class of ‘52’s 26 From Sales & Service on 50th Anniver- class- College St., had sary Reunion mates to been around since Awards Assem- 28 patrons 1929, Sam’s record bly Photos to musi- department quickly Michael Lands- 37 cians, we became the back- berg visits can all bone of the store, Harbord C.I.tember, we said agree on one thing; and by 1959, Samgoodbye to the man Sam was a stand up decided to purchase Happybehind it: Harbord- guy. a neighbouringite, Sam Sniderman. Yonge Street furni- Holidays!Some of us remem- It was about sev- ture store and turnber him as the boy enty years ago when it into his own re-in our class who was 17-year-old Sam cord shop. He namedkeen to start his Sniderman first it, Sam The Recordown business. Oth- started stocking re- Man!ers remember him cords at his brotheras a generous and Sid’s small radio From 1961 onward, it shop. Although Continue on page 4 ..
  2. 2. Editorial: Message from Co-Editors - Belinda Medeiros-Felix (‘81) & Ben Lee (‘78) Its December already!!! new bunch of terrific students Having had time to reflect has Hello all! Hope everyone has and the familiar yet more mature been very therapeutic for kept well and healthy since we bunch who now call themselves me. You should try it too some- last connected and that you had a seniors. Their school spirit and time! Well, as one of the Har- sensational Summer and an awe- dedication never cease to amaze bordite editors, I am always ex- some Autumn. Clearly, by look- me.. True Harbordites! cited to share new stories that ing at the weather, there doesnt have been sent my way, so why seem to be any indication that There were some not so not share them here with the rest winter is on its way! Yes, the happy moments to reflect of the Harbordites! We love the year is almost up and still no on too. I had to face the un- bond that we have with our Har- snowfall. Will this be a snowless timely illness of loved ones and bordite readers and appreciate it holiday? had to find both the strength and when you send us an email. We encouragement to deal with also invite you to submit As this eventful year comes to it. But, November didnt leave any ideas, thoughts and tell us a close, many of us will without giving me the best gift what you are up to these be getting into a reflective ever; I became a grandmother! days; after all, without you, mood. Id like to share some Let me tell you, she is one ador- where would we be? Send an of my reflections of the past able baby!! Let the babysitting email to harbordcelebra- year. Firstly, I couldnt stop begin! tion@live.ca and I will post it in thinking about how wonderful the next Harbordite. We would Harbords 120th Birthday Bash like to thank everyone who has turned out; all that hard work Our email list for alumni is taken the time to contribute mo- paid off! I reminisced about that continuing to grow (primarily mentos and pics. They have evening long after and hope that by word of mouth). We would been carefully placed in the Mu- those who attended had as much like to reach many more. It seum fun as we did putting it together. would be greatly appreciated if Dont forget to check out some you could let other Harbordites Stay tuned for the Spring issue more pics which are posted in know that they too get get on where Ben will share his reflec- this issue. our email list and begin to re- tion. Cheers from us, your co- ceive their newsletter. Don’t editors and the rest of the Har- Skipping right along to Sum- bord Club Directors who wish forget to visit harbordclub.com mer; it came and went far too that you all have a Safe to see and write on our exciting quickly. I spent an amazing and Happy Holiday!! Its going to blog. summer doing what I like be a great 2013! best ...enjoying quality time with Submit all articles and info to family and friends, hosting be published in next Harbord- BBQs and beach parties and en- ite to joying the sunshine both at my harbordcelebration@live.ca cottage and in the beautiful Do- and remember to check us out minican Republic. Ah, how I on Facebook- wish I were there right now!! Belinda Harbord C.I. grads/alumni pa- Then it was back to work in ge September where I would face aPage 2 THE HARBORDITE
  3. 3. Harbord’s 120th Birthday Bash ! On a beautiful Spring evening Next day (Friday, April ductor Victor Feldbrill. (April 24), Harbord alumni, 25th), over 300 alumni and Photos from both the Thurs. staff & students got together former teachers came back night Dinner Gala and the Fri. to celebrate the 120th Anni- to an all day Open House at school Open House can be versary of the school with a the School! found on page 38 to 43 and fabulous Birthday Dinner An assembly was held where also on our website. Gala! a plaque to honour alumni Over 300 attendees remi- Johnny Wayne and Frank nisced and reconnected with Shuster was dedicated for their highschool pals and their years of comical en- made new friends! The eve- tertainment to millions ning was highlighted by a around the world with their guest performance of “This brand of special gut busting Land is My Land” by an alum comedy and wit. and a Silent Auction which The assembly also featured raised money for the Harbord the Harbord Senior Orches- Club and Harbord scholar- tra under the direction of ships. alum and former TSO con-Issue 67 Page 3
