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Harbordite Issue #64

  1. 1. rbord, Mr. Ha te d to man! Dedica Z immer Issue 64 Willie Spring 2011THE HARBORDITE Inside this issue:Harbord Club Newsletter Editorial 2Willie Zimmerman (Mr. Harbord Club) wasan Extraordinary Man! (1916 - 2011) The Principal’s 4 Message Museum 5 My father was an ex- school yearbooks, po- from the weekly meet- Musingstraordinary man; aside etry, and, of course, ings and lunches, to or-from being a printer and ganizing reunions, to NEW Poetry 7a father, he was an the inception of the ar- Cornerarchivist and collector. chival museums, to theHis collections were printing of the Harbord- NEW You Said 12 It!organized and carefully ite.labelled….coins, Photos High- 18stamps, the war years, I would hear him on the lighting thephotos, celebratory phone, like a detective Homecomingevents, art books, fine involved in a global NEW Harbord 31papers, jokes and letters search, finding one Club BLOG !to family and friends. more lost HarbordHe had a love of the graduate…. My fatherhistorical and archived Harbord Collegiate. would seek out otheranything that grabbed Harbord alumni who BREAKINGhis interest…Palestine/ His interest in Harbord might in turn provide NEWS!Israel, Castle Loma, occupied many happy him with yet anotherrenowned families, high hours for my father, name or address to Harbord C.I. Continued on page 3 120th Birthday Bash Celebration! April 26 & 27,Highlights of The Harbord’s First Ever 2012Homecoming on Nov 24, 2010! See page 32 forThe Harbord Club Di- Current and former stu- more details.rectorate worked hard dents and staff wereplanning for Harbord invited to attend andC.I‘s First Homecoming celebrate in the schools‘which was celebrated in main gym and Clubstyle on Wednesday Museum. What an op-November 24th, 2010. portunity it was to cele- brate all Harbordites! Continued on Page 4
  2. 2. Editorial: Message from the New Co-Editors - Belinda Medeiros-Felix (‘81) & Ben Lee (‘78) Dear Harbordite Readers: existence, and so, we will be Thank you for your continued commemorating Harbord‘s support and we extend an open As we are well into 2011, we Birthday with a special 2-day invitation for you to visit the welcome you all back and pre- Celebration! See more details on school any time. sent you with our Spring issue, page 32. Please let us know if #64, of the Harbordite! you can help us out in anyway. We hope you enjoy reading this issue. Onward Harbord! We, Belinda Medeiros-Felix We encourage you to submit (class of 81 and Harbord C.I. articles about yourself or other Staff) and Ben Lee (class of alumni or Harbord related stories 78), as co-editors, hope you will to the Harbordite. It can be stories Ben Lee & Belinda Medeiros- enjoy this edition of the Harbord of your post secondary school Felix Club newsletter. We hope it will experiences, accomplishments, The Harbordite Co-Editors help you connect or reconnect reunions with other alumni or fu- with your wonderful high ture events. school, friends and experiences! In this edition, we will highlight current happenings relating to the Please also visit school and its Alumni, as well as www.harbordclub.com to see and fabulous stories of past alumni write on our new and exciting accomplishments and tales. We blog! See more details on page will also introduce to you 2 new 31. members of the Harbord Club Board of Directors! And of If you havent done so already, course, Syd Moscoe is back with send your name (as you were en- his Museum Musings! rolled as a student), address, ph. #, email address and year you We would like to take this oppor- graduated. This info will be tunity to dedicate this issue to added to the current alumni ros- Willie Zimmerman, who without ter and will be kept confidential him there would be no Harbord- in the school Museum archives. ite! Please submit all articles and info Its our pleasure to continue Wil- to harbordcelebration@live.ca lie‘s trend in keeping the alumni of Harbord Collegiate Institute You can also find us on connected as a community. Facebook by searching Harbord C.I. Grads/Alumni and One of our biggest highlights this add yourself to this group. You issue is letting you know that will be updated with any impor- HCI is reaching its 120th year in tant club information.Page 2 THE HARBORDITE
  3. 3. Willie Zimmerman (Mr. Harbord Club) was anExtraordinary Man! (1916 - 2011) - Continued...search and find. But that wasn‘t for sale. When Harbord‘s origi-all; he would ask if they had any nal wood flooring was being re- My father touched many hearts atphotos or old Harbord memora- placed (“Why waste a good Harbord with his gregarious spirit,bilia that they would be willing floor?”), he had it cut up into his nimble mind, his sense of hu-to part with for the museum, small pieces; each piece stamped mour and his generosity of timealong with their generous dona- with the Harbord crest and in- and commitment to both the pasttion. Monies raised provided scribed with ‗I walked this floor‘ and the future of Harbord Colle-scholarships, a World War II and given to those who joined giate. As time passes, one oftenmonument dedicated to those the club as a keepsake. forgets the past, the history weHarbordites who lost their lives build upon, and so my father mayand, funds for the creation of the When my parents had to leave become a mere memory at Har-only high school archival mu- their home of over 50 years, the bord, but today, Willie Zimmer-seum in Toronto. Harbord files and memorabilia man, through the Harbordite dedi- were picked up by Murray cation, is a remembered and cele-My father, creative man that he Rubin, who could hardly believe brated light.was, had a fine line-drawing of the size of the collection andHarbord printed into posters and how well organized it was. It Thank you.cards and bright orange bags filled the back of his SUV andwith the Harbord insignia – all then some. By Willie’s daughter SarilynToronto High School Flag at Half Mast to Honour WillieZimmermanWillie Zimmerman, born in Willie attended. which by 1890 had become over-Toronto in 1916, once part crowded.owner of Maple Leaf Press, col- In 1927 he wrote for the Clintonlector of books on Toronto, died Clarion which, born collector He recalled that "Harbord St. waspeacefully in his sleep at Bay- that he was, he kept in his pos- then a dirt road that became a seacrest February 11. session. He entered Har- of mud in bad weather and wood bord in the fall of 1928 planks served as a sidewalk.His father came to Can- He was and as classes were as- Across the road from the schoolada from Russia in fascinated with signed in alphabetical was a farm where cows were1907. For some time the history of order Willie ended up in raised. One of our centenariansthe family lived on Harbord 1K, the last class. Every- used to remind us that cows oc-Bellevue Avenue in thing at Harbord, the casionally came into the schoolwhat was then a pre- school, and the teachers grounds. A slaughter house wasdominantly Jewish area left a lasting impression located somewhere in the vicin-where many early immigrants on Willie. He was fascinated ity of Palmerston Avenue."learned their first words of Eng- with the history of Harbord andlish. The family moved from liked to recall that it was the sec- ond high school to be built in To- At Harbord, Willie was very im-there to Manning Avenue not farfrom Clinton St. School which ronto after Jarvis Collegiate Continued on page 6… Page 3Issue 64
