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Hans van Driem . Career timeline version 4, December 30th 2015.


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Thanks for all remarks and input for version 4!

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Hans van Driem . Career timeline version 4, December 30th 2015.

  1. 1. Hans van Driem Career Timeline Edition 4, December 25th 2015.
  2. 2. IntroductionThe purpose of this career timeline is to thank all of you, who have it made possible that I could enjoy the past 45 years of my career. I hope that the many photographs and articles will bring back memories of things we did together. Time is moving fast and by presenting events in a chronologic way I was able to reconstruct parts of my life. I hope it will help you as well. The purpose of this career timeline is not to show off how successful I have been. I have made many mistakes during my career and apologize to all persons who I have done injustice and/or forgot the give credits for the excellent work they have done. My impression is that I was lucky… to be at the right spot, at the right moment, while surfing at the first waves of mass tourism.
  3. 3. Please note: This is a dynamic career timeline and under construction. Dates, times, places & names of persons still have to be checked and in some cases names & photos are missing. Thanks to your input I am able to publish this updated version no: 4. Please mail any comments to:;
  4. 4. 1. Birthday January 9th 1947
  5. 5. Born in The Hague, Netherlands Frederic Johan ( Hans) van Driem
  6. 6. 2. Family Background
  7. 7. My grand-parents and their jobs 1905-1923 Left: Grandfather van Driem. Head of the Padang High School “ Mulo” with pupils like Mohammed Hatta. Right: Grandfather Lingen, chief of police Middle Java.
  8. 8. Marriage Johan Julius van Driem with Ida Margaretha Lingen. 1935 Father: medical officer Dutch Colonial Army on Sumatra (1935-1945) & Ship’s Doctor Holland America Line (1946-1961). Mother : teacher of French. With my sister Irma van Driem-van Hulst (1936) and brother Gijs van Driem (1938).
  9. 9. 3. My Roots …where do I come from and where did I grow up.
  10. 10. The Hague, Holland Our family home from 1947-1963 Willem de Zwijgerlaan 42, The Hague, Netherlands
  11. 11. 4. My Education Primary School & High School
  12. 12. Primary School The Hague Nutsschool Zorghvliet Teacher van Aken, Cor Gout, Tom de Waard, Boudewijn Veenstra, Aad Oudt, Daan, Onno, Saskia, Martha Talens, Marijke, Anita, Babs, etc.
  13. 13. Primary School The Hague Nutsschool Hollanderstraat. In the Christmas Choir 1959 with John Koch, Bino Marchesini, Jan Willem Jansen, etc. At the piano our teacher Mrs Lakke.
  14. 14. Primary School The Hague Nutsschool Hollanderstraat. A role I liked as an actor : The Maharaja with a Princess, the most beautiful girl of the school. In the background Bino Marchesini.
  15. 15. HBS Beeklaan, The Hague 1960/1961 The only thing I remember of Class 1 C was the history teacher Mr Saeys. The rest of the lessons I found absolutely useless. I had discovered the girls and ice hockey at nearby Houtsrusthallen, were I played in team 3 of Hijs Hokij. As a result my grades were not as they used to be and I was transferred to a private reformatory school.
  16. 16. Private Reformatory van Tonningen,The Hague 1961-1963 With “famous pupils” like Dolf Burgerhout, Clement Neurenberg, Hugo Gevers Deynoot, Philip & Willem Wayenberg, Paul Just de la Passières, Paul van Stockum, Hedwig van Tongeren & Julia Prins.
  17. 17. High School The Hague “Haags Lyceum” 1963/1964 Nico van Wermeskerken, Bronno Eelkman Rooda, Onno, Ruud Maas Geesteranus, Guus Henkes, Fokke Speelman, Cees Plantinga, Paul Just de La Passières
  18. 18. High School, Gouda,“Goudse RHBS” 1964/1967 The great teachers who helped me “ finally ” finish high school : N.Koster, G v.d Leden en C Matthijs. With friends/classmates Dick Pater, Joost Baars, Kees Hekker, Alex van den Berg, Loetje van Vreumingen, etc.
  19. 19. 5. Military Service 68.1
  20. 20. Selection Military Service September 2th 1967
  21. 21. Military Service Forward Observer 14th Division Field Artillery 1968-1969
  22. 22. 6. College Education
  23. 23. NHTV Breda, Netherlands, University of Applied Sciences 1969-1972 Tourism & Leisure
  24. 24. Board Student Association: Phileas Fogg, 1970-1971 Vincent Doek , Annelies Verstand-Bogaert , Eelco Akkersdijk, Aafke Huininga and Hans van Driem
  25. 25. Study Year 1969-1972 Reunion 1999.
  26. 26. 7. My Student Home Student /Fraternity / Sorority /Chapter-house
  27. 27. Van Coothplein 8, Breda, Holland With student/friends : Adriaan Buesink, Albert Boorsma, Kees Feringa, Henk Schuller, Ago Salverda, Eelco Akkersdijk, Henk Danser en Wessel Keizer.
  28. 28. Reunion August 2014 30 years later….with Henk Danser and Wessel Keizer
  29. 29. 9. My Professional Career 1970-present
  30. 30. Tour Director Europe 1970-1972
  31. 31. Tour Director Europe Emhage Tours, Michigan USA Always counting the passengers after each stop during a 28-day (!) trip through Europe in the summer of 1970.
  32. 32. Europe in 28 days Today is Tuesday so …….this must be Belgium..?
  33. 33. Tour Director Europe Emhage Tours, Michigan USA When Europe was not yet overcrowded by tourists and you could park your touring car in front of the Vatican….. 1971
  34. 34. Tour Director Europe Emhage Tours Michigan USA Creating “an experience of old Europe” for tourists from the US during all the long hours on the German Autobahn…by telling stories about history. My first lessons in the experience economy.
  35. 35. Columbia College, Columbia, MO Conversational Dutch & Assistant Professor Travel Administration. Jan –June 1973
  36. 36. Columbia College, Columbia , MO. The classroom for Travel Administration and Conversational Dutch language courses. Attending Conversational Dutch : Barry Stebbins, Thomas Ulbert , Lynn DeYoung , John Boyd, Cynthia Bockstruck, etc.
  37. 37. Columbia College, Columbia , MO. College Year Book 1972/1973 as an Exchange Student & Teacher
  38. 38. Tour Director Europe & Africa Lee Kirkland Travel, Kansas September-October 1973
  39. 39. With Stella Solaris in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Yom Kippur War. Oct 6th-25th 1973 Captains party to reassure passengers that they were safe on October 7th 1973 .
  40. 40. Tour Director Europe & Africa Excursion Istanbul & Stella Solaris
  41. 41. Tour Director Europe & Africa Casablanca…. The end of a 42-day tour through Greece, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain and Morocco
  42. 42. Holland Promotion Tour US Promotion tour for study trips of US Colleges/Universities to Europe via Gateway Schiphol. February-March 1974
  43. 43. New York …here we come again. February 1974 Start of a promotion tour along 6 Colleges/Universities in the US for promotion of study tours in close cooperation with KLM. Visits & lectures at Michigan State University, Columbia College, Paul Smith College, etc.
