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RCE Greater Atlanta Youth Network SDG Training Modules

RCE Greater Atlanta Youth Network SDG Training Modules
Case Study Presentation
Ms. Kristina Chatfield & Ms. Isabella Stubbs, RCE Greater Atlanta
8th Americas Regional Meeting
23-25 September, 2019, Burlington, USA

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RCE Greater Atlanta Youth Network SDG Training Modules

  1. 1. RCE Greater Atlanta Youth Network SDG Training Modules Kristina Chatfield, Georgia Tech Isabella Stubbs, Georgia Tech RCE Greater Atlanta Youth Network
  2. 2. What is the RCE Greater Atlanta Youth Network ? Network of collegiate students (undergraduate & graduate) and young alumni in the Greater Atlanta area focused on implementing the objectives of RCE Greater Atlanta through youth within the region: ● Accelerating local and regional solutions to sustainability issues ● Re-orienting higher education for societal transformation into SD ● Developing SD & ESD competencies and capabilities as well as a science- policy interface @RCE.GreaterAtlanta.YN
  3. 3. Fall 2018 ~ Spring 2019 Events
  4. 4. RCE Greater Atlanta Priority SDGs
  5. 5. RCE Youth Network SDG Training Modules Project Background/Goals • Funded by a grant from the Turner Foundation– awarded December 2018 • Joint RCE proposal: Youth Network and Environmental Justice Academy • Address the ongoing training needs of our Youth Network • Create a series of interactive and compelling online training modules for young adult learners • Focus on deep understanding of history and processes for creation of Agenda 2030 • Provide practical tools to identify and respond to social, economic, and ecological sustainability need
  6. 6. RCE Youth Network SDG Training Modules Project Partners
  7. 7. RCE Youth Network SDG Training Modules Project Partner Roles • Hire and supervise two student interns to manage the project (Georgia Tech/KSU) • Development of online training content (CIFAL/UNITAR) • Case study development (Youth Network Fellows) • Launch Online Modules on a Global Platform (CIFAL/UNITAR) • Develop Sustainable Development Youth Conference (Georgia Tech/KSU/CIFAL)
  8. 8. SDG Training Module Structure 4 Key Components • Learning: to develop an understating of each SDG (UNITAR content) • Case Studies: Community Partners, Corporate/Industry Partners, International Initiatives • Examples of how our Youth Network and campuses engage with each SDG • Professional Development: leadership training, advocacy, networking Each SDG module will integrate video interviews with case study partners with text, graphics, and photos
  9. 9. Case Study Examples SDG 2– Atlanta Food Forest // Kellogg’s SDG 9– The Ray // Delta
  10. 10. Fellowship Benefits: • Research • Professional Development • Networking Student Project Managers: • Vanessa Godinez (KSU) • Cara McClain (GT) • Isabella Stubbs (GT) 14 Fellows (2 for each SDG) Fellowship Program
  11. 11. Meet the Fellows! Lyndsey Czpansky Emory / Masters in Development Practice Whitney Forbis Emory / Bachelors in Sociology & English/Creative Writing Nafeesah Robinson AMSC / Bachelors in Business Administration Ambika Natajaran Emory / Bachelors in Chemistry Hunter Smith Spelman / Bachelors in Health Sciences & Spanish Mica Jamison GSU / Masters in Urban Studies Bella Cockerell Emory / Masters in Development Practice Unwanna Etuk Georgia Tech / Bachelors in International Affairs Marisol Mendez KSU / Bachelors in International Affairs Pooja Karapurakkel Emory / Masters in Development Practice Judith Morny Emory / Masters in Development Practice Bethany Velarde Agnes Scott / Bachelors in International Relations Jaylan Jacobs Emory / Masters in Public Health Skyler Stirling Oglethorpe / Bachelors in Political Science
  12. 12. Project Timeline Summer 2019: • Fellowship Development, Selection Process, and Orientation Fall 2019: • Fellowship Research and Case Study Interviews • Fellowship Celebration Event December 2019: Module Content Submitted to UNITAR Spring 2020: • Publication of Modules by UNITAR • SDG Online Training Module Launch Event
  13. 13. Connect With Us! RCE.GreaterAtlanta.YN @rce_atl_yn Membership/NewsletterSign-Up