How to classify the visual space of a brand identity


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Before creating a brand identity (logo) or rejuvenating a brand identity, we should do a visual audit of other identities with the same brand name. This presentation elucidates one of the methods of conducting a visual audit for identifying the zone for brand identity development

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How to classify the visual space of a brand identity

  1. 1. How to Classify the Visual Space of a Brand Identity
  2. 2. ObjectiveTo do a visual audit for a brandname before creating a brandidentity
  3. 3. Example: Delta• Lets take a dummy brand name say ‘Delta’• To understand visual associations with the word ‘Delta’• How other brands with the name ‘Delta’ have coined their brand identity?
  4. 4. What we did?• Secondary scan on the Internet to find brand identities with the word Delta• Since Delta is associated with a well known symbol, we created two zones i.e., Logos with Delta Symbol and Logos with Non-Delta Symbols• Analysis of the Brand Identities• Within these zones we Identifying sub-zones of operation
  5. 5. • USE OF DELTA SYMBOL IN THE LOGO – Use of Multiple Delta Symbols – Use of Delta Symbol Instead of an Alphabet – Delta Written within the Delta Symbol – Articulation Through the Symbol – Delta as a SYMBOL• USE OF NON-DELTA SYMBOL IN THE LOGO – Use of Associations to Communicate the Brand Idea – Use of Solid Outer Forms – Play with the Font Style – Use of External Visual Hooks Classification Parameters for Delta
  7. 7. • Shape of a pyramid is the natural shape associated with the word delta• When we have multiple such shapes bundled together or interlinked with each other then we get motion into the identity• Many delta symbols together cue moving forward when they are moving horizontally and can cue growth when moving upwards USE OF MULTIPLE DELTA SYMBOLS
  8. 8. • Symbol (visual hook) is either used for letter ‘A’ or ‘D’• Tightly couples the visual hook and the text in the identity• Creates a solid unit with a simple triangular shape, however; as a standalone unit it may be difficult to be identified with one particular identity USE OF DELTA SYMBOLINSTEAD OF AN ALPHABET
  9. 9. • There is a solid unit in the form of a noticeable and familiar unit of Delta• Allows one or two color brand identities to be possible• Identity looks tightly coupled DELTA WRITTEN WITHIN THE DELTA SYMBOL
  10. 10. • Most of us know that a triangular form is closely associated with word Delta• Creating a strong visual hook within the triangular form leads to an opportunity to convey what Delta stands for• In some case it could be Fitness, in others it could be about a path, etc.,• In short, we can play with the triangular form to depict the essence of the business ARTICULATION THROUGH THE SYMBOL
  11. 11. • Delta as a visual hook is a bit risky for the brand because it is difficult to own the same• We can see in the two logo’s on the LHS, its difficult to identify the brand with only the symbol which is commonly associated with the word Delta DELTA AS A SYMBOL
  13. 13. • We have strong associations with some standard symbol e.g. a train, music notes, think cloud bubble, etc.,• When we use that as a key visual hook then it becomes very easy for customers to identify what the brand does for them• Also, it keeps the brand identity clean and compact USE OF ASSOCIATIONS TO COMMUNICATE THE BRAND IDEA
  14. 14. • Incase of a company that is not into consumer products, this serves as a solid unit• Best part about solid unit is the simplicity in the identity and the flexibility to have lesser colors• Allows the organization to own the color and also the form USE OF SOLID OUTER FORMS
  15. 15. • When we have a identity where the whole play is with the font then its difficult to create a strong visual hook that will stand out as a recognizable unit• Font styling does all the differentiation, from a youthful to a naughty to an expert, everything can be communicated with the font styling PLAY WITH THE FONT STYLE
  16. 16. • External visual hook if designed with relevance to the nature of the business then it can serve as a strong symbol of recognition for the brand• One of the drawbacks of this approach is that the identity is not tightly coupled which means if our brand is going to extend into packaging formats it may not be advisable to use this form USE OF EXTERNAL VISUAL HOOKS
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