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Updated Resume 2014- Hannah


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Updated Resume 2014- Hannah

  1. 1. Hannah E. Colbey 619 Fairwood Drive Nashville, TN 37209 Phone: (731) 487-8157 Profile: Success driven and quick learner. Committed and problem solver. Excels in everything attempted. Effective in communication with employers, employees, vendors, and customers. Experience in hiring and management of employees. Knowledgeable in general accounting, management, payroll, purchasing, and budgeting. Education: Bethel University, McKenzie, TN, Masters of Business Administration, May 2013 GPA:4.0 Union University, Jackson, TN, Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, May 2009 GPA:3.29 Graduated from a CATEE accredited Athletic Training Education Program Degree-Related Work Experience: Accounting, Sherman Dixie Concrete Industries, Nashville, TN 2015-Present •General Accounting •Process inventory adjustments for nine plants •Journal Entries •Invoice daily for nine plants •Update and Record Production for nine plants •Edit Quantity Warnings • Human Resources •Payroll & Garnishments •Set up drug screens and record results •Process journal entries for hourly payroll, salary payroll, executive payroll and pensions. •Track PTO time •Reconcile the insurance bill •Make sure all new hire and termination paperwork is complete •Accounts Payable •Process paperwork for corporate office and nine plants •Code and enter invoices with correct general ledger account numbers •Enforce the use of requisition documents and other proper documentation for items received •Prepare, process, and post check payments on a weekly basis •Utilize knowledge of tax rates for various states and non-taxable items used in the production process Accounting Manager, Max Trans LLC, Humboldt, TN 2011-2014 •Payroll Department •Payroll & Garnishment experience •Developed a procedure to balance and reconcile various payroll reports including deductions •On a board of administrators to evaluate and edit current payroll policies
  2. 2. Resume Page 2 •Order and trouble-shoot all company cell phones •Accounting Department •Process accounts payable and receivables •Code and enter invoices with correct general ledger account numbers. •Responsible for all purchasing within the company •Oversight of collections for more than 1.5 million •Billing Department •Follow up on orders that are unbilled in order to complete billing process •Consult with billing to prevent and fix payment problems •Interview •Look through resumes and contact potential interviewees •While interviewing explain company policies •Negotiate starting pay for new hires •Train new hires how to use computer software and excel •General Responsibilities •Correspondence between administration and entry-level employees •Aid CFO and President as needed Highlight: Earned two promotions in leadership and responsibilities Student Athletic Trainer, Union University, Jackson, TN, 2006-2009 ▪Assisted with physical exams for athletes by measuring height, weight, vision, blood pressure. ▪Managed injuries with hot and cold packs, whirlpools, various types of electrical stimulation, and ultrasound. ▪Applied the skill of taping athletes on and off the field of play ▪Assisted and encouraged athletes in the rehab process ▪Assisted in the evaluation through rotations with Union University’s Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Golf, Cross Country, and Lambuth University’s Football ▪Observed Orthopedic Doctors at West Tennessee Bone and Joint Clinic Highlight: Acquired valuable and extensive hand-on experience in Athletic Training Field Honors & Community Service: ▪President of Alpha Tau Alpha, 2007, 2008 ▪Secretary of Alpha Tau Alpha, 2006 ▪Union University’s Dean List ▪Team Leader for Day of Remembrance Activities, 2007, 2008 ▪Hurricane Katrina Relief ▪Several Overseas Mission Trips Computer Skills: ▪SportsPharm, Injury Tracking Software ▪McLeod Software ▪Internet and E-mail ▪Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, & Excel Other Work Experience: Lead Teacher, Children's Learning Center, Humboldt, TN 2009-2011 ▪Developed and carried out lesson plans for children
  3. 3. Resume Page 2 ▪Developed and maintained good relationships with parents daily ▪Sent home a daily report of what the child did hour by hour Church Employee, Father’s House Church, Jackson, TN 2007-2009 ▪Kept infants in the nursery ▪Taught Sunday School and did crafts for children and preteens ▪Cleaned the church Key-Carrying Sales Associate, The Music Stop, Murfreesboro, TN 2003-2007 ▪Rented instruments to beginning music students and karaoke machines ▪Sold and special ordered musical instruments and accessories of all sorts ▪Communication between our store and local high schools ▪Cashier, billing, closing, and filing duties ▪Organized and kept track of instruments in for repair Professional References: Brandi Zehner Stephanie Page Allen Haynes Max Trans Max Trans The Music Stop Billing Clerk Payroll Clerk Owner (731) 616-1932 (731) 694-1314 (615) 962-0283 Kristy Mosier Jessica Murphy Jennifer Deen McEwen Max Trans Max Trans Office of District Attorney General Chief Financial Officer Accounting Assistant Assistant District Attorney General (731) 803-1999 (731) 571-3542 (731) 420-1177