  4. 4. Highlights of The Harbord Collegiate Homecoming on Nov 24, 2010! - Continued... We honoured and dedicated this multitude of photos, many of could see guests reconnecting, day to those who graduated in which we are now sharing with sharing in merriment and laugh- the 60‘s. We were able to cele- you in this edition. Yearbooks ter at the memories from the brate by taking a nostalgic look and other Harbord memorabilia good ol‘ days. through the music, dress and were on display and available for technology of that decade. purchase. While all this was occurring in Thanks to all the students and Entertainment was provided the main gymnasium, various staff who dressed in sixties attire throughout the day. We had the alumni wandered the hallowed and to everyone else who wore student choir and band perform- halls and made themselves avail- their Harbord orange and black ers sing and play hits from the able to answer questions posed to honour our long standing tra- 60‘s repectively. by current students about what it dition of school spirit. was like attending Harbord. Current student, Julian Lee, sang We recruited decorating assistance and played his guitar to the Many popped in to browse the from our current Student Activity Beatles hits. Graduate and Har- many artifacts in our Museum Council and Prom Committee bord Idol, Sierra Medeiros-Felix and to sign Harbord‘s guestbook. members who arrived as early as sang Nancy Sinatra‘s hit, ―These 7 am to work together with the Boots are made for Walking‖. A special Thank you to alumni Directorate to bring nostalgia to Making several appearances was from Caldense Bakery, the Har- this event. An array of Black our very own Harbord Tiger bord Bakery and Paris Bakery and Orange balloons were flying mascot while former HCI cheer- who were kind enough to donate high and 1960‘s pop culture dis- leaders got together and led us baked goods to the event, and to plays showcased the eras fashion, through some awesome cheers all those in attendance, for mak- sports, staff, music and technol- and the Harbord school song. ing our First ever Harbord ogy. Homecoming an afternoon to re- There were a whole lot of hugs, member! Thanks to the Yearbook students food, drink and birthday cake to who were able to capture the es- help celebrate the Homecoming. By Belinda Medeiros-Felix sence of the moment by taking a Everywhere you looked, you Message from the Principal - Mr. Rodrigo Fuentes Dear Harbordites: Harbordite are all fruits of his ward to formally honouring his labour. I did not have the pleas- memory at next fall‘s Com- We near the end of another suc- ure of meeting Willie, but I feel I mencement. cessful year at Harbord. The know him staff, students of Harbord C.I. through all the We close a very busy year again. and I extend heartfelt condo- stories I have Thanks to Mrs. Martins, Ms. Koo lences to the family and friends heard about him. and the cast and crew of Parfum- of Willie Zimmerman. What an He truly was erie and Mr. Probst and the cast institution he was to our school. Mr. Harbord. and crew of The Worker, earned The Harbord Club, Museum and We look for- Continued on page 8…Page 4 THE HARBORDITE
  5. 5. Museum Musings – Syd MoscoeWe mentioned in the last planning to use the information at The Museum Volunteers, led by―Musings‖ about the photos of the the Remembrance Day service India Annamanthadoo and includ-original unveiling of ―Our Sol- this year. ing Claire Shenstone-Harrisdier‖ Harbord‘s First World War (whose great grandfather attendedmonument honouring those who Harbord and served in the Firstserved and died in the First World We were visited by Mr. Gary World War), Rachel Fabbri andWar. The photos of that day, No- Miedema of Heritage Toronto. He Emily Brown have been busyvember 11, 1921 , have now been is researching the background of scanning the photos of those vet-obtained , printed and Johnny Wayne and erans whose photos are in Har-framed and will be hung Frank Shuster with a bord‘s Hall of Memories. Whenshortly. view of erecting a all is completed they will be plaque on the grounds added to the Harbord website. of Harbord. They were This work will be followed upThe Museum has had Canada‘s leading come- with the addition of a short biog-some visitors from out- dians in the1960‘s raphy of each.side the immediate Har- through to the 1990‘s.bord family. We wel- We found their begin-comed Mr. & Mrs. Hes- ning efforts as a com- The Museum Volunteers havesel Pape , of Sutton , Ontario. edy team writing in the 1938 Har- also started working on preparingThey were looking for informa- bord Review and acting in various materials to be displayed in Dec-tion concerning Mrs. Pape‘s un- Harbord musicals. ade Rooms at Harbord‘s 120thcle, Laurence Barclay Ramsay. birthday celebration next year. ByHe attended Harbord between the checking the year books for theyears 1911 and 1916 when he They really did get their start here 1990‘s and the early 2000‘s theyenlisted in the Canadian Army. at Harbord, went on to hone their will put together a visual over- craft at the University of Toronto view of Harbord life in those and then were headliner‘s on years. Fortunately for the yearsHe was killed in action in France CBC Radio and Television for before 1990 , the work was doneon August 22, 1918. As well, many years. They appeared on the for Harbord‘s Centennial in 1992.Mrs. Pape‘s father, Robert Edison Ed Sullivan television variety And its all in chronological orderJohnston, attended Harbord be- show more often than any other in your Museum.fore he went off to university , comedy team or single comedian.becoming a dentist and serving inthe Canadian Army Dental Corps If you have any items of yourin the First World War. We have also received letters years at Harbord that you wish to from many persons looking for have preserved and enjoyed by former Harbordites and their his- Harbord‘s students, staff andHer mother, Roberta attended tory at the school. Some we were graduates please forward them toHarbord until Grade 12, her aunt able to solve with the help of our the Museum here at Harbord.Mary , Roberta‘s sister attended records and others with the helpHarbord between 1921 and 1926 other grads but in some cases we(the same time as my father!). drew blanks. The Harbordite is As always the Museum is openMrs. Pape gave the Museum the way we hope to keep all for- during the school year onmuch information about her uncle mer Harbord students and staff in Wednesdays , from 1pm to 5pm .and family. Mr. Daniel Leblanc is touch. Page 5Issue 64
