Data Vault ReConnect Speed Presenting PM Part Four


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Third set of 5x5 Speed Presenting Updates:

1) Selling Data Vault - Elwyn Lloyd Jones
2) DV as Leverage for Data Migration - Antoine Stelma
3) QUIPU - Juan-José van der Linden
4) Volvo Data Vault Automation - Frederik Naessens
5) Are we ready for a DV Conversion Standard - Frederik Naessens, Stijn Roelens, Kristof Vanduren

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  • Ask the audience how much success they’ve had with each of these arguments – and if there are any other good arguments.
  • NEW ERP will take care of management of MD and MT
    Headstart: A big Part of the EDW is ready at the time that the ERP hits production
    Difference between unifying and integrating
  • Yellow is data movement
    Dotted line are items for correction in source
    Use Data Vault for
    Integrate around BK
    Unify data and collect data corrections for the source system
    Use source system for data corrections
    Reload data
  • Data Vault ReConnect Speed Presenting PM Part Four

    1. 1. Presenter: Date: Note: Company: eMail: Twitter: Elwyn Lloyd Jones 5 June 2014 Sevenoaks Systems Ltd.
    2. 2. Types of Argument 1. ad Verecundiam / ad Hominem NSA, US Army, JP Morgan, ABN AMRO, KPN, Bank of England, Volvo, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Bill Inmon 2. ad Populum 800 organizations 3. ad Baculum Audit-able system of records 4. Reducto ad Misericordiam  Throw away and start from scratch  Source integration => Enterprise crash 5. Up and Under While client watches the BI - we’ll watch the DWH 6. Scallability (cost) – busting Moore’s Law No columnar Netezza, Exadata, etc.
    3. 3. Presenter: Date: Note: Company: eMail: Twitter: Antoine Stelma June 5 2014 Presentation Centennium @antoinestelma
    4. 4. Client: • wants new ERP • 10 old source systems • own plant with intensive processes • MD/MT data is spread • unify & simplify architecture • business process changed
    5. 5. A data warehouse that: • helps speeding up and unifying data migration • contains current data and processes • is a solid base for a new ERP • unifies master & meta data
    6. 6. Source Source Source Source E D W Source Source Source Source ERP Migrated data Module 1 ETL Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5 E D W Classic approach Suggested approach ERP Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Migrated data Module 4 Module 5 ETL Organization
    7. 7. How? • scope of data for migration • type DV • collect master & metadata in H+S • unify & data cleaning • relations/links/etc. • alignment between old source and new ERP
    8. 8. #lesson1: An EDW can help you with data migration by using DV #lesson 2: EDW does not have to wait for full ERP implementation #lesson 3: It’s all about Data! # be creative
    9. 9. Presenter: Date: Note: Company: eMail: Twitter: Juan-José van der Linden June 5, 2014 QOSQO @OS_Quipu
    10. 10. Presenter: Date: Note: Company: eMail: Twitter: Frederik Naessens June 5 2014 In cooperation with Stijn Roelens & Kristof Vanduren Volvo
    11. 11. Volvo: criteria Automation Tool selection Agile way of working – Handle migration between DEV-QA-PROD – Handle parallel development Automation – Perform automatic data migration when data model is modified – Automatically generate ELT code Respect industry standards – Be netezza compliant – Generate a 100% Data Vault compliant data model Fluent interaction between business & it – Provide or interact with a business data model
    12. 12. 3D – Configure extended properties
    13. 13. 3D – Use predefined but flexible Model Conversion rules
    14. 14. 3D – Configure extended properties
    15. 15. Presenter: Date: Note: Company: eMail: Twitter: Frederik Naessens June 5 2014 In cooperation with Stijn Roelens & Kristof Vanduren Volvo
    16. 16. Wherescape 3D What we do: • Configure Source/Business model using 3NF modeling conventions • Add additional metadata at Table / Column / Link / … level • Based on a set of preconfigured rules, generate: – Data vault model – Staging model – Staging Out views
    17. 17. Marketplace Isn’t this what different software packages or consultancy firms are currently providing in the marketplace? See: • Presentation of Lulzim Bilali on DWA congress • QUIPU • BIReady • Generators built on top of data modeling tools (Powerdesigner, ERWIN,… )
    18. 18. DV Model Conversion standard Is now not the moment to define a DV model conversion standard? Why? • Different tools can align to a single standard and create synergies • This can be a catalysator to convince organisations or people which are new to DV concepts • Brings the focus to the really important concepts of Data Vault: • Business keys • UOW • …