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L.A. Noire


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L.A. Noire

  1. 1. Hannah Liddle HANNAH LIDDLE
  2. 2. LA NOIRE L.A. Noire is an upcoming video game developed by Team Bondi and published by Rockstar Games. Initially announced as only for the Playstation 3, the game was later reported to also be scheduled for release on the Xbox 360.
  3. 3. L.A. Noire is set in “a perfectly re-created Los Angeles” of the late 1940’s, with players being given an open-ended challenge to solve a series of murders. As the title suggests, the game draws heavily from both plot and aesthetic elements of film noir - stylistic films from the 1940’s and 1950’s that shared similar visual styles and themes including crime, sex and moral ambiguity and were often shot in black and white with harsh, low-key lighting. The game uses a distinctive colouring- style in homage to the visual style of film noir. The post-war setting is the backdrop for plot elements that reference the detective films of the ’40’s, such as corruption and drugs with a classical jazz soundtrack. L.A. Noire is also notable for using Darksprint’s real-tie global illumination technology.
  4. 4. In February 2004, Brendan McNamara, Team Bondi's president, responded to an interview with Kristen Reed that "the project is wholly funded by Sony Computer Entertainment America.