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  1. 1. 1. Caption: Black history –Then and NowBlack history month reflects,celebrates and honors African American culture and experiencesfrom thetime of slavery to the present day… Every way you look, Black culture,talent and expression have played and enormous role in shaping America’spast and present2. Caption: 1500s – 1750 Slaves Arrive in America From the 1500 to themid 1800 Europeans shipped about 12 million slaves from Africa to thewestern hemisphere…The first black African slaves arrive in America in theearly 16003. Caption: 1800 -1865 Abolitionist MovementAbolitionists used their homesto help black slavesescape the south … this was called the undergroundrailroad… Harriet Tubman, a runaway slave herself, helped about 300 slavescape to freedom4. President Abraham Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation onJanuary 1st1863, this declared the slaves free in parts of the south…In 1865the 13thamendment to the US constitution abolished slavery5. Caption: 1865 -1872 New Beginnings In 1865 congress established thefreedmen’s Bureau to help former slaves resettle…despite itsaccomplishments, the Freedmen’s Bureau did not solve the seriouseconomic problems of black Americans6. Caption: 1905 – 1909 The NAACP is Organized In 1909 a group of blackand white citizens of New York City committed to social justice founded theNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP7. Caption: 1920 The Harlem Renaissance During the 1920s many black artistsand poets writers and musicians moved to Harlem, a section of New YorkCity, where they became well known for their art and music8. Caption: 1954 – 1956 Civil rights Struggles in Schools In the 1950s thecivil rights movement began…. On May 17th, 1954 The US supreme Courtruled that racial segregation in public schools was unconstitutional9. December 1st, 1955 in Alabama, Rosa Parks, a black seamstress was askedto give her bus seat to a white person…she refused and was arrested by
  2. 2. police… The US supreme Court ruled against racial segregation in publictransportation10.Caption: 1960 – 1965 Malcolm X Malcolm X gained recognition as aspokesman for the Nation of Islam, a group of Black Muslims thatsupported the idea of creating as separate Black Nation... He spoke upforcefully about the unfair treatment of Blacks Americans11.Caption: 1963 – 1965 The March on Washington On August 26th, 1963,200,000 marchers gathered around the Lincoln memorial in Washington DCand Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I have a dream speech” his wordsare still heard today thought out the world12.President Lyndon B. Johnsonsigned the civil rights act into law… the lawguaranteed equal rights for black Americans in employment voting and useof public facilities13.Caption: 1968 -Martin Luther King Jr. is Killed 1968, Dr. Martin LutherKing Jr. is shot and killed in Memphis TN at the age of 3914.Caption: 1972 -America Takes an Affirmative Action In1972Congresspassed affirmative action laws that helped expand job opportunities toblack workers… it requires government and public institutions to hire moreminorities because of past discriminations against these minorities as agroup15.Caption: 1983- Run Jesse Run! In 1982 The Reverend Jesse Jackson, afamous civil rights leader, announced his plans to run for president…hereceives 6.7 million votesin the 1988 elections placing him in third place16.Caption: 1995 -The Million Man March On October 16th, 1995 the nationof Islam organized The Million Man March…The speakers urged Black mento be leaders in their communities and to work together to improve life forall black Americans17.Caption: Today - Achieving Power In Government November 4th, 2004Americans went to the polls and gave Barack Obama a resoundingvictory….He won more votes than any candidate in US history…Obama isofficially the first African American President of the united States18.The End