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RIGA is exactly 2014 European Capital of Culture. RIGA city in the world is more popular than LATVIAN name as a state. Riga is a trade center between Western Europe and Northern Europe and Eastern Europe from the ancient medieval times.
World art system, in my opinion:
First extreme left wing is the Art Biennale with multimedia performances.
2nd Right-wing conservative big auction houses offer art market gathers the best selection of antiques.
3rd Gallery carries a selection of the region's most prospective authors. Art Fair performs selections from the gallery. Viewers and collectors receive recommendations for optimal sound investment in the art market. The works are mostly met traditional techniques: paintings, sculptures, graphics, photo. Works determined equivalent of money and use of traditional interiors as a status product.
ART RIGA” primary mission is to provoke (encourage) the viewer on a conversation. Art Fair mission to provoke love - change the world with World art exhibitions exchange. Falling in love to artwork, confirming the money in your wallet. Trusting that this is a better investment than in 2014 on the banks.
We offer cooperation in organizing the art exhibitions. We offer the best contemporaries Galleries collections: a selection of the best contemporary artists paintings, sculptures, graphics. Every Gallery represent regional selection of high quality works of recognized professionals. Contemporaries in the art that will become classics.  
The proposed exhibition designed for the widest possible audience and visitors to address a variety of categories. In particular, run-on sculpture and modern environmental sculpture work. There were several large-scale art events. Latvian and neighboring countries galleries artists group exhibitions, the seminars, lectures, forums as well as foreign collection of exposure.
Producers Group Ltd. Euroclub and Happy Art Museum organizes art events@ most expensive in the Baltics entertainment & shopping arcade Galleria Riga Dzirnavu street 67 7 level & our Pinakoteka expo office hall. In "Airport Riga", "Rietumu Banka", Klaipeda city exhibition hall, Frankfurt art Gallery, Jurmala risort branch, Latvian Museum of Architecture, etc. We organized decades large-scale transfer ART EXHIBITION EXCHANGE projects with neighboring museums and galleries. We take part in ART MOSCOW fair, Art Fair in BELGIUM etc,
For participants of Art Fair and visitors. Every evening Club after Art Fair program. WE offer10.00- 24.00- every day seven days a week free entrance exhibitions, CONFERENCE SPACE 100 CHAIRS AUDIO VIDEO SYSTEMS WIFI, WINE BAR- Portuguese 100 wine collection,live music.
ART Galleries people of the wonderful work consists RIGA 2014 ART FAIR.

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Riga2014 art fair application form

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