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Updates from the Global RCE Network: 2018-2019


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Updates from the Global RCE Network: 2018-2019
Dr. Philip Vaughter, Research Fellow, UNU-IAS
12th Asia-Pacific Regional RCE Meeting
4-6 June, 2019, Hangzhou, China

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Updates from the Global RCE Network: 2018-2019

  1. 1. Updates from the Global RCE Network: 2018-2019 Dr. Philip Vaughter – United Nations University – Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability June 4th, 2019
  2. 2. Overview of Presentation 1) Development of the RCE Network to date 2) Overview of RCE-related activities implemented since 2018 3) Strategic Directions
  3. 3. Development of the RCE Network 2005 Launch of UN DESD First RCEs Acknowledged 2006 1st Global RCE Conference 2007 2nd Global RCE Conference 2008 3rd Global RCE Conference 2009 4th Global RCE Conference 2010 Midpoint of UN DESD 5th Global RCE Conference 2011 6th Global RCE Conference 2012 7th Global RCE Conference 2013 8th Global RCE Conference 2014 9th Global RCE Conference 2015 Launch of SDGs Launch of GAP 2016 10th Global RCE Conference 2017 1st Thematic RCE Conference 2018 11th Global RCE Conference 2019
  4. 4. Development of the Asia-Pacific RCE Network 2005 Launch of UN DESD First RCEs Acknowledged 2006 2007 2008 1st Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2009 2nd Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2010 Midpoint of UN DESD 3rd Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2011 4th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2012 5th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2013 6th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2014 7th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2015 Launch of GAP 8th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2016 9th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2017 10th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2018 11th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2019 12th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting
  5. 5. Newly acknowledged RCEs  Global Network: Over 160 RCEs around the world clustered into 4 regions  African RCE Community: President – RCE Buea, Vice-President – RCE Eswatini  Asia-Pacific RCE Community: Asia-Pacific RCE Coordinating Committee  European RCE Community: Communication Coordinators – RCE London & RCE Oldenburger Münsterland  Americas RCE Community: Regional Meeting host convenes RCEs  New RCEs: 5 RCEs were acknowledged since December 2018 until now  Asia-Pacific: RCE Sundarbans (Bangladesh), RCE Qingdao (China), RCE Sakon Nakhon (Thailand)  Americas: RCE North Texas (USA), RCE Gran Caracas (Venezuela)
  6. 6. RCE Awards 2018 – Outstanding Flagship Projects  RCE Borderlands – From poverty to plenty: El Ranchero Solidario Farmer’s Cooperative (SDG 1)  RCE Borderlands – The mobile living lab (SDG 4)  RCE Georgetown – RISE youth corps (SDG 17)  RCE Greater Western Sydney & RCE Yogyakarta – Asia-Pacific SDG youth challenge 2018 (SDG 13)  RCE Greater Yenagoa – Women’s empowerment initiative (SDG 5)  RCE Minna – School empowerment and nutrition through agriculture (SDG 2)  RCE Severn – The pop-up sustainability village (SDG 17)  RCE Scotland – Values and learning for sustainability in initial teacher education (SDG 4)  RCE Tongyeong – Change the world through quality education (SDG 4)
  7. 7. Asia-Pacific RCE Coordinating Committee  The Asia-Pacific RCE Coordinating Committee is the coordinating and advisory group for collaborative activities within the Asia-Pacific RCE community  In cooperation with the Global RCE Service Centre, the Asia-Pacific Coordinating Committee serves the AP RCE community by: I. Providing advice on the agenda and programming of the Asia-Pacific RCE Meetings; II. Being a sounding board of ideas that might lead to collaborative projects for the Asia- Pacific community; III. Coordinating inter-RCE activities, and proactively responding to particular needs of RCEs, if necessary.
  8. 8. Asia-Pacific RCE Coordinating Committee  Typically, the Committee is comprised of 5-7 members, representing RCEs from across the Asia-Pacific region – however, the size is flexible depending on number of volunteers and regional balance.  Efforts need to be made to have representation from the youth community.  The Committee elects one from amongst themselves as the Asia-Pacific RCE Coordinator, who chairs the Committee and liaises with the Global RCE Service Centre on behalf of the Committee.  The term of office for the Coordinator and all Committee members is two years and renewable.  The Coordinator and all Committee members act in their individual capacities, not necessarily representing RCEs
  9. 9. Asia-Pacific RCE Coordinating Committee  Committee meetings and discussions are held on a needs basis but should be at least once a year, and can be conducted though teleconferencing, as well as outer virtual means should face-to-face be infeasible.  Appointments of Committee members are made at Asia-Pacific RCE Regional Meetings
  10. 10. Asia-Pacific RCE Coordinating Committee  RCE Greater Western Sydney (Jen Dollin – Rapporteur)  RCE Chennai (Karthikeyan Subburaman)  RCE Srinagar (Abdhesh Gangwar – Convener)  RCE Yogyakarta (Nanung Agus Fitriyanto)  RCE Hyogo-Kobe (Mieko Kiyono)  RCE Okayama (Miki Konishi)  RCE Iskandar (Wai Yoke Wong & Fatin Aliah Phang)  RCE Penang (Munirah Ghazali)  RCE Waikato (Betsan Martin)  RCE Tongyeong (Su Yeon Park)  RCE Hangzhou (Hao Xin)
  11. 11. Overview of RCE-related activities September 2018 • 11th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting • Sydney, Australia October 2018 • 7th Americas RCE Meeting • Posadas, Argentina November 2018 • 10th Tongyeong ESD Forum • International Association of Universities Conference • Tongyeong, South Korea • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia December 2018 • 11th Global RCE Conference & Ubuntu Committee Meeting • Cebu, The Philippines January 2019 • Announcement of newly acknowledged RCEs • Tokyo, Japan February 2019 • Japanese RCE Meeting • 2019 AP Youth SDG Challenge Starts • Kitakyushu, Japan • All RCEs in Region
  12. 12. Overview of RCE-related activities June 2019 • 12th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting • Hangzhou, China July 2019 • UNESCO Forum & GAP Partner Meeting • Hanoi, Vietnam August 2019 • 9th African RCE Meeting • Kwaluseni, Eswatini September 2019 • 2019 European RCE Meeting • 8th Americas RCE Meeting • Heraklion, Greece • Burlington, USA November 2019 • World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) • Bangkok, Thailand December 2019 • Ubuntu Committee Meeting • Tokyo, Japan