  6. 6. Toronto High School Flag at Half Mast to Honor WillieZimmerman - Continued...pressed with Major Brian S. house and we sat and talked for spired the publication in 1992 ofMcCool. In his opinion, McCool three or four hours. I suddenly a centennial volume on the his-was: ―quite an individual, a very said: ‗You know, this is ridicu- tory of Harbord called Theathletic individual, strong as an lous. If we can talk for three or Happy Ghosts of Harbord.ox and the boys didnt give him four hours about Harbord, weany trouble either, because they ought to form an alumni organi-were afraid to. He taught us Eng- zation.‖ A major event of that year waslish... and he wasnt a bad the establishment of the Harbordteacher...he started the first Har- Museum made possible princi-bord orchestra ...the year after Ken agreed and the idea of a pally by a grant of $25,000 inthe Gilbert and Sullivan operettas Harbord Club was born. Ken 1989 from the W. Garfield Wes-were started." Prentice, a scholarship student in ton Foundation. Garfield Weston Classics, who later taught Latin who graduated from Harbord and Greek to prospective teach- Collegiate in 1915 lived onWillie was especially fond of ers at the Ontario College of Palmerston Avenue next door toElsie Affleck, his teacher of Education, played a key role in the Zimmermans.Latin and Greek, who establishing the Har- Former room 106 at the schoolprofoundly touched the If we can talk for bord Club. was transformed into an eleganthearts and minds of three or four It was not long before Museum with fifteen glass fronthundreds of students in hours about the Harbord Charitable cabinets, four storage cabinets, aher 24 years at Harbord. Harbord, we Foundation was estab- wall panel and a wall alcove forWillie was so fond of ought to form an lished and initiated a the 1992 time capsule. Specialher, he would check the alumni series of prizes, awards lighting was installed.new telephone book organization and scholarships in allevery year to make sure grades that has grownshe was still around. to 66 named after for- The Museum was the first archi-One year, Willie was shocked to mer students, staff and graduates tecturally designed high schoolfind that she was no longer listed. totaling approximately $300,000. museum in Canada. The MuseumAfter much searching Willie dis- was formally inaugurated by thecovered that she had moved to then Premier of Ontario, BobVancouver. Willie wrote to her A newsletter, the Harbordite, Rae. The Harbord Club wasand she was delighted to hear helped to bring together former awarded the Toronto Historicalfrom him. As he found out she students in Canada, the United Boards Certificate of Commen-had maintained close contact States and abroad. dation for establishing the Har-from her retirement home in bord Museum and Archives andVancouver with other students the publication of The Happy Willies reputation as an organ- Ghosts of Harbord at an officialincluding Ken Prentice. izer grew and soon attracted the ceremony held June 3, 1993 at attention of graduates of other City Hall. The citation recog- Miss Affleck suggested that high schools in Toronto who nized that ―Since its founding insince they spoke to her so much asked for advice on how to do 1892 Harbord Collegiate hasabout Harbord, they would enjoy what he did. made an outstanding contributionmeeting one another. Willie re- to the history of Toronto.‖calls: ―He came over to my A printer by trade, Willie in- Continued on page 7...Page 6 THE HARBORDITE
  7. 7. In 1994 the Sesquicentennial was a small committee meeting active part in its activities. His Museum and Archives of the To- or a large convocation, Willie library included a large collec- ronto Board of Education held a always enhanced it with his un- tion of books on all aspects of special exhibition of photographs failing sense of humor. Jewish life. featuring the contribution of the Jewish community to education in Toronto and of Harbord Colle- He was proud of his service with Willie Zimmerman leaves his giate which played a significant the Royal Canadian Air Force wife Gertrude. He was the father role in its development from the during World War II stationed in and father-in-law of Michael and 1920s to the 1950s. Willie was North Africa as a radar expert Colette, Sarilyn Zimmerman and honored by the Board for helping from 1941 to the end of hostili- John Glennon and Eliot Zimmer- to organize the exhibit and for ties. man, brother and brother-in-law providing old photographs and of Frida and late George Jolson, other historical material from the and David and the late Anne A well respected member of the Zimmerman. He also leaves 5 Harbord Museum. Jewish community, he took an grandchildren. Willie did not seek personal hon- our, he always allowed others to By Julius Molinaro who served take credit for work done - he as Treasurer, President and Past simply made sure that the work President of the Harbord Club was done leading in such a way as well as editor of the newslet- that his colleagues were happy to ter, the Harbordite, from 1978 to take his suggestions. Whether it 1999. Poetry Corner: from ”The Flash”- an English class student newspaper, 1980 The Rain What happened to us? Strangers now to each other, The rain dripped and dropped That‟s what we are! And kissed the windowpane. It rained all day. In the morning, the water sparkled like you used to. Swept away by the rain, I think of you, my friend with diamonds..... Me on my bed, gazing at the ceiling, In my eyes! I think of you, my friend. Of all the good times we used to share, by Pat Wong (class of 1981) The secrets, the joys, the sorrow and the lies, Continued on page 10... Page 7Issue 64
  8. 8. Message from the Principal - Mr. Rodrigo Fuentes - Continued... Peter Del Mastro and Laura Gal- We continue our work toward Museum or come and see any of lagher-Doucette, the leads, two social justice by once again, our many performances and awards at the Sears Drama Festi- among other initiatives, raising events. Harbord is always glad to val. Both plays were very well over $5 000 for War Child to see our alumni! done and entertaining. Ms. To- help build a school in the De- dros, Mrs. Martins, and Mr. Al- mocratic Republic of Congo. I would like to thank Syd Moscoe berts and the music students once We are half way to meeting our and the new executive of the Har- again have showcased our music $30 000 goal. bord Club for re-energizing and very well at various events re-invigorating our alumni base. I throughout the city. Our Eco-team continues to strive look forward to the many events for a Platinum rating as an eco- that they have planned. Our Physical and Health Educa- school. The robotics team had tion Department with the help of another good competition at the Thanks again for staying in touch volunteer teacher coaches have Canada First Robotic competi- and I wish you a fantastic summer! organized another complete tion. I would like to thank all the cadre of athletics for our stu- teachers that make it possible for dents. Congratulations to our school to offer so many coaches West and Kunz and the clubs. Rodrigo Fuentes badminton team for winning the overall Regional Championship. As always I would like to extend Principal Good luck to the team at the City an open invitation for you to visit Championships and at OFSAA. your school. Come and visit our Harbord Students impress Alumni Crime Writer… Generation Gap disappears! At some point in adulthood eve- gets that entertain the majority of grated, first to Spain and then to ryone grasps the full meaning of adolescents and Canada, and saw the expression ―generation gap.‖ many adults in nu- young adults with I partially got it when my kids merous countries their hair dyed in five were teenagers. when I went into self different colors, imposed exile in pierced tongues and, Communism made Cuba dif- 2002. Fashionable in the case of boys, ferent in many ways. For exam- clothes, hair styles, pants worn so low you ple, only an insignificant minor- piercing, and tattoos wonder how they ity of privileged people had were scarce too. don‘t fall to their an- video games, cell phones, port- kles, the full meaning able music players and other gad- So when I emi- of generation gap Continued on page 9Page 8 THE HARBORDITE
