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Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2- How did you represent social groups
  2. 2. In my media product I intended to represent the social group ‘emo’
  3. 3. They are usually known as outcasts withinsociety, usually isolated unless with a group of other ‘emo’
  4. 4. Though the ‘emo’ social group os not often portrayed in films, characters of the horror genre are often styled like ‘emo’s.
  5. 5. In both films and reality, emo fashion is the mostly the same.
  6. 6. The ‘emo’ style is predominantly black with touches of colour, heavy boots, skinny jeans, hoodies, studded or low hanging belts, black eye make-up etc.Even when isolated, the fashion they wear makes them stand out from the crowd.
  7. 7. ‘Emo’s are a social group that revolves heavily around music and clothes. ‘Emo’s are mainly aged between 16-24.
  8. 8. I tried to portray these characteristics within my own media product.
  9. 9. I also researched typical horror film antagonists to see how they are represented.
  10. 10. My findings revealed that the majority of horro antagonists remain unidentifiable throughout the product to increase mystery and horror within the film.
  11. 11. I did the same to help create the enigma within my product and to make the product more realistic and cloaked my antagonist to make him unidentifiable within the narrative and to the audience.