Humans, Technology & The Future of Marketing - SMX Munich 2014


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As online and offline converge, and audiences continue to fragment, what do brands need to do to flourish? At SMX Munich 2014, Hannah Smith explores the challenges brands face both now and in the future, and shares her thoughts on how search marketing will evolve as a result.

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  • Google need to make money, they are built on solid organic results but they will happily push them away from the user in order to meet their targets.
  • It isn’t uncommon for people to act in this way.
  • It isn’t uncommon for people to act in this way.
  • It isn’t uncommon for people to act in this way.
  • It isn’t uncommon for people to act in this way.
  • This guy is the youngest billionaire in the world for a reason. He knows what he is doing.
  • This guy is the youngest billionaire in the world for a reason. He knows what he is doing.
  • This guy is the youngest billionaire in the world for a reason. He knows what he is doing.
  • Now it’s hidden away from their default view.
  • It isn’t uncommon for people to act in this way.
  • Humans, Technology & The Future of Marketing - SMX Munich 2014

    1. HANNAH SMITH CONTENT STRATEGIST humans, technology & the future of marketing
    2. this is what search marketing looks like today…
    3. @hannah_bo_banna
    4. Lewis Carroll @hannah_bo_banna “well, in our country”, said Alice, still panting a little, "you'd generally get to somewhere else — if you run very fast for a long time, as we've been doing.”
    5. Lewis Carroll @hannah_bo_banna "A slow sort of country!" said the Queen. "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"
    6. seo moves fast…
    7. remember when keyword density was a thing?
    8. @hannah_bo_banna
    9. ctrl + a reveals the spam
    10. @hannah_bo_banna
    11. remember how strongly weighted anchor text was?
    12. @hannah_bo_banna
    13. over the years there have been many updates
    14. @hannah_bo_banna 2009: big brands get a boost
    15. @hannah_bo_banna 2010: new web indexing system
    16. @hannah_bo_banna 2011: crackdown on ‘thin’ content
    17. @hannah_bo_banna 2012: more localised results for general or broad queries
    18. @hannah_bo_banna
    19. @hannah_bo_banna 2012: crackdown on low-quality links
    20. @hannah_bo_banna 2013: moving from indexing to understanding
    21. today, search queries which shouldn’t work…
    22. do work
    23. @hannah_bo_banna
    24. WTF?!
    25. how did they know what I meant?
    26. @hannah_bo_banna
    27. @hannah_bo_banna
    28. it might be bad news if you’re in the ‘information business’
    29. @hannah_bo_banna
    30. @hannah_bo_banna
    31. @hannah_bo_banna
    32. & don’t even get me started on the lack of organic results above the fold
    33. but it’s not just seo that’s changing…
    34. we’ve got wearable tech
    35. @hannah_bo_banna
    36. @hannah_bo_banna
    37. @hannah_bo_banna
    38. @hannah_bo_banna
    39. @hannah_bo_banna
    40. @hannah_bo_banna
    41. @hannah_bo_banna when humans & technology collide, things get complicated…
    42. regardless of the future of glass our device usage is changing
    43. mobile used to mean ‘away from your PC’
    44. 77% of mobile searches are in a location where a PC is available
    45. & mobile is about so much more than search
    46. behaviours & contexts blur across devices and locations
    47. we multi screen
    48. &
    49. & speaking of devices, tv is changing
    50. tv doesn’t mean *on* a tv
    51. 5% of homes in the US don’t have a tv
    52. this zero tv group is growing
    53. the US had more than 5m zero-tv households in 2013; up from just over 2m in 2007
    54. 67% of these homes get tv content on other devices
    55. @hannah_bo_banna
    56. tv schedules limit people who don’t want limits
    57. he doesn’t have time for scheduled programming
    58. this means tv advertising is changing
    59. reach really didn’t used to be a problem
    60. audiences are fragmenting
    61. but it’s cool, right?
    62. we’ll happily watch tv ads online
    63. aaaaaaarrrggghhhhh
    64. <insert your own swear here>
    65. cute
    66. but not really solving the issue, huh?
    67. it’s not just tv, the way we consume *all* content is changing
    68. we surface content through filters
    69. facebook protects us from unwanted content
    70. you still might stop seeing updates from the companies you follow @hannah_bo_banna
    71. Mark says you gotta pay to play
    72. it drives me crazy when I can't see posts from pages I’ve ‘liked’
    73. I'm experimenting with aggressively interacting with a new page to try to bring it into my feed & keep it there
    74. but it’s not just facebook
    75. our technology protects us from unwanted content
