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Happy children need happy parents and lots of wild nature, a life free from aritficial man-made limits. To grow up happy children also requires parents to make natural and healthy decisions in harmony with God and God made nature. Look at the happy smiling faces of all children on the following pictures. Then compare these pictures with kids playing in cities, in artificial playgrounds and you can easily recognize children's most preferred playground - God's nature!

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Happy children

  1. 1. Happy Children eBook This eBook is a very small excerpt from "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" To receive a full original of all "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" for FREE, please visit the "Spiritual Treasures page on Facebook" or go directly to the "Spiritual Treasures download" Happy Children Natural BeautyLook at the happy smiling faces of all children on the following pictures.Then compare these pictures with kids playing in cities, in artificialplaygrounds and you can easily recognize childrens most preferredplayground - Gods nature!Repeated times I have been told that countries like Philippines are toodangerous for kids from Europe or the "first world". This below photoalbum about happy children, happy and smiling children playing safelyand happily in wild nature shall be my answer to all doubts and critiquesabout life and safety in our world made by God.The secret to children safety while playing in wild nature is that allthose parents here allow their children from earliest age to go outdoorwith their sisters and friends. Growing up in freedom, being told what todo and how to do is safely is far better way to parent children than to
  2. 2. prohibit everything except the few things you finally allow your childrento do ... under direct supervision of an "adult" guardian. Children growup faster and stronger if they are allowed to do whatever they areattracted and challenged to do on their own. The best way to educatechildren is to allow them all - but to teach them to do all safely and toexplain them in clear words all potential dangers and how to avoiddangers by properly handle objects or situations.Below you will see happy children of young age handling with barehands toxic jellyfish. The same children also know how to handle abunch of other local animals like snakes and insects.The result of allowing them to do all - while at the same time teachingchildren how to do all safely or how to assess properly dangers in aparticular situation will lead to more mature happy children ready toexperiment on their own and to make decisions and to properly assesssituations in life to avoid all accidents.If everything is allowed, then nothing has to be done in secret or hidden.Hence all playing in nature takes place in public and thus more or lessunder some control and supervision of adults with more experience.Accidents often occur when things have to be done in secret. Hiddenfrom adults or parents. In hiding the natural relaxation is gone, the flowand inspiration as well. Stress occurs in children because they have tohurry to make sure no adults see what they do and under such artificialand tense situations accidents occur. The fearful attracts the object offear. Accidents occur to show the parents that it would have beenbetter to explain their children how to do all safely by allowing childrento practice under parental or adults guidance and supervision the firstfew times. In Gods creation everything is allowed and God always isavailable to all to guide, to advise, to show better or safer methods or toshow well in time when things risk to get out of control. We on earthcould be very same - positive examples in all we do to allow all ourchildren as well as all our neighbors children to do exactly what we doand do to it the way we do it.My grand-father used to smoke cigars - I was some 4-5 years old and henever told me to stay away from cigars, contrary he offered me to tryhis cigars. Hoping I might puke he handed his cigar, I suck a few timesand disliked the taste and smell. Hence I never had the need nor urge tosmoke in hiding from my parents and finally I never was smoking. Onlyactivities that are prohibited are of interest to children. If you allow all,then children can make up their own mind and happy children have theirown mind and their own healthy judgment as well. Sometimes commonsense in happy children is far better developed than common sense inunhappy adults.
  3. 3. CONTENTNatural beauty is the result of happinessBeauty is a natural gift to all childrenChildren playing in treesCity children in man made playgroundA tree can take a lot of load in happy childrenMaintenance free toys for childrenPlaygrounds in cities - all artificialHappy children on a wide clean beach just for kidsBoats and boating - a natural attraction for all childrenPacific ocean - boating in real waters for all childrenStrong parents have strong and happy childrenGirls and boys are adventurous and strongWhere are the parents ?If you want to get a heart attack or die of stress ...Wild jungle attracts children and adventurersChildren love to have funChildren love beauty in natureThe ocean is as attractive to children as is the jungle behind the beachBeautiful jungle sceneryChildren playing in Pacific OceanDangerous games always are more attractive and more exciting than boring gamesDangers and children - prevent dangers, prohibit dangers or teach safe handling ofdangers ? What is the best method of parentingChildren find happiness - children see the source of happinessThere is always someone to take care of smaller onesOne and one - really safe
  4. 4. Happy children playing chessBoating for young menDigging for treasure?Being alone never means being lonelyAll ocean is full of life to exploreHappy children always are beautiful childrenLoving each other - true love - just love and nothing but loveAll 3 girls are different - all 3 girls are pretty, beautiful and lovingThere never is need to ask parentsSharing happy moments with a best friendWild angel children full of energy and enthusiasmShared fun always is multiple funIn God we all are one big familyBed time - time to sleep - together like one familyMothers too stay here - sleep all in one roomFalling asleep is quite a long processNow its serious about sleepingLike a big hugging family - sleeping side by side2 young men still fully active playing chess while all family starts sleepingHappy children need a clean nature environmentChildren love clean waterAre the waters you created clean enough for your childrenA village can serve work and be clean enough for childrenSmiling happy children in a natural environmentHaving friends requires freedom and timeA beautiful natural playground for an entire happy village
  5. 5. Small girls jumping into ocean from peerBest friends side by sideClean sandbox for children to enjoy
  6. 6. Natural beauty is the result of happinessNatural beauty is the result of happiness. Happiness isthe result of love. Love starts with parents - lovebetween father and mother and love between parentsand all world as well as love between parents andchildren.