  44. 44. Promotion tour of 8 states in the USA In total I visited 10 Colleges & Universities for guest lectures in R.I. , Connecticut, Massachusetts, NY State, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. My NWIT friend John Serbrock helped me to write my final report and instructed me always to use the word “ Successful ” in a report for the Dutch Tourist Board.
  45. 45. Promotion Manager USA NBBS Europe Tours 1974-1975
  46. 46. The end of Dream Tours Inc. My first idea was to start my own company , “Dream Tours Inc. ” That did not work. Airlines and hotels demanded a deposit for groups…but I had no cash! So I sold the sales lead of my first customer , Paul Smith College NY, to NBBS via Hein Jens
  47. 47. My start in tour operating I got hired by NBBS to organize and guide study tours through Europe and the Middle East. On the left my first brochure ! On the right my second one …with the help of NBBS professionals !
  48. 48. Tourist Board The Hague April 1th 1975- September 1979
  49. 49. Holland ist da! Promotion Tour through Germany, winter 1975/76 An invitation for German Coach Operators to come to our booth for a herring and Dutch gin.
  50. 50. My first tourism research project. 1977/78 In order to be able to estimate the number of visitors at Scheveningen Beach Resort we hired a Piper Cub and flew at random above the beach/boulevard to make pictures during summer 1977. These slides were projected at a screen and trainees counted the number of people. A team at the boulevard held in depth interviews. Combined we got a good a pretty good idea about volume and motivation. Special thanks to the trainees: Mechteld Terpstra and Mia & Jan Rijkenberg . Jan founded BSUR Advertising in the 1980’s and became one of the leading agency’s in Holland.
  51. 51. The Hague Area, City Sightseeing by plane. In cooperation with the regional newspaper the Posthoorn, the Tourist Board The Hague organized during summer 1978 sightseeing trips by plane. My job as tour guide was to sit just behind the pilots, explain all sights and calm down passengers For most it was their first 30 min. flight in the air..
  52. 52. Many first lessons learned at VVV The Hague The ceo Boudewijn Keizer was an example of a good and trusted leader. Ab Nieudorp learned me a lot about “design & printing”, product development and PR. (Picture taken at his 35-year farewell party in 2001) Louke Beunders taught me how to execute “destination hospitality” and how to handle journalist. Mary and Cilly teached me how to be patient. For more pictures see :
  53. 53. Marketing Manager Clingendael Hotel Group 1979-1980
  54. 54. Clingendael Hotel Group With Julius Verwoerdt , owner of Clingendael Hotel Group, his wife and Kees Blom, manager Hotel Papendrecht.1979
  55. 55. Clingendael Hotel Group With Carla de Snaayer, Gerard van der Veen, ceo Clingendael Hotel Group. 1979
  56. 56. First S&M meeting after take-over. At an emotional meeting at the Europa Hotel in the spring of 1980 we were informed that the hotels were sold to EuroCrest Hotels. All corporate staff department heads were fired, except Finance, Fred Wittebol and Marketing. I could stay because they needed someone for the execution of the name change! The first S&M meeting in 1980 in the UK after the take-over of Clingendael Hotels by Euro-Crest Hotels with Carla de Snaayer, Aernout Koek, Frits Kottman, Allison Duffy, Brian Stacey, John Blamey, Claus Glinicke, Olfert Dapper, etc….
  57. 57. Marketing Manager Benelux 1980-1983
  58. 58. Name Changes: My first job at Crest Hotels Thanks to Marese Ornee, our good friends Frans Buis of Buis Electra & Paul Holtkamp,… Always with the vital support of David Sankey from Banburry. At the left name change of Crest Hotel Antwerp with Roelof Gol, Right Rembrandt Hotel, Herengracht 255, Amsterdam
  59. 59. Weekend trip campaign with AVRO In total, more than 100.000 weekend trips to Crest Hotels were booked with this joint promotion of AVRO Televisier Magazine and Crest Hotels. The campaign was initiated with the great help of Ben Dijkstra and Maudy van Ommen , in November 1980.
  60. 60. Holland Flower World Promotion Brochure made to promote the 6 Amsterdam hotels in conjunction with Floriade 1982.
  61. 61. Sales & Marketing Meetings Crest Hotels Plc. Picture 1: Manfred Dunker, John Blamey, Hans van Driem, Alan Parker ,Gordon Excelby, David Sankey, Michael Smail , Andrew Bould. Picture 2: Maudy Kellerman, Jannie , Vivian Vogels , Allison Duffy , Eduardo Martinez, Frank van Eck, Manfred Dunker, Alan Parker, Ben Dijkstra, Claus Glincke, Luciano Lusardi , John Blamey, Bob Gilbert.
  62. 62. First New Herring in 1983 for Crest Hotels After a fierce bidding the first batch of herring was for Crest Hotels in 1983 at Dfl. 8000,-. For the first time in 6 years, in 1983 the Dutch fishing fleet was allowed to catch herring. Marese Ornee of the sales & marketing department of Crest Hotels organized all the actions in cooperation with Hans Schmidt. As a result Maudy and I had to perform the “Traditional Herring Act” at other meetings.
  63. 63. Director of Sales Continent of Europe
  64. 64. The Spanish Sales Team At the right of Alan Parker; Carmen Martinez, Christina von Ungern-Sternberg plus other sales staff.
  65. 65. Crest Hotels Continent of Europe 1983-1988
  66. 66. Who did not work for Crest Hotels Europe? Bob Kool, Jos Weesjes, Arie van der Spek, Luciano Lusardi, Ron Kuyt, Herman Bodeker, Werner Röhl, Fred Wittebol, Piet Boogert, Vincent van Rest, Ben Ancher, Paul Verhaak, Machiel van der Bruggen, Ben Felix, Loes Renkema, Gelske Molenaar, Paula Daenen, Janny Spierenburg, etc.
  67. 67. Board Meeting Crest Hotels Plc. Board meeting at hotel Des Indes, The Hague. At the center Brian Langton c.e.o Crest Hotels plc, At the right Jan van Honschoten, c.o.o Benelux,, Alan Parker v.p sales & marketing Crest Hotels plc Others: Loes Renkema, HR, Stuart Guest, Architect, Michael Romkey, Horst Hanelt, Philip Davids,
  68. 68. Alpenkönig Crest Hotel, Austria Sales & Marketing meeting with Alan Parker, John Blamey and Udo Wanner, the owner of the new hotel. Departing with the Bass company plane. July 1985.
  69. 69. March 1986 On the move in the news and at ITB, World Travel Market, Fitur, etc...
  70. 70. Managers Meeting Continent of Europe 1987 Managers meeting operations and sales & marketing Continent of Europe at Hotel Ludenscheid.
  71. 71. Competitors meeting, June 1987 With Louis del Olmo, vice president sales & marketing Holiday Inn MEA….just when it was announced that Crest Hotels had bought 8 Holiday Inn Hotels and had become the largest hotel chain in Europe… Who will be the “big boss” after the merge?