  4. 4. We remember Alumni:Sam (The Record Man) SnidermanContinued...….continued from cover page. it was Sam Sniderman and his By the 1980s and early knowledge of obscure records 1990s, Sam had more thanwas clear that Sams record - the self-financed ones re- 130 stores across Canadashop was THE place to be for corded in basements and ga- and could often be foundmusic lovers everywhere. rages by unknown bands- that standing on the sales floorPeople came from all over to were The Record Man’s mark of his Yonge St flagshipparticipate in the multitude of expertise. There was no store interacting with cus-of gimmicks and giveaways album too obscure. Out of tomers, selling records andand midnight record re- the near 400,000 titles in making music recommenda-leases. Indeed, the 40,000 stock at any given time, tions. Local teenagers, Sniderman had the gift of lo- cating even the strangest of underground tracks for a die- hard fan who walked into his shop. By 1969, the store had be- come so successful that a na- tional chain was launched. It with their discount cards in remained a family affair, with hand, made their regularsquare foot library of LPs, Sam Sniderman as President, pilgrimage after school, on45s, reel-to-reels, eight- sons Bobby and Jason as Vice weekends and on Boxingtracks, cassettes and CDs Presidents and brother Sid- Day to see what the recordquickly became one of To- ney as Secretary-Treasurer. man had to offer. By theronto’s defining landmarks. late 80s, Sniderman re-Sam The Record Man main- ported that the chain wastained its uniqueness by man- an 80 million dollar corpo-aging to retain the feel of an ration.independent record shop,with quirky décor and knowl-edgeable staff, while carry- But with the advent ofing a staggeringly large se- software like Napster &lection of music; from the iTunes, even giants likehottest billboard tracks to Sam’s couldn’t keep up withindependent local talent. But Page 4Issue 67
  5. 5. the demands of the digital mu- memories we shared andsic takeover. Unfortunately, in the role that this greatOctober 2001, just one year store played in our lives.after Sam Sniderman’s retire- This past September 23,ment, Sam The Record Man at the age of 92, we oncefiled for bankruptcy, citing again said our goodbyes to Sam The Record Man,declines in music sales and this time for the verystiffening competition from last time.big box stores and the inter- was being declared a heritagenet as their reasons. This site by the city of Toronto...forced most of the chain to that is until recently, when Ry-close, aside from a few fran- erson University reached a "Thank you for the music, thechised outlets. In fact, the deal to purchase the property songs Im singing. Thanks forYonge Street flagship was only from the family. all the joy theyre bringing.saved through a last-ditch ef- Who can live without it, I askfort by Sam Sniderman’s two in all honesty. This will be the end of an era What would life be? Withoutsons, Bobby and Jason. The for so many reasons: from Sam a song or a dance, what arerecord store managed to last Sniderman’s role in shaping the we?another six years before Canadian music industry, to So I say thank you for theBobby and Jason Sniderman the widespread appeal of the music. For giving it to me" -announced its closure on May store itself and its ability to ABBA29, 2007. The main reason stay relevant while so many oflisted this time was “the in- its competitors faded away.creasing impact of technologyon the record industry.” It was There is a lot of history be-a sad day when the iconic hind this 1937 Grad. For so many of us, Sam the Record Man was simply a good friend who always let us hang out and listen to music at his place. When the Yonge St. lo- cation closed its doors for good in 2007, we said ourstore closed its doors. At the goodbyes to the beloved To-very least, long time patrons ronto landmark and reminiscedwere able to subdue them- about our time spent there;selves with the knowledge that the records we bought, theat least its distinctive façade THE HARBORDITE Page 5
  6. 6. TDSB’s First Ever Social Justice Webinar from Harbord C.I. ! Harbord C.I. in the News at Harbord CI and thou- Stephen Lewis Foundation Again!! sands more in classrooms over the years and the webi- across the TDSB partici- nar was a wonderful oppor- I am so pleased to say that pated in the first-ever So- tunity not only for students I, along with other Harbord- cial Justice Webinar with to hear Mr. Lewis speak but ites, attended the TDSB’s Stephen Lewis on Monday to interact and ask ques- first-ever Social Justice November 26. tions around this very impor- Webinar right here at Har- As part of an ongoing part- tant issue,” said Jeff Hain- bord C.I. This webinar took nership between the To- buch, Superintendent. place in our auditorium on ronto District School Board The partnership between the morning of November (TDSB) and the Stephen the TDSB and SLF that was 26th, 2012. Students and Lewis Foundation (SLF), Mr. formalized last year on Staff heard Mr. Stephen Lewis visited his former World AIDS Day promotes Lewis talk about his founda- school to talk to students the development of curricu- tion and the AIDS pandemic about the AIDS pandemic in lum, professional develop- in Africa. Africa. With World AIDS ment learning opportunities Mr. Lewis, who is known to Day on December 1 fast ap- and fundraising across the most of us as the former proaching, the timing could TDSB in support of organi- leader of the social democ- not be better to focus on zations on the frontlines of ratic Ontario New Democ- such an important topic. the pandemic in Africa. ratic Party (for most of the “We were so pleased to wel- 1970’s), is also a Canadian come Mr. Lewis back to his politician, broadcaster and former high school to dis- diplomat. And Yes, he is a cuss get- Harbordite…a 1956 Harbord ting AIDS C.I. graduate. back on the The following is an excerpt agenda. from an article posted on Many of the TDSB website. our schools, both ele- TDSB Hosts First-ever mentary Social Justice Webinar and secon- With Stephen Lewis dary, have supported Over five hundred students thePage 6 THE HARBORDITE
