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Jaws in Space - How to develop & pitch creative ideas


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Published in: Marketing

Jaws in Space - How to develop & pitch creative ideas

  1. 1. @hannah_bo_banna “jaws in space” how to develop & pitch creative ideas @hannah_bo_banna
  2. 2. @hannah_bo_banna text this is distilled
  3. 3. @hannah_bo_banna we made this
  4. 4. @hannah_bo_banna text 2.1m page views; 105k+ ‘likes’; 4.7k+ tweets; 1,055 LRDs
  5. 5. @hannah_bo_banna a few years ago we made this
  6. 6. @hannah_bo_banna text it got just 31 ‘likes’
  7. 7. @hannah_bo_banna we *still* don’t always get it right
  8. 8. @hannah_bo_banna this stuff is *really* hard ignore anyone who tells you otherwise
  9. 9. @hannah_bo_banna coming up with a ‘good’ idea is paramount
  10. 10. @hannah_bo_banna but what do we mean by a ‘good’ idea?
  11. 11. @hannah_bo_banna something that appears to have worked?
  12. 12. @hannah_bo_banna pop quiz!
  13. 13. @hannah_bo_banna raise your hands if you think this is a ‘good’ idea
  14. 14. @hannah_bo_banna
  15. 15. @hannah_bo_banna ready?
  16. 16. @hannah_bo_banna 618 LRDs
  17. 17. @hannah_bo_banna ok, what about this one?
  18. 18. @hannah_bo_banna
  19. 19. @hannah_bo_banna ready?
  20. 20. @hannah_bo_banna 189 LRDs
  21. 21. @hannah_bo_banna what about this one?
  22. 22. @hannah_bo_banna
  23. 23. @hannah_bo_banna ready?
  24. 24. @hannah_bo_banna 59 LRDs
  25. 25. @hannah_bo_banna tricky, huh?
  26. 26. @hannah_bo_banna it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking ‘guides get links’ - let’s do loads of guides! BUT it’s not always the case & over time formats can become less effective
  27. 27. @hannah_bo_banna let’s try something else... I’m going to show you 2 pieces - which got the most links?
  28. 28. @hannah_bo_banna
  29. 29. @hannah_bo_banna
  30. 30. @hannah_bo_banna ready?
  31. 31. @hannah_bo_banna 64 LRDs
  32. 32. @hannah_bo_banna 181 LRDs
  33. 33. @hannah_bo_banna ok, you’ve seen which got the most links, but which got the most interactions on facebook?
  34. 34. @hannah_bo_banna 50k facebook interactions
  35. 35. @hannah_bo_banna 5k facebook interactions
  36. 36. @hannah_bo_banna the relationship between social shares and links is not as linear as you might expect
  37. 37. @hannah_bo_banna it is incredibly tough to figure out whether something is ‘good’ idea or not
  38. 38. @hannah_bo_banna & most of us don’t have the luxury of creating & launching a bunch of different things before hitting on a winner
  39. 39. @hannah_bo_banna we get fired
  40. 40. @hannah_bo_banna so how do we get better?
  41. 41. @hannah_bo_banna we started out with this
  42. 42. @hannah_bo_banna
  43. 43. @hannah_bo_banna authors Chip & Dan Heath identified 6 factors make an idea ‘stick’: simple unexpected concrete credible emotional story
  44. 44. @hannah_bo_banna & we’ve added one of our own: simple unexpected concrete credible emotional story shareable
  45. 45. @hannah_bo_banna this is hard to explain in the abstract, so I’m going to use an example
  46. 46. @hannah_bo_banna
  47. 47. @hannah_bo_banna simple
  48. 48. @hannah_bo_banna if you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t understand it yourself ~ Albert Einstein
  49. 49. @hannah_bo_banna
  50. 50. @hannah_bo_banna ‘how famous creative people work’
  51. 51. @hannah_bo_banna unexpected
  52. 52. @hannah_bo_banna text
  53. 53. @hannah_bo_banna
  54. 54. @hannah_bo_banna ok, so this may not make your jaw drop… but it is a different take on the topic
  55. 55. @hannah_bo_banna long form articles and listicles are the most popular formats in the space, whereas this is visual & explorable
  56. 56. @hannah_bo_banna concrete
  57. 57. @hannah_bo_banna we’re going to win the space race ~ not said by JFK
  58. 58. @hannah_bo_banna ‘win the space race’ is an abstraction it’s intangible, no one knows what you mean
  59. 59. @hannah_bo_banna we’re going to put a man on the moon ~ JFK
  60. 60. @hannah_bo_banna this isn’t just about the language you use
  61. 61. @hannah_bo_banna well-executed data visualisation makes concepts more concrete you can only hold around 6 pieces of information in your head, but you can take in much more than that visually to determine patterns
  62. 62. @hannah_bo_banna
  63. 63. @hannah_bo_banna credible
  64. 64. @hannah_bo_banna comes in two flavours:
  65. 65. @hannah_bo_banna is the data credible?
