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ESD Innovation Centers

ESD Innovation Centers
Case Study Presentation
Mr. Diego Adamson, RCE Cuenca del Plata
8th Americas Regional Meeting
23-25 September, 2019, Burlington, USA

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ESD Innovation Centers

  1. 1. RCE CUENCA DEL PLATA ● Acknowledged in December 2015. ● Run by 4 NGOs ● Hosted Americas Meeting in 2018. ● In process of creation of a Foundation that will centralize coordination (2020) ● Cooperation agreements with universities, local governments and RCEs (2020) Nodes/Hubs/Offices ● Buenos Aires ● Corrientes/Misiones ● Paraguay (Asunción-San Lorenzo) ● Foz do Iguazú ??? (2021)
  2. 2. TERRITORY - LA CUENCA DEL PLATA The Cuenca del Plata (River Plate Basin) is a large and diverse territory (3.2 million km2). It includes south of Bolivia and Brazil, all of Paraguay, most of Uruguay and a third of Argentina. Addressing it in an integrated manner is a challenge that requires centralized coordination and decentralized efforts that work in line with agreed objectives, indicators and actions.
  3. 3. RCE CUENCA DEL PLATA - STRUCTURE Relationships Management Monitoring and Reporting Administration GOVERNANCE Communications Research (base lines) Training (Courses) Extension (programs)
  5. 5. RCE CUENCA DEL PLATA - ALLIES RCE Cuenca del Plata is partnering with Ecotown and Certificación Sustentable to jointly develop and array of sustainable initiatives based on SDGs. Ecotown delivers sustainable solutions based on biodiversity production, sustainable products, technological solutions and sustainable urban projects. Certificación Sustentable is the first SDG Certification Firm in Argentina acknowledged by UN and the American Certification Bureau. Revenue from projects will fund RCE’s SDGs training and research initiatives.
  6. 6. LOCATIONS BARILOCHE, RÍO NEGRO OBERÁ, MISIONES VIRASORO, CORRIENTES ROSARIO, SANTA FÉ MACACHÍN, LA PAMPA Argentina is a large country almost 4000 km long with 15 ecoregions. The distances between BA and: Oberá = 1000km Bariloche = 1500km BUENOS AIRES Initial interest for for 2020-2030 programs / projects
  7. 7. As from 2020, RCEs are invited to join this initiative that fosters collaborations between RCEs at the Americas and Global levels. ● Coordinators, teachers/professors and students are invited to work/study at another RCE sometime during the year. ● RCE are “invited” to cross-fund initiatives that fosters ESD in the region. ● All actions must be carbon neutral, so calculation, mitigation and compensation efforts will be in place, and financed accordingly. ● Monitoring and reporting formats should be agreed upon to share impact data. ● RCE Cuenca del Plata (and other RCE that care to join) may be able to develop a few ESD Innovation Centers in partnership with local governments and private sponsors. RCE PARTNERSHIP INITIATIVE
  8. 8. ● Learning facilities with sustainable buildings and campuses. ● Placed in public or private land (with partnership agreements in place). ● Developing (designing) projects for blueprints open to international collaboration as from late 2019. ● First potential locations: Oberá, Misiones / Virasoro, Corrientes / Bariloche, Río Negro. ○ Oberá (capital of tea): TBD ○ Virasoro (capital of Yerba Mate): Several acres of public land ○ Bariloche (capital of Lake District in Patagonia): Possible Innovation Center within the future Tech Industrial Park (big lot within 500 acres project). RCE “ESD INNOVATION CENTERS”
  9. 9. RCE Cuenca del Plata Av. Álvarez Thomas 666 2H (1427), CABA, Argentina. (+54 11 31 22 14 03 | |