  7. 7. Museum Musings – Syd MoscoeMuseum Musings. never forget how. Wayne and the other with her and Frank Shuster, her comedic idols, taken at Har- The Orchestra vest will be Thanks to bord’s 1974 Homecoming. featured in a new display in Annemarie Toth- The year before Annmarie Waddell arrived at Harbord the Or- (Toth at chestra recorded a long play HCI) HCI vinyl record. Now that vinyl1974 who visited our Museum records are making a come-recently and brought in as a back we should play one fromdonation her Harbord Or- our Museum collection. Is itchestra vest, jet black with time for the Orchestra tothe orange Harbord “H” and embark on another such ad-Harbord crest and bright venture?shiny brass buttons. Allmembers of the Orchestra inthe late 1960’s and early We also received an Orches-1970’s wore this vest over a the Museum show case, near tra vest from Christine Gai-white shirt or blouse which the front door, showing the bisels , HCI 1971, now Col-vest matched their black different clothing styles houn, in the same remarkableskirt, slacks or trousers giv- seen over the years at Har- condition.ing the whole Orchestra a bord.neat and professional look.. As well Thank you to the anonymousIn those days Annemarie as this donor(s) who brought in, overplayed the viola. Now, after vest in the summer, a set of Har-many years away from play- mint bord Collegiate Instituteing, Annemarie has taken up condi- Commencement programsthe fiddle as an active mem- tion, from 1893 (Harbord’s first),ber of the Oakville Celtic Anne- through to 1944. We hadFiddle Orchestra and is en- marie many of them as photocopiesjoying every minute of it . brought but not as originals. We oweShe remarked as to how fast in two a great thanks to whomeverall her Harbord musical pho- brought them in. Please letlearning came back to her, tos ,one of her with Johnny uslike riding a bicycle, you Page 7Issue 67
  8. 8. Museum Musings – Syd Moscoe, continued... Continues on page 8… at the time....continued from page 7 The Museum is generally know who you are so we can And thank you Harvey for your open on Wednesdays fromproperly acknowledge this copy of the 1950-51 Harbord 11am until 5pm during thewonderful gift. Review, which helps fill a void school year-but call ahead in our collection. just to make sure I will be there if you are plan-Another anonymous donor Your school , when it was ning on coming down..dropped off page A7 of The opened in September 1892,Toronto Star , March 19, was known as “Harbord Street1992 , acknowledging Har- Collegiate Institute”. Whenbord’s 100 years as a high next visiting your alma mater,school in Toronto and the ac- drop into the MPR on the OF NOTE:tivities that would be taking ground floor west side,(forplace in May 1992 and how to those very long in the tooth, it was known as “the girls’ gym”) Many thanks to my 1952register for same. Please let and if you will look up to the HCI classmate, and chumus know who you are. north wall you will see the for all these many years, original cornerstone. Jerry Prenick, C.A., forHarvey Hochberg, HCI 1953, his gift of the five issueswas trolling garage sales of the Harbord Reviewwhen he spotted the Univer- Harbord’s first Commence- for the years 1947sity graduation photograph ment took place December through our graduationof a long time Harbord 15th,1893. An original copy of year in 1952teacher. He has donated the the Commencement Programmephoto of R. Albert Slack who is in our Museum for all to see.taught mathematics at HCIfrom1937 until 1971 . Those For those of you wishing towho were fortunate to have visit your Museum , why nothim as a teacher will always check www.harbordclub.comremember his dismissive “Go and go to the tab for the Mu-drive a truck” whenever he seum and you can have a vir-disapproved of a student’s tual visit. While you are at it,efforts. He was married to we also have a link to “theone of the school secretaries Happy Ghosts of Harbord”. Page 8Issue 67
  9. 9. Plaque Dedicated to Wayne & Shuster, whereit all began, at Harbord C.I..When I was 19, I decide to ject would be, to start a pro- Harbord in 1930, when Waynetake a year off university and gramme of plaques like the sat right behind Shuster. (Itravel in Europe. And I dis- ones I’d seen in those cities. flinch when I think what lifecovered a lot of things. This was the Legacy Project, must have been like for the and we teamed up with an older teacher.) They discoveredOnce was this. I went to vari- organization, Heritage Toronto. their common gift for makingous cities – London, Paris, Vi- We’re still at the beginning; people laugh, and when theyenna, and Stockholm – and I this is the third year, and we went to the U of T, they keptkept seeing something that have about 15 plaques so far. on performing. The CBCdisoriented me. I saw plaques But we’ll keep growing – we see started our national radio sys-– small metal markers on build- this as the beginning of a 100- tem in 1946, and one of theings, saying that some famous year programme. first programs was the Wayneperson once lived here. Bee- Which brings us to Wayne and Shuster Show. It was athoven, Sir Isaac Newton, and Shuster. We’re honouring national hit. Then CBC TV be-John Keats, Homer Simpson, gan in 1956 – and the WayneKermit the Frog – whoever. I and Shuster television showcould barely take it in. I was was an even bigger hit.standing in the same place thatpeople who were legendary in Now at the time, the mostmy mind once walked. popular entertainment program on American television was the It was magical