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Ang buk ann pinakoteka


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Ang buk ann pinakoteka

  1. 1. A NEW GRADE-A EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE BUILDINGThe building is located in a strategically advantageous location thatis proximate to the Rīga International Airport and the Rīga-Jūrmalahighway. The centre of Rīga and the spa town of Jūrmala can both bereached within 10 minutes from the building.The three-floor exhibition and conference building has 2,100 m2 of floorspace. It is open to the environment and designed on the basis ofJapanese architectural styles – cement, glass and metal with five majorexhibition halls (1,100 m2), large roof terraces (400 m2, with thepotential for helicopter landing facilities), and a heated car parkingarea (600 m2).The building is divided up into two equal parts with a centralstairwell.The halls on each floor can be accessed separately.
  2. 2. THE DESIGN OF THE BUILDINGThe building was designed by the distinguished Latvian architect AndrejsĢelzis and his office, and it was built by the LX Group. The technicalblueprints were drawn up in Germany.All of the facilities have state-of-the-art communications systems,major ventilation and air-conditioning systems, temperature regulation,a thorough fire prevention system, and optic Internet links for anunlimited number of users and Webcams.This ensures the multifunctional use of the facilities for internationalcultural and information projects.
  3. 3. Henrijs Preiss “No231” 107x179 2009.MAJOR AREAS OF OPERATIONS1. International art exhibitions in co-operation with foreign culturalinstitutions that are represented in Latvia;2. Exhibitions of the products of Latvian businesses;3. Conferences and seminars;4. Auctions;5. Sale of original and reproduced artworks;6. Individual and corporate events;7. A café and extensive outdoor terraces for the comfort of ourclients.
  4. 4. “The greatest joy occurs when the seemingly impossible happens. Thismiracle appeared at a time when state financing for culture, includingart, is being reduced. While there is the fuss about the Museum ofContemporary Art, the “Lucky Art Museum” has been installed not at anabandoned factory or warehouse, as has commonly been the case in recentyears, but at the state-of-the-art and international-level exhibitionhall that has been built by SIA Pinakotēka.” Inese Matisāne, LV.LV, 19 November 2009“Animations distinctly bring the exhibition to life. Kaspars’ Zariņš’“Pedant,” which was once only on canvas and paper, has been animatedby Roze Stiebra. Ilmārs Blumbergs has offered fascinatingly refineddrawings about how God created humankind, with animation by Māra Liniņa.There are also animations by Ieva and Kristīne Jurjāne. A meditativeoasis is the ‘photography corner,’ with work by Anda Bankovska, GintsBērziņš and Leonīds Tugaļevs.” Elīna Hermansone, Latvijas Avīze, 21 November 2009
  5. 5. “For one more week, until November 28, a special offer is available onthe Rīga cultural landscape – large and expansive facilities of thetype that Latvian artists have been yearning for such a long time, nowfeaturing the annual ‘Autumn 2009’ art exhibition of the Latvian ArtistsUnion. The exhibition features work by artists and art students who workin different media. The exhibition has a polysemantic, provocative and,for our era, pleasantly optimistic title – ‘The Lucky Art Museum’.” Rīga City Council Cultural Department, 24 November 2009“The location of the ‘Lucky Art Museum’ is of key importance. At a timewhen state financing has been reduced for culture and art, the LatvianArtists Association has staged a contemporary exhibition at the newexhibition building that was constructed by SIA Pinakotēka, thus pointingto the need for the visual arts and their importance in the context ofthe development of the state and its society.”, 14 October 2009
  6. 6. Ligita Vidulejauz Jūrmalu uz Rīgas +37126189810 centru Anna Viduleja +37126317874 Gaļina Maksimova +37129177748 Dags Vidulejs +37129595885