  7. 7. Beauty is a natural gift to all childrenHappiness among children requires freedom to enjoy life and love.Without freedom no happiness - love always results in total freedom.In a free world children create their own fun and playing environment -hence in a loving world of freedom children always are happy andbeautiful as well as healthy and strong.
  8. 8. Children playing in treesFreedom only is of value in a natural environment with all the naturaltoys and God made playground for free use by all children. One of thegreatest attractions to all children seems to be climbing trees. Girls andboys were playing each day on trees for hours.The natural beauty of forest or jungle is far superior to the cityplaygrounds. Trees are sources of healing power made by God.
  9. 9. City children in man made playgroundCity children lack freedom and nature - hence city children lack the Godmade environment to grow strong, healthy and to be happy.
  10. 10. A tree can take a lot of load in happy childrenA tree can take a lot of load in happy children - yet nature is amaintenance free playground. All trees and naturaltoys recover by theself healing power of nature.My kids here loved to play for hours on that particular tree ...
  11. 11. Maintenance free toys for childrenNext day the same tree has fully recovered from his loving happychildren load. Nature has a built-in recovery and self-healing program.Nature is made to be loved but also to be enjoyed.
  12. 12. Playgrounds in cities - all artificialPlaygrounds in cities are expensive and no real fun at all. Artificialplaygrounds are expensive and need maintenance. Spending money forsomething with little or no real fun at all is stupid if at the same timewe have millions of trees, forests and natural areas available to allchildren. All children may need is permission to use and enjoy nature -permission from parents.
  13. 13. Happy children on a wide clean beach just for kidsNatural playgrounds are infinite, manifold and change day after day.Nature changes its face day after day eternally. Children love to haveever changing challenges and toys. Here the children love to play injungle, forests, on the beach and in the ocean. A natural playground ona huge empty beach in Bicol province - Philippines.
  14. 14. Boating for children - boating for adultsIn a small artificial lake in Baguio city children and adults enjoyboating. No one is allowed to actually row - its done by a boatmen. Funis limited to sitting and looking. The lake is just a few hundred metersin size.
  15. 15. Pacific ocean - boating in real waters for all childrenHappy children are boating in pacific ocean as opposed to a boat in asmall artificial lake in Baguio city. Here the kids have total freedom touse all ocean to venture and play - to catch fish or just for fun. Realboats without adult supervision. Fun God made just for kids!!!
  16. 16. Strong parents have strong and happy childrenIf you - the parents - have taught your children to be safe by beingstrong, then you always know that your children are in safety. You havelived an adventurous life and shown your kids to be adventurous andstrong. Hence if someone asks you "where are your kids" then youknow to answer quietly "somewhere out there having fun" ...
  17. 17. Girls and boys are adventurous and strongNature is infinite because Gods creation is infinite. Strong kids alwayslove to discover new worlds and play together fun games. Kids grownup with all God given freedom always create their own games withoutcomputer or plastic. Creative mind and natural diversity is all kids needto invent new game scenario day after day.
  18. 18. Where are the parents ?Nature is made by God - all is made by God and all is within God. Allcreation, forests, oceans, jungle and more are all made by God. Henceall are controlled and maintained by God. Thus where ever you are - youare with God, where ever your kids are - they are with God. God createdall exciting playgrounds and living scenarios to the liking of his children- because we all are Gods children - made to the image of God - like allchildren made to grow up in happiness having fun.
