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Responsible Consumption and Production: RCE Saskatchewan Leadership in a Global Higher Education Cluster for the SDGs

Responsible Consumption and Production: RCE Saskatchewan Leadership in a Global Higher Education Cluster for the SDGs
Case Study Presentation
Dr. Roger Petry, RCE Saskatchewan
8th Americas Regional Meeting
23-25 September, 2019, Burlington, USA

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Responsible Consumption and Production: RCE Saskatchewan Leadership in a Global Higher Education Cluster for the SDGs

  1. 1. Responsible Consumption and Production: RCE Saskatchewan Leadership In a Global Higher Education Cluster for the SDGs Dr. Roger Petry (presenting), Jocelyn Crivea, Jill Forrester, Margret Asmuss, Jon Yee, and Aura Lee MacPherson (contributors) 8th RCE Conference of the Americas Burlington, Vermont 15:45, September 24, 2019
  2. 2. RCE Saskatchewan Region
  3. 3. Presentation Overview RCE SK and IAU Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development SDG Cluster Other Updates:  Quill Lakes Flooding Roundtable  SDG Children’s Books  Strategic RCE Saskatchewan Correspondence to government  SDG Visibility on Campus and in Community
  4. 4. Transforming the “Ivory Tower” into a “Tree of Life” Francis Bacon Gresham College Royal Society of London Faculties of Science, Engineering, & Administration Industrial Production United Nations University Regional Centres of Expertise on ESD ? Transformed Autonomous Universities Sustainable Consumption & Production + Hans Van Ginkel & Charles Hopkins +
  5. 5. Background on International Association of Universities (IAU) & Relation to RCE Movement  Created in 1950 under the auspices of UNESCO  An official UNESCO partner  Goal: “Building a worldwide higher education community”  Membership-led Higher Education NGO (650 HE institutions in 130)  IAU General Secretary (or rep.) attending RCE Global Conferences  RCE panel presenting at IAU 2018 International Conference in Malaysia (November 2018)
  6. 6. International Association of Universities (IAU) Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development (HESD) Cluster “The IAU Cluster on HESD promotes the role that Higher Education Institutions globally have to fulfill in order to achieve the SDGs and Agenda 2030. Universities are to address the SDGs, which themselves impact on and transform universities. The Cluster encourages a holistic approach to the SDGs, focusing specifically on the whole institution approach.” 
  7. 7. IAU Cluster Structure and Goals  1 HE Lead for each SDG w. university team, one from each continent  Foster engagement of HE Institutions with Agenda 2030  Create inclusive and innovative global synergies between HEIs for Agenda 2030  Promote invaluable contributions of HEIs towards achieving the SDGs  Engage public support for HE as a key stakeholder  Focus on Policy-Science Interface/knowledge to policy  Highlight the (Inter) Cultural Dimension in Sustainable Development  Promote the Whole Institution Approach  Develop critical engagement with and between SDGs  Work inter and transdisciplinary
  8. 8. Initial Lead Universities for each SDG in 2018 2019 Update:
  9. 9. Member Universities of SDG 12 IAU Sub-Cluster
  10. 10. 2019 Cluster Developments  Meeting of 17 SDG cluster leads in Paris at UNESCO (January 28-30, 2019)  Inaugural Conference of IAU Cluster on SDG 12 at Luther College (Regina, Canada) & U. Regina Funding: "Advancing Responsible Consumption and Production in Higher Education” (May 6-7, 2019)  Regional participation of RCE Saskatchewan's HE partners, RCE members, SDG 12 Satellite Universities, and IAU  Video and PPT Presentations Available:  conference  Participation of IAU HESD Cluster at the UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development (New Yorkm July 9- 18, 2019) 
  11. 11. Strategic Dimensions:  Whole Institution & Cultural Approach to Conference:  academic and administrative conference funding  representatives from across HE (faculty, administrative staff, students, and board members) & community  Combining Theory & Practice, Global & Local  SDG 12 principles and values & practical efforts in production & consumption:  (1) energy, (2) shared equipment, (3) sustainable food, (4) sustainable livelihood and lifestyle, (5) education for SCP, (6) financing and procurement, (7) SDG 12 indicators, and (8) engagement with policy makers and communities  Employ UN SDG 12 Targets & Local University SDG challenges