    76. permission may no longer be enough content needs to get above the sharing radar of our (personal) curators
    77. so what now?
    78. is seo,
    79. wearable tech,
    80. mobile,
    81. tv,
    82. traditional advertising,
    83. written content,
    84. video,
    85. social media,
    86. email marketing,
    87. permission marketing,
    88. regular marketing
    89. & everything else
    90. dead?
    91. screw it, let’s get wasted
    92. kidding 
    93. nothing is ‘dead’
    94. just don’t be this guy
    95. things are changing
    96. interesting trends
    97. real-time
    98. remember this?
    99. nimble? yes
    100. a ‘viral’ hit?
    101. “the message was retweeted and liked a bajillion times…” ~ brad tuttle TIME
    102. really?
    103. 15,851 retweets = a bajillion?
    104. the real success was the amount of press attention this received
    105. fast-forward to the #GRAMMYs
    106. then there was the #oscars
    107. wait, that wasn’t a brand
    108. meh no one’s buying that
    109. real-time also looks like this
    110. brands as publishers
    111. ‘online first’
    112. the only ad I’ve ever chosen *not* to skip
    113. @hannah_bo_banna
    114. see why for yourself
    115. great uses of a new(er) platform
    116. @hannah_bo_banna
    117. @hannah_bo_banna
    118. @hannah_bo_banna
    119. touching? awkward? you decide
    120. @hannah_bo_banna
    121. @hannah_bo_banna
    122. Wren’s Melissa Coker @hannah_bo_banna my desire [was] to have something that’s interesting to people beyond a fashion angle
    123. Wren’s Melissa Coker @hannah_bo_banna [it’s] an interesting film that exists on its own rather than something that feels like a commercial, and it seems to be touching people…
    124. & speaking of films that don’t feel like commercials…
    125. @hannah_bo_banna
    126. @hannah_bo_banna
    127. brands with values
    128. @hannah_bo_banna
    129. @hannah_bo_banna
    130. it’s not just about environmental values
    131. @hannah_bo_banna
    132. when you have values like that you get creative like this
    133. @hannah_bo_banna
    134. there’s also evidence to suggest this translates into business benefits
    135. @hannah_bo_banna
    136. brands that are ‘meaningful’ outperform the stock market by 120%
    137. move from [product] differentiation to actually making a difference Umair Haque
    138. Instead of putting up another campaign of billboards with celebrities saying: ‘Buy our shoes, they’ll turn you into a master runner,’ Nike actually helps make you a better runner. That’s a constructive way to build a meaningful brand. Umair Haque
    139. read more
    140. the future?
    141. safe predictions
    142. more devices, more challenges
    143. @hannah_bo_banna so get your (technical) ducks in a row
    144. more pressure to measure *everything* more accurately
    145. @hannah_bo_banna
    146. track people not sessions
    147. @hannah_bo_banna
    148. multi-channel attribution
    149. (even) less reliance on search
    150. @hannah_bo_banna
    151. my vision when we started google 15 years ago was that eventually you wouldn’t have a search query at all; you’d just have information come to you as you needed it Sergey Brin
    152. @hannah_bo_banna
    153. less safe prediction
    154. there will be a deluge of content
    155. but no ‘content fatigue’
    156. people just won’t see it
    157. this one’s a bit ‘out there’
    158. only brands that stand for something will survive
    159. in Europe and the US, people would not care if 92% of brands disappeared
    160. @hannah_bo_banna
    161. building a brand that stands for something also helps with this…
    162. @hannah_bo_banna
    163. @hannah_bo_banna
    164. one thing I am sure of
    165. whilst it’s easy to think purely in terms of technological challenges…
    166. marketing is not changing *because* of technology
    167. marketing is changing because consumer’s expectations are evolving
    168. they expect you to provide a seamless experience regardless of device or location
    169. when they speak, they expect you to listen & respond
    170. they are not interested in your self-serving messages
    171. or your attempt to be ‘down with the kids’
    172. but they’ll happily be entertained
    173. so you need them to love your marketing
    174. most of all
    175. they have no interest in brands that fail to deliver what they want
    176. & they *know* you need them more than they need you
    177. we will evolve
    178. “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives; it is the one that is most adaptable to change.” ~ Leon C Megginson
    179. I’ve only worked in this industry for 7 years
    180. many of you were doing this *way* before me
    181. I *know* how adaptable you are
    182. good luck out there x
    183. @hannah_bo_banna steal this deck:
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