  19. 19. If you want to get a heart attack or die of stress ...Imagine how stressful it could be for conventional city parents toalways think where are my kids, then see where they go and alwayskeep shouting "come back", "dont go to the water", "dont play in theforest", and all these daily DONTs. Even here among city people andcity parents I hear such DONTs day after day - thats why I love to bein nature, in province among healthy and loving people who have faithin their strength and faith in the strength of their own children made totheir image. Its the parents duty to introduce their children to Godsnature and to explain them how to safely enjoy ALL creation !! Howeveronly parents who know how to live in nature and how to enjoy naturewith love can be a living example - hence the first step of teaching kidsto have fun is to learn yourself to have fun in Gods nature - outsideyour office and factory, outside your home and garden - outside thefences you have set up to hide your own weakness and fear. To hideyour own lack of knowledge about Gods creation and God in general.Go out - you the parents - and learn to be strong, learn to have fun -learn to drop all fences you have built up inside your mind. Be free andhave fun in life. Fun is free - because nature is a gift of love from God toall HIS children of love.
  20. 20. Wild jungle attracts children and adventurersStrong children love adventures - strong children love to discover theunknown beyond the known horizons. It is up to the parents to guideour children into nature, to explain and teach children safe and lovingencounter of nature with all its animals, plants and surprises.To have happy children requires to have strong children and hence to bestrong and experienced father and mother. Mothers and fathers scaredof wilderness and nature are boring parents and above all weakparents. Parenting children with love requires to be strong in faith andstrong in life as a result of millions of smaller and larger experiences inall kinds of environments and all kinds of challenging situations.
  21. 21. Children love to have funNature grows and changes daily - eternally all creation is on the move.Hence true life is experienced and enjoyed as God planned and createdit for us all always is exciting and surprising. Let your children ventureinto nature when ever they wish to do so. Nature children are free fromstress, free from health problems, free from fear.
  22. 22. Children love beauty in natureHere in Bicol province I have repeatedly seen and heard children sayingWOW - a wow from the bottom of their heart when seeing naturalbeauty. Children here appreciate the God made exciting beauty innature. When kids here saw some of my pictures or the natural objectof my pictures, often they spontaneously said "wow". Children are bynature open for beauty and the healing aspect of beautiful nature.Here millions of children still have a natural beauty as a direct reflectionof their happy and healthy environment they grow up. The childrenshome is nature, the childrens home here is clean wild nature with all itshealing powers and built in attractions to keep all smiling, busy andhappy.
  23. 23. The ocean is as attractive to children as is the jungle behind the beachTo grow up on the beach of the Pacific ocean makes all children almostmermaid like. All love to play in the ocean or on the beach. Ocean hasinfinite hidden animals to explore. Hidden beauty and countlessresources for life. Fear of something new disappears as knowledge inhow to safely play with new environment grows. The more experienceschildren have - the less fear they have. It is up to the parents to createthe opportunity for children to learn and grow amidst nature with all itsmost valuable lessons for life and and all its treasure resources for ahealthy life.
  24. 24. Beautiful jungle sceneryChildren here are more happy than in other provinces encountered.Nature is more beautiful and more varied here than in most otherplaces seen. As a result all the families here are more loving amongeach other and with all their kids and relatives. Happy parents with auseful content in life, with a useful natural work to support life and togive life a beautiful sense always have happy children.If you love this beautiful jungle scenery, then you also may love thebeautiful nature and jungle pictures and jungle wallpapers.
  25. 25. Children playing in Pacific OceanThe ocean is one of the greatest unknown worlds to most humans. Afterthousands of hours underwater as a professional diving instructor Ihave never been bored one single minute. Sailing the oceans,windsurfing in the ocean or just diving or swimming or taking a bath - aclean tropical ocean always is a most healing and most excitingexperience you never get tired of. Children here love to be in the oceanor on the ocean from earliest years of life. Before the age of 10 mostkids learn to handle a boat all on their own in open ocean to venturemiles into the open ocean for fishing or just for fun!
  26. 26. Dangerous games always are more attractive and more exciting than boring gamesThese children search for jelly fish. To catch and neutralize them.Certain times of the year for a few months the ocean here is full ofdangerous jelly fish. Every few meters is one and they more so fast thatswimmers have no single minute in safety. Unless you have a group ofkids arranging your safety?Kids are adults in a children body. The children know very well what todo and how to do it .. IF parents teach their children how to handle alldangerous situations.
