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Retirement planning checklist - The 10 rules to retire faster


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Retirement planning checklist -The 10 rules to retire faster is an overview of Hannah Goldsmith book 'Retire Faster' available on Amazon.

My new book 'Retire Faster' has recently been released and reached No. 3 in the Amazon retirement planning best sellers list. 'Retire Faster' brings to your attention, how much of your savings and investments are being systematically drained away from you to the financial services industry.

By reading this book, you will be able to form your own decisions on whether you would like this practice to continue or whether you would like to keep your money for you and your loved ones.

I hope you enjoy the read and the additional wealth you have the chance of creating.

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Retirement planning checklist - The 10 rules to retire faster

  1. 1. The 10 Rules to Retire Faster
  2. 2. RULE Let the Markets Work For You
  3. 3. RULE Investment is Not Speculation
  4. 4. RULE Take a Long Term Approach
  5. 5. RULE Consider the Drivers of Returns
  6. 6. RULE Practice Smart Diversification
  7. 7. RULE Avoid Market Timing
  8. 8. RULE Manage Your Emotions
  9. 9. RULE Look Beyond The Headlines
  10. 10. RULE Keep Costs Low
  11. 11. RULE Focus On What You Can Control
  12. 12. Hannah Goldsmith Author