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Engaging Local and Regional Governments for ESD

Workshop: Engaging Local and Regional Governments for ESD
Dr. Philip Vaughter, UNU-IAS
8th Americas Regional Meeting
23-25 September, 2019, Burlington, USA

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Engaging Local and Regional Governments for ESD

  1. 1. Americas RCE Regional Meeting 2019 Engaging local and regional governments for ESD A BEGINNER'S GUIDE
  2. 2. WorkshopOutline WHAT WE'RE COVERING Introduction Building Understanding Framing the Issue Talking About the Future Brainstorming Sharing Next Steps
  3. 3. THE GOAL OF THE WORKSHOP To identify best practices for engaging with local and regional government actors to create meaningful content and programmes on relative education for sustainable development "CITIES HAVE THE CAPABILITY OF PROVIDING SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY, ONLY BECAUSE, AND ONLY WHEN, THEY ARE CREATED BY EVERYBODY." ~ JANE JACOBS
  4. 4. Governments typically use public information�campaigns as a tool SO WHAT IS A PUBLIC INFORMATION CAMPAIGN? Public information campaigns (PICs) or public awareness or public education campaigns are education initiatives that governments use deliberately to shape public attitudes, values, or behavior in the hope of reaching some social outcome (Weiss & Tschihart, 1994)
  5. 5. Warm up activity SHARE A MEMORY Think of a public information campaign you remember What was the campaign about? Did it change your behavior in regards to the topic?
  6. 6. GovernmentHealth Campaigns VACCINATIONS Queensland, Australia NUTRITION Doha, Qatar HIV Leeds, United Kingdom
  7. 7. But there are PICs on many topics related to sustainable development ALWAYS KEEP DIFFERENT TOPICS IN MIND CONSUMPTION ENERGY CONSERVATION
  8. 8. However, PICs have many different modalities than those previously shared WRITTEN CONTENT Pamphlets, guides, reports, or brochures giving information on topic; can be web-based SEMINARS/SYMPOSIUMS Presentations and lectures delivered to the public on a given topic; can be web-based. TRAINING COURSES Usually short in duration and aimed at work force training; can be single event or multiple CITIZEN SCIENCE Working with public to collect and analyze data in order to define and solve a problem
  9. 9. There are many levels of government WHICH ONES DO YOU WANT TO WORK WITH?
  10. 10. Ground Rules for Discussion Be mentally and pysically present Contribute to the dialogue Let everyone participate Stay on point and on time
  11. 11. Framing the Issue WHAT IS RELEVANT FOR YOUR RCE? The SDGs can be a useful starting point for picking a topic
  12. 12. Who to Engage
  13. 13. Brainstorming DON'T FOCUS ON WHAT OR WHO - FOCUS ON HOW MODE What are effective modalities for delivering ESD when working with government? AUDIENCE How can RCEs help local governments reach as wide an audience as possible and what can be done to make sure an education initiative is as inclusive as possible? SYNERGY What existing ESD initiatives could RCEs improve or localize?
  15. 15. Next Steps PICK A TOPIC Work with your RCE to pick a relevant topic on sustainable development PICK YOUR PARTNERS Work with different actors - make sure to work beyond the university PICK YOUR MODE Choose how your RCE wants to deliver education