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The truth about certified used cars


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The truth about certified used cars

  1. 1. The Truth about Certified Used Cars
  2. 2. There was a time, buying the used cars could be so risky; but now the wind is moving to the other side. The certified used cars show many ways to become a proud owner. It helps to minimize the risk of buying used cars. •
  3. 3. The process to become a certified used car  The vehicle needs to meet specific requirements. It should ensure the minimum qualities of body parts and engine parts.  The reconditioning of parts takes place. The ware and tire of the parts will be cleared by the experts. The vehicle should pass the quality inspections of both body and engine parts  The warranty and service offers are announced by the dealers.The dealers have clearideas to attract customers. So in the competitive market the scope of warranty and services are highly recommended. •
  4. 4. Now the certified used car is ready to rule the roads. The benefits of a certified used car •
  5. 5.  The customer will feel the depreciation on actual cost. The certified used cars have minimum 30-40% depreciation when compared the cost of new one.  Benefits of warranty- road side assistance and mechanical services offered by the dealer.Depending on the needs a one to two years warranty will be the great service a customer can avail. The answer to the negatives of buying an used car can be covered when the road side assistance is declared.  The customer can escape from the sales tax on new cars and high registration fees.The charges of new cars are depending on the cubic capacity of the engine and transport accident charge. The used car can avoid fresh charges.  The certification of the trained mechanics and the reputation of the brand not only give the customer endurance but also pleasure. The quality marks of an expert will decide the long life of the vehicle, thus the customer satisfaction is guaranteed. •
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