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Evaluation Questions

  1. 1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?I believe my music video conventionally fits in with the indie genre. I have usedvery basic editing techniques and very basic shots to create the indie look.To begin with, like Arctic Monkeys’ video Teddy Picker, they have an intro ofroughly about 40 seconds where they set up and practice their song, TeddyPicker, I have pulled this out of their video and adapted and recreated it withinmy video by having a few short clips at the beginning of the video to create apersonal style to the video. I think this effect also gives an insight to the audiencewhat the band are like. These few shots shows the friendship the band have andalso their passion for their music and their band as they practice. [SHOWOPENING, LEAVE RUNNING UNTIL END OF NEXT PARAGRAPH TO SHOW BLACKAND WHITE BIT]In music videos such as Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks they partially useblack and white to convey aspects of their personality, I like this effect and I usedthis in my music video, to give a personal edge and character to the video.Like other media productions of the indie music genre I have made sure that inthe majority of my shots I have included the instruments the band are playing,this occurs in Biffy Clyro – Mountains, The Sunshine Underground – Put You InYour Place [SHOW CLIPS OF BOTH MUSIC VIDS] and many other music videosfor indie bands.Andrew Goodwins theory of Star Image I have not applied, to an extent, in mymusic video as I don’t believe it occurs to the genre in which I have chose. Ihaven’t gave my band big jewellery and expensive designer clothes to performin, yet, I have focussed a lot of the camera around the main vocalist and the leadguitarist which is included in Goodwin’s theory. We can see this is relevant inmany other indie music videos such as Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfallit is blatant that Chris Martin is the main man of the band as he is heavilyfocussed upon in the majority of Coldplay’s music videos. [SHOW FEW CLIPS OFCHRIS MARTIN IN MUSIC VIDEOS]In many music videos recently there has been many ‘homemade video’ typeshots where a steadicam, or tripod has not been used, I have used thisthroughout my music video to give the effect of the whole video beingdocumentary or biographical of the band. [SHOW SHAKY CLIP OF BOYSMESSING AROUND]In my music video I have also tried to use various shots conveying each of theband members, giving an insight to their personality etcetera. I have also donethis by using different lighting and different angles throughout the music videogiving the music video a bit of edge and character. This is a typical convention ofindie genre music and I have continued and developed these varied shots in to
  2. 2. my music video, these can also be seen on my blog under ‘still shots’. [SHOWSTILL SHOT IMAGES]With my digipak I have challenged other forms and conventions of real mediaproducts as the majority of ‘indie’ album covers do not include shots of the band.A lot of albums much more arty and feature a lot of abstract art as the cover, thisis apparent with artists such as Grizzly Bear, Coldplay, Local Natives and manymore. [SHOW SHOTS OF ALBUM ARTWORKS]With my digipak cover I have featured a shot of the band, there aren’t looking atthe camera and are all focussing upon their instruments, I like this because itshows the passion the band have for their music. The colours I have used arevery subtle and I have used a film grain effect to give an edgy old school look toit, a common effect throughout photo shoots with indie bands.2. How effective is the combination of your main product andancillary texts?With my main product in comparison to other media texts there are severalsimilarities. One of which is noticeably the colour scheme. I have kept thecolours very simple throughout the music video and with my ancillary texts.With Palace’s actual recent EP we can see they have used the white font whichI have similarly used in my digipak for Palace, the letter spacing has also beenused as it is used with all of Palace’s work. The colours we can see are verybland and the picture is very blurred, I have taken this into account and I haveused an image which I took of Palace and have used this as the back cover ofmy digipak.
  3. 3. Similar green tones have been used along with the white font. I have alsocontinued the white font on to the front cover of my digipak and poster, alongwith very simple images. A lot of the time we see that inide bands do not oftenuse their faces on the front of their digipak covers and normally use abstractartwork such as Grizzly Bear – Horn of Plenty andThe Antlers – In The AtticOf The Universe. However I have challenged this idea and used an image of the band on the front cover to show the band in action. I think it works well as we can see all band members and they aren’t looking at the camera and it gives off a casual feel. I think this casual feel is important when dealing with the indie genre and this image does it justice. We can also see that with Grizzly Bear that white font is an occurring colour to use with indie albums, I think the white adds simplicity to the arty backgrounds. We can also see that the backgrounds are the most important when it comes to the digipak asit shows creativity. The writing is the least important as we see with variouscovers, I had took this into account and placed my cover name and band insmall and white font in the top left hand corner.
