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The Secret of Successful 6 Natural Oils with Their Benefits and Use


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There are many oils are used for skincare but when we compare natural oil and artificial oil, there are so many different effects of them. Natural oils like Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil best for our skin. Let's see their benefits and uses with a PPT.

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The Secret of Successful 6 Natural Oils with Their Benefits and Use

  1. 1. 6 Natural Oils: Benefits & Uses
  2. 2. • Natural oils make unbelievable changes in your skin. • Natural oils help to your face and body skin by strengthen it and these protective barrier increase skin elasticity. • List of four basic skin types: • Smooth & Radiant skin • Dry Skin • Oily Skin • Combination Skin ( both Dry & Oily) Introduction
  3. 3. Coconut Oil • Protection from sun • Increase your metabolism • Improve your dental health • Improve Brain function • Moisturize your skin • Fight against infections Coconut oil is easy to use for skin & it has many health benefits including vitamins E & K. Here are some uses & Benefits of coconut oils
  4. 4. Olive Oil Antioxidant Content Vitamin ContentAntibacterial Effects Moisturizing Effects • • Also, scientists need to carry out this area to understand the effects of olive oil’s antioxidant properties on human skin. • Olive oil produced by pressing whole olives •It contains vitamins A, D, E and K which are beneficial for the skin. •Olive oil has antibacterial properties and ability to control bacteria on the skin. •Olive oil is a popular natural moisturizer used soft skin & hair care. • There is little bit research after on its effectiveness product.
  5. 5. Sunflower Seed Oil • Sunflower seed oil is a great source of vitamin E & it is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. • Here are few benefits of sunflower oils for your skin Rich in beta- carotene Helps moisturize your skin Help of fight acne High vitamin • Sunflower oil has emollient features that help the skin maintain its moisture. Vitamin E benefits confine moisture inside skin cells, holding skin hydrated for a prolonged period.
  6. 6. Shea Butter Oil • Shea butter is derived from the nuts of the African shea tree. • Sometimes it used as a moisturizer & hair product and also it uses with olive oil or coconut oil to create a smoother texture for the application. • It is generally used in Africa to protect the skin & hair from the harsh sun and dry winds. • Shea butter is used in moisturizers, creams, lotions and helps reduce inflammatory skin diseases, skin damage & hair fall.
  7. 7. • Generally, use for dry skin, it is basically from Mexico & southwest American. It costs between $5 to $ 10 for a bottle. Jojoba Oil Some Recommended Uses Face Moisturizer Hair Moisturizer Remove Wrinkles Lip Balm
  8. 8. Almond Oil • Almonds are famous tree nut generally used to make foods, oils & cosmetics. It is an excellent source of vitamin E and also contains a small amount of vitamin K. Benefits & Uses of Almond Oil for Hair, Face and Skin Massage body with oil to get muscle relaxation Apply on skin to treat acute skin infections like psoriasis and eczema. Almonds oils are excellent for treating dandruff and hair damage. fully loaded with Nutrients & Vitamins
  9. 9. • Here we have seen the truth behind using 6 various natural skin oils as part of our routine life and consider these all best for any skin type. • We like to advise to avoid chemical-based products for better face, skin & body. Natural Skin Oils are best skin protection products which help to lock in moisture. • You may like to read Six Best Natural & Ayurvedic Skin Care Products • If you are using any other Natural Skin Oils, then please suggest us here. We will definitely includes them in our next submission with your name. Conclusion
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