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Unit Plan Pwrpt

  1. 1. Illustrations character s genre “Far far away…” plot imagination setting
  2. 2. T O P I C : FA N TA S Y – G E N R E I N C H I L D R E N ’ S L I T E R AT U R E A U D I E N C E – 5 T H G R A D E E L E M E N TA RY
  3. 3. Analyze Learners  These students are between 10 and 11 years of age  They are in their last year of elementary school  Most of them have already acquired some previous knowledge of the elements of literature  This unit will help them to further understand these elements, how they apply to the genre of Fantasy
  4. 4. Analyze Learners  I chose this genre, not because it is necessarily my favorite  But because it has been proven that Fantasy is the best genre for children; it is also the most popular  Fantasy allows children to leave the world of the concrete and expand their imaginations
  5. 5. State Objectives Reading and English Language Arts - Content Standards and Objectives for the State of West Virginia Reading: RLA.O.5.1.2 - use a variety of strategies (e.g., etymology, context clues, affixes, synonyms, antonyms) to increase grade-appropriate vocabulary. RLA.O.5.1.2 - select defining characteristics construct background knowledge and develop reading skills to understand a variety of literary passages and informational texts by West Virginia, national and international authors: myth, fantasies, biographies, autobiographies, science, fiction, tall tales, supernatural tales, and historical fiction. RLA.O.5.1.9 - determine the elements of literature (e.g., characterization, conflict, plot) to construct meaning and recognize author’s/reader’s purpose.
  6. 6. State Objectives Reading and English Language Arts - Content Standards and Objectives for the State of West Virginia Writing: RLA.O.5.2.3 - from a prompt, use the writing process to develop a 3-5 paragraph composition with an introductory paragraph, supporting detail paragraph(s), and concluding paragraph that incorporates specific, relevant details. RLA.O.5.3.1 - exhibit effective oral communication skills (e.g., rate, audience, etiquette, Standard English) through the presentation of: readers theater, choral reading, personal narratives, recitations (poetry, historical documents), or dramatizations.
  7. 7. Media and Material - Many popular fantasy books have been made into films - Clips of a few films (Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and The Spiderwick Chronicles) will be shown in class, to show what exactly goes on in a fantasy story - This follows the CSO RLA.O.5.1.2, it says to provide works by national and international authors - J.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings is from Bloemfontein, South Africa . J.R. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, is from Great Britain, and the author of the Spiderwick chronicles is from the United States.
  8. 8. Media and Material  Some other media and materials that may be used in the classroom during this unit : - Costumes - Common objects from fantasy books (i.e. wand, a wizard’s hat, a ring, a sword, etc) - Video clips from fantasy books made into movies -Handouts that we made by me, and handouts from online resources
  9. 9. Utilizing Media and Materials  Day One: - Intro to Unit/ Review of literary elements - Overview of what Fantasy is, how its elements are different from other genres - Use of PowerPoint/Bulletin Board - (RLA.O.5.1.5. and RLA.O.5.1.9) - Book report assignment; each student must choose a work of fantasy to read throughout week and present their book to the class on day 9
  10. 10. Utilizing Media and Materials  Day Two: Second half of Fantasy Power Point - Work sheet about elements of Fantasy - They will be warned about upcoming quiz - (RLA.O.5.1.5 and RLA.O.5.1.9.) - Fantasy Crossword and Fantasy Word Search for Extra Credit - Day Three: Quiz on elements of literature pertaining to Fantasy - Watching video Clips - Reading time for individual books will be given everyday - Checking notes on books -
  11. 11. Utilizing Media and Materials  Day Six: Review of elements of fantasy - Go over quiz and handouts using Document Camera - Worksheet that helps them organize the elements of their individual books to help them - with book report Day Seven and Eight: Project: Drawing Fantasy - Students will have to create their own fantasy story line and illustrate it, either in groups or individually - (RLA.O.5.2.3) - They will have the opportunity to present this project to the class (RLA.O.5.3.1)
  12. 12. Utilizing Media and Materials  Day Nine: To reduce stress, the children were not told they will present their book report - to the class Today they will present to the class their book - Afterwards, since it is the last day of the unit, the class with choose a scene - from a fantasy book, and they have a reader’s theatre (act the scene out) using whatever props they wish to use that are available in the class room RLA.O.5.3.1. -
  13. 13. Participation & Evaluation  The learners will have participation grades fro all of the projects done in the week  The learners will be interested in the topic because it is new and involves a lot of imagination, and they will have incentive to do well  The students will be evaluated on how much effort they put into their projects, quizzes, worksheets, and book report; it will be obvious whether or not they have grasped the elements of the unit
  14. 14. Conclusion Now you know all about my unit plan ! THE END =)