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Selling new products to early adopters


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10 steps to identify and engage high propensity early adopters. Securing the first (say 10 or $1M revenue) enterprise early adopters to validate an incomplete solution and generate references is a tough mission. Its evangelism rather than sales.

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Selling new products to early adopters

  1. 1. Selling new products to early adopters 10 steps to identify and secure high propensity early adopters
  2. 2. The validation clock is running, tick-tock, JFDI free offers to visionary early adopters to get validation going. consultative evangelism rather than sales. free validation offers
  3. 3. validation cascade validate product, outcomes and benefits with real live enterprises as soon as possible. 1. Free product validation. 2. Subsidised trials for references. 3. Full price repeatable sales.
  4. 4. What we are looking for in an early adopter 1. I know I have the problem. 2. I am looking for a solution. 3. I have authority to make it happen. 4. I can take risks and don’t need references. 5. I can take risks and don’t need benefits. Early adopter
  5. 5. What we are offering to early adopters 1. Be the first to solve the problem. 2. Free or subsidised to validate & reference. 3. Influence the features roadmap. 4. Industry speaking and publishing opportunities. Early adopter
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