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  1. 1. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. The Importance and Benefits of Building Retro-commissioning
  2. 2. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. What is Building Retro-commissioning
  3. 3. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. Retro-commissioning is a process to improve the efficiency of an existing building's equipment and systems. It can often resolve problems that occurred during design or construction, or address problems that have developed throughout the building's life as equipment has aged, or as building usage has changed.
  4. 4. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. Why Building Retro-commissioning
  5. 5. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. Commercial buildings frequently undergo operational and occupancy changes that challenge the mechanical, electrical and control systems, hindering optimal performance. In today’s complex buildings, systems are highly interactive, with sophisticated controls that can create a trickle-down effect on building operations – small problems have big effects on performance. All buildings can experience performance degradation over time.
  6. 6. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. What kind of problems can retro- commissioning identify?
  7. 7. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. • Equipment or lighting that is on when it may not need to be • Systems that simultaneously heat and cool • Belts and valves that are not functioning properly • Thermostats and sensors that are out of calibration • Air balancing systems that are less than optimal • Economizers that are not working as designed • Controls sequences that are functioning incorrectly • Variable-frequency drives that operate at unnecessarily high speeds or that operate at a constant speed even though the load being served is variable
  8. 8. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. What are the benefits of retro- commissioning?
  9. 9. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. Everyone benefits from retro-commissioning. For owners, retro- commissioning reduces building operating costs that can lead to an increase in net operating income. Building managers notice fewer occupant complaints and increased ability to manage systems. Building staff receive training and improved documentation, and building occupants are more comfortable. Retro-Commissioning can achieve significant cost savings in existing buildings. Based upon national studies average cost savings were in the range of: Description Range of Values Value of Energy Savings $0.11 - $0.72/sqft Value of Non-Energy Savings $0.10 - $0.45/sqft
  10. 10. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. How much does it cost?
  11. 11. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. Description Value or Ranges Total RCx Cost $0.13 to $0.45/sqft Provider Fee as % of Total RCx Cost 35 - 71% Average RCx Cost Allocation Planning and Investigation 69% Implementation 27% Verification, Tracking and Reporting 4% Simple Payback Time 0.2 to 2.1 years
  12. 12. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. What is the Process?
  13. 13. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. Planning Phase • Select the Project • Set Project Objectives and obtain support • Select a commissioning lead • Document current operating procedures and processes • Initial Site Walk-Thru • Develop RCx plan • Assemble commissioning team • Kick-Off Meeting
  14. 14. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. Investigation Phase • Review Facility Documentation • Set up trends • Perform functional testing • Develop RCx Report • Prioritize and select operational improvements
  15. 15. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. Implementation Phase • Develop Implementation Plan • Implement selected Operational Improvements • Verify Results
  16. 16. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. Project Close Out Phase • Develop Final RCx Report • Compile System Manual • Develop RCx Plan • Training of site personnel • Hand-Off Meeting • Develop Continuing RCx plan
  17. 17. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. How can my Facility do Retro- Commissioning?
  18. 18. Minutemen Energy Services Inc. For further information on RCx contact: Hannes Klein, CBCP Minutemen Energy Services Inc. (617) 842-9907