  9. 9. Generation Gap disappears! Continued...sank in. Discounting Peter and library could instinctively perceive what staff, this was the first time I had is truly important in literature. My grandparents, parents, un- the privilege of reading and talk- They are as mature as manycles and aunts experienced a less ing to an audience of around 40 adults – some even more maturesevere trauma. They made fun of teenagers. I read a couple of than certain adults.how I and my male pages, and blah-blahedcousins and friends (sorry, it‘s not a verb, I can‘t say for the life of me ifimitated the clothing, I know, but I couldn‘t some of them had tattoos orhairstyles and even resist) for a while pierced tongues or if any worewalk of Elvis Presley, The much baggy pants that hung below about my life and trav-Tony Curtis or James mentioned gap els. their butts. The much mentionedDean. I suppose the had closed. A 70- gap had closed. A 70-year oldgirls copied Natalie year old man and The reason I‘m writ- man and a group of teenagers hadWood, Sandra Dee and ing this, however, is been on the same page for a group of my amazement at theDebbie Reynolds. an hour. teenagers had questions the stu- Technological de- been on the same dents asked. Any time, dudes. Anytime.velopments aside, the page for an hour.difference with present Not one was trivial,day mores seems to be dumb or easy to an- Taken From: (http://that in those years ce- swer. They asked ww.joselatourauthor.com/2011/02/21/lebrities were (how about essential aspects harbord-collegiate/)should I put this) less flamboy- of the creative process in litera-ant? Less absurd? Rebels like ture. I wondered how they couldDean and Brando wore jeans – at such tender age. One youngwaist-high and without holes. Off woman, for example, asked By José Latour, Crime writer-stage actors wore sport coats, whether I got emotional whensuits and ties. Popular singers I‘m writing (and made me getsuch as Sinatra, Perry Como, emotional while I tried to re-Doris Day and the great Ella spond). Another student wantedFitzgerald didn‘t go on stage in- to know if I relent when publish-side plastic eggs. ers demand to delete a passage that I consider essential. The above digression is neces- (I don‘t).sary to explain what I felt onFebruary 14. As part of the Spe- In all the interviews, readingscial Weeks Event program, Peter and Q&As that I‘ve done in tenRoffman, English teacher at Har- countries nobody, ever, hadbord Collegiate Institute, invited asked such vital questions.me to read a pas-sage from mynovel Havana Best Friends and And so I suddenly realized lastthen answer ques-tions posed by Valentine‘s Day, in a highschoolstudents. library in Toronto, that these kids Page 9Issue 64
  10. 10. Poetry Corner: from ”The Flash”- an English class student newspaper, 1980 Continued... taken from ”The Flash”- an English class student newspaper, 1980 taken from ”The Flash”- an English class student newspaper, 1980 Recycled Memory to plead, and when he saw me ripped and torn, I‟m just a box, oh how true, His words were, “just what I need!”. But I‟ve something to say, It happened in the sea so blue, Into a workshop I went with this boy, Where I was thrown away. He worked hard „til he had a blister, He turned me into a little toy, I wasn‟t clean, but was alone, A present for his sister. And both my flaps were stuck, And for the sake of a bright clean town, His sister loved her toy alot, I was thrown into a garbage truck. Her brother‟s smile was tall, From junk I was brought back, They threw me right into the sea, Recycled Memory… Where I was cruelly fated, I wasn‟t garbage at all! Just then my life came back to me, „cause I became reincarnated! by Belinda Medeiros (class of 1981) A child, later in the morn, at once began Stepping Back in Time: Creating a Memoir for Faygie Buchman I first stepped foot into Harbord Perhaps because it was the alma way, perhaps it was because Collegiate when, to celebrate her mater of so many of my friends‘ members of my own family went 80th birthday, we took my mother parents. Or because it was the there. That neighbourhood was -in-law, Faygie Buchman, on a high school of Wayne and Shus- their stomping ground in the tour of the important locations of ter at whose comedy I laughed, ‗20‘s and 30‘s. My grandfather her life in Toronto. Harbord was or Sam Shopsowitz whose owned the butcher shop at the an obvious choice. Without giv- corned beef I ate; Perhaps it was corner of College and Grace. ing away her age I can tell you because I recognize so many And maybe because I am a north that that was in 2008. She is a names when I look at the lists of Bathurst boy, a product of the graduate of the class of 1944-45. alumnae: politicians, musicians, first generation of downtown broadcasters, business people, high school graduates to move doctors, lawyers, and even a few ―north,‖ stories about that time Harbord Collegiate always ap- moyels. And in a deeply personal peared larger than life to me. Continued on page 11…Page 10 THE HARBORDITE
  11. 11. and place became like stories of nisced. oir.the old country – both misty and ―Would you like to see the audi-foundational at the same time. torium?‖And finally perhaps it was be- And then there was Syd. When Icause, in this memoir business in contacted Harbord in 2011 to trywhich I have partnered with my Down another hall to the audito- to get material from the museumson, touching Harbord Collegiate rium, dimly lit on a summer af- for Faygie‘s memoir, I was put inmakes life in the first half of the ternoon. Up to the stage went the touch with Syd Moscoe. Syd20th century come alive for my ―Maid‖ where she spontaneously gave me a tour, he told me theown child in a tangible way. danced and sang, ―reprising‖ her history, and he did everything he role as one of the Maids from could do to make it possible for Gilbert and Sullivan‘s The Three me to find and copy what ISo on that day in July of 2008, Gondoliers; an encore that was needed. And we had a good talk,with my wife Ellen Buchman, 64 years overdue. too.her parents Faygie and MurrayBuchman (an alumnus), Faygie‘sbrother (another alumnus) Shel- I don‘t know how many highdon Weingarten, and Faygie‘s schools have their own museum.grandson David Courtade, we I doubt that there are many. Butventured together into the hal- for those of us who help peoplelowed halls. That the school was tell the stories of their life, aopen on a hot summer day was place like the Harbord Museumblessing number one. That the is a repository of material thatstaff in the school office was so helps to bring memoir and oralwelcoming and helpful was Above - Faygie Buchman history alive. And it tells its ownblessing number two. They an- story. The fact that Harbordswered questions, looked for alumnae are passionate enough When we began to edit the mem- about their experience at Harbord―ancient‖ academic records and oir earlier this year I searched thethen directed us to the treasure to support and maintain its mu- Harbord website for information seum speaks volumes about bothhouse. on how to access the museum. the institution and the people it Another discovery: documentary helped produce.