feeling. But Ed Sullivan Show. He pre-strange to say, one result was sented singers, bands, comedi-to make me angry. I’d grown ans, and a whole slew of varietyup in Toronto, and I couldn’t acts – jugglers, acrobats, dogshelp asking – Why don’t we people across the whole spec- who could recite the alphabethave something like this in trum – great writers, painter, backwards in Lithuanian.T.O.? Are we really so poverty scientists, athletes, statesmen Continues on page 45…-stricken that nobody of sig- and women, andnificance has ever lived here? so on. Including,A city is stronger for knowing great entertain-its past; why were we so fast ers. And Johnnyasleep, when it came to our Wayne and Frankpast? I felt as if I’d been Shuster werecheated. certainly that. Well, a lot of time went by, As you’veand ten years ago I became heard, they metthe first poet laureate of To- in a Grade Tenronto. And I decide my pro- history class atPage 9 THE HARBORDITE
  10. 10. Looking Back: Alumni Reginald TheodoreCarlos Hoidge, Valedictorian, Class of 1912 ! Reg was a WWI ace and served in the RAF. His portrait, done by Sir William Orpen, hangs in the Ottawa War Mu- seum and the Na- tional Museum in London. But before he served Canada, Reg was a Hardord- ite and the Class of 1912 Valedictorian. The following is the cover of the No- vember 15th, 1912 Harbord C.I. Annual Commencement Pro- gramme, and the Valedictorian speech in print: Page 10Issue 67
  11. 11. Page 11 THE HARBORDITE
  12. 12. Reminising: Alumni Reginald Theodore Carlos Hoidge,Valedictorian, Class of 1912,.continued... Page 12Issue 67
  13. 13. Page 13 THE HARBORDITE
  14. 14. Honours for Eminent Harbordites @ U of T! On Thursday November 15, Uni- Marshall Cohen, now make , and will continue in the versity College at the Univer- David Cronenberg, future sity of Toronto, to make, outstanding contributions Martin Goldfarb, celebrated their First Annual to the advancement and bettering The Honourable Edwin A. Alumni of Influence Awards at of our Goodman , a Gala Dinner. life locally, nationally and interna- Dr. Calvin Gottlieb, One hundred University College tionally. alumni were initially chosen for Stephen Lewis, Future selections to the University this honour. Louis Rasminsky, College Alumni of Influence Awards Of those one hundred, eleven Frank Shuster will be limited to ten University Col- are alumni of Harbord Colle- lege alumni annually. We will con- Johnny Wayne. giate Institute. tinue to look for HCI Alumni All our members are of the amongst the future University Col- They are: Order of Canada. lege Alumni of Influence. Alan Borovoy, Harbord alumni have made , Leonard Braithwaite, A New Harbord Club Board of Director Member Introducing Himself Harvey Mandel Class of George S Henry Academy in sports, music, and a great 1964. Married to Ruth we 2005. variety of clubs. have 3 children 2 boys and a girl and 3 grandchildren 2 HCI was multicultural before I was raised to try to make boys and a girl. I was born the term was coined. Like the world a better place. in 1944. I went to King Ed- many Harbordites I consid- Working with my class Reun- ered Harbord a place where I ion Committee and helping ward Public School K-8. I started to grow up. I had many the Harbord Club is just one followed my older brother wonderful experiences and small way to HCI as my two younger met many great people many to thank sisters followed me. are still my friends. I was in- the Har- After HCI I graduated with volved with mainly football bord com- a B.A. in History & English the First Aid Corps and the munity for from the University of Review. Harbord presented us how it Western Ontario in 1967. with diverse experiences helped After trying different ca- mostly we were there for the shape me. reers I became an ESL academic environment but let’s teacher retiring from never forget there were Onward HarbordPage 14 THE HARBORDITE
  15. 15. 2012 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Ashley Chu Dear Mr. Bob Wils on, To receive an awar d that has been lef that I simply enjoy t in your wifes me doing is truly an ho mory, for just doing nor. I dont think something am. Taking part in any words can desc athletics througho ribe how grateful I ut my four years at sion I made in high Harbord was probab school. Its what I ly the best deci- love to do. It made school as a small ne everything easier fr w grade 9 student om entering high to relieving stress practices were a lit from homework. Al tle difficult to get though the 7 am up for at times, it bord a great experie still made being an nce. It wasnt just athlete at Har- the sports themse ronment and feelin lves though- being g like my teammate in a positive envi- s and the coaches made it even more were like my second special. family was what For my four years at Harbord, I was Soccer team. Alth involved with the Gi ough we didnt win rls Basketball, Vo every single game, lleyball, and to continue playing my teammates still the game no matter made it enjoyable the outcome. I lear and the meaning of ned how to win and sportsmanship. Th lose graciously roughout those four Girls soccer team years, I have helpe win two championsh d the Varsity ips in the 2010/201 son. Winning those 1 season and in the two championships 2011/2012 sea- were a huge accom I remember each fin plishment in my at al game like it was hletic career so fa yesterday. Just be r. at Harbord is some ing a part of the at thing that I will ta hletics program ke away and cherish for the rest of my life. Instead of going of f to university or co work. This is giving llege, I have decide me time to think ab d to take a year of out what I would lik f and ing back and coachi e to do in the futu ng at Harbord. Curr re. I am also giv- ently, I am coaching try to make it an en the junior girls ba joyable and fun en sketball team. I vironment and also as my coaches at Ha a worthwhile experi rbord have done fo ence for the team r me. Wherever I decide to continue my educ ation, I hope to take part in their athletic pr ogram andhope it is as reward ing as my time at Ha rbord.Once again, I woul d like to thank you for thishonor.Sincerely,Ashley Chu Page 15 Issue 67
