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Ethnographic design gets you deeper


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What is ethnographic research and design? What is the benefit of using it? What difference does it make? And why choose a professional cultural researcher over a management consultant?
A lot of companies offer e.g. organizational culture training and consultancy without the eye glasses of a professional in cultural studies. We offer those exploring eye glasses and are happy to work together with consultants and companies to design the results to operations.

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Ethnographic design gets you deeper

  1. 1. 28.10.2016 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 1 HANUMAN CONSULTING Oct 28,2016 Ethnographic Design gets you deeper
  2. 2. Your company will… Create winning customer experience Internationalize the right way Create the right marketing strategy and message Have work force with desired attitude, motivation and targets learn to utilize the secret potential of your organization 28.10.2016 Copyright Hanuman 2 You get understanding of your…  Customers  Markets  Segments  Organizational culture  Vision, ideas and innovations What for? In order to:
  3. 3. 28.10.2016 Copyright Hanuman Consult 3 Perfect mix of qualitative and quantative data - web surveys - Interviews - One-to-one, open and structured - Focus groups - Theme discussions - Observation - Diaries and jottings - Workshops How?
  4. 4. 28.10.2016 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 4  Outside view has more perspective than inside view  A professional can jump into the research subject  Ethnographic or Cultural researcher has an academic training to study cultures, signals, trends, tacit knowledge and signs  Questions and surveys are formulated and carried out professionally Cultural and enthographic researcher is able to observe as an outsider but throw questions from inside without bringing her/his own personality or feelings to the research. You get more, deeper and honest information! Why Ethnographic Research?
  5. 5. 28.10.2016 Copyright 5 Followed by Ethnographic Design No research, data or information is worth much, if not planned to operations: • Customer experience • Internationalization • Marketing strategy and message • Happy service culture • Committed organizational culture • Learning organization
  6. 6. 28.10.2016 Copyright Hanuman Consulting 6 Want to hear more? Hanuman Consulting Tel. +358 40 5868899