―We have a museum. Let me filmmaker Karen Shopsowitz hadshow you.‖ We trundled down given to The Harbord Club herthe hall from the office to the father Izzy Shopsowitz‘s home We invite you to have a look at amuseum. The door was unlocked movies of events at Harbord clip from Faygie Buchman‘sfor us. And the treasures began to from the 1930‘s. And there on memoir as she talks about herappear. Faygie quickly found her the website was a film of a Gil- ―idyllic‖ time at Harbord.photo as part of the cast of the bert and Sullivan production. I1944 Gilbert and Sullivan pro- contacted Karen by phone and, http://www.youtube.com/duction of The Three Gondoliers. after a discussion about mutual watch?v=ga-zc6bBAN4We explored. Faygie and Murray contacts and about producingsearched in drawers and cabinets memoirs as a form of documen-and showcases and they peered at tary and oral history, Karen gra- By Stephen Albertthe faces peering back from the ciously gave us permission to use Lifetime Memoirsphotos on the wall. They remi- this footage in our client‘s mem- Page 11 Issue 64
  12. 12. A Poem by Willie Zimmerman SUSSURUS The magic whisper of Sussurus seems A hissing snake that slithers through the grass, Her soothing, silken sound redeems The solemn air from grating words that pass. The gentle swaying chant assists fond sleep, In songs and lags Sussurus reigns supreme, A common word, with encompassing sweep, She places in fair Beaclty‘s silver stream. No lips can voice, nor flowing pen portray The feeling of serenity and bliss That steals upon the soul, a parting ray Left by Sussurus with a tender kiss. When soft Sussurus gaily meets the ear Above: Plaque on Harbord Museum No sweeter sound pervades the atmosphere. door. By Willie Zimmerman at age 16, Harbord Review 1933 You Said It! Wed. Nov 24, 2010 Hi, Ben, Sid, Belin Welcome to the da and the other org coming, anizers of the Home- Harbordite‘s new ―You Said It!‖ sec- Appreciate all the wor tion where we post k you put into mak and fun. We especi ing the day nostalg your comments & ally enjoyed talkin ic feedback on past class and seeing th g to the Grade 9 Fre issues of the news- e auditorium again nch didn’t see any alum , and even though w letter. ni from our year, th e time! eres’s always next Enjoy! Thank you again, O nward Harbord! Elaine Chin (nee m ark) Class of ‘74 Sandra Brawley (n ee Panza) Class of ‘7 4 Continued on page 13...Page 12 THE HARBORDITE
  13. 13. A Terrific Day! @live.ca To harbordcelebration i McFarlaneFrom: Harriet SzonyhDec 31, 2010 e Open House,To: Organizers of th to organize this event.What a terrific idea it was attended together an d hifman) Sadows ki, (class of ’57) and I,MY classmate Lucy (S e open house, and the with the work you did in preparing for thwere very impressed we spoke to. own by every student welcoming attitude sh who told us how we co uld con- th former teacher Wanda Krane, Lucy and I chatted wi ssmates were sorry we had not achers, Helen Bienosz. Our cla tact one of our old te . But I am thrilled to say we will be e for our 50 reunion th in tim been able to find her in the new year. meeting Miss Bienosz Dear Harbordite editor s: I just received the latest issue of the Harbordite for keeping me in touch. (Fall 2010) and want to thank yo u It was an interesting is sue insofar as it featured union which I attended my graduating year reun . That reunion gave me ion, a re- wrote a short essay abou much pause for reflection t it a few days later. I su and I the Harbordite and if it spect that it is too long cant be used, thats all for use in off my chest, to give an right; I really just wan other Harbordian point ted to get it of view, so to speak. Harold Strom, 1950 Please see Harold‘s essay on page 14. Page 13Issue 64
  14. 14. How Harbord Collegiate Made Me - Harold Strom A few days ago, I had occasion pendium. I was impressed, but yet entered puberty. I don‘t think to attend the 60th anniversary re- when he mentioned how a I was ever bullied because of my union of my high school graduat- teacher at Harbord (whose name size but I do remember being ing class. I have attended other I don‘t remember) had, extra- teased, although that teasing was reunions before, notably the 50th curricularly, encouraged him in neither cruel nor long-lasting. reunion of my university gradu- his writing, I was somewhat sad- ating class and both the 50th of dened and envious, for my ex- my high school class and the perience at Harbord was entirely Being small meant that I 100th of my school, Harbord Col- devoid of such scholastic experi- was not encouraged to enter legiate Institute. None of those ences. sports, an avoidance which per- earlier occasions had the same sisted throughout my time as a impact on my consciousness as high school student. I was also this one did, however. Maybe it Unlike many of my fel- extraordinarily shy and felt the was the product of being in the low graduates who remember safest position to assume was to company of so many 80-year their time under the copper roofs keep my head down and avoid olds who, for at least one brief of HCI as perhaps the best and calling undue attention to myself. moment of time, shared a com- most fulfilling time of their lives, mon experience, or the natural I only look at those years as something to have been gotten Harbord was a beehive of increase of sentimentality that extra-curricular activities; in ad- accompanies the aging process, through before my life was to begin in earnest. I don‘t think it dition to the usual sports of foot- but this particular event sparked ball and basketball, there were a huge spasm of reflection and was Harbord‘s fault that I didn‘t have such a good time there be- debating clubs, stamp clubs, introspection in me. chess, fencing, shooting, writing cause Harbord certainly gave us all an equal opportunity to par- for the school magazine, and As luck would have it, I ticipate in all its activities, but many other such after-school ac- sat next to a classmate, Jerry Ro- somehow I fell through its tivities. And of course, there was tenberg, of whom I had no recol- cracks. the honoured Harbord tradition lection whatsoever. I‘m also cer- of presenting Gilbert and Sulli- tain he didn‘t remember me. van operettas which involved the However, as we chatted, remi- I entered Harbord as a entire theatrical panoply of act- niscing a little about Harbord but just-turned 13-year old in 1945, ing, orchestra, costumes, staging, mostly talking of what we had the result of having been ad- make-up, front-of-house, etc., become since our high school vanced a grade in my public etc. I avoided them all. days, I was struck by how much school. I was never told the rea- we were affected by our early sons for my advancement — it was certainly neither in my nor One would think, there- education. He told me a fairly fore, that because I avoided al- compelling story of his profes- my family‘s temperament to push for such a thing — but per- most all extra-curricular activity, sional life as a pharmacist and I probably excelled scholasti- the success he had had in writing haps it had to do with my stellar performance in Mr. Shunk‘s cally. Alas, that was not the case. several important texts on drug I was an OK student but certainly reactions as well as editing the grade 6 class. I was very small of stature since I had probably not well south of outstanding. I made Canadian Pharmaceutical Com- Continued on page 15…Page 14 THE HARBORDITE