  16. 16. 2012 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks!- Edward Liu Dear Harbord Club, ur years of my high school I have at tended Harbord for all fo llent at I feel that it is an exce education. On e of the main reasons is th r who I am a completive swimme school. As you may or may not know, ternational Stage at has recently represente d Canada on the Junior In is causes a great deal the Junior Pan Pacific Championships in Hawaii. Th academics and athlet- of challenges for me when it comes to balancing - e it recognizes the tremen ics. I appreciate this award greatly, becaus when trying to balance ath- dous strain on on e’s academic performance lly true for me because I letics with th e same hand. This is especia week for a total of over 20 train for an average of nine times per ared to the aver- at I have one day less comp hours total, this means th studies. age person to commit to my it is a great honor I would like to th ank you for this award and that I have chosen is an for me to accept it. I am aware that the path thout its challenges? extremely challen ging one, but what is life wi Thank you, Edward Liu Page 16Issue 67
  17. 17. 2012 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Toni Ann Simms Dear Dr. Joe Druck, My name is Toni Ann Dagion Simms and I of Harbord Collegiate am a member of the Institute. It is my ou 2012 graduating class for funding theHarbo tmost pleasure to ex rd Club R.R.H. "Bud" tend my gratitude to Page Award, to which you applaud your genero I am the 2012 recip sity and caring spirit ient. I as a monument signif for providing me with ying the unforgettable this award that will memories that I have serve This award means so had at Harbord C. I. much to me and I am unnoticed. happy that my hard work at Harbord hasn ’t gone I moved to Canada ap proximately three ye maica and ever since ars ago from the be then I haven’t been autiful island of Ja- over and that I would the same. I thought fail because of this that my life would ha foreign land that I ha ve been thing seemed so alien d to now call home. Ev to me at the time an ery- faces that I saw was d then I started Ha that of my past teac rbord C.I. One of th her and mentor Elisa e first est smile in the world Caparelli, who had th ; it was at this mome e wid- actually be a positive nt that I realized th place. It was a challen at this foreign land ge to adapt to my ne might new life, but I did it w home, new school, with the help of the and Harbord Collegiate co During my three year mmunity. s at Harbord C.I. I ha and to recognize the d the opportunity to areas that I needed explore who I am thing. In grade 10 I to see growth in- wh joined the Track and ich at the time was ev Field team, where I ery- long jump. I got the found out that I was chance to learn some good at sport teams I was als thing new about myse o actively involved in lf and I was proud. Be other extracurricula sides Business Club, West- r activities, such as: Indian African Cana the Prom Committee,the dian Club, the Pink Ri Tutoring Club, being bbon Society, Albion a student volunteer Hills, versary, and being th at the Harbord’s 120th e school’s mascot at Anni- social events. Two of the most rewa rding roles that I ha helped to define who ve playedin my gradua I am were: being a se ting year that head tutor at the Tu nior leader at the Al toring Club. bion Hills and being the The Albion Hills lead ership program is de serve as mentors to signed to select senio grade nines who prov r leaders who will end away from home e to have leadership , where I felt that I potential. It was a fu was being challenged. n week- because I realized th I am happy that I did at the little things th this things that might ch at we sometimes take ange someone else’s for granted are the walk up to me and sa life. At the end of th y, “Because of your e weekend I had a tim smile and willingness id boy now I have made new to bamazing time he friends; something th re and that day I always en at I couldn’t have do sure that I try to be ne without you.” Ever a person’s friend rath since the other hand being er than their superio the head tutor at th r. On e Tutoring Club helpe d me to realize my pa ssionPage 17 THE HARBORDITE
  18. 18. 2012 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks!Continued... Toni Ann Simms say thank you. one came up to me to ored ev ery moment when some at was caring,for helping others. I ad environment was one th sured that the learning s-In the tutoring centre I en ery Tuesdays and Thur ing. During my tim e as the head tutor, ev is ex-respectable and nurtur e tutors and clients. Th that I collected the daily snacks for th very happydays I had to ensure have had an and I am a lot about myself e my friend I perience has taught me ch an amazing role am ong my peers. that I had the op portunity to fulfill su wards an un- where I am working to ing McMaster University now I am currently attend am going through right Commerce. Despite the transition that I ild, dergraduate degree in d has helped me to bu because of the fo undation that Harbor Council. I am proud to say that in my Inter-Residence campaign and ho ld executive positions a Chartered that I am starting to ity I hope to become of my studies at McMaster Univers e I know what After the completion n an orphanage becaus n my own or phanage. I want to ow going through Accountant and to ow e for children who are and so I would like to be ther it feels like to be alone I went through. the same things that act that has made me one of ain Dr. J. Dr uck for your selfless Thank you so much ag Lord be with you and your lovedones. e world. May the good the happiest girls in th Sincerely, Toni Ann Simms Page 18 Issue 67
