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Product Guide


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Product Guide of Social Enterprise Tool weConnect 2012 (Nexocial)

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Product Guide

  1. 1. Product Tour
  2. 2. © 2012 Nexocial BV. All Rights ReservedNexocial and weConnect 2012 are trade marks of theNexocial Group of companies.All other trademarks are of the respective companies 2
  3. 3. ContentsweConnect 04 Like, share and collaborate 13Discover en share information 05 Share and like everything 14 What are you working on? 06 Follow people and content 14 Activities 06 Create your group 14 Personalize your screen 06 Messages 14Connect your experts 07 Search and find everything 15 Show yourself and your expertise 08 Universal Search 16 Build your own address book 08 Contextual Search 16 Connect with external experts 08 The technology 17Create rich content 09 Go to the cloud, safely 18 Files and photos made easy 10 Cross-platform 18 Communication and expert blogs 10 Multi Language 18 Structure the unstructured 11 Requirements 18 Questions and answers 11 Complete feature list weConnect 20 Events and tasks 12 Rich text editor 12 3
  4. 4. More than 1 billion people are a member of a digital social network to- With weConnect we have translated this technology, using all ourday. For the last few years it has been the fastest growth market in the knowledge of Generation-Y and our extensive knowledge about howconsumer space. Having access to a breadth and depth of information, Enterprises operate, in a way that fits your business. We have taken all ofwe are connected to everybody. The explosion of social technologies, the fundamentals that are great about weConnect 2007 and revampedcloud-based services, and access to web services through apps give our platform to a complete new experience, providing a more secure,people powerful new ways to connect and share. These changes in the more accessible and more personalized environment for everybody.landscape motivated the most significant changes to weConnect 2012 weConnect 2012 delivers the social future of your company. 4
  5. 5. Discover and shareinformation Everybody communicates. Knowledge and information is shared in a way we have never seen before. The digital revolution has created new ways for people to express themselves and every- body gets involved. Social technology has changed the world as we know it. This type of technology connects people with each other and distributes information in real time. Top down com- munications meets bottoms up. Nobody can stop it. the real question is: How are you going to manage it. 5
  6. 6. Micro-blogs are the most common used social tool Your activity timeline is interactiveWhat are you working on? Personalize your start screenThis is the most common question asked. weConnect 2012 provides an easy Everybody is unique. With weConnect 2012 we empower you and your em-way for people to answer that question and add relevant context to it. With ployees to provide the experience that appeals to you most. Set informationshort status messages now everybody can tell what they are doing. Add links, the way you want to see it, change color schemes, switch to high-contrastvideos, hash-tags and include others in the conversations. With automatic reading or choose your own personal background picture. But of course, iftrending topics, you have an easy overview of what people in the organiza- you prefer your corporate Visual Identity, you have the opportunity to lettion are discussing and the possibility to join the conversation. your employees choose from the backgrounds that match your identity.ActivitiesAn automatic activity stream collects a continuous flow of events, content,and activities to provide users with relevant and timely information. Youcan filter all of these activities including those from external social mediastreams (e.g., Twitter, Yammer, LinkedIn), and other internal and third-partyapplications. Filter activities based on context and content. Drill down on anytopic to have the most relevant information for you available. 6
  7. 7. Connect yourexperts People are the most important asset of any company. Your ex- perts are the ones that can drive the company into a more knowledgeable company and that drives value. In the current economy it‟s of vital importance that you not only capture the knowledge of your experts, but also retain the knowledge of those experts. With high-potential employees leaving the com- pany you run the risk of losing their knowledge and their net- work. Now you have a method to keep it all. 7