  15. 15. it a matter of policy (whether many were eccentric enough to high school through Grade XII. Forconsciously or not — I have no make them interesting. I think I got the most part, I avoided having toidea) to remain as inconspicuous a good education although, when I write any examinations in Junein class as I was on the playing came to do a little writing later in since my Christmas and Easterfield. At this I succeeded. life, I found that I was sadly defi- marks were sufficient to exempt cient in knowledge of grammatical me. I was even good enough to be structure. promoted to an A class in grade Teachers did not notice XIII (girls at last!). But in grademe; they did not give me any ex- XIII, things suddenly changed.tra attention or offer any addi- But — I guess you ex-tional help. I dutifully did my pected a ―but‖, didn‘t you? — inhomework, answered a sufficient one important aspect of my early It must be remembered thatnumber of questions in class, did life, Harbord completely failed me: in the 1940s and 50s, no markswell enough in my tests and ex- For reasons I do not understand achieved during the entire 13 or soams and never made a nuisance (since there were plenty of girls years of education mattered a damnof myself. around), I was placed in all-boys‘ when it came to applying for admis- classes from grade IX to grade XII. sion to university. The only thing As a consequence, I was deprived that mattered were the results ob- So, did my school fail me of the immediate, basic social tained from a standardized set ofby ignoring me? I don‘t think so. benefits that mixing genders Departmental Examinations thatOne cannot put the blame on an brings. Since I was already socially were provided by the province.institution that deals with hun- inept and did nothing much outside One‘s marks from these examsdreds of students with multiple the classroom, my chances for so- were the sole criterion upon whichneeds in a never-ending flow of cial interaction with girls were se- one‘s entire future depended, pro-individuals through its doors. I riously curtailed. I believe this vided one was determined to be ac-am willing to admit that almost situation somewhat retarded my cepted at university. I knew Iall the blame lies with me: I was social development. Although it wanted to go to university but I hadnot exceptional; I was retiring; I didn‘t ultimately cripple my social no real idea what I wanted to dodid not take advantage of the op- life, it did delay it at a critical de- there; in the event, my choice ofportunities presented by my envi- velopmental stage in my life. I did career was to be totally dependentronment; I did not seek teachers‘ not have any acquaintance with on the level of achievement in thosehelp when something was both- girls in high school; I did not have cursed Examinations.ering me or when I didn‘t under- a girl friend; I did not enjoy thestand something. How could they socializing effect that girls have onbe expected to take note when I a group. Of course, once again, I did well up to grade XIII.deliberately avoided being no- most of the blame for not getting In that year, I encountered seniorticed? more involved must devolve upon Physics, a discipline that was to me me, but I think that the reduced then a complete and total mystery presence of girls played an impor- and remains so to this day. I simply I got enough intellectual did not understand the concepts andnurture, I think, by being in the tant role in that retardation. I had a teacher who paid absolutelypervasive atmosphere of learning no attention to the lesser lights inthat was fostered by the institu- As I said, while not stellar, his class. Dr. Charles G. Fraser wastion‘s attempt to instill academic I was still a pretty good student. I the consummate elitist; he liked andexcellence in its student body. did not fail a single test or exami-The teachers were, by and large, nation during my entire time atgood; some were excellent and Continued on page 16… Page 15 Issue 64
  16. 16. How Harbord Collegiate Made Me - Harold Strom Continued... helped only those who were bril- In the event, I did all right based upon presumed acceptabil- liant enough not to need his help. in those exams. In those days be- ity, not necessarily on what you Dr. Charles G. Fraser, after all, fore the inflation of marks, I got wanted to study or what you had written the textbook on three As, five Bs, and one C, might want to be after gradua- Physics, the one that was on the probably a B+ average. One of tion. syllabus of high schools through- those Bs, to my delight and per- out the province. On my Christ- haps the everlasting chagrin of mas exam, I got a mark of 40 Dr. Charles G. Fraser (if he no- In the event, I applied for (out of 100); at Easter, I im- ticed at all), was in Senior Phys- Dentistry and Pharmacy. I didn‘t proved to 41. Needless to say, I ics. want to be a doctor, and I knew, was staring at the complete fail- in any case, that my marks would ure of my future, for failing the not have been sufficient to get Departmental Physics exam The exams were over by into Medicine. As it turned out, I meant that I could not enter any mid-June and the marks set to was accepted at both and professional faculty and might appear in mid-August. In those plumped for Dentistry as being not even qualify for university days, quaintly, the results were the more prestigious. altogether. first printed in the Globe and Mail so it is easy to imagine ex- cited and unruly groups of 18- I was one of 60 students Every grade XIII student year old students lining up at 10 accepted into the Faculty of Den- in the province in those days pm outside some newspaper ki- tistry in 1950. I was also one of spent the months of May and osk awaiting the early edition of ten Jews accepted in that year: June preparing for and writing the G&M in which their future there was an unpublicized quota those examinations. I had to prospects would be on show for on Jewish students set each year write nine of them: three maths, the entire world to see. — they knew who was Jewish two sciences and two languages because the application form de- (which were divided into gram- manded your religious affiliation. mar and composition). Under the Then the scramble So, clearly a B+ average was circumstances, I was forced to started; there were only three good enough to be accepted. But spend an inordinate time study- weeks between receipt of the most startlingly, to be one of ing Physics, to the detriment of marks and the deadline for sub- only ten people of my faith in the some of the other subjects. There mission of applications to the entire province (I think Toronto were two textbooks in Physics various faculties at the Univer- was the only Dental Faculty in which I only remember as being sity of Toronto. Imagine if you the province at that time) to be red and green. As my only hope can, the pressure of determining accepted was pretty heady stuff, of passing the Physics exam and to which faculties to apply; their although I didn‘t think of it in ultimately being accepted into only criterion of acceptance were those terms at that time. university, I sat down in early the marks you obtained in the June and memorized both the exams. You had no idea what level of achievement was re- So, who do I have to green and the red book. thank for that success? Why, quired for what faculty, so you had to send out your applications Harbord, of course. Clearly, Har Continued on page 17…Page 16 THE HARBORDITE