  19. 19. 2012 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks!- Michael Wong student ne wspa per, 1980 take n from ”The Flash” - an English class st ude nt news pape r, 1980 Dear Harbord Club , This year I am the recipient of the H awards is greatly arbord Club Hank appreciated. Than Stratton Award. Yo k you. ur funding of the Last year was my final year in Harb warmth from teac ord C.I., it was a hers and students fantastic year for in Harbord, and I me. I fully felt th learning from thei was motivated by e r passion in variou them and enjoyed for me, comparing s subjects. Grade to Grade 11. Howe 12 was relatively a ver, it created a pe busy and rush year working under pr rfect chance for essure, improve my me to experience novel ideas and fa weaknesses, and cts in the year of make new friends. 2012, while most I learned a lot knowledge. For ex of them were base ample, different te d on my previous matician apply th chniques in writing eoretical mathema English essay, as we tics into human ll as how mathe- course that I took life. I believe th in 2012 was Physic e most important ing of my area of s. By attending th interest, as well as e course, I had a viewing the world better understand Moreover, with th from the perspect - e ardent encourag ive of a physician. two mathematics ements of my Mat contests: the McM hematics teacher, aster Mathematic I participated in Competition of W s Contest and the aterloo University Euclid Mathematic matics contests, it . Although I did no s was a valuable expe t get any award fr rience to me. om those Mathe- The Harbord Club Hank Stratton Aw as well as versatile ard means a lot to . Moreover, the aw me as it affirms th ard also provides at I am talented, my favourite univer me a better chan sity - University of ce of getting into ary in my life. Th Toronto, thus atta erefore I thank ining my dream ca you once again fo reer as an actu- Stratton Award to r presenting the me. Harbord Club Han k Yours sincerely, Michael WongPage 19 THE HARBORDITE Harbord Club Newsletter
  20. 20. 2012 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks!- Devon Nguyen Page 20 Issue 67
  21. 21. 2012 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Michelle Ho Dear Harbord Club, Thank you for selec ting me to be the re marks as a great dis cipient of the Harb tinction to me that ord Club Bright Penn I was doing something y Award. It which I felt so lost. right even during th I am honoured to be e moments in such a wonderful op recognized for my ac portunity. I never th complishments and ought that I was an grateful for having striving to be the be y different from my st version of myself. peers; I was merely truly appreciate the I hold this award in selection committee the highest regard for choosing me to and once more I award. be the recipient of such a prestigious After my time at Ha rbord Collegiate Inst fulltime student at itute I have entered Queens University post-secondary educ studies, I hope to ob in Kingston, Ontario ation as a tain a degree in Econ . Upon completion of omics and Sociology. my undergraduate system would be to My ultimate goal wi have a law school ce thin the education law school graduate rtificate on my pare . nts’ mantle declarin g their daughter as a A childhood dream of mine has always be law. I would have giv en to graduate from en up on this childho law school and practic port I received at Ha od aspiration if it we e family rbord Collegiate. Bo re not for the encour th staff and studen agement and sup- strength within me. ts alike, helped build Through programs av an undeniable would have believed ailable like Law in Ac my dream was possibl tion Within Schools e. , LAWS, I never Being at Harbord Co llegiate left me with ble. The first day I an unforgettable ex stepped into the ha perience in the best occur in the next fo lls of the school, I wa ways possi- ur years. Yet now, wh s frightened for th en I reminisce of my e events that would I realize that those time at the beautif same halls I was once ul historic building, ple that make up th frightened of guide e Harbord community d me to be who I am whether it is alumni, today. The peo- ways accepting. This students, staff or vis allowed me to proudly itors were al- where I grew the mo call Harbord my seco st it is ultimately wh nd home. In the Harb ere I discovered wh ord halls is ticular qualities with o I was as a person. in myself during my I developed par- and give back to the high school years bu community. I hope to t I also strived to be maintain strong frien a better person bord Collegiate for dships with the peop the rest of my life. le I met at Har- Regardless of the div ersity of the studen t population at Har- bord Collegiate, the school never failed ognize the potential to rec- within each student. I would like to expr ess my appreciation again. This award wi once ll be a source of mo and a reminder to alw tivation ays strive for excelle in everything I do. nce Sincerely, Michelle HoPage 21 THE HARBORDITE
  22. 22. 2012 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks!- Ying Amy Zhao Page 22 Issue 67
