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Teacher Training in Education for Climate Change


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Teacher Training in Education for Climate Change
RCE Bogotá
Americas Regional RCE Meeting 2018
24-27 October, 2018, Posadas, Argentina

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Teacher Training in Education for Climate Change

  1. 1. 1 TEACHER TRAINING IN EDUCATION FOR CLIMATE CHANGE María Mercedes Callejas Restrepo RCE BOGOTA, COLOMBIA Programa Maestría en Educación Ambiental Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales OCTUBRE 25 DE 2018 The 7th RCE MEETING OF THE AMERICAS “ESD, Conservation and Climate Change in the 2030 Agenda”
  2. 2. 2 . RATIONALE Although the country has a very low share in total global emissions, it has been occupying an important place in the top countries that emit the most greenhouse gases due to changes in land use and deforestation. A commitment from Colombia, in terms of adaptation to climate change, is to strengthen the public education strategy on climate change. The policy proposes to define education strategies to achieve a cultural transformation with respect to climate change and ecosystem services. Teacher training is a meaningful step in order to achieve appropriate changes in education, aiming the sustainable development for our country.
  3. 3. Objectives ⊷ Establish lines of research on climate change for teacher training, in accordance with environmental and educational policies ⊷ Generate participatory and decision-making processes that promote critical and reflective thinking about the environment ⊷ Promote the development of action research projects in schools based on context problems related to climate change ⊷ Evaluate the participation of the educational communities and the changes produced in their knowledge and environmental practices 3
  4. 4. Activities 4 • Include climate change issues in teacher training curricula • Development of strategies and instruments for research climate change • Integrate different areas of knowledge for the identification of problems related to climate change
  5. 5. Activities 5 • Create strategies to link educational communities to climate change projects • Educate about climate change from problem situations, proposals from the territorial scenarios, to articulate the reality of the context with the purposes of scientific training
  6. 6. Forum Education for climate change 6
  7. 7. Results 7 Projects Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development – Priority Action Areas Research Building capacities Transforming learning
  8. 8. Development of action research projects in schools based on context problems 8
  9. 9. Empowering and mobilizing youth Universidad El Bosque 9
  10. 10. Project “In action mode” 10 Empower young people from Bogotá to learn about the opportunities offered by the city to adopt sustainable low-carbon lifestyles that allow them to reduce their environmental impacts and be agents of change to promote a more sustainable city
  11. 11. CMNUCC Artículo 6 EDUCACIÓN, FORMACIÓN Y SENSIBILIZACIÓN DEL PÚBLICO Acción para el Empoderamiento Climático (ACE) Promover y facilitar: •La elaboración y aplicación de programas de educación y sensibilización. •El acceso del público a la información. •La participación del público en el estudio del cambio climático. •La formación de personal científico, técnico y directivo. Cooperación en el plano internacional: •La preparación y el intercambio de material educativo y material destinado a sensibilizar. •La elaboración y aplicación de programas de educación y formación, incluido el fortalecimiento de las instituciones nacionales y el intercambio o la adscripción de personal encargado de formar expertos en esta esfera, en particular para países en desarrollo.
  12. 12. Responda a Lineamientos e Insumos Nacionales PNCC
  13. 13. GRACIAS