  17. 17. bord made me, although I didn‘t more informed decision as to conclude that Harbord served merealize until several years into what I wanted to be. well.my dental course work that I I doubt that I shall be go-should probably have opted for a ing to any more reunions; I lackdifferent path; since I was barely the requisite rah-rah, sentimental18 years old and a total innocent, spirit that is necessary to fullyI probably would have profited enjoy them, but I am grateful for By Harold Strom ,more from a General Arts educa- this one. I needed to put my Har- Class of 1950tion and then, when I was a little bord experiences into perspectiveolder, more experienced and per- and while they weren‘t all posi-haps wiser, I could have made a tive experiences, at least I canWillie Zimmerman - One of a Kind!Harbord Collegiate is the Har- everything.bord Club and the Harbord Club The three graduates had a greatis Willie Zimmerman. No per- influence on the 75th and the The legacy of Willie Zimmer-son has ever, or will ever, per- 100th re-unions of the school. man will live on forever in whatsonify the love for his high he accomplished for the studentsschool that was found in the Starting the Harbord Foundation of Harbord Collegiate and for thepersonality of Willie. was a brilliant piece of work Collegiate itself. which allows the Harbord clubI met Willie originally through the ability to give out up tomy connection with the York $15,000 in scholarships to theRacquets tennis club of which students every year. By Murray Rubin, Class of ‘50Willie was also a member.When he found out that I had I became more involved with theattended Harbord he quickly club because it helped me to or-asked me to join his newly ganize the 50 year re-union forfounded club which he started our class, the class of 1950.with fellow graduates Ken Pren- When our re-union was overtice and Julius Molinaro. I was Willie asked me to get more in-like most of the other members, volved.. He was getting old andnot very active. was unable to come down to the Collegiate. As I recall, JuliusThe Harbord Club was respon- used to pick up Willie and bringsible for putting out ―The Har- him to the school. When evenbordite‖, an alumni magazine that was not possible, he insistedfollowing the careers and activi- I come to his house regularly toties of the graduates, as well as fill him in with all the Harbordstarting a school museum which news. No detail was too small.was completely unique for a He wanted to be in the know onCanadian high school . Page 17Issue 64
  18. 18. Photo Highlights from the First Ever Harbord Homecoming on Nov 24,2010! Left - Harbord Homecoming Welcome banner in the main gym! Right - Alumni signing the Homecoming guestbook. Left - 60‘s memories of Harbord sports teams.Page 18 THE HARBORDITE
  19. 19. Right - Alumni group photo at Homecoming Cake cutting ceremony! Left & Below - Celebrating the 60‘s Flower Power and Fashions. Page 19Issue 64
  20. 20. Left - 60‘s Alumni at the Cake cutting ceremony! Right - 1960‘s Wall of Fame! Left - Current Harbord student, Alexcia checking out the 60‘s Grad wall.Page 20 THE HARBORDITE
  21. 21. Left - Alumna Sierra Medeiros- Felix singing Nancy Sinatra‘s hit, ―These boots are made for Walking‖ Right - Current student Julian Lee, sang and played his guitar to the Beatles hits. Above - Harbord Cheerleaders of past years, Sierra, Sofia & Diana and current Harbord Tiger mascot Ishmael performed Cheers and lead the singing of Harbord‘s School song, ―Onward Harbord!‖ Page 21Issue 64
  22. 22. Above - the Harbord Senior Band played some awesome 60‘s tunes! Right - V.P.Gladstone with Harbordites Julian, Will & Sierra who showed us their musical talents.Page 22 THE HARBORDITE
  23. 23. Left - Alumni visiting the Harbord MuseumRight - Sydney Moscoe, Harbord Club Directorand Currator of the Harbord Museum.(See Museum Musings on page 5) Left - Alum James Lam talking to current students in one of the many Alumni Class visits. Page 23Issue 64
  24. 24. Left - Current Teacher and Alumna Belinda Medeiros-Felix dressed up for the day in original 60‘s fashion! Left & Above - Students Deneisha & Eartha joined the occasion by dressing up in 60‘s attire.Page 24 THE HARBORDITE
  25. 25. Left - Students Stephanie & Sura visited the First Ever Harbord Homecoming! Above - Alumni reconnect at the Homecoming! Left - 60‘s Alumni couple cutting the Homecoming 1960‘s cake at the closing ceremony. Page 25 Issue 64 Page 25Issue 64
  26. 26. Left - Class of 1978 Alumni: Left to right, Sid Ingham, Walter Low, Ben Lee and Joe Woo Right - Friends reconnecting at the Homecoming! Below - Schedule of Homecoming day‘s events. Bottom Right - 1960 ―Please Don‘t Eat the Daisies‖ movie poster.Page 26 THE HARBORDITE
  27. 27. Left - Memories of past Harbord Sports Teams & Cheerleaders! Below - 1960‘s Harbord Staff Page 27 Issue 64Issue 64
  28. 28. Willie Zimmerman’s Collage of Cards Above photo - Left front: Zack (Willie‘s Grandson), Left middle: Michael (Willie‘s Son), Left rear: John(Willie‘s Son in law), Middle: Willie Zimmerman, Right: Kaili (Willie;s Granddaugh- ter) enjoying a family dinner! Willie would hand these Cards to friends and customers alike.Page 28 THE HARBORDITE
  29. 29. Top Left Photo - Willie and Wife to be Gerry, Top Right - Willie, Gerry & Grandchildren: Kaili, Karina and Zack. Middle Photo - Willie and daughter Sarilyn Bottom Photo - Gerry. Mama Bidnowitz (mother in law) and WillieIssue 64 Page 29
  30. 30. In Memoriam... Dr. Winnifred (Winnie) Alston, died in England on Dec 27, 2010 at the age of 96. She was a Greek & Latin teacher at Harbord C.I. from 1945-1968. Sydney Faibish, died on February 27, 2011. He graduated from Harbord C.I. in 1925. Willie Zimmerman, 1916 - 2011 (Please see Cover Story), Class of 1933. Willie was one of the founders of the Harbord Charitable Foundation, the Harbord Club, the Harbordite newsletter, and the Harbord Museum. He was the original “Mr. Har- bord”.Introducing Two NEW Harbord Club Board of Directors and aStudent Contact,,, Vasan Persad, Class of 1994. Va- Sierra Medeiros-Felix , Class of India Annamanthadoo is the cur- san is currently on staff at Har- 2010. Sierra is currently taking rent Student Rep. for the Harbord bord as a teacher of Science and a year off from Brock U. to pur- Club. As a grade 10 student, India Mathematics. After he graduated sue her musical endeavours. is passionate about the history of from Harbord, he went on to the She is working towards getting Harbord and enjoys volunteering University of Toronto where he a demo completed in hopes of weekly at the Harbord Museum. obtained his Hons. B.Sc., B.Ed., being signed by a record com- She hopes to remain actively in- M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Neuroscience. pany. She is very happy to be a volved in the Harbord Club for Vasan is a proud Director of the part of the Harbord Club direc- the rest of her life. Harbord Club and a true Harbord- torate. ite at heart. He thinks of Harbord as a very special place and always refers to it as his second home.Page 30 THE HARBORDITE