  27. 27. Dangers and children - prevent dangers, prohibit dangers or teach safe handling of dangers ? What is the best method of parentingHere the children learn early in life to properly and safely handledangers and dangerous situations. As shown in the photo youngchildren know exactly how to catch, how to hold and how to handlesafely any kind of dangers. The jelly fish shown here are among themost painful I have encountered so far in thousands of UW hours as adiving professional. Yet as shown - every single animal and accordinglyevery single dangerous situation always has a particular safeprocedure.It is the adults and particularly the parents duty and fun-job tointroduce all their children in early life to all safe living procedures. Lifeis fun only if life is adventurous. Kids are adventurous by nature unlessthe children have really ill and weak parents.Hence prohibiting to practice anything dangerous is nonsense. Mankindis attracted by nature by all - and even more by all that is beyond limitsor prohibited by adults. To crush limits and to break man made law isthe nature of ever human.Why ?Because God never gave any human ever a NO nor did God ever makeany laws prohibiting any activity at all. God gave us ONE singlecommandment - to love all - nothing more and nothing else. Hence wehave a natural instinct to learn to do all and to practice all. To do sosafely and with love requires freedom to practice, freedom to learn andexperience and thus also freedom to learn in public under directsupervision and guidance of our idols - the adults and parents.Any restriction in the freedom of children always results in disaster,illness and accidents.The only procedure leading to success and positive experiences is toallow all, to show how to do things safely and to teach how to do allwith love.
  28. 28. Children find happiness - children see the source of happinessChildren have a positive attitude - if children are allowed to be childrenand explore this world. Children love company of best friends to shareand enjoy happy hours and happy activities together.
  29. 29. There is always someone to take care of smaller onesGod watches over all - we watch over our best friends and all thosenear us. Hence all are always safe and fine. The natural mother-instinctstarts early in the life of girls. As a result girls care for smaller sistersand smaller friends like adult mothers would do - with love and truecare from the bottom of their hearts.
  30. 30. One and one - really safeFor some God is the one besides and they feel really safe. Others justlove to have a best friend along side in life to feel safe. To venture intolife with someone along is double fun and double joy. Children knowthat and love to share experiences together.
  31. 31. Happy children playing chessFor many hours often my children here could share one singlechessboard and play together. Zero quarrel - just smiling and havingfun
  32. 32. Boating for young menBoys here go early to sea - and come back as men. 6-8 ears is usuallythe age to start going to explore the ocean, catch fish or lobster andlearn the winds and waves. Some spend most of the night at sea liketheir fathers do. All on their own - just growing up kids and God. Howmuch more fun is that compared to the constant supervision by parentsand police we have in so many western countries ?
  33. 33. Digging for treasure?Treasure is what makes happy. Kids dig, search, explore to find newthings, new life, new objects that can be converted into toys. Exploringis a natural gift in all of us - exploring and searching the unknown.Since creation is infinite in size - the unknown is infinite in quantity aswell - hence the amount of potential fun to be found or created isinfinite as well and thus lasts for eternity for all of us - small or tallchildren.
  34. 34. Being alone never means being lonelyEvery once in a while a kid loves to go out alone - to be one with God inhis heart, to explore the garden of eden God has offered to all. Somekids can play for hours all alone without ever being lonely. Lonely iswho ever has his heart closed. As soon as your heart is fully open youalways feel the presence of someone comforting you and being withyou. A guardian angel or just Gods omnipresence can take away thefeeling of loneliness.To open your heart is something you have to do all on your own. Theswitch is in your mind. Your desire to love all, to forgive all, to be lovedby all is the key to open your heart.
  35. 35. All ocean is full of life to exploreA day-care center of very special kind is a beach with shallow water.Where ever you look you see tiny animals of many kind to observe or tocatch and hold.Boring is a word I never heard during my stay here among the happychildren. All always knew what to do all day and all night until fallingasleep. All kids here have been inspired to always stay busy having funand learning while having fun.God created nature always has been my source of fun all life - alltechnique always has been a source of frustration as well. Did you everENJOY playing a computer game ?Myself I really enjoyed playing with living beings, dancing, watchinganimals or talking to flowers and playing with human friends ...
