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Reflection and Planning for RCESDGs


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Reflection and Planning for RCESDGs
Workshop Session
Dr. Fumiko Noguchi, Research Fellow, UNU-IAS
Dr. Kiran Banga Chhokar, Regional Advisor to the RCE Community in Asia-Pacific
Ms. Kiyoko Uematsu, Programme Associate, UNU-IAS
12th Asia-Pacific Regional RCE Meeting
4-6 June, 2019, Hangzhou, China

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Reflection and Planning for RCESDGs

  1. 1. Self Reflection (10 min)
  2. 2. Questions: 1. What is your major local community issue you want to tackle or you are tackling ? 2. What is your biggest (major) achievement you have made ? and what is your major challenge you face? 3. What can you do to overcome the challenge ? or how to enhance achievement ?
  3. 3. Group Discussion: Share your thoughts and experiences (20min)
  4. 4. Group Discussion on the SDGs (20min)
  5. 5. 1. Any concerns and/or thoughts on the SDGs ? 2. What kind opportunities can the SDGs provide? and/or are there any other useful policy frameworks (initiatives)? 3. How can you fill the gap between your current situation and possible opportunities that policy frameworks/initiatives can provide ? 4. How the Global RCE Network could be used?
  6. 6. Discussion (10min): How the Global RCE Network could be used?