  31. 31. Introducing the NEW Harbord Club BLOG ! - Sid Ingham The Harbord Club website inter- and celebrations, the more we dent council president, the face is getting a makeover. The connect with those who share leader of the Boys Athletic As- original content has not changed our joys and our pains. In other sociation/ Girls Athletic Asso- but the face of the opening page words, we need the counsel and ciation, a representative from now begins with the blog. Our wisdom of those who have each grade level, a rotation of a goal was not to perform any re- walked the walk and now share series of staff members and a constructive surgery to an al- in the talk.. diverse cross section of our ready comprehensive catalogue alumni. This proposed cross of information but to tweak it in The Homecoming last year gave section of our membership a way that provides a interactive us a glimpse of what shared would serve to broaden the platform for the students, staff community is like. Guidance overall scope, personality and and alumni of our counsellor Sue Lang Wong along direction of the blog and reflect cherished school. with the help of numerous Har- the diverse interests of the bord teachers organized and greater Harbord community. The blog is still in the beta form staged informal in-class student/ and is not the finished product. alumni question and answer ses- The benefit of the Harbord blog The current picture and graphics sions. Despite the turnout, the is that it is easier to use and will be changed and upgraded as encounters between the current manage without needing to well as the layout of the blog, students and the alumni provided learn HTML, which is web which of course will depend on a forum of dialogue and engage- based programming language. regular content and contribu- ment for the alumni, teachers and You will be updated on issues tions. The original web page is students. and events on a much more fre- now listed under the tab labeled quent basis than was the case Harbord Club. To get back to the It is our hope that the blog will for the original Harbord Club home page from the original web serve as a forum for more fre- website as well as having an page, click on the blog/news tab. quent and up to date information immediate forum to post your about what is going on in the feedback. The blog will serve as a means school as well as issues confront- of becoming a forum for greater ing our staff, students and connectedness for the extended alumni. Onward Harbord! Harbord C.I. community. Dis- connectedness is a fact of life, We are looking for enthusiastic Sid Ingham which may explain in part the contributors and partners with a extensive popularity of current passion to serve the greater Har- social networking sites. bord community in print. Ideally to write for and share news and This blog is not to recreate a so- people stories that inspire, in- cial networking site but a forum trigue and captivate the mind for the Harbord C.I. community. and heart of our readers and fol- The issues that we face are com- lowers. Our contributors would plex and diverse. When we share be, but not limited to the execu- struggles, doubts and anxieties tive of the Harbord Club, the stu-Issue 64 Page 31
  32. 32. Harbord C. I. 120th Birthday BashCelebrations!April 26 & 27, 2012 MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THESE DATES!!! APRIL 26TH AND 27TH, 2012... The Harbord Club is hosting an event and wants you to come celebrate with your Highschool classmates at... ***HCIs 120th Birthday Bash!!! *** Heres a Sneak Peek: Thursday April 26th, 2012 5:30- close Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction at Ambiance Catering and Banquet Hall 501 Alliance Ave. Toronto, ON $65. p.p. or $600. for a reserved table of 10 Tickets are limited Friday April 27th, 2012 Harbord C.I. Open House Time and Events TBA **Invitations will be sent to your email address** Page 32 THE HARBORDITEPage 64Issue 32
  33. 33. club.co m Www.harbord For those of you who don’t live in the city, province or even the coun- try, we are giving you plenty of time to organize your schedule and make yourselves available for this extravagant event which can’t be missed. Many of you attended the June 1981 event celebrating Harbord’s 90 th and many of you attended the May 1992 event celebrating Harbord’s Centennial and now, twenty years later, we want you to be a part of History; Come celebrate Harbord’s 120th! Invitations to follow if we have your updated email address. (P.S. If you are in receipt of this Harbordite via email, we have your updated info. Thanks!) If you know of any Harbord grad who hasn’t yet submitted to us their name, email address and grad year, tell them to let us know at harbordcelebration@live.ca This way, they will be added to the alumni roster and not miss out on hearing of future events. Page 33Issue 64
  34. 34. Harbord C. I. - Looking Forward To... In this section, we will highlight school events that are upcoming ~May 26th-Athletic Banquet held at Revival ~May 31st- Multicultural Luncheon at HCI ~June 8th –Farewell Assembly and BBQ at HCI ~June 27th- Grade 12 Prom at Atlantis ~Fall of 2011- Unveiling of Plaque ~Commencement 2011 – Formally honouring Willie ZimmermanHarbord Club Meets With Future Alumni !Around noon hour on May 17th, some of the Har-bord Club Directors met with the class of 2011 inthe school‘s auditorium to inform them of theirvery important roles. As future HCI alumni, theywere informed about how valuable an asset theHarbord Club would be to them and how they toocould be a part of history by lending a hand.Thank you to all the students who attended andsubmitted their email addresses. Once again, ournumbers are growing. These email addresses willbe added to the Harbord Club alumni roster andthese alumni will begin to receive their Harbord-ites asap and all info on any important events! Page 34 THE HARBORDITEPage 64Issue 34
  35. 35. Harbord Club Executive President Emeritus - Murray Rubin -HCI-1950 President Pro-Tem - Syd Moscoe -HCI-1952 Harbordite Co-editors - Ben-1978 & Belinda-1981 -Staff Director - Ben Lee -HCI-1978 Director - Sidney Ingham -HCI-1978 Director - Belinda Medeiros-Felix -HCI-1981 –Staff Director - Helder Frizado -HCI-2009 Director - Diana Da Silva -HCI-2009 Director - Vasan Persad HCI-1994 - Staff Director - Sierra Medeiros-Felix -HCI-2010 Student Representative - India Annamanthadoo - HCI-2013 Please donate to the Harbord Club. Charitable receipts are only issued for donations of $50.00 and over. All cheques of $50.00 and over for which a charitable receipt is required should be made payable to "Harbord Charitable Foundation" and on the face of the cheque in the Memo line insert the words"For the Harbord Club" . For any amount less than $50.00 or if a receipt is not required please make cheque payable to "Harbord Club" Thank You. Page 35Issue 64