  23. 23. 2012 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks! - Arman Ghaffarizadeh MohamedPage 23 THE HARBORDITE
  24. 24. 2012 Grad & Harbord Club Award Winner Gives Thanks!- Jamie MestonDear Harbord Club; with the Harbord Club I would like to person ally thank you for presenting me t Award. Like attend- Victor L. Van der Hout and the Harbord Club Carrie M. Knigh l to me. ing Harbord, they mean a great dea erience that I found extremely My tim e at Harbord was definitely an exp and it brought together, enriched staff memorable. It was memorable for the people stu- sented. The variety of courses a eager studen ts as well as the opportunities it pre ail- the mind while the many clubs av dent was able to take allowed for expansion of er. ur social circle in a healthy mann able made it possible to expand yo dying in the Bachelor of Arts I am curre ntly at the University of Guelph stu ing it thus far. Although I am Honours Psycholo gy program and thoroughly enjoy eriences at Harbord and the val- not sure where thi s will take me, I know that my exp me in getting there. ues I learned will definitely assist rk that went into making I very much ap preciate all you efforts and hard wo possible. They are an item these awards as well as all other Harbord Club awards come. rd Alumni will cherish for years to that I, along with many other Harbo Thank you! Jamie Meston Page 24 Issue 67
  25. 25. Harbord Commencement 2011 - Photo Highlights!Continued... Some of the Class of 2012 Grads celebrating after Commencement, singing the school song “Onward Harbord”Issue 67 Page 25
  26. 26. Class of 1952 50th Anniversary Reunion!Page 26 THE HARBORDITE
  27. 27. More Memories in Photos at ... Www.harbordclub.comPage 27 THE HARBORDITE
  28. 28. Photo Highlights from Awards Ceremony November 2012 This page clockwise from Top- Left: Principals, staff and honored guests, Syd Moscoe of Harbord Club, Vice-Principal Ms. Gladstone, Harbord Senior Choir perform- ing at the Awards Ceremony. Opp. page clockwise from Top-Left: Some of the 71 Harbord Club Scholarships pre- sented to Award winning students: Cleo Davies-Chalmers, Sarah Torres, Vivian Martin, Min Jun Li, India Annamanthadoo Victoria Lee.Page 28 THE HARBORDITE
  29. 29. Page 29Issue 67
  30. 30. Harbord C.I. Awards Assembly - AwardPage 30 THE HARBORDITE
  31. 31. Page 31Issue
  32. 32. Harbord C.I. Awards Assembly - Award Winners...Page 32 THE HARBORDITE Harbord Club Newsletter
  33. 33. Page 33Issue 67
  34. 34. Harbord C.I. Awards Assembly - AwardsPage 34 THE HARBORDITE
  35. 35. Page 35Issue 67
  36. 36. In Memoriam...SAM SNIDERMAN, Iconic by loved ones, in Toronto onCanadian record retailer, Sam Sunday, September 23,Sniderman, passed away peace- 2012.fully in his sleep, surroundedCongratulations and Late Breaking News!Congratulations goes out to one of our Harbord Club Di-rectors, Sierra, who announced her engagement to Jasonthis past summer and most recently, welcomed the birthof their little bundle of joy,Juliana Rebekah who weighed 8 lbs 11 oz. on Nov. 28th.Happy parenting!! **********************************************Congratulations goes out to 1983 Harbord alumna, Lurdes Marchao Cruz who hasbeen appointed as Justice of the Peace to the Ontario Court of Justice, effec-tive Dec. 19, 2012 and has been assigned to work in To-ronto!All the best!For more info. on Lurdes check out the Ministry of the Attorney General web-site:http://www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca/english/news/2012/20121210-jpapp-nr.asp Page 36Issue 67
  37. 37. Michael Landsberg visits Harbord C. I. On November 22nd,TSN easier to deal with in society. or medication, whenever personality and host from Landsberg says that we, as a they need it. “Off the Record”, Michael society, need to be able to Landsberg, came to Harbord’s manage our stress levels and What an awesome opportu- auditorium to speak publicly prevent them from becoming nity it was for Harbord about his longtime suffering too much for us to bear. students and staff to have with a mental illness. He ex- spent listening and inter- pressed the importance that Of course, society could stand acting with Landsberg on society allow sharing of infor- to be a little less judgemental such an important issue. mation about mental health about people with depression just as easily as one can share as well. After all, according to when feeling physically ill. Landsberg, thats a He assured us that there are reason why still many people in our culture people wear that dont like to talk about a mask and having depression or anxiety pretend disorders, and that having de- that pression is sometimes re- theyre ferred to as a weakness. He okay, even said that if someone is de- if they feel pressed, they are not a weak terrible. He individual; they are a sick indi- knows it…he’s experienced it vidual who needs help. It was first hand. People suffering interesting and important to from a mental illness dont hear that Mr. Landsberg, de- want to be ridiculed and in- spite suffering from a mental sulted by society. The best illness, is mentally healthy. thing we can do to help some- Once people have learned that one suffering from a mental they can talk about their ill- illness is to make it clear that nesses and get help without you are not going to judge being stigmatised, they can them, be more than willing to begin a very long overdue heal- listen to them and to offer ing process and having one of them help getting the right these illnesses can become help, ie. professional help and/Page 37 THE HARBORDITE
