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RCEs in Europe - Building Capacities and Delivering Solutions


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Presentation and panel discussion 'RCE Engagement in National and International Sustainability Processes'
RCEs in Europe - Building Capacities and Delivering Solutions
Dr. Jana Dlouha, RCE Czechia
11th Global RCE Conference
7-9 December, 2018
Cebu, the Philippines

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RCEs in Europe - Building Capacities and Delivering Solutions

  1. 1. RCEs in Europe – building capacities and delivering solutions Jana Dlouhá, Jiří Dlouhý Laura Henderson, Dana Kapitulčinová Charles University Environment Center GAP Priority Action Areas 3 and 5
  2. 2. European region • 44 RCEs from 11 countries + 1 Regional • out of 166 RCEs worldwide Annual Regional meeting and conferences Conference 2017, 8 - 9 September, Dortmund, Germany @ FAIR FRIENDS, a trade fair for Sustainable Lifestyles
  3. 3. Europe Regional Meeting 2018, RCE Brittany, August 2018 Theme of this meeting was : "ESD and the SDGs: how can RCEs coordinate both to achieve the SDGs?" 19 interventions and 3 workshops + field trip All info on the RCE Brittany website Report summarizes Key topics, Challenges, Opportunities/ways forward, and Action points
  4. 4. Vannes 2018
  5. 5. UNESCO Global Action Programme on ESD GAP Launch 2015; evaluation after 6 years Five priority action areas: 1. Advancing policy 2. Transforming learning and training environments 3. Building capacities of educators and trainers 4. Empowering and mobilizing youth 5. Accelerating sustainable solutions at local level UNECE region: UNECE Strategy for ESD Workplan for 2017-2019 Six priority action areas: 1. Encouraging whole-institution approaches 2. Promoting the extension of ESD in teacher education and in the training of all educators 3. Strengthening technical and vocational education and training 4. Strengthening integration of ESD in international and national education and SD policies 5. Enhancing synergies between formal, informal and non-formal education 6. Acknowledging the important role of networks, including those of civil society, academia and science, non-governmental organizations, business and enterprises, in implementing ESD
  6. 6. Building capacities of educators and trainers • Developing school culture and improving science curriculum (RCE Helsinki Metropolitan) • New didactic tools for ESD – act, explore, analyze (RCE Denmark) • Young Leaders in Sustainable Development (RCE-EM) • Values and Learning for Sustainability in Initial Teacher Education (LfS Scotland) • Teaching method to involve students in analysing links between SDGs (RCE Brittany) • Transformative learning for lifestyle change (RCE Czechia) • The Nature is a classroom (city of Nuremberg)
  7. 7. Technical and vocational education & training • COMMEET: team of experts and consultants  in support of regional partnership of TVET stakeholders towards green economy • Opportunities in TVET for migrant entrepreneurship education (London RCE) • Governing and managing vocational schools towards ESD in Germany (RCE Oldenburger Münsterland) • Transition towards sustainable business, education and society through master program on sustainability driven entrepreneurship  translate the SDGs in business innovations (RCE European Region Tyrol + 3 other RCEs)
  8. 8. TING a quality seal designed by RCE Oldenburg Münsterland & RCE Ruhr Aim: to appreiciate partners of the RCE OM • TING award criteria  personal relationship with RCE • RCEs know their partners • RCEs garantee quality of the products or services In the end – a network of regional producers and service providers • members of TING get in touch with the RCE Community via the fair&friends exhibition for exchange and knowledge sharing:  the Germany's largest Trade Fair for sustainable lifestyles, Fair Trade & social responsibility TRADE FAIR FOR SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLES, FAIR TRADE AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
  9. 9. Transfer of skills for regional/local SD solutions Chatterton, P., & Goddard, J. (2000). The response of higher education institutions to regional needs. European Journal of Education, 35(4), 475–496. HE institution Region S C I T S R Interaction between HE Institutions and Regional management processes T – Teaching R – Research S – Service to the community S – Skills I – Innovation C – Culture and community
  10. 10. Accelerating sustainable solutions at local level • Learning cities for lifestyle change and climate mitigation (RCE Bordeaux Aquitaine) • Real world lab – sustainability projects in tertiary education Aalen University) • Address climate change, sustainable agricultural & food security (RCE Crete) • Partnerships of civil society – municipal government – bussiness to address local social policy (RCE-Nizhny Novgorod) • Sustainable way of living in urban zones – inter-generation handbook resources (RCE Warsaw Metropolitan)
  11. 11. Involving stakeholders in sustainable solutions • Empowering local communities for sustainability – respecting and using indigenious knowledge in argumentation (RCE Paris Seine) • Ocean literacy for all – involving local actors in sustainable changes (City of Malmö) • Transformation through change in hierarchies and communication patterns (RCE Cymru, Wales)
  12. 12. Relationship between SDGs • SDGs 17, 16, 4 and 8 – education, economics and the socio-political dimension • SDGs 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 – resilient infrastructure, encourage innovation • SDGs 2, 6, and 7 – access to water, energy, elimination of hunger, ensuring food security • SDGs 3 and 10 – enabling all to live in good health and promoting well-being at all ages • SDG 1, 5, 11 and 18 – address poverty, gender equality, security of human settlements, and welcoming of migrantsLardjane, S., & Laveuve, F. (2018). A teacher’s perspective on the interactions between the United Nations’ SDGs. Envigogika, 13(1). DOI:
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention!