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Research into adverts (in magazines) for digipaks


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Research into adverts (in magazines) for digipaks. I looked at Marina and The Diamonds, Ariana Grande, Adele and Ellie Goulding.

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Research into adverts (in magazines) for digipaks

  1. 1. Magazine advertisement analysis Hannah Tapscott
  2. 2. I chose to look at Marina & The Diamonds magazine advertisement because I found it surprisingly eye catching although bright and bold colours were not used. The advertisement comes across as an old fashioned vintage retro style poster because of the colours and floral textured patterns used, this links to her genre and style of music very well. The font appears in a cream colour which also appears to be faded slightly advertising the title of her debut album ‘The Family Jewels’. The second image is of the CD single ‘Shampain’. The same font has been used in this image, it looks alternative as if to appear like it has been handwritten. The colour however has changed from white to pink but still using the same font making it easy to read and easily recognisable. This could be so it is easier to distinguish the album from the single. The image on the single is similar to the image on the poster showing continuity as it uses the same retro style photo. The smaller white text at the bottom of the advertisement poster gives the audience some basic information about songs which feature on the album, they appear in bold font to make them stand out. The digital online music store ‘iTunes’ is also advertised informing the audience that the album and single are both now available and can be bought there.
  3. 3. I chose to look at Ariana Grande’s magazine advertisement for her debut album ‘Yours Truly’ as she is my chosen artist. The main colour scheme for this advertisement is black and white with pink. This album advertisement is very basic as it gets straight to the point and tells the audience what the advert is selling. A bold white uppercase font is used to stand out to the audience on the black background making it eye catching. The pink font which advertises the name of the album ‘Yours Truly’ remains in the same font as it appears on the album cover in the left hand corner of the advert. Two pale pink stripes across the front of the album on the left side advertise the release date of when the album when it will be available to purchase. However on the advertisement it doesn’t make it clear to the audience where you can buy Ariana’s album. A larger image of the artist ‘Ariana Grande’ is used as the background image taking over the advertisement. This is the same image which is used on the album cover, this is unusual as the photo on the advertisement is usually a different photo to the album cover.
  4. 4. I chose to look at Adele’s magazine advertisement for her album ‘21’. The main colour scheme for this advertisement is black, white and green. I noticed that this album advertisement is also very basic as there isn’t much text which appears. The text varies in sizes but uses one main font throughout the advertisement as it is recognised as ‘Adele’s brand logo’. The black and white colour scheme of the photos is commonly used for album covers of Adele’s, this shows continuity. The artist name ‘Adele’ appears in a white uppercase bold font making it clear to the audience who the advertisement is advertising an album for. The small white font underneath the artist name and the album title is very small making it unclear and uneasy to read which is a negative point about this advertisement. The text reads ‘New album from 2 time Grammy award winner featuring ‘Rolling In The Deep’.’ This tells the audience a small amount of impressive information about the artist. Another negative point about the advertisement is where it says ‘Available everywhere now’ because it isn’t very helpful to the audience wanted to buy it as it isn’t very specific.
  5. 5. I chose to look at Ellie Goulding’s album advertisement for her debut album ‘Lights’. I found it very eye catching and interesting because of the use of special effects and bright yellow lights in her hair. The fade to black at the bottom of the advert makes it more interesting and easier for the audience to read about the album as the writing is on a clear black background. ‘Ellie Goulding’ is written in a yellow font made to look like it is made out of lights this is recognised as ‘Ellie Goulding’s brand logo’. It is clear to the audience that at the bottom of the advertisement the album has been rated 4 stars by magazines. This looks impressive to the audience and makes you interested to see what her songs sound like. On the advertisement it doesn’t say where the album is available to buy or what date it is released which isn’t very helpful to the audience, however this could be considered as a positive thing as it will possibly make the audience look into the artist and want to find out more about Ellie as an artist and find out more about her album.