  36. 36. Happy children always are beautiful childrenAll these children grown up in a province of extraordinary love, peaceand beauty in nature - in addition the parents here are among the mostloving ever seen. A true paradise. As a result all the children here enjoyexcellent health and are far above average beautiful.The beauty of a human is God given and natural. Beauty disappears inan environment of stress and fighting parents, in an environment ofrestriction in freedom such as USA or Europe.Strong parents give freedom, weak parents take or restrict freedom.Strength is a matter of love and heart. Strength results from true faithin God as well as from conducting a rightful working life combined withhaving fun amidst best friends and family.
  37. 37. Loving each other - true love - just love and nothing but loveLike best friends - all one family, helping each other and having funwith each other. Always sharing - sharing joy of life, sharing food,sharing work, sharing love, sharing time - sharing all.
  38. 38. All 3 girls are different - all 3 girls are pretty, beautiful and lovingThe older ones or stronger ones always care for the younger ones. Noneed for anyone to say a word. All girls here know what to do and howto be happy by making happy and caring for each other. Like a truefamily in God.A true paradise on earth - just one last step away from heaven and oureternal home in God.
  39. 39. There never is need to ask parentsAll children know what to do and how to do it safely. Always together,always caring for each other, always helping each other.Always young and old mixed - and all happy smiling all times.
  40. 40. Sharing happy moments with a best friendMany times children here sat together - 2 by 2 or in groups, withouttoys, without playing - just sharing love and being happy together. Alittle talking or just loving!
  41. 41. Wild angel children full of energy and enthusiasmThe children here love to be active - playing games, enjoyingtogetherness, having fun ... until a many hours later, may be very latenight the kids are tired and fall asleep.
  42. 42. Shared fun always is multiple funExperiences together join deep inside. Whatever you experience, withyour children, with your family, with your partner for life always joinsyou more and more the more you experience together.After years or lifetime of happy sharing together, the bonds become sostrong that these bonds of love last eternally, beyond this presentlifetime. Next time you meet one of the previous best friends youinstantly feel all the common you have and instantly continue whereyou ended your last happy togetherness. That is the reason why sometrue love stories start from the first sight, from the first minute withinstant infinite love free of any limits.
  43. 43. In God we all are one big familyFeeling like one family is beyond the intellectual knowledge. It is thefirst step to BE one family, to share all food together, to spend all lifetogether, to help each other and always be there FOR each other ...eternally.
  44. 44. Bed time - time to sleep - together like one familyMany of the visitors stayed all night here. Late night one by one the kidsgot tired and prepared for sleep. On the floor like usual here in thePhilippines. Together in one room with their best friends.Children love to be together, in an extended family with friends,relatives, visitors and may be mother or father. No matter where ...always together. Like a big hugging family many spent all night in myhouse during the week in paradise with smallest babies to adults alltogether in one room, just for fun.
  45. 45. Mothers too stay here - sleep all in one roomYou know how that is with kids. They often are tired, yet try to stayawake, fearing to miss some of the action that still might come ... Mykids here loved to be photographed all the time.
  46. 46. Falling asleep is quite a long processNo swearing, no angry mothers, ... those who are tired sleep, all othersdo whatever they love to do. Smart mothers remember their ownchildhood and how terrible it once was to be forced to sleep evenwithout being really tired. Sleep on command is artificial. Sleepingwhen tired is what God created.
  47. 47. Now its serious about sleepingThe older ones still play chess on the left, while the youngest onessurrendered to God and are falling asleep.
  48. 48. Like a big hugging family - sleeping side by sideDifferent physical families but one in their heart - hence togethersleeping as well side by side with their loved ones and best friends -sharing day and sharing night.
  49. 49. 2 young men still fully active playing chess while all family starts sleepingNO words of power to artificially impose sleeping or silence. All arehappy, playing chess or sleeping and dreaming. All are free to be happy- because all have loving mothers.The fathers of course are out at sea to go fishing and will return homeearly next morning with a load of fresh fish and sea food for all village.
  50. 50. Happy children need a clean nature environmentChildren need no sterile plastic playground, but children need a cleanGod made nature to grow up in a natural environment and to be trulyhappy.It is our adults responsibility to reduce our destructive industrialimpact on our entire nature and to clean up the mess created during thepast 100 or so years of global industrialization. No matter the cost!
  51. 51. Children love clean waterIs the water in your village clean enough for kids to play?I remember some 50+ years ago in my small city in Switzerland, theriver, creeks and ponds all were clean enough as childrens playground.Ten years later all was too smelly and too polluted to take a bath in thesame waters.