  8. 8. Build your own address book Making connections within the company gives you faster access to your contacts and to the company related information of the people that are most important to you. But that‟s not all. weConnect 2012 integrates some smart features that make your personal address book even more usable. Based on your connections, the signal list has automatic filters, showing you the information from those connections. weConnect 2012 helps you reducing the information overload. You can browse, filter, search for anybody by name or via any specialty or keyword in the company and invite people to become your connection,Your personalized company profile book enabling you to find the right person at the right time. Click through to their full profile and start connecting.Show yourself and your expertiseThe easiest way for anybody to show themselves is to make their profile Connect with external expertsknown within the organization. Tell your colleagues a little bit about yourself Have you ever wanted to find that one expert that should know the ques-and what your specialties, interests, education and so on are. With our easy tion to your answer, but couldn‟t find the right person? Those days areto use profiles you can upload a profile picture, resize it and make sure that over now. weConnect 2012 has the ability to import your connectionsyour profile matches you. We have even integrated advanced technologies from LinkedIn in order to not only create an extended network of peoplefor you, to save you considerable time. Instead of rebuilding your profile inside your company but also of experts from the field. Whether you needagain, your profile is already filled with the available information from Share- to contact that one decision maker of your customer, or you need accessPoint and Active Directory. To make it even more convenient, you can also to an industry expert, weConnect 2012 connects everybody now, andimport your LinkedIn profile. Your profile will be ready to go within a matter provides your employees with easy access. You can search on keyword,of seconds. Of course, you can customize the information in your profile the or browse on company. One thing is for sure: your searching for the rightway you want it to be, even after you have imported your profile from person inside and outside the company has become a lot easier.LinkedIn. Your expertise will be shown through your personal badge. Aftersetup, the information you share and is liked will be reflected on your badge.A company profile book has never been easier before. 8
  9. 9. Create rich content Micro-blogs, blogs, wiki, discussions, tasks, the choice is yours what you want to create. More importantly we have made sure that whatever you want to create, you can create it your way. With our Office 2010 style editor with Ribbon bar, your content will always look beautiful. Format text the way you need it to be, insert video‟s, pictures and documents anywhere you like. You can even browse through your SharePoint documents and at- tach those to content you create. Beautiful content made easy. 9
  10. 10. Communication and expert blogs Whether you are communication manager, CEO, subject matter expert, or any other employee, your voice can be heard. With weConnect 2012 every- body gets a blog that can be used to write information that you think is im- portant for yourself and the organization. Capture and retain knowledge or spread the message, it‟s now all within the tips of your finger. Add an instruc- tion video or even a video message of the CEO. The possibilities are endless. Comment on blogs and moderate those comments to give feedback and get engaged with the experts. weConnect makes sure that the writer will get your comments in their inbox, message box or signal list, two-way communi-Documents in a row cations are enabled. If you really like a blog, why don‟t just give it a „like‟? That way the writer knows you appreciated his blog.Files and photos made easyFiles are still the most important form of content in any company. We havemade sure that uploading and sharing files is extremely easy. Share it for on-ly you to see, with a limited group of people or with everybody in the organ-ization. When you browse for a file, you can select one or more files at onceto save you the most time.When you open up a document you can directly save it back to weConnectby pushing the save button in your Office program. weConnect will keep thefile version history and you can choose any version of the document that youlike to work on. Even if you delete a document, don‟t worry. It is safely storedfor you in the recycle-bin to be retrieved when necessary.Photos are stored and shared the same way as files. On top of that, we havemade a beautiful photo viewer, so we you can enjoy your last event picturesor company party photo‟s. 10
  11. 11. Structure the unstructuredWiki‟s are an easy way to work together on the same piece of information. Inthis way you can create for example all of the companies work instructions,manuals and support documentation very fast in a wiki. On boarding docu-ments are another example that easily can be created and maintained viawiki‟s.We‟ll make sure it looks good and that it can be found and discovered in themost easy way you can imagine. We have added version history, editing sig-naling and comparison to every wiki, so nothing will get lost. With an auto-matically created threaded Table of Content people can directly jump to the Green is goodright wiki for reading, editing, commenting or liking. Capture ideas and provide answersThreaded wiki for easy up table of contents Ideas are everywhere. Do you currently have the ability to capture all the ide- as from your employees? We enable you to facilitate discussions in a natural social way that structures them into easily accessible topics. You can give feedback, like and contribute to discussions via different entries, ask ques- tions, provide answers and verify those answers. We will make it very clear which discussions have the right answer and who provided that answer. 11