  12. 12. Key RCE Role in SDG 12 Cluster Development  RCE network invaluable in finding HE partners (Malaysia, Germany, and Colombia)  Saskatchewan RCE partners participating in network  Apply RCE learning re. multi-partner facilitation back into autonomous HE communities  RCE culture of goodwill & patience overcoming difficulties (time zone differences, resource mobilization and limits)
  13. 13. Calling Lakes Ecomuseum and RCE Saskatchewan Update on Quill Lakes Illegal drainage – cleared wetlands Flooded downstream farms from illegal drainage
  14. 14. Proposed Solution: Common Ground Drainage Diversion Project • Initial Proposal by Quill Lakes Watershed Association (QLWA) to construct a 25 km drainage diversion channel redirecting salinated surface water to Last Mountain Lake • Estimated 7,000,000 m3 surface water/year • Proposal Withdrawn but new Request for Proposals to widen existing (?) channel (July 29, 2019) North America’s First Migratory Bird Sanctuary - Last Mountain Lake
  15. 15. Quill Lakes Academic-Led Roundtable  Stakeholder Meeting Held June 13, 2019 – Included Quill Lakes Watershed Association, Ecomuseums, Saskatchewan Alliance for Water Sustainability (SAWS), University of Regina, and RCE Saskatchewan  Dr. Peter Leavitt (Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change) hosting roundtable on Quill Lakes through the U. of Regina Institute of Environmental Change and Society (IECS) in November, 2019 – SDGs Part of Evaluative Roundtable Structure
  16. 16. SDG Children’s Book: Opportunity to Collaborate on 17-Book Series on SDGs 2019 Sustainability Award Recipients The Three Birds, Authors of The Right Colour Blue
  17. 17. Learning Objectives UNESCO’s Education for Sustainable Development Goals – Learning Objectives: • Cognitive • Socio-Emotional • Behavioural 4
  18. 18. Looking for Translators and RCEs to lead other SDG stories: Will your RCE help? Contact:
  19. 19. Strategic RCE Correspondence: Proposed Gravel Road Construction over Artifact Site  Lack of Notification of 10,000 Year Old Artifact Discovery to Local Community  Initial Construction Work Despite Indigenous/Public Concern  RCE writes Letter to Local Authority re. Governmental SDG and UN Culture Commitments  CBC Media Report of Letter  Construction Halted; Government Culture Ministry Updating Procedures Photos Source: CBC a/saskatoon/sask-first-nations- artifact-international-1.5166345
  20. 20. Components of RCE Letters to Government Authorities (local, provincial/state, national) (1) Identify the issue: frame a negative situation as a positive educational opportunity (2) Provide background on the RCE and Global Network (3) Cite relevant SDGs applying to the current situation suggesting a change in action from what is proposed & other relevant UN commitments (4) Suggest RCE help with specific alternative courses of action (e.g., educational involvement of larger groups of stakeholders/community) (5) Indicate others cc'd on correspondence (e.g., RCE members, UN University) (6) Request a reply re. how concerns to be addressed and and follow-up governmental action
  21. 21. RCE Saskatchewan Learning from RCE Curitiba: New SDG Staircase at Luther College, U of R
  22. 22. SDGs in the Community: Treaty 4 Parade in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, Sept 2019
  23. 23. 29 Initiatives Recognized at RCE Sask 11th Annual Sustainability Awards, May 2019 RCE Saskatchewan recognizes 29 initiatives at 11th annual awards ceremony in 2019 RCE Saskatchewan recognizes 29 initiatives at 11th annual awards ceremony in 2019 RCE Saskatchewan recognizes 29 initiatives at 11th annual awards ceremony in 2019 RCE Saskatchewan recognizes 29 initiatives at 11th annual awards ceremony in 2019 Hosted by Saskatchewan Polytechnic at Hannin Creek Facility on Candle Lake
  24. 24. 2019 RCE Lyle Benko Future Generations Award Regina Huda School 5A Recycling