  72. 72. The merger of Crest Hotels-Holiday Inn The start of the integration of Holiday Inn in S&M actions of Crest Hotels. Winter 1987/88
  73. 73. Difficult decisions ahead. With Alan Parker , managing director Crest Hotels Continent of Europe ….what will be our future? Hotel Des Indes, The Hague January 13th, 1988.
  74. 74. Floriade 1992 Director Commercial & Operational Affairs 1988-1993
  75. 75. Presentation of the themes & park lay out Unaware of the jokes of Saskia Martinelli , Elsbeth Bakker, Ingeborg Letschert-Godding… the greatest PR & Sales girls team in the world.
  76. 76. Thanks Lou Melchers Sorry Freddy Heineken… Sponsor contract signed with Oranjeboom Beer. Reitse Douma, Ab Douwes, Lou Melchers and Jo Spithoven After the signing an article was published in the newspaper Telegraaf. Freddy Heineken phoned in person and demanded an explanation why Heineken was not involved. He did no know that his company was involved but his staff found the sponsor amount to high for a local fair! .
  77. 77. Presentation of the Official Logo & Poster The Floriade 1992 logo and slogan “ The Greatest Flower Show on Earth” Presented with a number of the promotion partners: NBT, The Hague Marketing and Jan van Doesburg, president Flower Council. Right of the middle: Lennie Huizer, the alderman of Zoetermeer; always inspirational, friendly, clever and…. politically courageous!
  78. 78. Floriade at World Travel Market London, 1991 Thanks to an excellent support of our friend Aernout Koek of the Tourist Board The Hague/Scheveningen , the Floriade had a great exposure at WTM 1991. In our Floriade stand Kathelijn Pieterse.
  79. 79. Official Opening by Queen Beatrix On April 4th 1992 with Queen Beatrix, photographed by Jack Bobbe of Floridana Oranges
  80. 80. The welcome of the first 250.000st visitor. A excellent start: On April 24th 250.000 visits were registered and on May 7th already 500.000. In total, 3.355.600 visits were registered at the gates of Floriade 1992. Left : Dick Bosman Technical Director of Floriade 1992 , responsible for all building & construction and technical operations.
  81. 81. The competition is getting irritated. Floriade is accused of using pictures of competition for promotion. Telegraaf May 22th 1992 Ameropa/TUI brochure with Keukenhof pictures.
  82. 82. The P of Product of the Floriade 1992… The Floriade 1992 offered 5 themed pavilions. The total investment for 6 months Floriade was around Dfl. 190 million.
  83. 83. The P of Promotions with A Brands The sales & marketing team realized a great number of joint promotions, which boosted the attendance figures to high levels. Thanks HCP Paul Holtkamp for all printing materials and HVR Piet Wapperon for all tv commercials.
  84. 84. The Best Hospitality Service Martin Air Party Service and Siebe & Gemma Terband created the best party catering hospitality service …Missets Horeca March 27th 1992.
  85. 85. Jack Bobbe, Floriade and Florida Jack Bobbe really brought the whole of Florida to the Floriade. He made a great contribution to the success of the exhibition. Friday January 24th 1992 Telegraaf
  86. 86. The Bush Garden Show Band & Cypress Garden Water Ski Show Great events that created a lot of free publicity. At the right with the 2.500.000th visitor, the Floriade Promo Team and the Floriade Events Department. July 1992
  87. 87. Telegraaf October 1992. Thanks also to Rabobank TV spot:; And….the first idea’s of a permanent flower show for 365 days ..Holland Flower World
  88. 88. The Floriade Sponsors Meeting 2/11/92 ; Jan van Grondelle, Sony ; KLM, DAF, Lou Melchers, Oranjeboom , KPN, P. Bassa, Alcoa ; Dorrith Zijdeveld-Rademaker, Rabobank; Piet Lambrechts, Interpolis and the sponsor account manager Monique van Bijsterveld
  89. 89. 280 persons without a job in October 1992 Advertisement to promote all the employees that created & operated this event!
  90. 90. Six candidates for Floriade 2002 ! Despite deficit Floriade 1992 of 7,4 % (Dfl 8 million) on budget of Dfl 107million. Flower Trade Magazine April 1993. All candidates stated that they would not create a financial deficit!
  91. 91. Deficit ; BUGA DM 43 Mio; IGA DM 67 Mio. A Horiculture Exhibition will never make a profit ! Stuttgarter Zeitung October 25th 1994
  92. 92. First discussions on a profit and loss of a Floriade Haagse Courant November 10th 1994
  93. 93. The “ profit “ of the Floriade 1992 was in The Legacy The sale of the 92 ha Floriade grounds and infra structure to project developers generated Dfl 22 million more as budgeted . The additional loss of the Exhibition Operations was compensated by the additional profit from the Exhibition Legacy.
  94. 94. No financial loss predicted for Floriade 2002 ! Here we go again….Algemeen Dagblad November 11th 1994
  95. 95. A toast on a positive financial result of all future Floriade’s ! By the management team of Floriade 1992 : Jo Spithoven, President; Dick Bosman, Technical Director; Hans van Driem, Commercial Director and Arie Groot, Secretary. August 2002 at a reunion at Floriade 2002.
  96. 96. Managing Director Walibi Flevo 1993-1999
  97. 97. Press Conference launch Walibi Flevo Founder & Owner of Walibi, Eddy Meeus and Hans van Driem. July 5th 1993. Jessica van der Kaap…thanks for all the support at the start!
  98. 98. Building Walibi Flevo in 6 month’s.; Speech Flevohof November 24th 1993.;
  99. 99. Opening Walibi Flevo May 7th 1994 Official opening Walibi Children Village by Frido van Driem and TV Celebrities Carlo & Irene.
  100. 100. Re-opening Suspended Looping Coaster. To reassure the public that the ride is safe after the accident on July 6th 1994, Maurits & Hans van Driem take off with the first flight.;
  101. 101. Walibi Festival Grounds Adjacent to Walibi Flevo are the Festival Grounds of 6o ha. Designed to host festivals of up to 60.000 persons. In 1993 we started a rental agreement with Mojo for Lowlands. The first Lowlands was financial disaster! (left) In 1995 we hosted the World Jamboree, Home & Garden 1996, etc. We tried everything , even Huis & Tuin (1998) with Rob, Nico & Irene. Thanks Rinus Olierook and Henk Visser; you did a tremendous job!
  102. 102. The Movie Stunt Show: King Salomon’s Mines Produced by Peter Alexander, Totally Fun Company, Walbi Flevo presented the first movie stunt show in Europe in April 1995. A perfect tool for publicity in all major Dutch newspapers in the years to come. (Picture AD April 12th 1997);
  103. 103. The Water Stunt Show: Back to the Sixties Hans van Driem, Ingeborg Wassenaar, Dick Rowe and Eddy Meeus, Summer 1997
  104. 104. First Sketch: Holland Movie World Resort Due to the success of the 2 movie stunt shows, plans were developed for Holland Movie World Resort and attractions based on the Dutch movies such as The Lift, Flodder and Amsterdamned. Robert Jan and me presented this case to students of The Baak, Noordwijk. With thanks of all input by Walter Louwerse, Sjors van Egmond and Henk Blauw. 1996/ 1997.
