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Course that I gave at PXL Limburg, Belgium about Digital Marketing Strategy.

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  • & Euro Spar in Ieper!
  • No consultant talk
  • > Marketing is about figures
  • Eurospar Ieper wel mooi voorbeeld van locale handelaar
  • 30/70 marketMarge: jetairexampleToeristIndustrie (online vs offline) – ropoConsumer changed
  • We still keep on thinking in terms of channelsGo beyond actions: insert demands in this equation
  • Question: what % of total retail sales in Belgium is generated online in the fashion industry?
  • On average < 10%
  • Online & offline are connected!
  • Google / Ipsosstudy 2011, The mobile Movementstudy95% of smartphone users have looked at local info.
  • With the least efford, getting a maximum ROIInternally= you will need “partners in crime”
  • Externally you also need partners in crime
  • Left: knowRight: use
  • Source: datameer
  • Createyourowntipping point
  • No consultant talk
  • Post Graduate course at PXL Limburg

    1. 1. Dear Marketer BRING THE LOVE BACK Marketing
    2. 2. Brands need to engage
    3. 3. Bisnode Selligent Robert Half International Thomas Cook Belgium Social Marketing Forum 20 years experience Innovation & Marketing Projects ®Evolution HANS SMELLINCKX Founder Multi-channel Marketing Social Media E-mail Marketing CRM Digital Marketing Mobile Marketing Blogger Metrics, KPI’s & dashboarding Branding & Reach
    4. 4. Cases included
    5. 5. Beyond pretty pictures
    6. 6. Beyond sexyness
    7. 7. Money
    8. 8. Business like we knew it
    9. 9. BRING THE LOVE BACK In Marketing
    10. 10. Challenging landscape Industry Market Consumer
    11. 11. Omni Multi-channel Marketing
    12. 12. ®Evolution
    13. 13. Beyond a 10 AM to 6 PM mentality
    14. 14. Omni-channel website Mobile website App Social media Direct Marketing Call center Out of home Retail YOU Employees E-mail marketing SEO & SEA POS communication
    15. 15. Own data Shop data 3rd party data Click behaviour websites Click behaviour newsletters E-commerce data Brochure pick-up Upsell Welcome back Satisfaction survey Booking satisfaction Facebook data Mobile data
    16. 16. Internal ref. Ticket price Millions of records External ref.
    17. 17. Humans changed Source: Insites Consulting
    18. 18. 3%
    19. 19. 25%
    20. 20. Actions Taken As a Result of a Looking for Local Information on a mobile:
    21. 21. Ik weet wat ik wil online Toeval offline Ik heb begeleiding nodig offline offline online
    22. 22. More info = contact Cash registry Family card Personalised catalogues
    23. 23. Data warehouse (selective set) Predictive modelling Pro-active marketing
    24. 24. Dumbphoning
    25. 25. Second screen
    26. 26. What is a brand? Not a logo Not a typeface Not a tagline
    27. 27. A brand is what people think it is!
    28. 28. Brands = change
    29. 29. Source: Philips Innovation Team
    30. 30. The brand Symphony from Philips
    31. 31. Customer journey
    32. 32. Connecting the dots
    33. 33. Multi-device
    34. 34. Goal
    35. 35. Goal
    36. 36. Strategy 1.What’s your goal 2.Create a strategic omni-channel Marketing plan 3.Social media policy & escallation procedure 4.Listen & research 5.Engage (advertise, post, etc) 6.Build (every step is a next level) 7.Freak out 8.Evaluate, fin-tune and go back to step 2
    37. 37. Fail Fast
    38. 38. Marketing is never adhoc
    39. 39. Share your passion
    40. 40. x “LEADS” Low Medium Hot Website client Landing page(s) E-mail DM process Web & iDTV Call center Automatic process Follow - up
    41. 41. The channels
    42. 42. The facts 6 Twitter accounts 30 Facebook pages 2 Youtube channels 3 Google+ accounts 3 Pinterest accounts +300,000 fans 2,000 followers 1 full time FTE
    43. 43. The facts +30 DM Campaigns Segmented websites +500 CRM users Abandon cart Segmentation & RFM model More than 4 million Belgians in our DB
    44. 44. Every campaign
    45. 45. Focus
    46. 46. Facebook for branding Offers Engage Regularly posts about offers, Use polls and questions to get a pleople are a fan because they better feeling with your market want to receive promotions! Be and target audience active to activate the active sharing. Info Advertise Share content and your history. Increase you database by using the advertising methods Also informing people who is behind the facebook page, make it human
    47. 47. Linkedin for recruits Jobs Use it as a lead generation platform for good candidates. Linkedin should be a central tool for your recruitment strategy Engage Get a feeling out of your B2B market Info Share information to travel agents. B2B communication Advertise Use the possibilities of a pro account.
    48. 48. Youtube for visual harvesting Content hosting Engage Host your commercial oriented movies on 1 platform Youtube allows you to create interaction videos. Remember the Tipex video? SEO Advertise Tag your content with links and tags, so it is reachable through Advertise in similar videos and search as well. may be you’ll pop-up in the ones of your competition
    49. 49. Twitter for customer service & journalism Customer service Twitter can be a quick platform to detect problems on destination journalism Distribute your content to twitter first. Twitter’s population is overcrowded with journalists and news is being made on twitter.
    50. 50. Google+ for seo Offers Engage Same strategy as Facebook Cf facebook Info Adverteer Cf. Facebook. Cf facebook SEO
    51. 51. What about…. 18 1 7 1
    53. 53. Connect the dots
    54. 54. It’s not a sprint!
    55. 55. It’s a marathon!
    56. 56. Visualise it!
    57. 57. You’ve some time…
    58. 58. First signs of the future
    59. 59. We need Mad men Mad scientists
    60. 60. TEDx Flanders Thomas Cook Belgium Social Marketing Forum 20 years experience Innovation & Marketing Projects ®Evolution HANS SMELLINCKX Founder Multi-channel Marketing Social Media E-mail Marketing CRM Digital Marketing Mobile Marketing Blogger Metrics, KPI’s & dashboarding Branding & Reach
    61. 61. Some of My References