  12. 12. Calendar and tasks With the document and picture manager, you can just browse to that one specific document. You can copy any content and just paste the content di-weConnect 2012 provides a general calendar for the organization and a spe- rectly into the editor. If you copy pictures into the editor, we will make surecific calendar for every group. We keep track of your employees birthdays, those pictures are automatically stored within SharePoint, even if you copiedand notify people on our activity list about birthdays. It‟s always nice to re- it from an internet page. To name a few features:ceive congratulations on the right day. With the tasks option you can create,  Multi language spell checkassign and manage group tasks. weConnect 2012 provides an easy overview  Automatic formattingof the tasks and sends notifications about the tasks to your inbox. In this way  7 ways of pasting contentit becomes really easy to manage the work you disperse.  Print and export to PDFRich text editor  Developer code snippets  Full screen mode editingCreating content has never been this easy before. With our ribbon style edi-  Font and background colortor you will get the same experience that people are already used to with  Extensive help instructionsOffice 2007 and 2010, providing you with advanced features. It has all the Creating content should be very easy, and with our new editor we haveediting options to make your blog, wiki, discussion look beautiful. Integrating made it easy for everybody.videos and pictures will deliver more context to your message and you caneven attach a document that is stored somewhere on weConnect or on yourSharePoint. 12
  13. 13. Like, share,comment and What are weConnect users saying? weConnect survey results revealed benefits in six key areas: team communication, productivity, knowledge sharing, employeecollaborate onboarding, company culture and employee engagement. 84% of the users say they feel better connected with their coworkers because of weConnect: “Employees from one country ask a question and employees from another country respond with real -time information and suggestions”. 13
  14. 14. Create your group Within a company it‟s all about team work. Working smarter, not harder. weConnect 2012 enables you to create your own group. If you want to share your information with everybody in the company, create a public group. If you want to keep the information confidential, you can create a private group. Every group has a full set of features where you can share: status up- dates, blogs, wiki, discussions, files, photos, tasks and events. The owner of the group can set the security for the other team members and have com- plete control of user management for the specific group. MessagesComments like and share everywhere Everybody has his own message box to receive updates, messages, notifica- tions, comments and more. One single place where you can read, reply andShare, like and comment everything forward your messages. We have also looked ahead and made sure that thisWhen we were researching and exploring social technologies, we found that function is smart enough to reduce your email load. You can choose wheth-three areas are extremely important. Sharing information in an effortless way, er you just want the messages in your messages box, in your inbox or both.being able to provide comments to enable two-way communication and setlikes for specific contents. Likes have emerged as the new star-ratings. So wehave made it as social as possible for you and made sure that you can share,like and comment literally everything. To share some feedback we had fromone of our customers: “I‟m not sure if I done it right, but my manager hasgiven me a like, so I‟m good to go”. It‟s a whole new world...Follow people and contentKeep up to date about the communications and work that people do.Whether it is your CEO, your most important subject matter expert blog orthe people in your team. Now you don‟t have to miss a thing. By followingpeople or content you will get notifications in your message box and in yourinbox. You can personalize your notifications and turn them off wheneveryou want. 14
  15. 15. Search and findeverything The average information worker is searching 20% of their time to find the right information. Reducing that amount of time is something that lots of software companies are trying to. do Get- ting information based on recommendations and likes of your colleagues will enable people to filter the useful information from the noise. Relevance is not decided by a computer system, but by people. 15