  105. 105. Walibi Flevo Brochures & TV Commercials With thanks to Paul Holtkamp, Wiebe Knoop and Peter Zeylmaker. TV spots of Walibi Flevo:;;;;;
  106. 106. The first Dutch Docu-Soap TV Series: Polderpret:; The cast of the Docu-Soap: Liesbeth van der Kaaden, Ingeborg Wassenaar, Walter van der Neut, Adriaan Klok, Hans van Driem and Robert Jan Möhlmann. It boosted our attendance to 654.851 in 1999.
  107. 107. The greatest Theme Park Team on Earth! Thanks to Liesbeth, Rudi, Hans, Adriaan, Nico, Simon and all the others
  108. 108. Managing Director Six Flags Holland 1998-2000
  109. 109. Six Flags …here we come! March 1998 Take-over by Premier Parks…happy future ahead!?
  110. 110. First Designs & Artist Impressions Many lessons learned from Les Hudson, chief designer Six Flags USA….thanks Les!
  111. 111. Press Conference December 8th 1999 Introduction of Six Flags Holland . With the characters of Looney Tunes and Dan Aylward , ceo Europe.
  112. 112. Roller Coaster Capital of Europe First test by Father Christmas Six Flags Holland in the news: Sometimes exaggerated , sometimes hilarious. December 1999.
  113. 113. First year of opening 2000: 1.3 million visits. It is all about motivating the staff and re-investment…. to keep up the numbers in the years after! Total investment in Six Flags Holland : Dfl 100 million for Walibi Flevo, including purchase Flevohof, plus Dfl 140 million = Grand total circa € 115 million.
  114. 114. The greatest green team: Henk & Arnoud Henk Visser and Arnoud Lutgerink with my show Cadillac…featured in the docu-soap Polderpret.
  115. 115. Managing Director Holland Marketing 2000-2007
  116. 116. Surprise…? September ANVV magazine
  117. 117. Signing of new contract with Ministry of Economic Affairs Signing a new subsidy contract of 23 million euro with the Secretary of Economic Affairs Gerrit Ybema on October 2001 in the presence of Guido van Woerkom , member of the supervisory board of TRN/NBTC.
  118. 118. It will take time to implement “ change” Recreactie November 2000.
  119. 119. Departure of Wim Dik as Director of the Board In 2002, Wim Dik left as president of the supervisory board. His intellect, political experience & management skills were greatly missed in the following years.
  120. 120. Introduction new “ look & feel” website and logo of this strategic important marketing tool . 2003.
  121. 121. Opening Holland House, Stockholm Opening with Titti Lagerveld. Joint promotions with Holland Brand. November 2003
  122. 122. Budget cut NBTC € 5,5 million Presentation of Theme Years by Hedwig Wassing. Reduction of government subsidy is effecting the promotion of Destination Holland. November 2003.
  123. 123. Why do tourists travel ? 150.000 international teenagers are visiting each year Amsterdam for hashish. NBTC is not allowed to promote this tourism segment….Transavia did! Dutch Financial Times August 7th 2004 and Telegraaf February 22th 2005.
  124. 124. NBTC Expands: Opening Office Beijing Official opening with Director China NBTC , Eddie Yang. 2005
  125. 125. Welcome of Chinese Tourists at Schiphol. In 2005 we predicted that the number of Chinese Tourists would increase to 350.000 in 2015, 500.000 in 2020 and ultimately 1.000.000 million in the decades to come. Arnold Burlage of the Telegraaf published a number of interviews in which I confirmed these predictions, which were met with disbelief by most staff and politicians. The introduction of new potential markets like China and India and new tools like internet , made the change process in a traditional DMO organizations ….rather difficult
  126. 126. The manual for a total re-design of a DMO The turnaround of a traditional, heavily subsidized NGO to a commercial DMO according to the principles of Disney. Including the introduction of new S&M tools such as internet, database marketing and focus on new markets, China, India, Russia, etc. A “bridge too far” for most politicians and NBTC staff, who could not grasp that a “simple attraction park like Disney or Universal” used a much more sophisticated Destination Marketing Strategy compared with a (Semi) Governmental Promotion Organizations.
  127. 127. Next…the opening of the first office in India Celebration of IIFA “Bollywood Film Festival” in Amsterdam with actress & super star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and the start of Holland Promotion in India. April 16th 2005
  128. 128. India Office & SanJeet. One of the best tourism experts I worked with: SanJeet of Buzz Travel Marketing! SanJeet …Thanks for everything!
  129. 129. Low Fare Airlines will boost tourism to Holland Point to point traffic of LCC’s brings more tourists to Holland compared with KLM’s hub/transfer. Schiphol & NBTC versus KLM . Who will get the last slots? Financial Telegraaf October 15th 2004 and September 29th 2005
  130. 130. Promotion in China top priority. At the start of Hans Klok China Tour in 2006. September 7th 2005
  131. 131. Emergency Plan Holland After 9/11and the tsunami in Thailand it became clear that an emergency plan was required to assist tourists at a destination. On a average day 30-60.000 international tourists in Holland need information in various languages, after a natural disaster or terror attack . I was amazed that the Dutch Government was “ rather surprised” about this initiative and had not developed any plan for the evacuation of international tourists. Even more disturbing is the fact that the Dutch Security Services seems unaware, up to this day ( Oct 2015), of tourist locations that are highly vulnerable for terror attacks …in numbers and…for symbolic reasons.
  132. 132. Peter de Jong President & CEO of PATA & Alwin Zecha Chairman of Pacific Leisure Group. The founders of the great concept of a global chain of D.M.O.’s “ Integrated Destination Strategies” . A missed opportunity for NBTC to join….from 2007 onwards.
  133. 133. Holland City The name Holland City was introduced in the business plan NBTC for 2005 in combination with a logo. For most NBTC staff and VVV organizations this was at that moment (2005) “ a bridge too far “. .
  134. 134. Mission accomplished. What is next? Target for NBTC was an increase of tourists from 9,3 million in 2003 to 10 million in 2006, Minister of Economic Affairs . June 30th 2004. Algemeen Dagblad. Historic growth of tourism to Holland to 10,9 million in 2006. Target achieved with + 10% ! Bonus? Telegraaf January 9th 2007.
  135. 135. Holland Business Promotion Office 2007-2010
  136. 136. June 4th 2007, Opening Holland Business Promotion Office The start with Ivo Opstelten, mayor of Rotterdam.