  52. 52. Are the waters you created clean enough for your childrenPurity is God made - pollution added by mankind. Our currentdestructive environment is created by adults - by most of us all.To keep all clean requires no investment at all but a reduction ofpollution and a refocus on our own values in life and our attitudetoward our children. Simple happy life requires NO investment but areduction in our spending and wasting of money and resources forwrong purpose in life. A happy life saves money in many ways - lessdivorces, less pollution to clean up - see current Gulf oil spill costs - lessillnesses and less accidents resulting in better health and much lowermedical expenses are but a few advantages of a simple life in harmonywith nature. Happy smiling children are but one of many side effects ofa life amidst a clean natural environment. Other benefits are lessalcoholism, less or no drug problems, no wars, etc!
  53. 53. A village can serve work and be clean enough for childrenWe can maintain a fully functional community and a clean nature all atonce.We all need to work - to provide food and all the true generic basicneeds for a happy life together. Above all it is about healthy naturalfood for all family and then about natural and above all affordablehousing. Both requires no additional money investment - but arestructure of our all attitude and way of life. If we change our goals inlife toward real values of life, then all our current activities may have toundergo severe scrutiny and many or our global industries may becomeobsolete.Money never can replace lost ones, money never can replace lost legsfrom land mines, money never can replace lost loved ones in accidentsor pollution induced illnesses.Love however can help us to shrink healthy again and become againone loving family without borders. A family where all our children canbe happy children and all adults can be true lovers again.God is Love - why have we completely forgotten how to love even themost basic way? It is time to re-establish true Christmas love all yearlong and thus to reconcile with all for a better future and morehappiness among all mankind.
  54. 54. Smiling happy children in a natural environmentParents and children at home in nature offers the best possibleenvironment for a healthy society.In all the decades of global travel and working I rarely ever saw a trulyhappy smiling child in a city environment or polluted environment.Here in the Philippines and several other places of the so called "3rdworld" countries happy smiling children are absolutely normal in allrural areas and remote islands.The reason is obvious:All have work in abundanceAll have a home and property for the homeAll have plenty of healthy fresh, organic food to eat (even if they haveno money) they have abundance in self grown healthy natural food ofall kind.People work for life and rarely for money. Thus people have no waste inlife and thus far more time for family and children. Time is essential forlove - no time = no love = no happiness.
  55. 55. Having friends requires freedom and time... and a space to play and have fun together. Without a freely availablenatural environment around your parents home, there is no way toenjoy true friendship. Friendship needs adventure and a place to enjoyhaving fun.God created all you ever need to be happy - mankind destroyed nearlyall God gave to mankind including one of the most beautiful planets increation.Pubs are no place to meet friends, nor are virtual communities inInternet. Real life takes place in our real world - created by God -maintained by mankind.
  56. 56. A beautiful natural playground for an entire happy villageWithout profit oriented industry all nature is clean and suitable as saveplayground for children and adults alike. After all the profit orientedindustry-profits - far more additional medical cost finally result.Pollution has a high price - to be paid by those who support or createpollution. No money however can refund or replace lost health or lostloved ones.Hence the cheapest health care is the preventive protection of all ournature as a gift from God.
  57. 57. Small girls jumping into ocean from peerGirls are as courageous and adventurous as boys. Hence to protect ourgirls and boys we need to offer a completely safe environment.Whatever adults construct always needs to be fully children safe!Anything dangerous to children also should be considered toodangerous to adults.To grow strong children need to be welcomed and allowed to play andgrow up amidst adults. Sometimes "working" side by side with dad ormother, sometimes just meters away playing with best friends.
  58. 58. Best friends side by sideThe most valuable "toys" for children are their best friends. Pricelessand by no money and no plastic or high tech toys replaceable are truefriends. What better place to share your love and prime time with yourbest friends than in a beautiful natural environment.The two pretty girls here very apparently enjoy their time together inthis clean warm tropical ocean water. Just like all the other childrenhere. In small groups - all children have their favorite activity for awhile, then change groups and change activity to keep having fun whilelearning and practicing social behavior together with best friends.
  59. 59. Clean sandbox for children to enjoyA natural "sandbox" always clean is this beautiful clean white sandbeach on this tropical island in the Philippines. Sandboxes in cities areused by dogs, cats and children alike and thus flooded with all kinds ofbacteria.The God made natural sand beach is a "sandbox" made by God - alwaysclean enough for children to safely play.Can your own children play in your own village as safely as the kidshere ? If NOT - may be you can learn from the life style of "3rd world"countries how to improve happy life and apply the knowledge in yourown neighborhood or at least in your own home and garden.