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Visual Resume


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Visual Resume

  1. 1. Hannah Fleishman come get to know me
  2. 2.      I was born in   And lived in  Philadelphia,   Rome, Italy  PA   for 5 years.     Bellissima!   nd Cairo, A n  Egypt has bee e nc  Then  my home si  moved to  11th grade  Berlin,   G  f ermany or   6 years
  3. 3. I needed to creatively market myself every time I moved to a newcountry and culture.
  4. 4. So you could say I’ve been studyingmarketing since I was four…
  5. 5.  I went to  Emerson  College in ated   I gradu  Boston. Where ith   2012 w   in   onors in h   arketing M …   mmunication Co    And a 3.9  GPA    
  6. 6. But college wasn’t alltextbooks and spell check… College wasn’t all chalkboard and textbooks
  7. 7. I interned for Coca-Cola in Cairo, Egypt. I was on the PublicAffairs and Communication team over summer 2011. rked  This spa n in io  my pass  event g…  plannin    I also got to I got to write newsletters for bottling partners  test new and executives, and cover charitable events like  products in Coca-Cola’s annual Ramadan dinner. I  the region represented the brand at The Happiness Truck’s   Ramadan event for over 1,000 orphans in Cairo.
  8. 8.    In addition hat th   id you k in now t t  Boesis, I develo a written D g ok ope  ad. spendin by 41%  develo to help mar d an e- ose on p ke  Egypt r the revoluti   Mubarakstrategies fortersMy love for marketing and Egypt really ng Egyp post-  duri 011? t.came together when I produced a final in 2  thesis for the Emerson Honors program. Marketing a Revolution: How the Egyptian Revolution has Influenced Commercial Advertising in Egypt
  9. 9. ass.   ith the Mnology r ned w and Tech rked on  I inte vation ere I wo Inno nge wh s for the   xcha vent E  numer mar ous e keting p  start-u unity… comm July to November 2012 While at MITX, I was invested in one BIG project…
  10. 10. er for m anag ,   was account partners ingI M h   0+ Future d on everyt g to 4 orke kin a nd w ation boo   oc r l f   om r prep… speak e     I   uatlso managed F ur th e  and pla M student ge r sessio nned 4 new oup   ns studen . With my   from attendanc elp, t h 2011 t e o 2012 double .   for all y our u so much a our   woyrok on FutureMrecnidte you “Thank a hard lly app  ession s . We rea ates and inf o in a re g us upd It was a pleasu   ly manner. givin ork time ope to w   wi th you. H - Jack Morton to work n soon.” agai together
  11. 11. FutureM showcased my best skills, like organization…
  12. 12. and attention to detail…
  13. 13. and to creatively visualizepieces as a whole…
  14. 14.    Currently, I’m   on HubSpot’s  Brand & Buzz   team.   rdinator ,I ents Coo lls to  As Ev e my ski get to us xecute   plan an de among N D 2013, eting I   BOU ome mark N other awes e   ents. v
  15. 15. Enough about me, tell me more about you!Connect with me on Twitter at @hannahshamblesor LinkedIn at Hannah Fleishmanor Email me at I’d to work with you