  137. 137. Schiphol Airport. The economic engine of Holland City. From left to right: The Mayor of Madurodam, Ab van Ravenstein , director EVD and Ivo Opstelten, Mayor Rotterdam
  138. 138. HBPO Meetings Holland Heineken House Beijing 2008 Hans van Driem coördineert Nederlandse missies in Peking Slag om Olympiade begonnen door ARNOLD BURLAGE PEKING, vrijdag De Olympische Spelen in Peking zijn naast de vele sportieve krachtmetingen ook het strijdtoneel geworden voor het gevecht om volgende Olympiades. Nederland blaast al voorzichtig zijn partijtje mee… voor die in 2028. Directeur Hans van Driem van het Holland Business Promotion Office ziet het allemaal onder zijn ogen gebeuren. „De businessclub van het Holland Heineken fungeert eigenlijk als skybox, nu niet op de bovenste ring van een stadion, maar hier in het Holland Heineken Huis”, zegt hij.„In Peking vind je nu niet alleen alle internationale sportbobo’s, ook vertegenwoordigers van bedrijfsleven, regeringen en politici lopen hier nu rond om alvast wat kaarten te schudden. Het Holland Heineken Huis is daarvoor zo’n ontmoetingsplek geworden. We spelen daarop ook in met – zeg maar – de eerste lessen hoe we het klaar moeten spelen om de Olympiade in Nederland te krijgen.” Grote expert Mike Lee, die Londen met de juiste strategie en • Directeur Hans van Driem van het Holland Promotion Office. FOTO: DE TELEGRAAF Van Driem vervolgt: „Onbegrijpelijk dat niemand zich realiseerde dat de komst van een delegatie namens een stad van in het gunstigste geval 600.000 inwoners bij een bezoekje aan Peking met bijna 20 miljoen inwoners weinig indruk maakt.” De mogelijkheden zijn te talrijk en te aantrekkelijk om het verkeerd of niet aan te pakken. ’Mister Holland’ daarover: „Ik heb het 1 de afgelopen weken tijdens mijn verblijf MET in China opnieuw vastgesteld. Voor de werving van toeristen uit dit onmetelijke land zijn 10.000 hotelkamers nodig, geen de luxe 4- of 5-sterrenhotels, eenvoudiger The start for the bid of the Olympic Games 2028 in Holland City.
  139. 139. HBPO Program Beijing 2008
  140. 140. The Rotterdam Delegation To prepare the bid for the Olympic Games 2028: the Rotterdam Delegation . Hans den Oudendammer , Rotterdam Topsport, Ria Jongste, Adriaan Visser,
  141. 141. Japan-Holland 400 years, 2009 HBPO seminars & presentation at Hamamatsu Exhibition of Horticultural Art. In front Niek Roozen, the architect of the HBPO pavilion and Ed van der Feer from WFIA..
  142. 142. Holland Pavilion at World Expo Shanghai 2010 ( Walbi fans sorry …please note: I did not build the Goliath; I meant El Condor.)
  143. 143. China-Holland Meetings Guy Wittich ,Director Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency China (NFIA)
  144. 144. Investment Opportunities 2010 Seminars held at MIPIM, Cannes; Expo Real, Munchen ; IAAPA, Las Vegas; City Scape, Abu Dhabi; DEAL, Dubai; World Expo, Shanghai; etc. And…back to my core business, “Development of leisure & Hospitality Projects”
  145. 145. The last official activity for HBPO & retirement The end of the HBPO project Investment Opportunities in Leisure & Hospitality, was the start of IDS.
  146. 146. International Destination Strategies Projects
  147. 147. Floriade Emmen 2002 Market study , March 1993.
  148. 148. Bible Theme Park “ Diamonda” Second Opinion Location and Creative Concept with vicar ds.Tukker . Summer 1995
  149. 149. UFO Experience Center Feasibility Study February-September 1999
  150. 150. Terra Botanica, Angers Creative Concept and Business Plan. My first consultancy project within a team of real theme park professionals: Ira West, John Collins, Emmanuel Mongon, Michael Bonfante and Bill Reynolds. January-July 2000. Thanks Monique van Bijsterveld and Rob Lohman for all assistance!
  151. 151. Flora- Land Second Opinion Business Plan May 2000
  152. 152. Resort Tulip Paradise. Advice Design & Operations Section Flower Park, Zhenjiang, China, 2009
  153. 153. Fleuroland Lobby for this project of the ex-manager Keukenhof Henk Koster and Ton van Wijlen. 2009-2012
  154. 154. Equitheme Europe 2010-present The greatest Horse Show on Earth. Several locations have been investigated for this project such as Limburg , Holland; Aspendos Turkey; etc.
  155. 155. Holland Horse City A great project and…..the feasibility is still in progress at other potential locations in Holland. Nicolas, Jan Erik, Klaas, Francis, Maarten, Camil, John and Liesbeth thanks for all the support at location “ one”.
  156. 156. Investors Road Show, Dubai 2011 With Francis Stokkel , Klaas Bruins Slot , Ballast Nedam, Stephan van de Wall, Dutch Consul and some Arab friends at Meydan Racecourse to promote our project Holland Horse to Middle East investors.
  157. 157. Adventure World Warsaw October 1th 2010- September 30th 2011
  158. 158. Press Dinner & Conference Warsaw July 2011 Press Diner with e.g. Peter Mulder, Henk Roodenburg & Charlotte van Etten ,Vekoma, Jan Maarten de Raad, Jora Vision and journalists from Kirmes & Park Revue, First Drop, Euro Amusement Professional , Park World and Interpark.
  159. 159. From a potentially successful national attraction park to an unrealistic international mega resort. IDS assisted in the development of the first phase of AWW as a attraction park like Walibi, but terminated the contract in September 2011, when Imtech entered and the project grew to unrealistic proportions. Come on Peter …let us try again! “Drie maal is scheepsrecht! “
  160. 160. Kownaty Park, Poland
  161. 161. History of Poland Park A first try out to find the right formula for Kownaty Park in Poland. Left with Martijn van Rheenen, ceo Momentum, the Mayor of Kownaty, Nicolas de Villiers, ceo Puy du Fou , etc. Right: at EAS Berlin October 9th 2012 with Chris Connor.
  162. 162. Plopsa & Kownaty Park IDS successfully introduced Plopsa as potential partner to United Momentum on January 18th 2012. Daniel Heinst was suggested by IDS as manager of the project on August 12th 2012. On March 31st 2013 IDS terminated the contract as focus was required on the new project, Park 21. On May 2015 an agreement was signed between Plopsa and Momentum.
  163. 163. Puy du Fou 2013-present
  164. 164. Cooperation Puy du Fou-IDS Nicolas de Villiers and Hans van Driem signed a letter of intent in 2013 with regard to the international development of the creative concept of Puy du Fou.
  165. 165. Park 21, Haarlemmermeer January 2013-March 2015
  166. 166. Park 21 At the IAAPA Booth of Park 21; Rob van Aerschot and Bob Rogers of BRC Imagination Arts. IDS developed the creative design briefing for Park 21 and assisted in the promotion of the project at IAAPA Orlando 2013 & 2014 and EAS 2014.;
  167. 167. The Bridge 2010-present
  168. 168. Projects Left: Indoor theme park Tilburg. Second opinion technical & financial feasibility. Robert Jan en Gerrit Brink bedankt ! . Right: Rotterdam leisure zoning plan
  169. 169. HollandWorld™ 1993-present
  170. 170. HollandWorld™ The concept of Holland Flower World, The Greatest Flower Show on Earth & Holland Water World were conceived during/ after the Floriade 1992 The concept of Holland Logistics was conceived in 2008 in conjunction with the presentations in the Dutch Pavilion at the World Expo Shanghai. Holland History World was conceived during the discussions with Puy du Fou and others in 2011. The first total concept of HollandWorld was conceived in 2003 during meetings with Schiphol., Dorien Lels.;
  171. 171. Holland Needs A Second Gate The future of tourism to Holland and the first outline of HollandWorld™. NRIT Magazine March 2012. For full text see; news.