  66. 66. @hannah_bo_banna
  67. 67. @hannah_bo_banna is this credible coming from podio?
  68. 68. @hannah_bo_banna using data from other credible sources is a reasonably safe bet for most brands
  69. 69. @hannah_bo_banna be very careful if you’re commissioning your own data
  70. 70. @hannah_bo_banna there are two modes of failure here
  71. 71. @hannah_bo_banna a failure to gather statistically significant data or weak methodology
  72. 72. @hannah_bo_banna being self-serving if a bingo company did a study that found people who played bingo were happier than those who didn’t would you think it credible?
  73. 73. @hannah_bo_banna emotional
  74. 74. @hannah_bo_banna this provokes an emotional reaction
  75. 75. @hannah_bo_banna text
  76. 76. @hannah_bo_banna does this piece?
  77. 77. @hannah_bo_banna
  78. 78. @hannah_bo_banna it does provoke curiosity and people are passionate about productivity & the habits of successful people
  79. 79. @hannah_bo_banna story
  80. 80. @hannah_bo_banna have we uncovered a story?
  81. 81. @hannah_bo_banna
  82. 82. @hannah_bo_banna no, but this piece supports the editorial around this topic
  83. 83. @hannah_bo_banna shareable
  84. 84. @hannah_bo_banna would you look good sharing this?
  85. 85. @hannah_bo_banna
  86. 86. @hannah_bo_banna makes you look smart and/or makes you look cultured and/or makes you look interested & interesting and/or makes you look like they care about being creative
  87. 87. @hannah_bo_banna the ‘success’ framework is great, but it has its drawbacks
  88. 88. @hannah_bo_banna good ideas rarely seem like good ideas at their inception, that’s what stops the majority of people from having them ~Drew Gummerson
  89. 89. @hannah_bo_banna it’s a useful tool, but it can be used as a weapon
  90. 90. @hannah_bo_banna don’t use this to shoot ideas down, use it to build ideas up
  91. 91. @hannah_bo_banna how can we develop this idea to make it more simple? unexpected? concrete? credible? emotional? story-driven? shareable?
  92. 92. @hannah_bo_banna use it to evaluate or compare and contrast ideas to see which are the strongest
  93. 93. @hannah_bo_banna you don’t need to hit all 7 but more is more ☺
  94. 94. @hannah_bo_banna but there’s another issue with the framework
  95. 95. @hannah_bo_banna clients don’t always understand why they should care about these criteria
  96. 96. @hannah_bo_banna there’s insufficient onus on why this is a good idea for their company
  97. 97. @hannah_bo_banna we found that some of our best ideas weren’t getting signed off
  98. 98. @hannah_bo_banna we needed to get better at pitching ideas
  99. 99. @hannah_bo_banna@hannah_bo_banna the high concept pitch for alien was “jaws in space”
  100. 100. @hannah_bo_banna that’s a lot of information in just 3 words
  101. 101. @hannah_bo_banna the ship is not sleek & clean like in other sci-fi movies this is grubby, broken, low-tech
  102. 102. @hannah_bo_banna this film will be filled with tension & conflict, not everyone will understand the danger they’re in
  103. 103. @hannah_bo_banna you won’t see much of the predator until the end
  104. 104. @hannah_bo_banna I could go on for hours...
  105. 105. @hannah_bo_banna our aim was not to be able to pitch our ideas in 3 words
  106. 106. @hannah_bo_banna but to distill our thinking & communicate why our ideas were right for the client
  107. 107. @hannah_bo_banna this is what we came up with
  108. 108. @hannah_bo_banna how is this idea relevant, resonant & different?
  109. 109. @hannah_bo_banna I’ll deal with each in turn, using the daily routines piece as an example
  110. 110. @hannah_bo_banna
  111. 111. @hannah_bo_banna relevant
  112. 112. @hannah_bo_banna this is about ‘brand fit’ why is this the right thing for the company to do?