  4. 4. The way my performers are dressed throughout my music video are similar tothe ways typical indie bands dress. We can see here with the music videoPumped Up Kicks by Foster the people we can see that Mark Foster is dressedwith a simple white t shirt on, and the image above that show the full banddressed very casually. In the typical indie music video the stars are notdressed head to toe in big jewellery like R&B music videos and artists such asKanye West and Nicki Minaj.We can see with several indie artists such as Foster the People, ArcticMonkeys and Cage the Elephant that their clothing is not one of the mostimportant aspects to their music videos and draw little attention to theircostume.After looking at my video you can see that there a similarities with the colourscheme and the subtle colours throughout which are then repeated with myposter and digipak as I have used the same font with both.
  5. 5. 3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?The feedback that I have received thus far has all been positive. Out of apossible 70 marks for my ancillary task and music video I received 65 from afellow student under Anciliary task feedbackhttp://hannahliddleg324.blogspot.com/2012/01/ancillary-task-student-feedback.html. I think this is crucial that it is from another student, as mytarget audience was of a young age between 15 & 25. The Feedback I receivedfrom this student was very fair but I also don’t think it was specific enough inwhat I should be doing to improve my work.Some feeback I have received is on my youtube channel on the music videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fz6MyowxSE&feature=g-upl&context=G2a62948AUAAAAAAAAAA and others have been given inlesson. I have received feedback such as ‘Everything in sync, guitar syncingvery impressive, looked like a music video you’d see on TV, good job!’ and‘Guitars well synced, however some slightly repetitive shots’. The feedbackfrom my tutor was ‘A refreshing change from the generic glossy pop videos ofMTV. Reminiscent of the beginnings of the ‘pop’ videos in the 60’s. A bravemove’, while others mentioned that ‘some clips go on too long’ and ‘there issome randomly placed clips.’ I have taken everyone’s feedback in to accountand I have learned to try be a bit more diverse with what I am shooting and toalso use a tripod at times as the shaky shots can be too much as one personhas commented ‘a lot of very shaky shots’. I have also took in to account thatsome of the shots are too long for the video with the quick pace of the musicand maybe as a future reference have the shots shorter.With inspirations suchas Bombay Bicycle Clubs music video for Shuffle with the different shots oftheir everyday life included in with their music I tried to portray this withinmy video by showing several shots of this. I have had feedback on this effect‘good video! i like all the different scenes you’ve put together as one videobeckyyyboyd21’ and ‘Good video. I like all the different shotsshaunaluckett’. 4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?With the research, planning and evaluation stages of my media project I usedmeida technologies such as Prezi, Final Cut, Slideshare, Blogger, Youtube,Photoshop and more.When creating my blog for this media project I used blogger. By using thiswebsite it has allowed me to use various other media technologies to presentmy work. Blogger allows me to also upload photos from my computer to addto my project and also allows me to embed videos and other external links tomy work from other sites.At AS I was still very unfamiliar with Final Cut and other editing software, aseven though we did filming and editing in AS I was not given the role to editour footage. Due to working alone from November I have been able to develop
  6. 6. my editing skills quite well on Final Cut with the creation of my music videopiece.I am also very aware of websites such as Slideshare which has abled me topresent my works such as my shooting schedule, the Palace story board andmy video evaluation, along side my risk assessment, call sheet, and audienceprofile and research and advertisement analysis. Google Documents whichhas helped me with audience research as I created a questionnaire to be filledout and shows results on Google Docs. Prezi, Wordle, and Youtube that haveall helped me develop my music video with the writing side of it.With having a Youtube account I have been able to upload videos and sharethem on to my blog such as our original storyboard for Local Natives that I putwith music and made into a video. Having a Youtube account has also helpedme upload my rough cuts and allow them to be put on to my blog and has alsoabled me, along side final cut, with the evaluation stages of my project.My Photoshop skills were also very minimal at AS and during the course of A2they have greatly improved, I think this is shown with my digipak and myposter, promoting the song and the band. Photoshop also helped me captureimages and edit them appropriately of the band, while we were recording andthis has helped me develop skills from AS and bring me to a betterunderstanding of the Photoshop software now at A2.I believe these skills that I developed at A2 have expanded and furtherdeveloped at AS allowing me to be more creative with the way I present mywork.