  172. 172. Disneyland? Eigen schuld Amsterdam. Pretpark Amsterdam. NRC May 2th 2014.  De Amerikanen die met vijf kilometer per uur lallend ov er de Damstraat bierfietsen: liever niet. De Britten die een vrijgezellenfeest op de Wallen vieren met een kroegentocht: nee, dank u.  Drukte is prima, fijn, brengt geld binnen. Maar er zijn verschillende soorten drukte, lijkt stadsdeel Centrum te willen zeggen. En sommige vormen zijn een bron van ergernis en horen eigenlijk niet thuis in de binnenstad. Het is vooral de voorzitter van de bestuurscommissie Boudewijn Oranje (D66) die de discussie weer heeft aangewakkerd. In Trouw zei hij twee weken geleden onder andere dat er overlast veroorzaakt wordt door mensen „die de stad zien als decor voor een Disneylandervaring. Of voor vrijgezellenfeesten waarbij ze met een grote piemel op hun muts door de stad trekken.” Weg met de ongein, en een ‘monocultuur’ zoals in Venetië moet worden vermeden.  Hij verwoordt het wat anders, maar in feite staat hetzelfde in het nieuwe bestuursakkoord van het stadsdeel, mede het werk van coalitiegenoten GroenLinks en PvdA. Samen willen ze „initiatieven in groepsverband” terugdringen: de pubcrawls (kroegentochten), bierfietsen, de partysloepen. Daar werkt het stadsdeel niet aan mee. Het liefst verdwijnen de touringcars en de kenmerkende hop on-hop off-bussen ook. Hypocriet gedrag, vindt Iers correspondent Peter Cluskey, al jaren woonachtig in Nederland. Hij schreef deze week voor The Irish Times een opiniestuk waarin hij in reactie op Boudewijn Oranje uithaalt naar de stad. Amsterdam Disneyland? Eigen schuld, de stad koos er destijds zelf voor – koos zelf voor het geld. „Het is een kwestie van ruimtelijke ordening”, legt hij uit. „De stad heeft deze gebieden zich zo laten ontwikkelen, en ze hebben veel belastinggeld binnengekregen. Nu realiseren de autoriteiten zich dat ze een probleem hebben en proberen ze coffeeshops en ramen te sluiten, omdat het duidelijk te ver is gegaan. Waar waren de planologen toen dit gebeurde?” Bij Amsterdam Marketing, de voornaamste marketingorganisatie van de stad, hebben ze het stuk gelezen en zijn ze het er helemaal niet mee eens. „Ik vind het heel kort door de bocht. Er is nooit een moment geweest waarop we hebben besloten om van Amsterdam een Disneyland te maken”, zegt woordvoerder Machteld Ligtvoet. Ze sluit zich aan bij de kritiekpunten van het stadsdeel. En nieuw is de discussie helemaal niet, zegt ze: „We zijn hier al jaren op de achtergrond mee bezig.” Ze snapt Oranjes opmerking over Venetië als schrikbeeld voor Amsterdam. „Die opmerking is niet naar bedoeld, maar hij heeft wel gelijk. Het is ontzettend fijn als we veel bezoekers trekken, maar het moet wel een leefbare stad blijven. Ons heilige woord: balans.” Niet alleen het heilige woord van Amsterdam Marketing: Oranje hamerde er deze week in een ingezonden stuk in Het Parool ook op: „kwaliteit in een bruisende binnenstad, waar balans het centrale thema is”. „De bierfietsen zul je ons nooit zien promoten”, zegt Ligtvoet. „Niemand wordt blij van mensen die twintig bier hebben weggewerkt.” Dat soort toeristen zijn er ook al minder volgens haar. „Eerlijk gezegd reageren die toeristen het best op de bierprijzen. Volgens mij trekken ze nu allemaal naar Oost-Europa.” Even terug in de tijd: in 2002 zegt toenmalig directeur van het huidige Nederlands Bureau voor Toerisme & Congressen Hans van Driem in een vakblad: „Ik ben als toerismeman een warm voorstander van een soort Disneyficering van de Amsterdamse binnenstad.” Entertainment moest centraal staan, Disneyficering was „de redding voor kleine ondernemers”. Twaalf jaar verder en het woord heeft in de discussie een heel andere lading gekregen. Ligtvoet schiet hard in de lach als ze ervan hoort.
  173. 173. Floriade 1993 – present.
  174. 174. Holland Central , Floriade 2022 Advice dynamic packaging & lessons learned . March 2011.
  175. 175. Floriade 2012 Forecast estimated number of paid visits : 1.750.000-2.000.000 . February 21th 2012.
  176. 176. World Horticultural Exhibition Floriade IDS has produced various reports about the World Horticultural Exhibition Floriade, which is held every 10 years in the Netherlands. The latest report “Past, Present & Future of the Floriade” is available at request.
  177. 177. Expo 2016 Speech “ lessons” learned with regards to World Expo’s . April 27th 2012. Antalya, Turkey
  178. 178. 10. My Other Positions
  179. 179. Floriade Advisory Board With Dick Bosman Technical Director Floriade 1992 at Floriade workshop Rabobank
  180. 180. Member European Travel Commission E.T.C. 2000-2006
  181. 181. Member of the Dutch Board for Hotel Classification. 2003-2006
  182. 182. Jury Dutch Event Award With Theo Strengers, Hans Breukhoven, Sonja Stalvoort and Frank Go. 2002-2008
  183. 183. Dutch Hospitality Manager of the Year Member of the jury 2002-2010.
  184. 184. Europe City Advisory Board 2005-2008
  185. 185. Olympic Committee OS 2028 Holland City 2006-2012
  186. 186. NHTV Breda University Supervisory Board Member of the board 2004-2012 Farwell party with Guido van Woerkom, President Dutch Automobile Association, ANWB; Nicolas de Villiers, CEO Puy du Fou, Jan Eric Alderlieste Director Puy du Fou International and Reinoud van Assendelft
  187. 187. Guest Lecturer Leisure & Hospitality Industry Saxion 2009 - present
  188. 188. 11. The Golden Team Members
  189. 189. The NBBS Team Hotel contracting tour in winter 1974 with Pierre Remijn at Veysonnaz. Dinner with the team at the new apartment of Pierre & Cilly Remijn,
  190. 190. The Tourist Board The Hague Team Mary Rovers, Ellen de Smalen and Cilly van der Ploeg.
  191. 191. Team Crest Hotels Benelux. Piet Boogert, Catherine Michot, André Scheyvaerts, Annemiek Ponten, Vivian Vogels, Martine Dil, Vincent van Rest, Maudy van Ommen, Marese Ornee, Hans Kennedie, Frank van Eck, Marielle Kooper, etc. At the right….sales & operations …are the basis for success! Kees Blom, Crest Hotel Papendrecht with his team.
