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How to use existing content to create stunning lead generation assets in under an hour


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One of the biggest challenges for B2B marketers is to find enough time and resources to create stunning eBooks and other lead generation assets that help us convert strangers to leads on our website. Traditionally, the whole process takes somewhere between 30-50 hours and involves serveral team members. But there is a better way: recycling content! We teach you how using a free tool called Beacon.

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How to use existing content to create stunning lead generation assets in under an hour

  1. 1. How To Create Stunning eBooks in 60 Minutes or Less
  2. 2. We are so excited you are joining us today! Kevin McGrath Beacon Co-Founder Dani Carlo 3P Creative Group Inbound Marketing Specialist
  3. 3. Agenda Theory (15 minutes) The Buying Process Has Changed & Today’s Buyer’s Journey How Inbound Marketing Can Assist Typical eBook Creation Process & Why It Fails Practical (20 minutes) A Better Way To Create eBooks Using Beacon Best Practices Questions (15 minutes) Please use the chat pane to submit questions. We will address all questions at the end. Please note: This session will be recorded.
  4. 4. The Buying Process Has Changed. Has Your Marketing Changed?
  5. 5. Everyone Goes Through A Buyer’s Journey! Prospect is experiencing and expressing symptoms of a problem or opportunity. → Is doing educational research to more clearly understand, frame and give a name to their problem. Prospect has now clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunity. → Is committed to researching and understanding all of the available approaches and/or methods to solving the defined problem or opportunity. Prospect has now decided on their solution strategy, method and approach. → Is compiling a long list of all available vendors and products in their given solution strategy. → More research to cut down that list to a short list and ultimately make a final purchase decision. Awareness Consideration Decision
  6. 6. Today’s Shoppers Complete Most Of Their Buyer’s Journey Before Contacting Sales! 66-69%: No contact to sales team! Finally… (maybe)
  7. 7. Downloadable incentives can increase opt-in rates by up to 785%! — Brian Deane
  8. 8. Inbound Marketing: Translating The Buyer’s Journey Into Actionable Marketing Tactics Marketing Funnel = Maps the process every buyer goes through to the inbound marketing tools and actions. eBooks are great in turning strangers into leads that we can nurture and then close into customers!
  9. 9. Type of content used in the past 12 months to research B2B purchasing decisions: ● White Papers (83%); ● Case Studies (67%); ● Webinars (75%); ● eBooks (68%); ● Videos (63%); ● Blog Posts (56%); ● Infographics (52%). 67% of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make B2B purchasing decisions than they did a year ago. (DemandGen Report)
  10. 10. Each Stage Has Different Content Offers: Possible Content Offers: ● eBook ● How-To Guide ● Checklist ● Infographic ● Educational Content ● Tip Sheet ● Cheat Sheets ● Tool Kit ● Beginner’s Guide Awareness Consideration Decision Possible Content Offers: ● Advanced eBook ● Whitepaper ● Podcasts ● Videos ● Webinars ● Worksheets ● Calculators ● Templates ● Case Studies Possible Content Offers: ● Comparison Charts ● Purchasing Guide ● Implementation Guide ● Product Literature ● Customer Success Stories ● Demos ● Consulation ● Pricing Guide
  11. 11. So Wait… Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?
  12. 12. Time & Resources Are The Biggest Obstacles To Creating Stunning eBooks Traditional eBook creation process is long and involves several people: 1. Marketing team agrees on a general concept and outline, target audience and goals. 2. Graphic designer creates eBook design template. 3. Inbound marketer researches and writes first draft. Works with copywriter and / or editor to finish copy of the offer. 4. Graphic designer will create eBook and adds images and design elements. 5. Marketing team takes offer, creates landing page and promotional assets.
  13. 13. How Can You Use Beacon To Create An eBook? Grab a free Beacon account via 1. Recycling content 2. Import content 3. Choose a theme and customize 4. Combine recycled content with original content
  14. 14. 1a) Recycling Content: Method 1 1. Look for a common thread 2. Less is more 3. Social shares 4. Comments
  15. 15. 1b) Recycling Content: Method 2
  16. 16. 2) Importing your Content
  17. 17. 3) Choose a Theme
  18. 18. 4) Combine Original & Recycled Content
  19. 19. Recap: Using Beacon To Create An eBook 1. Recycle content 2. Import content 3. Choose a theme and customize 4. Combine recycled content with original content
  20. 20. To Make Your eBook Successful, Keep In Mind: Item 31. Always be helpful, not selling! 2. Plan your blog posts strategically (with an eBook in mind) to save yourself time down the road. 3. Use evergreen content 4. Use (great) imagery 5. Create bite sized information 6. Keep branding and design consistent 7. Offer examples and anecdotes 8. Finish strong with a related call to action 9. Gate your premium content behind a form. 10. Follow up, don’t spam.
  21. 21. Thank You Free 30-Minute Coaching Session with an IM expert from 3P Creative Group ➔ Pick 2-3 goals, issues, or problems that you would like inbound marketing expert advice on and we will help you. Beacon Discount ➔ Use coupon code ‘UNLIMITED’ to get an annual Unlimited License for $200 instead of $290 ($90 / 31% saving)
  22. 22. Questions?