  38. 38. Harbord’s 120th Birthday Bash Highlights !Continued… Thurs Night @ The Gala DinnerHighlights from April 24th Din-ner Gala:Clockwise from Top-Left:Guests mingle in dinner hall.Staff & guests at table #9.Classmates reunite for photo.Alumni Jerry Gray singing his “ThisLand is My Land”.Bird’s eye view of dining hall at Gala.Opp. Page: Photo ops of Alumni. Page 38Issue 67
  39. 39. Page 39 THE HARBORDITE
  40. 40. Harbord’s 120th Birthday Bash Highlights !Continued… Thurs Night @ The Gala Dinner Photos from Gala Dinner of Alumni and Guests Is Page 40
  41. 41. Clockwise from Top-Left: Guests arriving down to banquet hall. Retired former Staff & alumni re- unite! Alumni mingle. Guests seating @ dinning hall. Birthday Cake to Celebrate 120th! Belinda as M.C. for the Silent Auction.Page 41 THE HARBORDITE
  42. 42. Harbord’s 120th Birthday Bash Highlights !Continued… Friday Day @ H.C.I. This page clockwise from top-left: 120th Birthday Cake to be served! Gym decorated for the Bash! Alumni visiting the Harbord Museum. Alumni visit a Decade Classroom. Tiger (aka Mr. Wallace) with SAC Pres. And Vice-Principal Ms. Gladestone. Opp. page clockwise from top-left: Guests at the Registration table, Performance of Mikado at the Harbord Auditorium, Historical Society speaker re. Wayne & Shuster Plaque dedication. Victor Feldbrill conducting the Harbord Sr. Orchestra. Singing of the Harbord Tiger Song. Students with decorations in Gym! Page 42Issue 67
  43. 43. Page 43 THE HARBORDITE
  44. 44. Harbord C. I. - Looking Forward To... In this section, we highlight school events that are upcoming ~ Dec 21st - Holiday Assembly ~ Dec 22nd to Jan 6th - Holiday Break ~ Feb 13th - African Heritage Month Assembly ~ Feb 18th - Family Day ~ Mar 9 - 17th - March Break 2012 Annual Meeting of the Harbord Charitable Foundation Peter Miller, Treasurer of the Harbord Charitable Foundation, is pleased to announce that this year the Foundation paid out $8,235.00 in 71 scholastic awards at the Commencement exercises and the Awards Assembly. These are funds earned from money donated over the years by former students , teachers and friends of Harbord Collegiate establishing scholar- ships and awards. The Harbord Charitable Foundation announces that its Annual General Meeting for pre- senting its Annual Report and election of Officers took place on Friday December 19, 2012 at 10.00 am in the Museum at Harbord Collegiate .Page 44 THE HARBORDITE
  45. 45. Plague Dedicated to Wayne & Shuster, where it all began, atHarbord C.I. Continued......continues from page 9 out explaining that William ers, who enriched our city and(That’s not true; they could only Shakespeare was an Englishman world, first met right here (atrecite the alphabet frontwards, who wrote plays. But at the Harbord!) same time, they were completely wacky! They ferreted the wildest, most goofball humour from wordplay, weird associa- tions, and nutty transitions. They combined worldly wisdom with complete, off-the-wall lunacy. So the organizers of the Ed Sullivan Show paused. But eventually they decide to give it a shot, and Wayne and Shus-in Serbo-Croatian.) This was ter appeared in 1958.where Elvis Presley first per-formed for a national audience, They were a sensation. Theand where the Beatles did their studio audience loved them,first American gig. So when and the viewing audience didthey heard about these two too. They were invited back –crazy comedians up in Toronto, and the reason was even morethey wondered if they should ecstatic. And on it wenthave them on the show. – eventually Wayne and Shuster appeared on the But there was question: would Ed Sullivan Show 67the Wayne and Shuster brand of times, more than anycomedy work in the States? It other act in history.was very Canadian – by which Imean this. They didn’t assume And all the time, theytheir audience was made up of stayed in Toronto.mental midgets, with the IQ of a Which means that now,9-year-old. And it wasn’t based when Torontonians andon insults or cutting one-liners. visitors walk past Har-Rather, they assumed their audi- bord Collegiate, they canence was intelligent, and knewsomething about the world. So pause and make magicalthey might do a take-off on discovery. Two marvel-Hamlet or Julius Caesar – with- ously gifted entertain- Page 45Issue 65
  46. 46. Why a Harbord Club? #1. To establish and maintain a sense of common identity among former students and teachers of the school #2. To share news from Harbordites everywhere #3. To provide funds for prizes, awards and scholarships in all grades of the school #4. To promote school spirit and pride in the stu- dents through historical knowledge #5. To collect, preserve and display the schools historical photographs, papers and artifacts #6. To assist in class reunions and annual home- coming eventsPage 46 THE HARBORDITE
  47. 47. Harbord Club Executive President Emeritus - Murray Rubin -HCI-1950 Wishing Everyone the Best of the Holidays! President Pro-Tem - Syd Moscoe -HCI-1952 Harbordite Co-editors - Ben-1978 & Belinda-1981 -Staff Director - Ben Lee -HCI-1978 Director - Sidney Ingham -HCI-1978 Director - Belinda Medeiros-Felix -HCI-1981 –Staff Director - Vasan Persad HCI-1994 - Staff Director - Diana Da Silva -HCI-2009 Director - Sierra Medeiros-Felix -HCI-2010 Director - Harvey Mandel -HCI-1964 Student Representative - India Annamanthadoo - HCI-2013 Please donate to the Harbord Club. Charitable receipts are only issued for donations of $50.00 and over. All cheques of $50.00 and over for which a charitable receipt is required should be made payable to "Harbord Charitable Foundation" and on the face of the cheque in the Memo line insert the words"For the Harbord Club" . For any amount less than $50.00 or if a receipt is not required please make cheque payable to "Harbord Club" Thank You. Page 47Issue 67