  192. 192. The Golden Girls Maudy Kellerman and Marèse Ornée
  193. 193. Old Crest soldiers never die, they just fade away. Schiller Hotel December 10th 2002
  194. 194. The Floriade Team
  195. 195. The two V.I.P.’ s of the Floriade 1992 Cees de Vrieze & Mariette Veerman. Cees worked 24 hours a day in planning, building & construction. Mariette organized the back of the house of the commercial department.
  196. 196. The Walibi Team At the opening of the new party center.
  197. 197. The Walibi/Six Flags Team Liesbeth van Der Kaaden, Hans & Jaqueline Smith, Richard Jonker, Rudi & Irisha DeClercq, Robert-Jan & Anneke Mohlmann,
  198. 198. The Walibi/Six Flags Support Team Sandra van Weezel and Margaret Klomp
  199. 199. The Suppliers Support Team Paul Holtkamp, Frans Buis, Wiebe Knoop ( Picture missing), Marèse en Rolf Ornée, Peter van Bilsen and Charlotte van Etten, Peter Zeylmaker. For Crest Hotels, Floriade , Walibi, NBTC ….plus
  200. 200. TRN Team At the start in 2000….around 90 persons staff at headoffice!
  201. 201. The Political Support Team of NBTC The implementation of a political decision of the Dutch Parliament in the strategy of NBTC required the support the leisure & hospitality industry. Jeu Claes, Director Dutch Hotel Association, Tim Bolweg Director Dutch Association of Resorts & Campings and André Vink, Director Dutch Association of Watersport Companies. Thanks Jeu, Tim and André!
  202. 202. The NBTC Support Team Si Jing, Sengul, Janny, Jolande and Kris…thanks very much for all patience and support during my mission impossible !
  203. 203. The Holland Promotion Team The sales & marketing efforts of the Dutch Leisure & Hospitality Industry Sector are responsible for 95% of the increase of international tourism to Holland. In practice, Dutch DMO’ s contribute minimally to the increase of visitors, although politically they claim the opposite. It is the story of the elephant (Industry) and the mouse (DMO) who crossed a wooden bridge and the mouse turned back and said: “We sure shook that bridge, didn’t we!” After 45 years in the industry I agree that only a minimal governmental subsidy for DMO’s is justified.
  204. 204. The HBPO Development Team Ria Jongste….the founder of HBPO.
  205. 205. The HBPO Hospitality Team Siebe en Ellis Terband of Catering Concepts with hostess
  206. 206. The HBPO Support Team Trijnie Vlietstra, Kris van Meel, Amir Ali Abadi, Wendy de la Rambelje . ( Missing Roy Fu and Mali Pan) Thanks all of you for a great 4 years at HBPO!
  207. 207. The best driver in the world! Jan Kip, ex traffic policeman and my driver for most of the 10 years at NBTC and HBPO. From Epe to The Hague an back every working day for 10 years is an estimated 600.000 km. Jan…thanks for all the support and safe driving!
  208. 208. The IDS Team With special thanks to: Rob Lohman for his advice in the start up period and practical support. Monique van Bijsterveld , who was a great help during our first “ Flower “ projects. Reinoud van Assendelft ,who helped with moderating meetings and political support Rober Jan Möhlmann, the magician with all the financial excel calculations and…humor! Liesbeth van Der Kaaden, our Queen of Food and Retail concepts and great business partner
  209. 209. 12. Major Events Attended
  210. 210. 100 Years Rijks HBS Gouda The first large event in which I played a minor role, but already learned that original entertainment, improvisation, luck and teamwork is important in our business. As part of the 100-year festivities, the theater play “The black sheep of the family” was presented in the City Theater Hall before 800 people. I played the role of a “confused minister”. I genuinely surprised the rest of the cast, as I had forgotten my text and created a new version on the spot. The confusion this created was hilarious and thanks to good teamwork, we made a great performance and got a standing ovation.
  211. 211. 100 years Hotel Des Indes March 18th 1982. Lunch with Prince Bernard, Brian Langton, etc….at the last minute I had to sit at the table as well … as one of the guests had cancelled! After lunch…. the cocktail party.
  212. 212. First “Run to the North Sea” April 1982 The official opening of the holiday season at Scheveningen Beach near our Europa Hotel. From the left: Ron Kuyt, Hans Stokman, Philippe le Clercq, Tom Sherif, Arnout Koek
  213. 213. Surprise Farewell Party July 5th 1986 Organized just before our move to Königstein, Frankfurt, Germany, at Chateau Marquette by Hans Haan and Jan van der Zijden. Our son Maurits van Driem is “sitting” between us…well aware of the importance of the meeting. Right picture, at the left our good friend Frans Buis of Buis Electra with his girlfriend Debby. At the right Boudewijn Keyser, my old VVV boss.
  214. 214. Opening First New Crest Hotel in Austria At the opening dinner of our new Alpenköning Crest Hotel in May 1986
  215. 215. L’Oreal Dinner Floriade, June 9th 1992 Great Party and big business for Floriade ..with an average price per attendee of Hfl. 1250,- ! Party’s like these contributed to our struggle for a financial break-even of this exhibition. Diner with Dick and Feikje Bosman.
  216. 216. Visit Princess Margaret, June 25th 1992. Memorable visit, as afterwards nobody wanted to pay for Princess Margaret’s lunch. Not the Princess, nor the British Embassy, nor the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So we decided to split the bill with Marks & Spencer’s and enjoyed an afternoon tea in the British Pavilion. Lesson learned: Always be careful when royals announce that they want to visit your event…who is going to pay the bill? Telegraaf June 26th 1992.
  217. 217. Diner with mr. Luns. As a former secretary of foreign affairs of The Netherlands, mr Luns was already famous for his jokes. We had a hilarious evening at the Sofitel Grand Amsterdam with Dolf and Ada Beuk, Willem Reimers, etc. October 1992.
  218. 218. World Championship Soccer 2004, Orlando. On invitation of Coca Cola to World Cup Soccer in Orlando 1994. Picture right: With Robert Ireland, General Manager Coca Cola Netherlands.
  219. 219. 5 Year Walibi Flevo Dinner and the premiere of the circus Vagebond at Walibi Flevo. With Wina Born, Robert Kranenborg, etc, Summer 1999
  220. 220. Retirement Dinner of Brian Langton, ceo IHG At the Retirement Dinner & Memory Lane of Brian Langton, September 20th, 1996 Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, Manchester. Left with Arie van der Spek , c.o.o. Europe of IHG and our good friend Eric Weekenstroo. Right: Vivian Vogels, Eduardo Martinez, Marese Ornee, John Blamey, Luciano Lusardi.
  221. 221. Memorable canal trip and visit Ans Markus, Untill August 31th 2000 my new position at NBTC had to be kept a public secret. My good friends Eric Weekenstroo and Peter Zeylmaker were already informed….hence the party at Ans Markus to celebrate!
  222. 222. Opening 3 D Holland Experience With Henri Remmers and Theo Schmitz, Amsterdam September 29 th 2000.
