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Learning & Sharing for Sustainable Future


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Learning & Sharing for Sustainable Future
Lightning Presentation - RCE Tongyeong
12th Asia-Pacific Regional RCE Meeting
4-6 June, 2019, Hangzhou, China

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Learning & Sharing for Sustainable Future

  1. 1. Learning & Sharing for Sustainable Future RCE Tongyeong, South Korea RCE TY Issue & Challenge: 1. unemployment because of economic depression. 2. The education system is focused on college entrance exams so the students can not have a wide range of training opportunities. RCE Educational Strategy and Response: 1. RCE Tongyeong trains women whose careers may have stalled as ESD instructors. They serve 80 ESD class for elementary-middle school students for a year. Currently, RCE Tongyoeng has finished training 14 instructors. 2. Tongyeong Office of Education based on MOU with RCE Tongyeong designates 1 ESD teacher each schools. Currently, there are 67 teaches in 57 schools. Through this network, we are going to provide various ESD programme in school. Projects SDGs and Targets: