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Education for Ecological Civilization in China - the Role of University


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Education for Ecological Civilization in China - the Role of University
Case Study Session
Prof. Xu He, RCE Tianjin
12th Asia-Pacific Regional RCE Meeting
4-6 June, 2019, Hangzhou, China

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Education for Ecological Civilization in China - the Role of University

  1. 1. Prof. XU, He Director of RCE Tianjin Deputy Dean of Institute of Ecological Civilization of Nankai University Prof. WU, Jing Deputy Director of Environmental & Social Development Research Center Nankai University Education for Ecological Civilization in China — the Role of University
  2. 2. Nankai University
  3. 3. Challenge/Issue:  Lack of complete ecological civilization education system in colleges.  The good atmosphere for universities to publicize ecological civilization has not been formed.  Teaching method emphasizes theory, lacks practical teaching. RCE TIANJIN, CHINA Education for Ecological Civilization in China RCE Education Strategy and Response:  To establish the Ecological Civilization Research Institute of Nankai University  Set up High-education Ecological Civilization Education Alliance with 160 universities across China.  Design an online course on ecological civilization over 100,000 students online.Linkages to the SDGs and Targets: Quality Education The establishment of the alliance and the opening of online ecological civilization courses contribute to realize the deep exchange and resource sharing of ecological civilization education and create a platform for everyone to communicate, cooperate and interact, thus achieving quality education. We hope that more people can participate in ecological civilization education and put the concept of ecological civilization into practice.
  4. 4. CONTENTS Education for Ecological Civilization Education for Ecological Civilization University Partnership Online Ecological Civilization Courses
  5. 5. What is China’s Ecological Civilization approach? • Chinese approaches to sustainable development • The vision of ecological civilization • ‘Enjoying a beautiful home with a blue sky, green land, and clean water’ is embedded in the idea of building a “Beautiful China”. 2005-20061990’s 2002-20061970’s-1980’s 2007-present Environmental Protection Sustainable Development Harmony between Man and Nature Environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient Society Ecological Civilization
  6. 6. What is China’s Ecological Civilization approach? •Ecological civilization is not only an important conceptual innovation but also a key national governance strategy for China
  7. 7. 1 2 3 Education for Ecological Civilization Should be integrated in all fields of knowledge and all educational processes Attaches great importance to the practice Integration 渗透性 Practicality 实践性 Openness 开放性 Education for Ecological Civilization Integrating the ideas, concepts, principles and strategies of ecological civilization into modern national education system in order to realize sustainable development and create an ecological and civilized society.
  8. 8. Optional courses for all the undergraduates in NKU Construction of MOOCs on ecological civilization Ecological civilization lecture series Education for Ecological Civilization in Nankai University
  9. 9. Education for Ecological Civilization University Partnership
  10. 10. Established in November 2015 The president of NKU took the lead of the institute. 4 professors from School of Science and School of Social Science were appointed as the deputy dean. Members of the academic committee come from 10 various colleges. Professor Zhai Jincheng President GONG,Ke Head of the institute Deputy Dean Professor Ju MeitingProfessor Wang LihuaProfessor Xu He Institute of Ecological Civilization in Nankai University Deputy Dean Deputy Dean Deputy Dean Discipline of Environmental Science, Chemistry, Life Science, Mathematics, Information Science, Law, History, Economics, Philosophy, Management, and art
  11. 11. Nankai University, Tsinghua University and Peking University initiated the University Partnership for EEC in 2018. Now 160 universities across China joined the partnership. The mission • Sharing education resources on ecological civilization • Personnel exchange • Develop courses and training materials on ecological civilization Education for Ecological Civilization University Partnership
  12. 12. Online Ecological Civilization Course
  13. 13. Online Ecological Civilization Course — Based on the“ Wisdom Tree ”Platform Multidisciplinary experts (environment, biology, chemistry, history, economics, law, etc.) Teachers Online class + offline meeting Course Form More than 300 universities and colleges across the country, up to 100,000 students take courses in ecological civilization. Influence 5 parts with 15 sections Curriculum
  14. 14. Ecological Civilization Construction and University Mission (Gong Ke) The formation and development of the concept of ecological civilization construction (Yang Chaofei) Global Governance under the Environmental Resource Crisis (Wu Zhicheng) Section 1 Towards a new era of ecological civilization The natural foundation of Chinese civilization (Wang Lihua) Disasters and Plagues in Chinese History (Yu Xinzhong) Environmental Problems in the Process of Western Modernization (Fu Chengshuang) Section 2 Ecological civilization in the historical perspective Science and Technology Revolution (Li Zhengming) New Energy and New Materials Revolution and Ecological Civilization Construction (Chen Jun) Pollution prevention and ecological restoration (Sun Hongwen) Section 3 Ecological civilization and green technology Population-environment-economic relations and ecological civilization (Yuan Xin) Theory and Practice of Circular Economy (Xu He) Legal System Guarantee System for Ecological Civilization Construction (Shi Xueying) Biodiversity Conservation (Bu Wenjun) Rural Ecological Environment Protection (Cao Xingsui) Building an "ecological city" (Chong Maochu)) Section 4 Economic transformation and institutional innovation Section 5 Ecosystem and green homes Online Ecological Civilization Curriculum FrameworkOnline Course Framework
  15. 15. Online Ecological Civilization Course
  16. 16. Meeting Class
  17. 17. Thanks For Your Attention! Prof. XU, He Prof. WU,Jing