  223. 223. Laying the first brick for the Palace Hotel Noordwijk, October 6th 2000, At the invitation of Ilona and Jurgen Wondergem . One of my first “official acts” as Director TRN/NBTC.
  224. 224. Official Opening of the Alkmaar Cheese Market Alkmaar, July 2002.
  225. 225. Opening Duingalow 405 at Duinrell “ Alles für die Werbung” Fun with Roderick van Zuylen van Nijevelt and Muriel (From Scott & Muriel Magicians) Society , July 2002.
  226. 226. IAAPA Seminar 50th Years Efteling October 22th 2002
  227. 227. Opening Convention Center Amstelveen November 7th 2002
  228. 228. 130 years Holland America Line MS Oosterdam, Monday July 28, 2003. Diner with Henny and Herman van Deursen, Director of Cruise Development HAL. Henny has been the assistant nurse of my father , ships doctor at SS Nieuw Amsterdam.
  229. 229. National Oyster Party Organized by Ed van Dantzig. Middelburg September 2003
  230. 230. Olympic Games Athens 2004 August 2004.
  231. 231. Budapest 15-16 October 2004 3rd European Tourism Forum.
  232. 232. New Years Reception Royal Palace January 11th 2005. I knew everybody but ….nobody knew me!
  233. 233. Opening Event Office Beijing 2005 With Eddie Yang, Jeu Claes Director Dutch Hotel Association, Vice Secretary of China Ministry of Tourism, Dutch Ambassador in China, Huiping Cui, Dutch-Chinese Formula 2 driver, President Dutch Hotel Association. October 2005. Eddie thanks for a great first job done!
  234. 234. IHRA 2005 Beijing October 28-30th 2005 Beijing.
  235. 235. Bollywood reception June 9th 2006 India International Film Academy (IiFA) in Sofitel Amsterdam with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
  236. 236. Amsterdam-Beijing Classic Car Rally Official finish of the rally at The Wall near Beijing with e.g. Prince Pieter Christiaan, Dutch ambassador Van den Berg. Photo : Yao Yuecan of CITS, Yu Debin, Vice director of Beijing Tourism Administration, Louis Frankenhuis ceo OAD Travel. Dinner August 11th 2006 with performance of Li Min .;
  237. 237. Opening Dutch Parliament 2006 Attending Prinsjesdag 2006 The Hague.
  238. 238. 25th Peter Stuyvesant Ball NYC November 17th 2006.
  239. 239. Gala Schiller Hotel With Piet Boogert and Pieter Bonnema, November 21th , 2007.
  240. 240. Holland America Business Gala 2008 June 29th 2008
  241. 241. Gala diner MS Eurodam 2008 Gala dinner and maiden cruise at MS Eurodam. Our bond with the HAL. My father worked from1948 to 1961 for the HAL as a ships doctor at the SS Ryndam, SS Statendam, SS New Amsterdam and SS Rotterdam. To commemorate this we were present with the whole family. Thanks to Mai Elmar! June 27th 2008.
  242. 242. Olympic Games 2008 Attending the women’s hockey finals between China and Holland with my son Frido van Driem. Afterwards the celebrations of the Golden Dutch Team in the Holland Heineken House. August 2008. Marieke Reichwein…thanks for everything you did for us in China!
  243. 243. Japanese-Dutch Trade Relations 1609-2009 Luncheon at Ridderzaal The Hague, August, 25, 2009.
  244. 244. New York 400 September 2009.
  245. 245. 400 years New York-Holland 2009 My father sailed 50 years ago (1959) as ships doctor with the new SS Rotterdam and princess Beatrix to New York to celebrate 350 years NYC-Holland. SS Rotterdam with Princess Beatrix and Mr Luns on their way to New York. August 1959.
  246. 246. Meeting Prince Akishino of Japan. A meeting with the son of the Japanese Emperor at the reception in honor of 400 years Japan-Holland. What would my father & mother have said…as Japanese prisoners of war in camps like Aek Pamienke on Sumatra? Anyway…the prince was a nice guy. Okura Hotel, Hamatsu, Japan, September 18th 2009
  247. 247. Presenting Lessons learnt at OS 2008 in London. London, June 3th 2009 & March 3th 2010
  248. 248. Seminars World Expo 2010 2010 preparation for Chinese-Holland meetings during family dinner Roy Fu. Thanks Roy and Trijnie for all work you have done! June 2010
  249. 249. EuroCHRIE Amsterdam October 25th 2010
  250. 250. Visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, 2011 Invited by Francis Stokkel, Construction Manager Ferrari World, to check the fastest roller coaster in the world (260 km/h). Luckily it was out of order….
  251. 251. Symposium “ The creators of Destinations” The President of the Board of Governors of NHTV Breda University of A pplied Sciences, Hans Uijterwijk, is very proud to host the symposium “ The Creators of Destinations” and cordially invites you to join this event. Symposium “ The Creatorsof Destinations” Thursday 31 May 2012 13.30 - 18.30 hrs Mgr. Hopmansstraat 1 Breda Are you involved in designing, fi nancing, building, maintaining or operating a destination? Academy of Hotel Management & F acility Management Academy for Digital Entertainment Academy for Leisure Academy for Tourism Academy for Urban Development, Logistics& Mobility Symposium and reception on May 31, 2012 as a farewell party after 8 years at Supervisory Board NHTV
  252. 252. 13. Where did we live. Ex-pat communities, company houses, etc.
  253. 253. New York City, USA Second Avenue 30th, corner Second Street, fall 1973. “Pied a terre” at loft of Hein Jens.
  254. 254. Wassenaar, Holland 1975-1986 Moving from our apartment at Wittenburgerweg 54 to Germany on July 1986. Albertine still having fun during the first of 4 moves during my career.
  255. 255. Frankfurt, Germany 1986-1988 Königstein, Arndstrasse 4
  256. 256. Wassenaar, Holland, 1988-1993 Storm van ‘s Gravesandeweg 1c
  257. 257. Biddinghuizen, Holland 1993-1994 Cerespark 1, home at Flevohof with our garden of 200 ha!
  258. 258. Epe, Holland 1994-present Kamperweg 36.
  259. 259. 14. Hobbies & Other Interests
  260. 260. Sailing The best experience is to enter the harbor and drink a beer.
  261. 261. Tour operator and guide for family holidays The greatest but most critical group of tourists…. I ever worked for …
  262. 262. Gardening
  263. 263. City & Countryside Sightseeing by bike. With the IPhone as a guide
  264. 264. Visiting new type of family attractions & shows Our top 5 attractions & shows: 1. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Universal Studios. 2. Mission to Mars, Epcot. 3.The Organs of Fire, Puy du Fou, 4. Soldier of Orange, Dutch History Musical, 5. Pre-show “Minions Training” of Despicable Me Universal Studios.
  265. 265. World History From 2000 BC-2000 AD
  266. 266. WWII Vehicles, Planes and Ships Especially the smell and noise of the engines…
  267. 267. The War for Talent The promotion tool for a conference at the University of Groningen organized by Maurits van Driem (23)…..inspired by the hobby of his father..