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Join The HappyHap Project


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Join The HappyHap Project

  1. 1. The HappyHap ProjectWhen happiness happens, make your world smile.
  2. 2. About UsWe are a Yale student organizationdriven by creativity, happy moments,and cool projects.
  3. 3. 3 Founding PrinciplesWe believe in 3 things:1.Happiness is contagious.2. Happiness - when shared - can inspire andempower others.3. Happiness can be expressed in infinitelymany ways.
  4. 4. Project LabStart Your Own Project Today!
  5. 5. Internal Structure• Brainstorm new project ideas• Implement your own project• Find senior mentors who support you and your project• Learning by doing: work on existing projects• Research Opportunity: Some of our members also work on various academic research projects in the field of positive psychology as well as economics (Gross National Happiness etc.)
  6. 6. Past Projects
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Publication
  9. 9. Short Movies
  10. 10. Blog
  11. 11. Photo Exhibition
  12. 12. And more...• study breaks (think pancakes during finals!)• welcome-packages to international freshman at OIS• Research opportunity: Positive Psychology, economics, humanities• Made lots of people smile
  13. 13. New Projects 2011 /12
  14. 14. Building an Optimistic Campus
  15. 15. Inspire Yale• Inspire Yale is based on the idea of building an optimistic campus.• It’s a yearlong initiativeall born out of our projects which were that consists of six Project Lab
  16. 16. 6 Projects• Outdoor photography exhibition on Cross Campus• Master Tea with positive psychology expert• Partnership with MIT Media Lab• Publishing our own magazine “Making a Positive Difference”• Expanding our blog• TEDxHappiness conference (tentative)
  17. 17. Do you want to...• ...learn about happiness, websites, blogs, social media management, publications, short movies,photo exhibitions, speaker events, collaborate with the MIT Media Lab and more?• ...join a group of friends who want to make a positive difference on campus?• ...join a creative, entrepreneurial and dynamic student organization?
  18. 18. First and foremost, we’re a team of friends! “Yale is at once !"#$%&((#)% a *+,-%./0% tradition, a company of .112(0--3%4$)% ,#$%&(%*+,-% scholars, and a 52/0%.112(0--67$ society of friends." 8@,&,=*&6) ?112(0--%.110(-6
  19. 19. Welcome to TheHappyHap Project! Learn more at