  16. 16. Search everything and everybody Automatic search filtersUniversal Search Contextual SearchThe search box on the upper right provides a very powerful search that has On every page we have integrated another search box for your convenience.been built on SharePoint Search, but has been enhanced socially. The search When you are on a blog page and use the contextual search box, your re-results don‟t only provide you the right content, but also retrieves the people sults will only show you blogs. When you are on a wiki page, your results willand all the information that is stored in their profile. We have added some show only wiki. Of course we have added the same advanced social algo-smart algorithms that determine how relevant content could be for you, rithms to provide the most relevant content for you.based on the number of likes, views and other attributes. That should giveyou the best result on top. However, we understand that there is not onesearch algorithm that gives the best match for everybody. Therefor we haveintegrated also smart filters that automatically determine which content isavailable and adjust themselves to that content. You will find your infor-mation a lot faster with weConnect 2012. 16
  17. 17. The technology Every company is different. Technology should adapt to the company instead the other way around. No more long time implementations, but easy add-ons to existing technology to start quickly, painless and with low cost. That’s an old idea becoming reality. Integrating completely into your current investment and infrastructure, keeping your security, compli- ancy, manageability. No new skills needed and extremely flexible. 17
  18. 18. Cross Platform Everybody has their own choices. Choices about computing environments, browsers. weConnect 2012 supports all major browsers including IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3 and 4, Safari and Chrome. Whether you use weConnect on your PC or on your iPad, it‟s your choice. We will make sure it just works. Multi Lingual As we and our customers work in an international environment, we have made our tools completely multi lingual. Accessible and readable for anyone. Whether you have offices and people is Europe or Asia,, based on yourCloud Ready browser language settings we automatically set your language. However, you can still manually choose another language if you would prefer.We have built in multiple deployment options for your IT administratorsWhatever way you choose, we will always make sure that your information is Requirementsstored inside your safe Sharepoint databases. You can deploy weConnect  Sharepoint 2007 or 20102012 on a webserver inside your company, connected to Sharepoint, or se-  Active Directory or other Sharepoint compatible directory infrastructurecurely in the cloud.  IIS 7 or 7.5With weConnect 2012 we have separated the interface layer with the storagelayer. This way we have the ability to partly deploy weConnect in the cloud in  SQL Server 2005, 2008 or 2008R2a safe way, providing your users all the flexibility of the cloud and providing  Sharepoint MySites / Profile Sitesyour compliance departments the comfort and security of your data.  SMTP or Exchange server to send emailWith our hybrid approach of cloud computing we counter the problems that  .NET Framework 4.0arise with the American Patriot Act. The United States of America will neverbe able to look in your data, or request any data from any company, as you Optionalare the only one with access to your data, securely stored in your Sharepoint  Azure for Cloud hostingcomputing environment.Your data is your data, and that should stay that way. 18
  19. 19. Complete featurelist of weConnect 2012 19
  20. 20. Discover and share information Create rich contentMicro-blog with video and link sharing Full featured blogs with rich text editing optionsTrending Topics Full featured threaded wiki with table of contents and version historyShare activities Full featured threaded discussion topics with verified answersTimeline based activity feed with filters and sort options Export all content to PDF for easy printingPersonal backgrounds and colors Rich text editor with Microsoft Office Ribbon interfaceCompany offered Visual Identity Version history on all information, including files, blogs Recycle-bin integrated through Sharepoint Rich text editor with Microsoft Office Ribbon interfaceConnect your expertsExtended profiles with full text searchEasy customizable fields with picture editorLinkedin profile import and import from multiple sourcesActive Directory integration with auto complete on people pickerImport 2nd line connections from LinkedIn 20
  21. 21. Like, share and collaborate The technologyFull featured threaded discussions with verify options Full featured blogs with rich text editing optionsComments and likes on all content Full featured threaded wiki with table of contents and version historyFollow people and content Export all content to PDF for easy printingPersonal message box Rich text editor with Microsoft Office Ribbon interfacePersonalized Email and message notifications Version history on all information, including files, blogsPrivate and public groups with user management Recycle-bin integrated through SharepointEach groups has a full set of tools: micro-blog, blog, wiki, discussion, files Rich text editor with Microsoft Office Ribbon interfaceand photos Choice of hybrid cloud deploymentGovernance and group user management all build in Microsoft SharepointServer, accessible through weConnectEach groups has a full set of tools: micro-blog, blog, wiki, discussion, filesand photosSearch and find everythingFull text search on all internal and external peopleSearch through sharepointUniversal and contextual searchAttach documents to content 21
  22. 22. Nexocial B.V Strawinskylaan 30511077 ZX Amsterdam 22