  113. 113. @hannah_bo_banna podio’s strapline is ‘empowering you to work the way you want’ & they target people in the creative industry
  114. 114. @hannah_bo_banna ‘daily routines’ places podio in the conversations people are already having about how best to work, without being self-serving
  115. 115. @hannah_bo_banna resonant
  116. 116. @hannah_bo_banna why will your target audience & target publishers care about this?
  117. 117. @hannah_bo_banna creativity & productivity are perpetually hot topics:
  118. 118. @hannah_bo_banna
  119. 119. @hannah_bo_banna
  120. 120. @hannah_bo_banna
  121. 121. @hannah_bo_banna people share this stuff, so publishers want to publish this stuff
  122. 122. @hannah_bo_banna & the publishers we want coverage from feature this stuff
  123. 123. @hannah_bo_banna(excerpt from a buzzsumo content analysis report)
  124. 124. @hannah_bo_banna people will share our piece because it: makes them look smart and/or makes them look cultured and/or makes them look interested & interesting and/or makes them look like they care about being creative
  125. 125. @hannah_bo_banna different
  126. 126. @hannah_bo_banna how is this different from what’s already out there? how are we adding value?
  127. 127. @hannah_bo_banna this data has been visualised before
  128. 128. @hannah_bo_banna
  129. 129. @hannah_bo_banna but this is a poster it wasn’t built for the web
  130. 130. @hannah_bo_banna this execution doesn’t allow you to compare the creative routines of the people featured, or explore the data, our execution will
  131. 131. @hannah_bo_banna we use relevant, resonant, different alongside the ‘SUCCESS’ framework
  132. 132. @hannah_bo_banna it means our ideation process is more rigorous
  133. 133. @hannah_bo_banna & it forces us to think harder about whether or not our ideas make sense for our clients
  134. 134. @hannah_bo_banna most importantly - it makes getting sign off from clients easier
  135. 135. @hannah_bo_banna how did it all go down?
  136. 136. @hannah_bo_banna
  137. 137. @hannah_bo_banna you will never be 100% confident
  138. 138. @hannah_bo_banna
  139. 139. @hannah_bo_banna 658k page views; 33k+ ‘likes’; 10k+ tweets; 632 LRDs
  140. 140. @hannah_bo_banna please note:
  141. 141. @hannah_bo_banna results like this don’t just *happen*
  142. 142. @hannah_bo_banna we spent over 60 hours promoting this piece
  143. 143. @hannah_bo_banna the bigger picture
  144. 144. @hannah_bo_banna getting good at this stuff is hard
  145. 145. @hannah_bo_banna there’s a few things we do which we think have helped us get better
  146. 146. @hannah_bo_banna focus on ideas, not formats
  147. 147. @hannah_bo_banna text an idea is a novel combination of previously unconnected elements in a way that adds value
  148. 148. @hannah_bo_banna an infographic is not an idea; it’s a format
  149. 149. @hannah_bo_banna further reading: how to produce content people will share how to produce better content ideas lessons in virality from axl rose
  150. 150. @hannah_bo_banna take this sh*t seriously
  151. 151. @hannah_bo_banna a few years ago we used to ‘present’ creative ideas like this:
  152. 152. @hannah_bo_banna REDACTED yep, it really was that bad...
  153. 153. @hannah_bo_banna
  154. 154. @hannah_bo_banna you won’t be surprised to hear that sign off was an issue
  155. 155. @hannah_bo_banna today we present creative ideas in person, with a slide deck we also spend significantly longer on the ideation process
  156. 156. @hannah_bo_banna we use these frameworks to build ideas up, not knock them down
  157. 157. @hannah_bo_banna good ideas come from everywhere, it’s more important to recognise a good idea than to author it ~Jeanne Gang
  158. 158. @hannah_bo_banna keep on keeping on
  159. 159. @hannah_bo_banna we consistently work on improving our approach & our processes
  160. 160. @hannah_bo_banna
  161. 161. @hannah_bo_banna good luck out there x
  162. 162. credits Images: alien: unexpected - daily rituals - emotional - swing - facepalm - no finish line - danbo - unicorn - Big love to to the wonderful Distilled folks who helped me put this together.
  163. 163. @hannah_bo_banna Hannah Smith Content Strategist, Distilled caffeine addict; book worm; would really like a unicorn... send cat pictures or questions to: